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dividendbill 515 posts  |  Last Activity: Sep 13, 2014 8:43 AM Member since: May 26, 2013
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  • dividendbill by dividendbill Jun 20, 2014 6:26 AM Flag

    You are no worse off than you were yesterday at this particular time.
    This to me means that the MLP is open for sale to the right buyer.
    This could also mean that information was leaked ahead of time to force the price up to gather a higher price for the assets. While I seriously believe that an offer was presented and conditionally accepted, the EARLY release of information was a tactic that those who knew used to try to secure a higher price. The price may slide some because of this issue beyond the initial surge of yesterday at close but this does not mean that the issue is closed. This is a total example of "inside information" being disclosed to manipulate the market. Obviously because there was no sale those who suffered are the ones who made aggressive moves AH or in the closing minutes of the market who may have reacted to the news. The one who may have been hurt the most would have been the High Frequency Traders who reacted to the news. Their problem.

    Have a great day

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    Typical commodity cycle

    by reading_tee_leaves Sep 10, 2014 1:10 PM
    dividendbill dividendbill Sep 11, 2014 7:35 AM Flag

    Saying that 100 or More shares does not make any difference is incorrect because you see it is the individual stockholders choice and financial status that may govern his or her investment. In at 34 is reverent because it is essentially a massive gain for anyone regardless of their amount of shares owned. Buying stocks because it is racing to the top is a typical emotional investing technique. While with the new sand companies coming on line, there will be more time to invest EMES came out at a much lower price as well. Just because it is a sand company will not make it SCCESSFUL! The current sand companies have Solid contracts, and there may be more wells capped from future drilling if the amount of oil price continues to fall. Should the US start releasing all the oil products for export the price may rise. Those of us who have made a bunch of money on EMES are satisfied and will invest accordingly but will not blindly invest in every company that comes along because it looks promising , at least for me I can wait and make my investment decisions solely based upon how it looks going forward. Those who are "greedy" at some point will be crushed, maybe not on theses stocks but immediate success will cause them to think they are unbeatable, maybe they are but my race is not against them and I wish them well, as you see I am the only one in this contest that counts.

    Good luck to all, as all of us regardless of opinion want to be successful.

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    Dividend amount/units

    by debbie08730 Aug 22, 2014 4:12 PM
    dividendbill dividendbill Aug 23, 2014 10:39 AM Flag

    Since you have twice as many shares the dividend can also be split so that everything will be equal.
    It is also possible that the .72 dividend per unit will remain at .72 but in most cases the dividend will be .36 a unit. This is because everything is considered to be equal at the time of the split. In some cases the dividend in splits has remained the same but that is no guarantee.
    We will find out at the next Q review. In any case you should be no worse off than you were before the split.

  • dividendbill by dividendbill Jul 28, 2014 6:59 PM Flag

    This is not a one day event. If you are looking for immediate success you are investing in the wrong stock. I am up 163% since last Nov. No worries!

    Have a great day.

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    EMES, rum, sun and scantily clad babes

    by wallstpirate Aug 26, 2014 12:52 PM
    dividendbill dividendbill Aug 28, 2014 11:45 AM Flag

    Sorry you feel that way, but it is your choice. I suppose there is some satisfaction in calling another a name. Guess it makes you feel all good inside, and that's OK with me. Responding to any of my postings like I said is your choice.
    I hope you are able to invest successfully in your own way. I look forward to no more correspondence with you especially since you disagree with my position and feel that you want to argue my position as opposed to discussing them.

    Have a Great Day!

  • Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. ( KMP ) will begin trading ex-dividend on July 29, 2014. A cash dividend payment of $1.39 per share is scheduled to be paid on August 14, 2014.
    My stake in KMP occurred on May 1, 2013 when KMP bought out Copano. The stock is up 21% since that buyout


    Have an AWESOME DAY! Remember successful investing is not a ONE DAY EVENT!

  • By Gregory A. Reid and Scott Fogleman | June 17, 2014 10:18 am | Updated 1:01 pm

    There is no denying master limited partnerships have had a good run in recent years. Unique asset classes in the investment landscape, MLPs are defined by the legal requirement that they derive most of their cash flows from real estate, natural resources and commodities. One of the key advantages to MLPs is they combine the tax benefits of a limited partnership with the liquidity of a publicly traded company.

    As measured by the Alerian MLP index, MLPs have provided investors with a compound annual return of 15.8% from the index's inception in June 2006 through April 2014; the return on the S&P 500 in the same time frame was 7.4%. Over those nearly eight years, the aggregate market cap of MLPs increased to $450 billion from $75 billion and the number of publicly traded MLPs increased to 125 from 55, with a record 21 MLP initial public offerings in 2013. It has been a good run, indeed.

    While there is no denying that there will be a ton of money to be made on the energy side in the US and Canada. Why someone would choose to miss out because of HATE is truly amazing. Other than the fact that doing so would be an indication that maybe I am on to something, the idea behind it is foolish. One can use any number of instances why it is stupid to let personal dislike interfere with a good investment decision. Being mostly a Dividend Investor is about the only thing that would stop me from investing in BAC. The 1 penny dividend for me is a show stopper, well along with the current legal issues that they have to overcome. Even the CDW stock would be worthwhile if it were not for the .04 dividend quarterly. In order to get any money out of the stock you would have to SELL and pay a CG tax on the proceeds. I guess they would rather be wrong than have to admit I was right. Now that's really STUPID

  • El Paso Pipeline Partners (EPB) declares $0.65 distribution

    El Paso Pipeline Partners (NYSE:EPB) declares $0.65/share quarterly distribution, in line with previous.
    Forward yield 7.31%
    Payable Aug 11; for shareholders of record July 31; ex-div July 29.

  • July 16, 2014, 09:00:02 AM EDT
    Dorchester Minerals, L.P. ( DMLP ) will begin trading ex-dividend on July 17, 2014. A cash dividend payment of $0.490861 per share is scheduled to be paid on July 31, 2014. Shareholders who purchased DMLP stock prior to the ex-dividend date are eligible for the cash dividend payment.

    Just so everyone knows!

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    you geniuses who have owned EMES

    by memshurama Aug 25, 2014 1:34 PM
    dividendbill dividendbill Aug 25, 2014 2:31 PM Flag

    We are not really geniuses, the fact that we have picked good stocks comes from research and listening to ideas from others. While we do not have to use the ideas of others, we sometime find out things that opens up our eyes and makes us gravitate towards a real winner. For me I have been since the low 40's and have actually sole some but only when I was up 120%, as I took my initial investment out. Many would ask me why I sold some, and the reason is that I have seen that being greedy ends up being less successful in the end.
    I own 20+ MLPs, maybe too many but all are green and all pay a decent dividend. @ recent investments for me have been DMLP and GSJK..The following is what basically led me to GSJK
    Low price with a 7% yield and recent information similsr to what was posted on SA

    The US shale gas and oil boom is creating heavy demand for compression equipment, which dramatically increases well yields.
    Compressco Partners yields well over 7% now, and says it will raise its distributions by 12% to 14% in 2015, which would equal an 8%-plus dividend yield.
    The company's distributions are well-covered, with an average 1.30 coverage ratio over the past four quarters.

    Just one of the many other necessary things needed from the ENERGY BOOM.

    Good Luck.

  • 2 key things MLP investors watch to keep track of interest rates
    By Ingrid Pan - Disclosure • Mar 4, 2014 12:00 pm EDT

    Gauging interest rates

    There are a few benchmarks that investors watch to gauge where rates are. The first is the ten-year Treasury, which is debt issued by the U.S. government. Investors watch the ten-year note as a benchmark for the “risk-free” rate, as conventionally, U.S. government debt has been regarded as a “risk-free” investment. To give some context, the ten-year Treasury has been at historic lows through much of 2012 and 2013, with yields below 2%. However, since mid-2013, rates on the note have crept up to yield ~2.5-3.0%. This has been mainly due to “tapering” from the Federal Reserve, through which the Fed scales back its purchases of certain bonds in the open market, which had been acting to keep rates low..
    Another measure that investors watch is the yield on corporate credit. Corporate credit represents the rates at which companies can borrow (as opposed to the U.S. government). Generally, corporate credit trades at higher yields than Treasurys, as there’s more risk (for example, a company could go bankrupt and not be able to pay off its debt). The more perceived risk there is with a company, the higher the yield should be. One way to monitor corporate credit yields is through a credit index such as the BofA Merrill Lynch indices. For example, BofA Merrill Lynch publishes information on an index of BBB rated debt. The index tracks different parameters on the universe of BBB rated corporate bonds.
    While rates have risen since mid-2013, they haven’t increased by that much from a long-term context. During the recessionary period of late 2008 and 2009, the yield on the BBB index spiked to over 9% at points, reflecting investors’ fear and hesitation to invest in companies. Plus, the ten-year average on the index’s yield is ~$5.4, compared to the current yield of 3.6%.
    As with any investment you MUST PAY ATTENTION!

  • EMC EPS in-line, beats on revenue
    Jul 23 2014, 07:06 ET | About: EMC Corporation (EMC)

    EMC (NYSE:EMC): Q2 EPS of $0.43 in-line.
    Revenue of $5.88B (+4.8% Y/Y) beats by $50M.

    Have a Great Day!

  • While I initially thought it was the 28th the 21st is just fine. I am unsure about the continence of the .72 dividend but I now have 10000 units instead of 5000 units so makes no difference. Maybe I will sell some as I believe that is a much larger position than I want. Will let it settle out

    Have a Great Day

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    EMES, rum, sun and scantily clad babes

    by wallstpirate Aug 26, 2014 12:52 PM
    dividendbill dividendbill Aug 28, 2014 8:04 AM Flag

    Finally someone who agrees with my approach without the cynical sideline messages that are used to distract us all from the job at hand which is to make money. Thank you for the kind words. It is sometimes hard to determine someone's motivation when a disagreement on a message board occurs, and everyone reacts in a different way. Some will hold on to the words of disagreement forever, and continue to make snide remarks directed towards the individual they apparently disagree with. Hey it s just a message board where ideas can be shared; not a competition to determine who is better in a pick-em contest. Everyone has the same aspirations for a successful outcome. I am always willing to listen to other ideas and make the determination as how it will work for me, or not. I have been in since the Nov. 29 of last year. If one cares they can look at the price at that time. Currently not buying at these prices as there are other fish to gather in, also hold HCLP. ABCAF! Not yet, and while they are still growing the feet to RUN, it looks interesting, but I need something besides a story of what it may be. My view is that we are not there yet.
    BTW: according to my Google portfolio including yesterday my return on EMES is 203.17%
    I could not be more satisfied!
    Good luck all

  • dividendbill by dividendbill Sep 11, 2014 7:43 AM Flag

    It finally appears that EMC has another chance to get over $30 and stay there based upon AH numbers, and I wish them well as that stock has been price bound under $30 for a long time. Barring a down day or bad news they now have a chance to go forward. The $30 dollar barrier has been a major obstacle .

    I wish you all well!

  • Continue after football game for an overnight flight. I wonder if I should take a private JET, small plane, file a flight plan, or worry about which airport I will leave from. Some people from what I understand seem to care!
    Of course there is also the car rental, I wonder which service I should lose, or should I get a LIMO....LMAO

    For John
    After reading your note about Smithfield, PA something did not seem right so I did a search and typed in Smithfield, PA. What came back was Smithville, PA. I am sure that some will if they caught it, and they will now make a big deal about it, but is just another example of changing the discussion, changing the seriousness and lack of sensitivity and making a big deal over something that a search on Yahoo takes you there anyway. Had you left it out they would have made a big about it, because it takes away from the real meaning of the message. Anyway this does not take away anything from your message and exposes the Dummies for what they are. LMAO

  • While seeking alpha is not a favorite of SOME, it does provide information not always availabl on a MESSAGE BOARD like this one.
    Here is a small summary posted today about BAC. It is not a good report. You can ignore it if you choose to.

    Bank Of America Unprepared To Pay Billions, Outlook Dark For Shareholders
    BAC • Today, 7:54 AM • Don Dion • 34 Comments

    BAC will likely pay at least $12 billion to settle government investigations by President Obama's Justice Department.
    $12 billion is more than BAC’s 2013 net profit, which was the highest BAC has seen in six years.
    CEO Brian Moynihan has been unclear how BAC will recover from this blow; we urge shareholders to consider selling BAC now.

    Just one persons opinion of course but this report should be investigated further. Of course if you are not invested in BAC....NO WORRIES!

    Have a great day!

  • Of course less of a problem for ME since I sold enough to recover my initial investment. Not everyone however did that so some are in panic mode. This may be an opportunity to pick up some at a lower price, of course it all depends upon how low it could go..I guess the only one worried is HOARD or whatever ID he is using today.


    Why Shares of Emerge Energy Services LP Plunged Today

    By Travis Hoium | More Articles | Save For Later
    June 20, 2014 | Comments (0)

    Although we don't believe in timing the market or panicking over market movements, we do like to keep an eye on big changes -- just in case they're material to our investing thesis.

    What: Shares of energy services company Emerge Energy Services LP (NYSE: EMES ) fell 11% today after announcing a share sale.

    So what: A little over 3.5 million common units are being sold by "certain selling unitholders" with an option for underwriters to sell another 527,307 in the next 30-days. The company will not get any proceeds and the number of shares outstanding won't change. The offer price of $109.06 per share was only 3% below yesterday's closing price but investors clearly didn't like a big owner selling shares.

    Now what: Insiders or large shareholders selling stock can be a bad sign for investors because they often know more information than the typical investor about the company's long-term prospects. While this doesn't change the investment thesis, it should at least give investors pause and make them reevaluate Emerge Energy. I wouldn't be a big buyer today because there's selling pressure on shares but keep an eye on what these sellers do now that shares are well below their offer price because if they're willing to sell at a significantly lower price it could be a bad sign.

  • dividendbill by dividendbill Jun 20, 2014 2:43 PM Flag

    Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC

  • There is good reason for the popularity of MLPs. A key advantage of MLPs is that they combine the tax benefits of a limited partnership ("LP") with the liquidity of a publicly traded company. Another advantage is that many MLPs operate assets on a tariff or fee-based basis, which means they are somewhat insensitive to the day-to-day movement of commodity prices. They are volume driven. And volumes are growing.

    The same reasons that have driven MLP outperformance over the past few years will likely continue driving the sector over the next few years: increased production of oil, natural gas, and NGLs as a result of the domestic shale revolution. Domestic natural gas and NGL production is already at an all-time high. Domestic production of crude oil is 8 million bpd, a level not seen in 25 years. Domestic production by the end of this decade could very well exceed the record 10 million bpd set back in late 1970.

    Two other reasons MLPs should continue to prosper:

    Infrastructure required to support LNG exports
    Infrastructure required to support production from new (well, relatively new) shale plays like the Marcellus, Bakken, Eagle Ford, and Niobrara.

    MLPs should capture the majority of spending on this infrastructure. P&I estimates spending could be as high as $640 billion over the next 20 years:

49.29+0.64(+1.32%)Sep 15 4:01 PMEDT

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