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    When the tea billies manage to cut off the IRS

    by deepharbor Apr 9, 2015 2:03 PM
    deepharbor deepharbor Apr 9, 2015 2:14 PM Flag

    Is the IRS such a mess that the nation’s system of voluntary tax compliance is at risk? Will frustrated taxpayers rebel because they can’t get help with a revenue code they can’t understand? Will aggressive taxpayers who recognize that audit rates have plummeted to the lowest levels in years further push the tax-avoidance envelope? And will a massive increase in new-style tax fraud, perpetrated by hackers and identity thieves rather than traditional tax cheats, crash the filing system?

  • only the middle class with a W-2 will have to pay taxes, the rest of us will never pay taxes again, LOL

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    The world shakes it head

    by juniorhasweenerbreath Apr 9, 2015 9:40 AM
    deepharbor deepharbor Apr 9, 2015 1:58 PM Flag

    It continues to amaze me that optimal and the right wing radio nuts know more then the entire intelligence apparatus of the U.S. China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany. Last time the Neocons managed to shout down our intelligence sources we got lied to and got into Iraq. The tea billies haven't been right about anything since Obama was elected yet they have no more doubt about their convictions. LOL You can't make up how stupid these people are.

  • I wonder if he will release the news before or after the Donald releases the really big shocking news his investigators discovered in Hawaii,

    LOL doesn't take much to fool the tea billies does it, just flow out a stupid innuendo, they fall for it every time.

  • deepharbor deepharbor Apr 8, 2015 2:55 PM Flag

    they were much better at lying to congress and starting wars based on lies and deceit.

    and they were much better at cutting taxes on the ultra wealthy while putting the middle class out of work.

    much better at putting incompetent political donors in important positions of power. "Nice job Brownie."

  • deepharbor deepharbor Apr 8, 2015 2:21 PM Flag

    they voted to throw 49 million Americans off of their healthcare 65 times though.

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    study confirms the obvious

    by deepharbor Apr 8, 2015 1:35 PM
    deepharbor deepharbor Apr 8, 2015 2:14 PM Flag

    yes however, in defense of some of the cops the lack of gun laws in this country means Police officers have to expect every yahoo tea billie to be ready to gun them down for working for the Gubernment. All those other countries have strong gun laws.

  • Gun nuts are dangerous to society and themselves.

    One of the most significant findings was the three-way association between individuals who owned multiple guns, carried a gun outside of the home and expressed a pattern of angry, impulsive behavior. Study participants who owned six or more guns were found to be four times more likely to carry guns outside of the home and to be in the high-risk anger group than participants who owned one firearm.

    Participants who were considered to have a high risk for impulsive anger responded affirmatively to some or all of the following questions: “I have tantrums or angry outbursts;” “Sometimes I get so angry I break or smash things;” and “I lose my temper and get into physical fights.”

    Married men under the age of 30 who live in outlying areas around cities were more likely than other demographics to show a pattern of spontaneous anger while simultaneously having access to guns. There were also significant regional differences in gun ownership rates among respondents. Respondents from the Midwest, South and West were much more likely to own a gun than those from the Northeast.

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    by walterbyrdman11 Apr 8, 2015 12:01 PM
    deepharbor deepharbor Apr 8, 2015 12:47 PM Flag

    The tragedy in the racist state of South Carolina isn't so much that a black man was gunned down and murdered by the police (who were supposed to protect him not kill him.) The real tragedy is this happens in the racist south on a daily basis but it is rarely caught on film.

  • so sad they are so stupid they don't understand the scales of justice are more balanced now

    A white South Carolina police officer was charged with murder on Tuesday after a video showed him shooting eight times at the back of a 50-year-old black man who was running away.

    North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey said state investigators decided to charge officer Michael Slager, 33, with the murder of Walter Scott after they viewed the video of the incident, which followed a traffic stop on Saturday morning.

    The FBI and U.S. Justice Department have begun a separate investigation.

  • CNN)A South Carolina officer has been charged with murder after a video surfaced that appears to show him shooting an unarmed man who was running away.

    Michael Slager, an officer with the North Charleston Police Department, was arrested Tuesday, according to a statement from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, or SLED. If found guilty of murder, he could face up to life in prison or death.

    The shooting took place Saturday after a traffic stop, SLED said. Video obtained by The New York Times shows what happened.

    A black man breaks away from the white officer. Something falls, and the officer fires eight shots at the man as he runs away. The man, who appears to be unarmed, drops to the ground.

    "I can tell you that as the result of that video and the bad decision made by our officer, he will be charged with murder," North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey told reporters Tuesday. "When you're wrong, you're wrong. And if you make a bad decision -- don't care if you're behind the shield or just a citizen on the street -- you have to live by that decision."

  • deepharbor deepharbor Apr 7, 2015 7:58 PM Flag

    yeah opti, he has been hired by Peabody Coal, guess you haven't heard a lawyer uses all arguments to advance their case. Guess they don't have courts in tea billliestan,

    sad you're so stupid you let your hatred cloud your thinking.

  • that the war in Iraq worked out so well, elect us and we will invade Iran this time.

  • deepharbor deepharbor Apr 7, 2015 5:24 PM Flag

    Hilary has the women vote, the young vote, the black, hispanic and asian vote. She has educated vote, the vote that believes in science, she has the college educated vote, the union vote, the teacher and municipal vote. If you do the math you will see that is a lot more then the old white racist vote, you know in the real world gramps.

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  • try and convince themselves that anyone from the clown car has a chance in 2016, LOL And they are just getting underway eating their young. LOL Rand wasn't day one out of the gate before the GOP started attacking him.

    Sad, tea billies should face up to the fact that there will not be another GOP President in their lifetimes.

    Hillary has the greatest poll lead since Goldwater ran. LOL

  • The conservative tactic of attacking government during an election rarely translates into good governance. There’s a reason why anti-government rhetoric remains vague and abstract: The public is often horrified to see highways and bridges deteriorate, public schools close and fire departments face crippling cutbacks.

    Formerly insurgent anti-government governors are now recognizing this fact. Unfortunately, despite their scrambles to raise revenue, many are not going about this task responsibly. Rather than reversing the tax cuts for their top donors, they are implementing regressive measures that draw most heavily from middle-class families. For example, Snyder’s ballot initiative to increase infrastructure spending will be paid for with a sales-tax increase. This puts a heavy burden on families of modest means, who spend most of their incomes paying for basic necessities at retail stores.

    Brownback is taking a page from Walker’s political playbook. Instead of asking his business friends to help address the state’s fiscal crisis, he is raiding a pot of money accumulated by middle-class workers. As in Wisconsin, Kansas’ tattered state budget is being mended with funds previously set aside for civil servants’ pension plans. Compensation that public employees have put into the system for decades is being drained to pay for top-bracket tax cuts.

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    43% of all Iraq vets on food stamps

    by Apr 6, 2015 3:55 PM
    deepharbor deepharbor Apr 6, 2015 6:10 PM Flag

    the majority of vets are lower intellect, mostly tea hicks that were unable to get jobs in the private sector so they enlisted. Not surprising they can't get jobs, there are hundreds of thousands of empty jobs but they required education.

    22 more of them killed themselves today but like Bush said the war would pay for itself.

  • deepharbor deepharbor Apr 6, 2015 2:34 PM Flag

    If you do the opposite of what pn1409 predicts you are virtually guaranteed to make money. The guy has been world class wrong. Expect a significant rally every time he calls for a crash.

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