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  • HK down another 1.5%. 1400 pts or 5.5% off its recent multi year highs.

  • Don't worry, fascism is coming to the USA, as soon as democracy breathes its last it'll make itself known, but it's pretty much here institutionally. All the infrastructure is in place, and that really is the way to do it, so when it's made official, nothing of 'regular day, regular guy' consequence is disrupted and the only people who see it clearly and sounding the alarm are considered kooks and 'malcontents' and ignored by enough people to make ineffective, yet easy enough to identify and keep an eye on. There is no secret to aborting or at least poisoning a social movement of any kind, simply keep an eye out for anybody showing leadership qualities and have them either eliminated or delegitimized somehow. Government and corporate resources are aligned and are awesome in magnitude, they can do almost anything. Many of the people on this board would be among the first to demand the crucification of people like Assange, Snowden and Greenwald. They are not the enemy, they are a threat to the enemy.

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    looks like trouble folks....peaked

    by eaglerivr1 12 hours ago

    usd/jpy hasn't done anything of consequence tonight?

  • There are several Jesuits, among other orders, who are also physicists and biochemists, mathematicians, etc. They don't dispute science and consider us all "stardust". Official church teaching is that the theory of evolution is correct. Not sure what you mean by progress, but it's clear you are not willing to consider anything beyond your narrow point of view. That's fine, but it makes for lousy discussion. Look it all up, but I doubt it'll make any difference.

  • All true, except the "under his watch" part. JPII was the worst thing that ever happened to the Church in 'modern' times, all this, including and especially the pedophilia reached their peak and were systematically shoved under the carpet by that A H. And yet, he's widely considered some kind of hero (not by you guys, I know). Benedict was a part of that hypocrisy, but JPII was the master butcher. The one thing I do condemn Francis for, so far, is his relenting to pressure and canonizing that criminal bustard JPII. But I think Francis has to start somewhere, and considering the inertia fighting him, he's making progress. The Church isn't going anywhere, so it's best it reforms, slow as that might be. Israel isn't going anywhere either, but it is just pushing along with its genocidal tactics.

  • If you can't acknowledge progress, you're contributing to stagnation and regression, you are part of the problem. It's a conversation, you insist on dictating. But sure, I'm an idiot.

  • Francis is no hypocrite. He's not 600 years old like Noah, he wasn't there for the atrocities you describe. Generation after generation of modern Germans can't be perpetually blamed for the Holocaust and the War. At some point, you have to acknowledge they've changed. It's not zero sum, give credit where credit us due and do not turn away would be allies in the struggle for sanity, it's a long journey, not instant teleportation. That is exactly what is happening in the ME, the US is ignoring and always has, against its own best interests, the obvious solution - ally with Iran and Assad's Syria in the fight against monsters. They have the capacity and the real motivation to crush ISIS and their cohorts and they could do so if not constantly in the cross hairs of the Israeli occupied US congress.

    Unlike his single minded but somehow 'heroic rock star' predecessor JPII who took a Church primed to change and sucked it back into the stone age, Francis is pragmatic and contrite. Acknowledge progress when you see it.

  • "We will not agree on short-sighted stimuli," a German G20 delegate said, arguing that in most countries debt was still too high to allow for increased spending.

    US pushing for everybody to join the party and solve their drug problem with more drugs. US solution was not only to increase consumption of said drugs but to make them cheaper than ever recorded so that everyone can join in. Problem is, only WS joining in so far, what was formerly the middle class is still recovering from the recovery.

  • df2830 df2830 Sep 20, 2014 11:40 AM Flag

    There might be truth to that. But it's traded a single day on the back of an unprecedented hype campaign, so it might be a tad premature to judge just yet.

  • df2830 df2830 Sep 20, 2014 11:37 AM Flag

    Volume was good, opened with great relief and enthusiasm with 'disaster' being averted in Scotland and BABA coming ashore after what seemed like an endless ramp up, not to mention a 'resolution' of sorts to the Ukraine issue. Buying pressure was expected to be strong and I think it was, but was ultimately met with some serious selling. The surprise downturn was perhaps a case of sell the news, but it was a surprise. Shorts have been covering, I believe that has been at least part of the reason for the last few months gains. Margin debt is extremely high and short interest has declined steadily. Retail shorts have been forced to capitulate, leaving Soros and other mega-entities with the ability to outlast the irrationality of the market standing.

  • "The e-commerce behemoth made a splashy debut Friday and closed at $93.89 a share on the New York Stock Exchange, with investors seeing the company as perhaps the best chance yet to buy into China’s growth."

    Wow, all the news that fit to print, huh? Front page lead story no less, all day. Soar 38% for who oh great NYT? Not for the people that bought on the open market. The vast majority are now in the red.

  • df2830 df2830 Sep 19, 2014 4:59 PM Flag

    All non-Islamic religions huh? Might want to check marriage stats for Muslim cultures, preferably the ones your government hasn't bombed or proxy bombed nearly out of existence. But that stat only applies to Christians, high marriage rates among Muslims lends nothing to their moral fibre, huh? You are the biggest coward on this board, sniping from behind your racist, archaic beliefs and your thesaurus. You sound like a man who's utterly failed with his children, now grown. They got sick of you. That's what you sound like. If they do call, they call out of duty on the appointed days of the year, not because they want to. Sound about right, coward? Racism has always been the purview of the coward, makes them feel righteous and strong. In the old days, they had more pride though, they wore white hoods, today they hide behind keyboards.

  • No vote in Scotland, not that it actually matters, but it was sure touted that way. Was close though, a year ago the polls said 70/30. The real winner of the referendum wasn't the "YES" or "NO" campaigns, but rather the "FEAR and INTIMIDATION" campaigns coming from every direction when it seemed the NO camp was in trouble. A lousy way to win really, and does not portend well come the next vote, which will come within the next 10 years. Anyway, good on Scotland, tough, independent people, always were - when they emigrated to the new world, they picked the toughest places available pretty much, mostly Canada, which would have been murder in the days of the early pioneers. Great music, great drink, great poetry, great Scot! And now, they have what is probably the most politically engaged generation of young people anywhere in the western world.

    BABA IPO dumped 271M shares on US bag holders at an average cost of approx $95. That's a $27 profit for Shanghai and WS parasites.

    So what happened? Did any long expect a red close today? I'm a bear and I was expecting a bloodbath for us bruins. It's only slightly red, true, but the SP closed down 9 pts from its HOD and futures are 14 pts down from their HOD.

  • df2830 df2830 Sep 19, 2014 3:05 PM Flag

    Yes, and the headlines always read "Alibaba surges 35% on its first day of trading". 35% for the parasites who paid $68. For anybody buying on the open market today, the IPO price was effectively $96.

  • Unreal. Back up it goes I'm afraid.

  • df2830 df2830 Sep 19, 2014 2:43 PM Flag

    Most, not all, not yet. About 180M of the 260M shares sold so far. Those in the green are barely in the green.

  • df2830 df2830 Sep 19, 2014 2:38 PM Flag

    Starving Russia? Maybe. Risks starving Saudi Arabia as well. They spend their money as fast as they can pump it out of the ground funding ISIS et al, lining the pockets of the royal family, buying used, surplus or otherwise obsolete military equipment from the US arms dealers for top dollar, keeping their military in working order for when their Islamistein Monster comes knocking (Saudi troops will melt away), and most importantly, feeding pablum to their growing population to keep them quiet - turmoil such as we have seen elsewhere in Saudi would be a hammer blow, oil would explode north and what remains the greatest jewel in America's unofficial empire will be gone - the Saudi oil tap. It's not so much about oil profits as it is about controlling the flow.

  • df2830 df2830 Sep 19, 2014 2:15 PM Flag

    Oil is the biggest indicator this time I think. A more perfect geo-political environment for $140 oil couldn't exist. And yet? Why $91. Why not at least $110 where it was? There can only one reason, demand waning. I don't think renewables are picking up all that slack, economies are slowing, especially China.

  • BABA IPO will be recalled as the day the party ended. CBMG will be under $5 by Christmas. Duty done. Good luck.

  • This will not hold. BABA IPO will be remembered as the top of the market, just before the crash. Run!

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