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  • dem274 dem274 May 23, 2014 8:05 PM Flag

    Off-course this started of as a huge pump. Nobody thought they would actually do what they did. No-matter what anybody states now, they have fibers much tougher than Kevlar. And if any company can get tough weaves done, its WM. Watch how real engineering companies solve problems. Especially when they have lots of GOV money behind them. Do you really think the military will announce to the world their Armour is impregnated with the strongest fiber in the world. Or will they be low key about this. You know. Get in Belinda and hold.

  • dem274 dem274 May 23, 2014 4:36 PM Flag

    Ok, I wont.. Just dont bash ok.. Do yourself a favor. Dont miss this, or talk yourself out of it. The science is real. And they are very close. It will be a huge mistake to miss this.

  • dem274 dem274 May 23, 2014 3:31 PM Flag

    Look at all those worms in the pic, millions of them for production. I never seen this article before, with a pic off all those worms.. Look at them, aren't you happy for us. Look at those beautiful babies. A Trillion dollar industry is about to open up for us, not only for us, but for mankind as whole. Why do you want to stop people from investing and getting rich huh. The time is now, the early bird gets the worm.. LOL!! All they have to is buy and sit, and that's all. Buy and sit... Buy and sit and they are rich, why do you want to stop this beautiful thing from happening for mom and pop. Why are you so greedy, there is enough for all here.

    They have million of these GM silk worms. You dont like hearing that do you. Millions, and millions of them. Look at the quote below...
    "We're ramping up production in the facility and will have millions of these silkworms raised for commercial production in several months,"

  • dem274 dem274 May 23, 2014 3:18 PM Flag

    "New Hampshire-based Warwick Mills will soon begin turning that fiber into a brand-new fabric." Yes, they acknowledge it will take time to weave it, but that time is now.. Who is lying now... They actually sent back the fabric, to have a special weave, and all fixed, and sent back to WM. And expects weave now soon. Who the lair now...

  • dem274 dem274 May 23, 2014 3:14 PM Flag

    "Fibers are measured by their strength, but also by their ability to absorb energy from things like a bullet or shrapnel from an improvised explosive device. The energy absorption measure is called "elongation to break." Kevlar, used in body armor, has a 3 percent elongation to break, Howland said. Monster Silk has more than 10 times that ability to absorb energy.

    The fabric could provide dramatically increased protection for police officers, soldiers, and others who rely on body armor, according to Thompson.

    "I set up this concept to benefit mankind," he said. "I thought going into this, 'What can I do to help protect people?' This fiber is a huge step forward."

    The fabric is also being sought by other types of industries, including sports apparel and sporting goods manufacturers, Thompson said.

    "The whole market opens up for us once we have the ability to show people these textiles," he said.

    Next month, Howland and Warwick Mills' 150 workers expect to get the first shipment of Monster Silk, but it could be years before the fibers can be woven into a marketable fabric."

  • dem274 dem274 May 23, 2014 3:14 PM Flag

    Blending the replicated DNA of spiders with the silk spinning-skills of caterpillars, Kraig Biocraft Laboratories in Michigan has created a fiber unlike any other. New Hampshire-based Warwick Mills will soon begin turning that fiber into a brand-new fabric.

    Kim Thompson, the CEO and founder of Kraig Biocraft, said there has been interest in harvesting the incredibly strong and flexible silk from spiders for years, but despite the investment in research and development by the U.S. Army and other organizations, no one was able to produce the spider silk commercially.

    "You can't just put spiders together in a group and expect them to spin silk," Thompson said. "It's just not possible."

    There were attempts by researchers to take the DNA that controls the production of silk from the spiders and put it in other organisms, but those trials didn't pan out — until Thompson found a way to digitally replicate spider DNA in the lab and insert it into silkworms.

    The fiber has been dubbed "Monster Silk."

    Working with scientists at the University of Notre Dame, Thompson was able to find a way to exponentially increase the number of worms that could be genetically modified, and brought production overseas, where the fibers could be created for around the same cost as regular silk.

    "We're ramping up production in the facility and will have millions of these silkworms raised for commercial production in several months," he said.

    Producing the fibers, however, was only part of the challenge. Thompson had to find a company that could convert them into marketable material.

    Warwick Mills has been working with technical textiles for close to a century. Charles Howland, president of Warwick Mills, said the company has continued to weave high-tech fibers such as Kevlar, and its own TurtleSkin, which is used in everything from body armor to gloves to inflatable aircraft.

  • dem274 dem274 May 23, 2014 3:03 PM Flag

    You can read right WM was awarded 100 mill dollar contract after they announced deal with KBLB. You can read right. "A local manufacturer of specialty textiles for protective gear has won a $94.3 million contract from the U.S. Army for concealable body armor and vests.

    The contract is the largest in the recent history of Warwick Mills, according to president and chief engineer Charlie Howland"

  • dem274 dem274 May 23, 2014 2:49 PM Flag

    Yep, WM wins 100 mill dollar military contact after they announce the deal with KBLB. They will announce weaves soon. Just look at the facility they have. All those priceless worms. Look at them.

  • dem274 dem274 May 23, 2014 2:46 PM Flag

    Notice in he article below, that WM wins a 100 mill dollar contact from the military after the KBLB announcement for bullet proof vest . Get in now people,you will never see a genetic engineering company like this again. Look at all those priceless one off worms.. Each one a bran-new species, never seen by nature, created in a lab, to create super fibers. You bashers are out matched here.

  • dem274 dem274 May 23, 2014 2:35 PM Flag

    unionleader /article/20131028/NEWS02/131029323/0/news02 look how many worms they have punks..

  • You get the world at your feet. $$$$$$$$$$$

  • dem274 dem274 May 23, 2014 11:38 AM Flag

    Many Drug companies do this. Furthermore, Kraig went to the university; they laid out a plan of action, and went public on that plan. Now what they ended up with, is priceless GM worms; many different lines. They are a scientific success as of right now. They had road blocks; they found out they had to increase the efficiency of the process, that is why they did zinc finger technology. Now we ended up with a fiber, that is twice as tough as Kevlar, and as tough as the naive spider drag line. Big Red also, is now approaching tensile strength of the naive spider drag line. All this technology, based on an Idea so many years ago. They also teamed up with the best textile mill around. Warwick mills have a patented process to create super tight puncture proof weaves. They are the guys, that made it possible for NASA to land a rover on mars. They made the crash bags. Just like eltp ran to a dollar, for receiving a patent only, on 680 mill shares. This will run to a buck also, when they announce WM test weaves. This technology on GM worms change material science as we know it. I like to thank Dr. Fraser for making science fiction, to a science fact. I also like to thank Kraig, for having the foresight, to create this company, based on Dr. Fraser's work. Thank you Dr. Fraser for manifesting this technology. You are my personal hero ; this technology will save countless young men lives. You changed the world for the better, for all of us, and for that, we are eternally grateful to you. God Bless you, and God speed for this technology to be implemented for our boys in he field. God bless America, the land of the free,where an Ideas can be manifested for all to see, for science is truth, and the truth sets us free.

  • dem274 dem274 May 22, 2014 11:28 PM Flag

    Really, I am the scam artist huh.. What would you like to know about the gene sequence on the monster silk worms. That the elastic motif is 120 base pairs, and the strength motif 55 base pairs. That in big red, the expression of the elastic motif has been reduced, and the strength motif expression was increased, and now, tensile strength is approaching the native spider drag line. How about that for a scientific breakthrough. Do you even science bro. Dr. Fraser is the man... Science Biacth...

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    What a basher's role is.

    by dem274 May 22, 2014 9:19 PM
    dem274 dem274 May 22, 2014 11:16 PM Flag

    The real wolf of wall street, huh... LOL!!!! OK.. Thats fine, but, the truth is, KBLB turned out to be a real technology company for once.. LOL!!!! Dr. Frasers GM worms changed the game.. You prob work directly under NIGHT. Cause it turns out, this is a real technology that change all of material science. LOL!!!!

  • The basher's role, is to break up any meaningful discussion on a security. They work in packs, and from the looks of it, they are in full control of this board. I suggest, you go to other boards on the net, one with moderators. That way, you can make an informed decision based on logical discussion.

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    by osprey.watch3 May 19, 2014 8:01 PM
    dem274 dem274 May 22, 2014 9:07 PM Flag

    Yeah, just like eltp right, mom and pop gave the juice to 680 mill share stock to move to a buck, right.. Get out of here. I been on these boards for many years to know what scam you people pull. To bad its not illegal. You hurt a lot of good people, when you bash a good company like this.

  • dem274 dem274 May 22, 2014 9:00 PM Flag

    Ha.. KBLB MS fiber is twice as tough as Kevlar, and as tough as native spider drag line, as per published PNAS study. Are you calling Dr. Fraser a scam artist? As for me, I am Bio Engineering Graduate from University of IL Chicago. . I am damn proud of that.. I am also astonished at Dr. Fraser's work in the lab. I see a Noble Peace Prize in somebodies future because of this work. You are just jealous, that there are actual people in this world that do work for the good of man kind. Do you realize how many young men, this technology will save now, on the battle field? And how many people this will help, to heal devastating wounds also, as per ECM technology?
    Dr. Fraser Change everything. I would like to quote the spider man movie. "With great power, comes great responsibility. " LOL!!!


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