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  • diltiazem diltiazem 1 hour 40 minutes ago Flag

    I am long the stock... BUT I do trade it too.... there is money to be made trading short term.... it is not for everyone.... for the average person the best way to get involved in Apple is buy it and forget about it...

  • diltiazem diltiazem 1 hour 44 minutes ago Flag

    I did not say overbought... I did not even say sell....I am a long time bull....

  • diltiazem diltiazem 5 hours ago Flag

    robbie: I am not a bear... I have been very very long Apple.. I'm on OG when it comes to Apple.. just on this board talking stocks.. trading etc.... no need to call anyone "stupid"...

  • diltiazem diltiazem 5 hours ago Flag

    mike.. we are just having a dicussion on stocks, trading, etc... no need to call anyone "stupid".... it's just stock talk....

  • diltiazem diltiazem 5 hours ago Flag

    thanks for the reply.... bought a friend 1 share of DIS stock not too long ago.... same's a great gift to give to new parents.... stock closed at I could be wrong first thing Friday morning..... the stock hasn't been looking 120ish all week...yes it is up an strong but didn't look like it wanted to get to $120... the late rally today was impressive.... looking at the trades ... some big blocks of shares on the bid side 15K, 20K after 3PM... very impressive... whoever dd that was serious.. they could have bought earlier in the day when the stock was a big cheaper... they waited until the last hour and just grabbed everything they could and the stock shot up.... so I could be wrong.... we'll see in the morning.... last black Friday the stock went wild too... I don't mind being wrong...

  • diltiazem diltiazem 5 hours ago Flag

    the volume is not increasing as the price increases... I don't actually want to see that because blow offs occur that way... my point is the stock is having fits and starts.. alternating up and down days indicates some indecision on the part of the bulls... yes the trend remains up...even with a slight pull back the fundamentals will drive the stock the short term I just think the stock has had a run and is due for break..... the ROC (rate of change) is at a top... the stock is moving higher on lower volume.. that can be a bull sign... fewer sellers in the market.....just my opinion.... Bull stocks just go up and up and up day after day after day until they just blow off and turn south.... jagged trading to me indicates a top (intermediate)... as I reply to you the stock is 119.06 in after hours.... so tomorrow I could be all wrong as it blows through 120 in the morning.... I'm cool with that.... the question becomes will it hold for the day or sell off.....

  • diltiazem diltiazem 12 hours ago Flag

    short term (1-2 weeks) the stock will struggle to get to $120.... despite all the headlines (priced in maybe).. we all know supply is constrained.... Apple will sell everything the can ship all over the world... they just raised the price of the iPhone in Russia because of the collapse of the ruble... they could only do that if they realized the market could take the increase.... 1 - 2 months the stock will be $125 ... end of year, earnings in January etc.. a lot of money has been spent driving Apple higher... when it hits $120 - $125 all of the negative stories will be out saying: cut to a hold on price, profit taking, what's Apple's next big thing?, the watch won't sell, etc. etc. full court press to slow the stock down or to actually drive it down so the shorts can make money.... if you remember last year the stock lost 50 points after january earnings because of "margins".... the point is Apple will not be allowed to "run".. Wall Street has loved to hate Apple for 2 decades... the better the company does the more they hate.....

  • I'm a long time Apple Bull... but the trading doesn't look like we are going to se $120 this week or next... the last few days have been alternating red and green.... the stock is at the end of a very very nice run up.. Apple can't keep the stock price up all by themself.... the shorts smell blood ..... larger blocks to sell.. market makers are dropping the bid to absorb the supply..... the stock has run hard at $120 but seems to be running out of gas... even with the big headlines reading Apple products (sell the news)... the stock pulls back a bit for the run into the end of the year.. it will be a hard fought battle to $125 .... but for now I think the stock is showing fatigue....

  • some stocks just shrug off bad press and keep moving forward... for the past several years as their desktop search business has undergone change google has been able to keep it's share price up.. it is down a little but it has not cratered.... more people moving towards mobile and apps for information, google under fire the world over for one issue or another.. but the stock motors on... You tube monetization is growing... Goolge just seems to be bullet proof.... go longs...

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    by wildandwacky39 Oct 30, 2014 3:44 PM
    diltiazem diltiazem 18 hours ago Flag

    Apple will top out on heavy volume and a ramp up in price.... has not happened yet...

  • diltiazem diltiazem 18 hours ago Flag

    people all over the world riot and do stupid things... only in America is it turned into a racist battle cry.....

  • diltiazem diltiazem 18 hours ago Flag

    it is not a double top... the stock will top out with a gap up in price on heavy volume.... that has not happened yet...

  • the way wall street values every other #$%$ stock (sales, revenue, etc.) Apple w/ $100B+ in revenue is only selling at 7x revenue.... vs. some of this other crapy companies w/ $200M in revenue but valued at $8B or some other ridiculous number. Apple is solid company, solid sustainable growth, top products, a dividend, no real debt, etc. I could go on and on.. and the stock is a give-away at $118 a share

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    Hedge funds reportedly dumping $AAPL

    by lvtrader75 Nov 22, 2014 11:01 PM
    diltiazem diltiazem Nov 24, 2014 7:06 AM Flag

    if you are spooked by some article written by some talking head then you do not need to be an investor.... there is enough information out here that little guys can make good decisions... do stocks tank... of course they do... but at the end of the day it has be about the business... Apple is running a good business that has proven to be stable and strong.... if you have been an Apple investor for any period of time you would just shrug off these short term negative articles and focus on the long term stability and profitabilty of the company... you did your homework... you bought the stock... why are you allowing youreself to be "spooked" by some online article?

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    Hedge funds reportedly dumping $AAPL

    by lvtrader75 Nov 22, 2014 11:01 PM
    diltiazem diltiazem Nov 24, 2014 7:02 AM Flag

    stop going in and out of Apple... keep what you have..when it goes down by more... when it goes up by more.... I am not saying fall in love with the stock... but even if it goes down .. so what... you still get a nice dividend... and you buy more to bring your cost basis down... trading Apple isn't the best long term investment strategy....if you are afraid of the downside you should not be investing ..... you should put your money someplace else that will make you feel more comfortable.... Apple is not going anywhere for a long long time.... but if you have doubts just put your money someplace else.... if you are worrying so much investing isn't for you...

  • diltiazem diltiazem Nov 23, 2014 8:16 PM Flag

    monday will be profit taking day...

  • diltiazem diltiazem Nov 23, 2014 8:15 PM Flag

    Apple will run up nicely this week... story after story of packed Apple stores.. people trading cars for iPhones.. fights at Wal*Mart over iPhones.. news crews interviewing why a family bought iPads for their 4 year olds, etc... China lowering rates.. etc. etc.. selling now is not too bright... find another way to raise the money or cancel Christmas....

  • diltiazem diltiazem Nov 23, 2014 7:36 PM Flag

    sell next monday after 12:00....or not at all.... find some other way to finance Christmas.. selling Apple stock isn't a smart way to go..

  • diltiazem diltiazem Nov 23, 2014 7:24 PM Flag

    Please stop it with the premise that Apple is doing what it is doing because it is "cool" to have and iPhone. The cool thing is played out. Apple is beyond "cool". People and businesses are investing in Apple products (iPhones, Macs, iPads) because they see value and productivity. The iPhone just works as does the iPad and Macs. Customers spend more up front but the products last providing value. "Cool"? Apple is beyond that.

  • diltiazem diltiazem Nov 22, 2014 7:48 PM Flag

    I think you have it all wrong from the start "a cell phone company". Apple is not a cell phone company. Apple is at the core a computer company. The iPhone is a powerful handheld computer. The telephone aspect of the device is just a throw in. The Mac was/is the best computer. Windoze/MSFT was better at marketing than the Mac/Apple back in the day. The iPhone was able to change that dynamic around. Apple is a computer company that makes the best computers. So a "cell phone" doesn't have the highest valuation. A tech company has the highest valuation.

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