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  • You'd have moved heaven and earth to buy more aapl shares. The ecosystem is spreading to the affluent by leaps and bounds. This gorilla power puts aapl firmly back into the growth tornado as it's pricing power increases, the barriers to entering its space without their blessing near impossible, their ability to command economies of scale in holding down manufacturing costs, and the allure to gain ever more of the cream of the consumer crop still climbing aapl is a screaming buy. They now stand alone at the top of the consumer food chain as each year they dominate Christmas and the Chinese New Year for the demand for aapl new products.
    This year new computers, iPads, watches, music and apple TV next year who knows. In the mad labs of Jony Ives anything is possible and it is all is awaited with open pocket books and wallets.

  • If you wonder why apple didn't announce a new Apple TV it is because they have the market locked up. They can afford to get everything in order for a takeover in the next thee to four months. The convergence of hate for cable and love for apple is about to converge.

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    Cook is incompetent - Yes

    by chinesescam01 Jun 11, 2015 6:14 PM
    ditzil ditzil Jun 11, 2015 6:19 PM Flag

    OMG what about Job's would never have gone to china or never would have developed a larger phone. Give me a break Jobs was the right man at the right time but Cook is for the future.

  • Having 800 million, and growing, people paying close attention to every single product the team designs and each of them is willing and able to purchase the products coming out of their efforts. That group of special consumers has been given no premium in the PPS at this time. That is the discount you get when you buy AAPL at its current price.

  • That's why the shorts have jumped ship. It's going to be bigger then the iPhone franchise.

  • SIRI SIRI SIRI. It needs to be nearly flawless yet it continues to be hit or miss. Even Eddie Cue had to cue it up twice for it to understand his request. I was stuck today in my car finding a destination and I didn't trust apple maps because google maps is so much better. Google maps got me to my destination on the first try and understand my command without a hitch. Apple needs to get there and quickly.

    Next is search. Apple is obviously trying to extract google search from IOS but they better get with it. They have the cash and they need to use it. Two areas I have concerns about. Apple get with it.

  • ditzil ditzil Jun 9, 2015 5:07 PM Flag

    In hindsight apple TV deserves its own show and should be ready for prime time with all ducks in order before the big show. The fall is plenty of time to showcase the future of entertainment in time for all the holidays. I firmly believe apple is building a monster.
    In an aside I am at my summer home where the only cable company is Comcast and they are the absolute worst. I am going to cut the cord without a doubt. Was hoping with a new apple TV but I'll piece together the old with netflix and HBO.

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    I was wrong about S Jobs

    by cubit100 Jun 9, 2015 2:34 PM
    ditzil ditzil Jun 9, 2015 4:49 PM Flag

    You have absolutely no knowledge of the history of the industry because if you did you would know that Samsung slavishly copied apple. This has been shown in courts of law beyond a doubt. As for the Apple watch your comparisons to any other wearable product is ludicrous. The watch platform in its current form factor is as innovative a technological achievement as you've ever witnessed much less tried on. It has infinitely more utility and the design is unparalleled. I know you are being facetious but at least try to be good at it.

  • The ad free streaming music model is hated and it makes no money. The only salvation for Pandora and Spotify would be to grow the pay per month model. Apple will not only stop that growth in its tracks preventing any hope of earnings but the installed pay base will be eroded. Any hope of a Spotify IPO will dry up and Pandora's stock will head to zero. This is the power of the gorilla and it is inevitable.

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    amazing how the shorts control the giant

    by bomber1000us Jun 9, 2015 11:47 AM
    ditzil ditzil Jun 9, 2015 11:53 AM Flag

    I hope they continue to control the stock because from a year ago 7 for 1 split I have seen apple go up well over 100 points. Thanks you shorts.

  • They are competing with the very company that made them and are dependent on them to continue as a going concern. It's a death march IMO. Apple can crush them or assimilate them in a matter of months.

  • More and more erosion of the only apple competitor Samsung will occur and that is HUGE. As Apple approaches a billion IOS devices the idea of 1/2 billion iPhones sold in a given fiscal year becomes a very real possibility. We are approaching 1/4 billion now and we haven't even turned over 25% of the core base. The middle class of 4G subs in China is exploding as 50 mil a qtr. in iPhone sales is now the norm in the off qtrs whereas 50 mil seemed a pipe only a year ago is now expected. I don't give a rat's #$%$ where they take this stock short term because there are forces at work that are oblivious to fundamentals.
    All I know is apple music is here and it's great, apple Tv is coming and it will be unbelievable, the iPad is becoming an Enterprise's dream machine and the computer business continues to grow across the globe.
    The new SDK will catapult the watch to a swiss army knife on the wrist for all things needing quick and efficient attention. It will sell like hot cakes. HomeKit will add to the apps revenue which is growing nicely qtr after qtr.
    The apple franchise has never been stronger and has never been in a better position to grow revenue and earnings. Meanwhile they buy shares and pay a dividend increasing our equity every qtr. I just put my three years of dividends back into the stock along with 1000 trading shares bought from 123 to 126. This in addition to the 6500 I still have in my core portfolio. That's what I think of apple.

  • That's just one of the amazing things SIRI will do when you buy Apple Music.

  • Talk about no brainers. We can go from a curated playlist that reads your moods, you can access old time day curated music 24-7 continent to continent and you can get personalized individual tastes and opinions from selected artists. Why would anybody not join.

  • They sealed the deal with SIRI integration allowing for any music in any era at any time. Eventually the people will explain what just happen and analysts will be late to the party. Reminds me of when Cramer went on an anti apple rant saying how his kids were going for Samsung and apple was behind the cool curve. Now he says buy and hold apple after it doubled.

  • Why they keep betting against them is beyond my comprehension but here they go again.

  • There is a definite without a doubt campaign to portray apple in a way that could not be further from the truth. The constant drumbeat of Android market share when it dwarfs aapl's profits which is the only criteria worth paying attention to. Now they put up a numbers that is twice the total paying subs for all streaming services together making the bar so high so they can once again say things like apple can't move the needle or apple is trending below its goal of 100 mil. AAPL sells more smart watches in the first week then all the smart watches sold for a year and it's not enough.
    I say buy and hold and put on the earmuffs because apple is headed for even greater profits and the PPS is sure to follow kicking and screaming.

  • Forget every cellphone maker and look at the only competitor apple has ever had on the high end where the profits lie. Now look at what has happen to Samsung since the advent of the iPhone 6's. Samsung is in a pickle and looking to create a market for its own OS Tizen. Now apple is ready to unleash a music streaming pay service that will be available on Android,ohmy! Samsung is once again running negative ads and their flagship product is sitting on shelves. Apple is preparing to lock down 800 million of the best credit worthy motivated customers in the history of the planet. A year ago Samsung was the new kid on the block and apple has sent them to the curb. There is no other competitor anywhere.

  • I can't remember seeing her this excited over a product. She actually showed me a few things and I've had mine three weeks. Here's what i have on my watch face, apple stock in the middle, top left day and date, top right time, bottom left temperature, middle bottom fitness rings, and bottom left sunrise and sunset. That's just the face of the thing in bright neon colors with a super sharp OLED screen. This thing will sell 40 million in the first year.

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