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dividendbill 606 posts  |  Last Activity: 1 hour 47 minutes ago Member since: May 26, 2013
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  • dividendbill by dividendbill 1 hour 47 minutes ago Flag

    What a way to end the week...maybe I can stretch out anothe couple after lunch on the east Coast.

  • dividendbill by dividendbill 1 hour 53 minutes ago Flag

    Looks like you have been posting the facts instead of some lackluster posting about failure and inability to even post TRUE 52 week highs..........Frustration and lies seem to dominate...LMAO

    John, Have a nice weekend....I am out of the flag and remember lies are not worth remembering ....
    Let them search for that pot of GOLD.....They will never find it as I have IT! LMAO

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    Hey pirate

    by leegs1 21 hours ago
    dividendbill dividendbill 4 hours ago Flag

    I could agree with that, but would think earlier rather than later because of the sharp run-up.

  • dividendbill by dividendbill 4 hours ago Flag

    Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity Incm. Fd. II

  • dividendbill by dividendbill 4 hours ago Flag

    Enterprise Products Partners L.P.

  • Emerge Energy Services LP

  • Do you know what your investment strategy is today, or like normal are you just going to WING IT.
    Remember Monday is the Holiday ....Get your trades in Early so you can enjoy the weekend.

    Have an Awesome day!! Some of the detractors will not of course; because they are worried about ME! LMAO.

    We all wonder which FANTASY trip they have planned for this weekend? May I suggest a Suite overlooking the Mass Pike where they can watch the players fielding baseballs in the middle while dodging cars. Between Shady , John and Dave they pretty much NAILED IT! LMAO

  • MLPs have been outperforming the market for years. Since January 2007 the Alerian MLP Index has a total return of 75.87%, more than double the 35.64% return of the record-setting S&P 500 over the same time. Unlike dividends, the majority of income investors get from MLPs is not taxed when they are received; instead, it's considered reductions in the investment's cost basis and creates a tax liability that is deferred until the MLP is sold.
    Because of this unique tax loophole, investors who hold MLPs for the long term can completely avoid paying taxes on 80%-90% of the distributions they receive.
    While this is an issue that many would like to conceal, the information is readily available to research if you know about it.
    However, because their income is not taxed at the partnership level, the government limits the kinds of businesses that can use the MLP structure. It's restricted primarily to operations engaged in the extraction, storage, and transportation of energy commodities, which are deemed essential to the U.S. economy and national security.
    As a result, MLPs derive 90% of their income from natural resources - primarily oil, natural gas, and coal production and transportation. Two especially attractive businesses for the MLP structure are pipelines and ownership of existing oil resources. Pipelines generally charge a fixed fee per unit of product carried, so they earn a steady return that can safely be paid out to investors.
    Like any investment, better understanding the risks associated with MLPs will lead to higher returns. MLPs by nature are subject to price sensitivity to the underlying natural resource, be it oil, gas, coal, or another commodity. The impact is typically not as severe for MLPs, as it is with some energy companies, since energy products still have to be shipped, providing steady revenue for pipeline and transport companies, regardless of the price of oil. existence. Every investment is geared towards your financial objective.

  • But a lot of money riding out there with no assurance of success

    I told you and it led to a $7.61 pop today. I personally think it's too big a pop without a pullback so watch carefully as I expect a pull back, especially if things heat up in the Middle east and Russia. I would take it off after a .70 cent drop as it is really free money, especially since they do not pay a dividend remember it would be a short term CG. I would continue to hold if it goes up but would use a 70 drop as a flag to vacate This could be a really good stock if they had a dividend, still maybe a 4500 gain after taxes per 1000 shares

  • With MWE setting a lifetime high
    And EMES setting a lifetime high

    What's not to LIKE

    Oh, and we got the bottle line working.......Awesome

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    OT: Dividend Bill

    by wallstpirate Aug 28, 2014 11:57 AM
    dividendbill dividendbill 22 hours ago Flag

    While my view is positive, this has only been strengthened by the split. The have very good DCF and they have a good management team, they have no IDR which is a big plus they have been allowed to export minimally processed condensate. Only one of 2 BTW allowed to do that . As the oil keeps rolling in there will be a big push to export other peritoneum products. Currently NG terminals are being built which will allow future NGLs to be exported. When that happens My belief is the Unit price will explode down the line either they will get larger or some other mlp will take them out.
    Like any thing else it takes research on your side, its your money and if it is bought by you and it DIES, I lose nothing..
    EMES .........A split, just speculation MLP is just a year old, while they can split MLPs as a rule do not.But it would work for ME
    I will tell you why.
    They were corporations
    I have participated in 7 splits and all turned out positive for me as they all doubled in price. Not true in other cases..
    Hope this answers your questions

    Have an Awesome day!

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    OT: Dividend Bill

    by wallstpirate Aug 28, 2014 11:57 AM
    dividendbill dividendbill 23 hours ago Flag

    I put it on my watch list. nice YTD chart. All money currently spent unless I sell something, and for me I have to read every bit of information I can find on it. Thanks for tip

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    OT: Dividend Bill

    by wallstpirate Aug 28, 2014 11:57 AM
    dividendbill dividendbill 23 hours ago Flag

    Not sure of the question, unless you are talking about the split..I good with that because it should lengthen the deferred dividends, and I expect it to continue upward hopefully with the same dividend. No guarantees, but there is hope.

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    EMES, rum, sun and scantily clad babes

    by wallstpirate Aug 26, 2014 12:52 PM
    dividendbill dividendbill Aug 28, 2014 11:45 AM Flag

    Sorry you feel that way, but it is your choice. I suppose there is some satisfaction in calling another a name. Guess it makes you feel all good inside, and that's OK with me. Responding to any of my postings like I said is your choice.
    I hope you are able to invest successfully in your own way. I look forward to no more correspondence with you especially since you disagree with my position and feel that you want to argue my position as opposed to discussing them.

    Have a Great Day!

  • dividendbill by dividendbill Aug 28, 2014 11:35 AM Flag

    Emerge Energy Services LP

  • dividendbill by dividendbill Aug 28, 2014 9:47 AM Flag

    Enterprise Products Partners L.P.

  • dividendbill by dividendbill Aug 28, 2014 9:31 AM Flag

    Markwest Energy Partners LP

  • dividendbill by dividendbill Aug 28, 2014 9:06 AM Flag

    Just thought you would like to know.

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    EMES, rum, sun and scantily clad babes

    by wallstpirate Aug 26, 2014 12:52 PM
    dividendbill dividendbill Aug 28, 2014 8:04 AM Flag

    Finally someone who agrees with my approach without the cynical sideline messages that are used to distract us all from the job at hand which is to make money. Thank you for the kind words. It is sometimes hard to determine someone's motivation when a disagreement on a message board occurs, and everyone reacts in a different way. Some will hold on to the words of disagreement forever, and continue to make snide remarks directed towards the individual they apparently disagree with. Hey it s just a message board where ideas can be shared; not a competition to determine who is better in a pick-em contest. Everyone has the same aspirations for a successful outcome. I am always willing to listen to other ideas and make the determination as how it will work for me, or not. I have been in since the Nov. 29 of last year. If one cares they can look at the price at that time. Currently not buying at these prices as there are other fish to gather in, also hold HCLP. ABCAF! Not yet, and while they are still growing the feet to RUN, it looks interesting, but I need something besides a story of what it may be. My view is that we are not there yet.
    BTW: according to my Google portfolio including yesterday my return on EMES is 203.17%
    I could not be more satisfied!
    Good luck all

  • While a large money maker for some of us there are those who shun these investments. Why is that?
    They don't like me! Sob, Sob, cry, cry.........LMAO..LMAO...Their loss.

    Despite increased scrutiny from the federal government, the interest in MLPs remains strong, especially within the oil and gas industry. That's in part because of the tax advantages and high yields they generate in a low interest rate environment. MLPs offer investors an opportunity to capitalize on surging oil and gas prices, while shielding themselves from volatile commodity prices. For this reason, MLPs have boomed in recent years. In 2009, there were 66 such companies, worth a combined $160 million. Today there are well over 100 MLPs, worth more than $500 billion in total.

    It seems that if anything, Kinder Morgan simply outgrew the MLP structure. It was increasing its dividends by 5 or 6 percent a year, which, when compared to other faster-growing MLPs, made it a less attractive stock for investors to own. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, the largest MLP of the Kinder Morgan empire, had also reached a tipping point at which it was paying a majority of its dividends to the Kinder Morgan corporation - its general partner - and not to shareholders. In 2013, it paid about half of its $3.3 billion in cash to Kinder Morgan Inc.

    It's likely that other big master limited partnerships will soon face the same challenges as Kinder Morgan. The question is, will they follow suit and amalgamate into one single entity, or will the tax benefits of MLPs encourage them to pursue other alternatives?

    Gee I wonder if they have figured out where the Earthquake happened yet...Guess the need a Geography lesson. LMAO,LMAO,

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