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    Skate to where the #$%$ is going to BE

    by dldcocoa May 2, 2015 12:50 PM
    dldcocoa dldcocoa May 2, 2015 12:55 PM Flag

    Interesting that our Yahoo censors cannot allow us to print the word for the round, flat, circular object which is passed between players in the game of hockey.

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  • You just have to use common sense, and not get caught up in the drama of a wildly fluctuating stock price. Like it or not the stock price is ALWAYS going to be subject to many forces that have absolutely nothing to do with the fundamentals of a company. Option strategies, market maker tricks (remember EVERY share you buy goes through a market maker somewhere and those guys are never going to be your friend), paid hacks will put out stories for the shorts, ad nauseam.

    Apple, Netflix, Amazon, ALL the big stock stories of the last 10 years have had many ups and downs over the years with wild swings both ways. But in the end they have risen to astounding levels simply because they had what people wanted.

    So you just have to ask the simple question if Afrezza is what the customers want. Will they want something that is easier to use than anything ever offered? Will they want the most effective glucose control that has ever been experienced along with the greatest convenience?

    What about the lung issue, which is a fairly common "negative" brought up over and over? Again, common sense. These are very small amounts of powder - a complete daily dose will amount to far less matter drawn into the lungs than from a SINGLE cigarette. The powder is completely benign and dissolves instantly, vs smoke from a cigarette. Long term smoking studies show that one has to smoke at least a pack a day for decades to significantly increase the normal odds for lung cancer. Hard to imagine that these small amounts of benign powder that are literally gone in microseconds can be any worse than just driving your car in traffic sucking in tailpipe fumes. Non issue.

    The "noise" right now is all being generated over a mere 6 weeks of results and how they are not "meeting expectations". Whose expectations? The company has never offered any early guidance. This soft launch is all about introducing the product etc. Where is the #$%$ going to be a year from now? 2 years? 3 years?

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  • dldcocoa dldcocoa May 2, 2015 11:51 AM Flag

    That is the heart of the matter, and exactly why the stock is under attack recently. NOW, before the product has really had a chance to prove itself, is the last opportunity for short attacks and other shenanigans to be successful. GS and the other bandits know that and they have taken advantage of it. Give it time and let the true potential be realized and the direction will be the OTHER way, everybody will want to own the stock and the direction will be steadily up. Just hold on through these early times - the really hard work is over with the FDA approval and product on the market now..lines are gearing up.

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  • dldcocoa by dldcocoa May 1, 2015 3:59 PM Flag

    With a pen you have to a) clean the needle with alcohol, b) clean your skin with alcohol, c) figure out the dose (better hope it is the right one!), dial in the dose on the pen d) find where you want to stick the needle e) pinch the skin f) stick the needle in at a 90 degree angle g) hold for 10 seconds h) pull out the needle and re-clean everything. If your dose is off, too bad - you get to live with the consequences for a few hours since that's how long the tail lasts.

    With Afrezza, you just pop a cartridge into the inhaler, and give a quick draw of breath. That's it. Into your system in 10-15 minutes and out quickly. If you accidentally dose too much, no worries because it is out of your system so quickly the tail will not slam you later. If you need a bit more, one more quick cartridge gets you what you need. Almost real-time adjustment. Many users now reporting BG in the non-diabetic range with no complications of any sort.

    Now, just ask yourself not as an investor but as a normal human being looking for something to solve a particular need. What are you going to choose? The more complicated, more uncertain, less effective thing that includes a needle sticking into your flesh for 10 seconds?

    That is the crux of the matter and the no-brainer part of the whole non-debate. It is quite simply not a matter of IF, it is simply the WHEN.

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  • google "afrezza training youtube" That video shows all you need to know. No brainer. Shorts can have their fun for a while before the tsunami ultimately swamps them.

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  • Afrezza is now listed on the CVS website. That's one of the biggest pharmacy chains in the nation.


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  • dldcocoa dldcocoa Apr 30, 2015 6:55 PM Flag

    Unfortunately it is not anywhere close to a level playing field. The FDA has tied the hands of management since they can't even legally point out what everyone else already knows - that Affrezza works better, MUCH better than the products they were forced to compare themselves against in the clinical trials. If management makes ANY statement that later proves to have been mistaken or not come to pass, the lawsuits fly like crows to carrion. A short seller however can lie constantly, distort the truth constantly, naked short even though it is illegal, pay off hack writers to write negative pieces - anything and everything with absolutely no consequences.

    Management has to fight with both hands and one foot tied. THAT is the sad truth and what is so disheartening. It is literally a crime that MNKD cannot legally run either an article pointing out the obvious superiority of Affrezza or sell it with any reference whatsoever to that superiority. I call foul and absolute BS but that doesn't change anything.

    Just have to wait for sales to build and SNY to spend untold millions more to run clinical trials that are complete useless but will ultimately "officially" demonstrate what is already completely obvious.

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