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    Fidelity ND oil production

    by dkwilk Aug 15, 2015 4:21 PM
    dkwilk dkwilk Aug 26, 2015 11:37 AM Flag

    Skip Put this dude on Ignore..
    He and several others I placed on ignore a year ago, they have noting of any value to offer.. locked in eternal Fathomless ignorance.. don

  • For Anyone shareholder who wishes to Make a Proposal to MDU to be included in the 2015 annual report and proxy, go to MDU website, locate Financial publications and on page 195 is the required info. Don
    ( Stockholder Proposals: The requirements we describe above are separate from and in addition to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s
    requirements that a stockholder must meet to have a stockholder proposal included in our proxy statement pursuant to Rule 14a-8 under
    the Exchange Act. For purposes of our annual meeting of stockholders expected to be held on April 26, 2016, any stockholder who wishes
    to submit a proposal for inclusion in our proxy materials must submit such proposal to the corporate secretary on or before November 19,

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    by harehau Aug 24, 2015 8:17 AM
    dkwilk dkwilk Aug 27, 2015 12:46 PM Flag

    On tues 8-25 They were saying on cnbc that China sold 200 Billion in 10 yr T's. and on tues were selling huge quanites of Euro bonds.. I see by wed morn that 10yr T's were back to 2.19 % .. then last night the shanghi market took off up over 5 %, I assume the Chinese gov was buying stocks.. don

  • this New 4,800 Mega watt power plant is coming on line this week, Most Wind towers are only 2 mega watt nameplate capacity. don
    for complete article Search ( South Africa inaugurates massive new power plant )

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    OT South Africa inaugurates massive new power plant

    by dkwilk Aug 30, 2015 10:28 PM
    dkwilk dkwilk Aug 31, 2015 9:28 AM Flag

    This Coal fired power plant when completed will be the 10 th largest coal fired power plant in capacity in the World.. South Africa was a signor of the original Kyoto protocol. China is the home of 6 of the top 10 largest in capacity coal fired power plants, and this info came from Wikipedia. Search ( largest power stations in the world )

  • NREL's Geospatial Data Science Team offers both a national wind resource assessment of the United States and high-resolution wind data. The national wind resource assessment was created for the U.S. Department of Energy in 1986 by the Pacific Northwest Laboratory and is documented in the Wind Energy Resource Atlas of the United States, October 1986. This national wind resource data provides an estimate of the annual average wind resource for the conterminous United States, with a resolution of 1/3 degree of latitude by 1/4 degree of longitude.

    The complete map and info can be found use ( Wind Maps NREL's Geospatial Data Science ) as a search..

    This info was intended to assist companies with placement of wind farm.. I think the Bloomberg article is just more Corporate welfare . they are Crying looking for more Production Tax Credits ..

  • has started and the Billings gazette is saying a Great crop yield.. search ( Sugar harvest starts early with high yields, revenue ) don

  • dkwilk dkwilk Sep 6, 2015 1:54 PM Flag

    What does Fidelity do with all the Light that is generated from All the NG that they flare in Utah, or did they finally get the pipeline and NG processing plant operational??? don

  • Bloomberg has a article with lots of info on the real cost of gas in 60 countries in the world.. Search ( The Real Cost of Filling Up: Gasoline Prices by Country ) don

  • Construction of a proposed 5-acre solar energy farm at Mitchell International Airport would not be a good investment for the county or the airport, a consultant concludes in a report to the Milwaukee County Board.

    The cost of building an array of solar panels needed to generate one megawatt of power is estimated at $6 million, the report says.

    Although using that much solar power would reduce airport electricity purchases from We Energies by $80,000 a year, it could take as long as 75 years to pay back or recover the county's initial investment, according to the consultant's report.

    The report suggests a smaller publicly owned solar array might be financially feasible if enough grant funds are available to significantly reduce costs.

  • June Sweet Crude Price1 = $47.73/barrel
    July Sweet Crude Price = $39.41/barrel
    Aug Sweet Crude Price = $29.52/barrel
    Today’s Sweet Crude Price = $30.25/barrel (low-point since Bakken play began was $22.00 in Dec 2008)(all-time high was $136.29 7/3/2008)

    The price of natural gas delivered to Northern Border at Watford City is down $0.11 to $2.30/MCF. This results in a current oil to gas price ratio of 13 to 1. The percentage of gas flared was up 3% to 20%. The Tioga gas plant was down slightly to 88% of capacity. Even though the expansion of gas gathering from south of Lake Sakakawea was approved, the approval came too late for the 2015 construction season, resulting in a 1 year delay. The July Bakken capture percentage was 81% with the daily volume of gas flared from June to July up 30 MMCFD. The historical high flared percent was 36% in 09/2011.
    Gas capture statistics are as follows:
    Statewide 80%
    Statewide Bakken 81%
    Non-FBIR Bakken 81%
    FBIR Bakken 81%
    Trust FBIR Bakken 79%
    Fee FBIR 88%

  • Fidelity has 101 oil wells in production in July which is a 31 day month. the well production days total increased by 186 days over June of 2015. The Oil production was 206,417 BO, this was down less then 1 % .
    from June . The Cedar Creek NG field with 63 well produced 53,294 mcft. The Associated sold NG from oil production was 174,021 mcft. The total NG sold was 227,315 this is a increase of 1.3 % . don

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    by jerrykrause Sep 21, 2015 11:46 AM
    dkwilk dkwilk Sep 21, 2015 12:09 PM Flag

    Does this Mean Baltimore will be Next on the Muni Junk rating.. appears a good chance.. don

  • SA today Search ( Investors Real Estate Trust: Does This REIT Have Another 25% Leg Up After Last Week's Sharp Gains? ) don

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    Didn't See This Coming

    by rivers_visions Sep 23, 2015 7:01 PM
    dkwilk dkwilk Sep 24, 2015 12:24 PM Flag

    News articles indicate that the German Government Ministers Knew about this VW issue for some time . Search ( German ministers were reportedly warned of VW test-beating software ) don

  • Several articles on Net metering Charges and Electric Utilities have appeared in paper recently. Search ( Utilities seek to charge solar system owners more for connection to grid ) this one is From CA.

  • This new $ 70 Million Facility is started. No Mention of any Solar electric included in design. for complete article Search ( Ground broken for new Black Hills Corp. headquarters )

  • Fidelity has a total of 37 oil wells in Utah. 12 of these wells are Non producers and shutin. The 25 producing wells in 31 days had production of 81,317 BO. don

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    look out tomorrow

    by magilla_s Sep 30, 2015 6:02 PM
    dkwilk dkwilk Sep 30, 2015 6:16 PM Flag

    I have NO position/long or short, but one word describes earnings.. Ouch!!!

  • dkwilk by dkwilk Oct 1, 2015 9:15 AM Flag

    it appears the Financial analysts believe MDU will have lower earnings in 2016, because yesterday they dropped the 1 yr target Price to it lowest in Years.. Now the target is $ 20.33, in Mid July it was $ 25.17..
    Today also Mdu should have paid the Quartely dividend.. don

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