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  • The demographic's are against investor's these day's yet, they all think the only game in town is them because it's for their benefit to continue this game. Trouble is the FED'S might not continue giving everybody this free money to play with so, the music will stop the dance a some moment in time (PROBLEM IS WHEN) !!!!! God Bless.

  • We all know that anything computerized can be hacked into but, now your dealing with potential death to you and other traffic/pedestrian's !!!!! You Think About That For Awhile because, nothing is "Hack Proof Or Frequency/Voltage Interference Proof". Have A Good Day, God Bless The USA.

  • Have A Nice Day, God Bless The USA.

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    Market's Say Their Controlled By Supply And Demand, Then Why Put So Much Cred Into World FED'S/Government's
    by dgm041153•Feb 10, 2016 1:04 PMRemove

    Somebody is talking and thinking out of their butt to put it nicely, so explain this when the MARKET'S TALK AND VOTE With Their Movement around the World !!!!! Have A Nice Day,

  • Market Maker's and everybody associated with them are "All CheerLeader's" saying what else is there to invest in, there's alot of thing's to invest in besides Market's. My "Theory" is simply this, they say that because they themselves can't make the money that they enjoyed for decades if they pullback !!!!! Instead of worrying aboout inflation to uphold their "Sales Pitch", how about finding a way to increase sales and figure out away to get out of deflation ????? All you ever see and hear from the Market's to hold earning's up is this, layoff the "Regular Worker's" instead of "Laying Off The Upper Management that usually get's over a 1,000 times what the worker's that produce those product's and profit's get !!!!! Now if you layoff every worker in all industries but keep those Manager's (SoCalled), who will be buying those product's that those robot's produce ????? Technology is a double edged sword for sure especially if you throw in the "Ageing/Greying Of Societies" and, don't forget about the younger generation having fewer or no children attitudes !!!!! God Bless.

  • Look around at your personal security besides your countries security, are you safer than you use to be or more at risk from these group's ????? Technology Geek's (Code Writer's/Programmer's) think they can do know wrong and that their so superior to all other's yet, they can't create any code or program that can't be gotten into and changed to do harm to anybody. They say their bettering society yet, they have created and caused more harm than good along with Bussiness's. Consider this in the "New Technology Of Computerized Car's", is their any computerized device that can't be hacked ????? Now they want to brag about those car's around the world, how much damage and life's could be lost if they were all completely hacked into in a Big City ????? How many car's/truck's/train's/plane's are there in any given area of the world to go haywire if hacked at the same time (It Would Be Devasteing) ????? Think about the Business Deal's that companies do around the world and in order to get in to other countries/region's, they give a piece of the technology pie to get in !!!!! Now looking at that 1 piece of the pie, it look's like it wouldn't be a problem, RIGHT ????? Now add up all of those deal's with all of those piece's of pie, how do you think everybody get's all of those idea's that can then be transformed into dangerous thing's to take identities/make weapon technologies around the world ????? We and ALL OF THESE EDUCATED IDIOT'S are all being so stupid and have the same response of, I had no idea/it's not my fault/look at all of the good though/etc./etc./etc. !!!!! When are we all going to growup and realize that out of good, it can be transformed into alot of bad thing's ????? God Bless.

  • Somebody is talking and thinking out of their butt to put it nicely, so explain this when the MARKET'S TALK AND VOTE With Their Movement around the World !!!!! Have A Nice Day, God Bless.

  • 1) World FED's have all shown that their being run by the Market's and Wealthy People, if you don't agree with me on this then answer this question at every FED In The World. "Who CHOOSES who get's elected to the FED BOARD'S and, to who do they hold their alliances to ????? I've been watching the changes in this for about 40 year's now and, this is what I've seen and learned by policy decision's of World Fed's.
    2) The Market's have changed over the last 50 year's some may say for the better but many of us know that, it has allowed the Market's to become more unfair to bottom feeder's. Technology and investment tool's have created a LasVegas type mentality for many but, they also have added tool's to protect only those that know how to use them to game the Market's and the smaller investor's.
    3) When the Market's/Big Bank's/Politician's tore down and destroyed the Local Community Saving's Bank's Etc., they gave the institution's all of our countries money and saving's into the wrong hand's. People put money into their bank thinking that it mostly stay's local but in reality, it goes GLOBAL Without Them Understanding That !!!!!
    4) Now in conclusion of the above 3 area's, tell me how this is fair to all and how this doesn't give those in the know and the wealthier a BIG ADVANTAGE OVER THE MASSES ????? THIS HAS BEEN ALL BLESSED BY MARKET'S/FED'S/POLITICIAN'S/GOVERMENT'S AROOUND THE WHOLE WORLD, HOW IS THIS FAIR TO ALL ????? God Bless ALL That Read This And, Try To Understand What The Masses Are Seeing and Feeling.

  • Energy is the Major Source of Product Cost Inflation therefore, All Product Pricing Should/Will BE REDUCED. Reason this is happening is the BabyBoomer's don't need as much and, the wages have been statement for over a decade now. Now you all think about what I said because all those that said I'm just a stupid idiot should have to explain why this is happening across the whole world, isn't it time to get some honesty back in the Public Eye? You Think About That While, You Make It Look Like There's Light At The End Of The Tunnel !!!!! Explain where that light is and, when it will turn on to everybody !!!!! God Bless.

  • Only do what's good for the Majority of your citizen's, don't be influenced by the Wealthy or Political Elites or ESTABLISHMENT'S !!!!! God Bless The USA/Majority/Working Poor People Of The World.

  • All Money Printer's Should Stay Out Of All The Market's

    Sentiment: Sell

  • Supply is up and waiting to come on to the Market, Consumption Currently is down and, Forward looking Consumption isn't looking like it's going to increase anytime soon !!!!! Yet you's are trying to hold prices and inflation up, it makes you all look like you don't have a "Clue On The World Economy". What's wrong with your thinking or is it that, you "Positioned Wrong/Told Investor's Bad Information", it make's no sense at this point in time upto the next 1-3 year's. Have A Good Day and, God Bless The USA.

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