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dmesshian 462 posts  |  Last Activity: Nov 16, 2014 9:33 PM Member since: Aug 19, 2011
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    Pyott sold 252,000 shares earlier this year

    by gthcgd Nov 16, 2014 5:42 PM
    dmesshian dmesshian Nov 16, 2014 9:33 PM Flag

    Now you are worrying about another man's money? Shame on you. pal.
    There is a strong possibility the announcement will be pre-market opening.
    Let's hope you don't behave like a sour -- sore loser, eh.
    You should move on to the Zoetis mssg board to sell your anti AGN BOD, distortionate comments, while promoting your BFF: Ackman / Pearson roll up scheme.
    I guess we will have to tolerate your presence for one more night, 'cause I know you will be gone once formal details of the deal hits the news wire mañana!

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    AGN has misled investors

    by gthcgd Nov 14, 2014 9:08 AM
    dmesshian dmesshian Nov 16, 2014 12:23 PM Flag

    Your eloquent remarks resonates in hearts of all Allergan shareholders!
    Sir David Pyott and AGN's BOD has added 40+% of value to AGN's shares by doing the necessary work in resisting this hostile takeover by Ackman/VRX.
    They should be lauded for their brilliance and creativity in carrying out their "fiduciary duties" in protecting the rights of all Allergan's shareholders in the face of a great existential challenge.

  • As we all read in the recent Bloomberg summary :
    "The judge who just handed Bill Ackman a legal victory over Allergan (AGN) Inc. may also have given regulators and litigation-minded investors fodder to press insider-trading allegations against the hedge fund manager."
    "Carter also addressed whether Pershing Square violated insider-trading rules by acquiring Allergan stock while preparing a bid with Valeant. Carter’s opinion that there are “serious questions” about this could capture the attention of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and provide a basis for civil claims by investors who’ve missed out on gains Ackman's enjoyed, according to John Coffee, a professor at Columbia University Law School. "

    Judge Carter punted to the SEC. The SEC has its own ongoing investigation.
    Investors can only hope that MLK's famous quote: "the arc of a moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice", holds up in these challenging times.

    See also:

  • Is this the new normal?
    This way, WAY, too EASY MONEY for Ackman!
    This is a no-brainer deal for any investor -- even if he has the IQ of a squid!
    Ackman and Pearson again team up in an "insider trading scheme"!
    How much longer can Government Regulators (SEC), allow this to go on?
    Why does Ackman gets to front run all investors; to secretly accumulate HUGE positions in this back-scratching scheme with Pearson/VRX, and how many of their hedge fund pals are in on these deals?

    Ackman is already camped out in ZTS with the knowledge that his risk profile in these investments is far lesser than any other investor in the investing universe with his access to the "priceless value of perfect prior information" that isn't accorded all investors.

    The SEC need to show some leadership, wisdom and "testicular fortitude", if you will, and step in and halt this gross unfairness before it spreads like a pandemic, causing severe harm to the Markets.
    It's especially demoralizing to retail investors to see this apparent illicit activity going unchecked and is only met with vacillation from the SEC!

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    I call on ophthalmologists....they hate vrx.

    by irishrover0109 Nov 10, 2014 3:32 PM
    dmesshian dmesshian Nov 11, 2014 5:42 PM Flag

    Just the act of issuing this letter with maximum circulation in the media is an indication of more than an isolated perception problem within the ophthalmologists population.
    Where there is smoke, there is fire!
    It's strange that such action would precipitate a rally in VRX's stock; it's not like they issued any data to affect any positive changes in forward financial performance, 'cause this letter is another distressing signal for shareholders.

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    Actavis a rollup

    by gthcgd Nov 7, 2014 4:57 PM
    dmesshian dmesshian Nov 8, 2014 12:04 PM Flag

    Ah, such a deliberate "Freudian slip", from the mind of an Ackman/Pearson plant, attempting to distract and confuse the masses!
    Are you implying that VRX is somehow the lesser of two evils? Spare me the effort 'cause -- by all accounts -- it is not! Please review and compare the balance sheets, and the obvious differences in financial reporting.
    The moderation in tone from your camp, perhaps, is a sign that you finally understand that:
    "He who rides tiger must be wary, lest he ends up inside tiger."

  • dmesshian dmesshian Nov 7, 2014 3:57 PM Flag

    Yeah! Can you imagine that guy?
    He sleeps on the cool side of the pillow, with his 10% stake in AGN stock on the winning side of the risky play.
    While Pearson -VRX sweat it out through sleepless nights.
    Ackman's comes off as a smooth operator -- insider trading and all. he will quietly toast when things blow up on Pearson.

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    Ackman is 100% right - run an auction

    by gthcgd Nov 7, 2014 10:08 AM
    dmesshian dmesshian Nov 7, 2014 12:45 PM Flag

    These flurry of moves smacks of desperation, and Mr. Market has sniffed it out, pal.
    VRX has no prospects for revenue -- top line, nor organic -- growth. Investors are on to the ruse.
    After all, your CEO made his mark as a cost cutter. He is an avowed bottom line specialist guy, that's why he can't grow the top line.
    I see the desperation in your VRX camp, and the urgency is to trade your over-valued VRX stock for AGN's 'cause the Superior CEO, Sir David Pyott ,and AGN's BOD has mastered the formula for delivering growth on both the top and bottom line to keep AGN shareholders happy for as far as the eyes can see.
    Why should AGN stockholders trade their priceless shares for VRX's, "inflated and extremely over-valued stock" at some ridiculous -- debt laden -- inflated offer.
    Please! That's like trying to lure a starving dog off a truck full of the finest cuts of meat!
    It's beginning to get more and MORE absurd...

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    Shareholders win - not Pyott

    by gthcgd Nov 7, 2014 6:31 AM
    dmesshian dmesshian Nov 7, 2014 10:36 AM Flag

    You are spending way so much time commenting about Pyott and Allergan, that you are seemingly unaware of your heightened risk to VRX stock.
    VRX stock is teetering on the brink of serious a decline, if and when any announced move by AGN to consummate a friendly takeover by Actavis of any other suitable union, not VRX.
    That is a very high stakes game at the casino you are playing there, pal. Frankly, I think spending so much of your time and attention, prattling on the AGN mssg board is rather silly, 'cause you are in violation of, rule one of intelligent investing, that is; capital preservation expressed in margin of safety.

    You are wasting your time trying to irritate AGN investors. Their capital is quite well preserve, thanks to the excellent actions of Pyott, and AGN's BOD. Even if AGN decides on a friendly merger with ACT or, another business concern, its shareholders will win, and Sir David Pyott and AGN's BOD will have acted in their best interest in fending off the phantasmagoric alternative of a VRX hostile takeover.
    Can you say the same for the high stakes and riskiest of bet, VRX's mngt has made here?

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    No one won the lawsuit but the lawyers

    by masterofprofit Nov 6, 2014 10:29 AM
    dmesshian dmesshian Nov 6, 2014 1:46 PM Flag

    Yeah, however; this legal expense was justified, given the nature of the existential threat, created by the hostile actions of Ackman/Pearson-VRX!!!
    I am quite sure AGN's shareholders are supportive of Sir David Pyott and AGN's BOD's actions in warding off this threat. Pyott has proven to be a very capable and agile street fighter, if you will -- even out-sluggin' his opponents, on their own turf of choice, that is; the mud pit -- where he now seem to have his opponents in check.

    There is no doubt, that this war is still far from over, however; if the recent slew of news reports, have an iota of truth, we might be very close to -- what would be -- a successful dénouement for .AGN stockholders, as well as, AGN stakeholders -- who are equally of great importance; but have gone relatively unnoticed in this war!

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    Bloomberg article stated today..........

    by cdma_is_obsoletess Oct 28, 2014 11:11 PM
    dmesshian dmesshian Oct 29, 2014 11:56 AM Flag

    The Bloomberg article reveals a VRX CEO who is totally out of touch and is receiving poor advice from Ackman. That media blitz, prior to AGN's Q3 release and CC, was a vintage Ackman, "sophomoric tactic".
    It was an act of desperation that made Pearson look clueless and weak in the eyes of the more thoughtful VRX shareholders. It's a waste of the VRX CEO's precious time and resources that gained nada!

    Pyott is in total command. AGN is now a speedboat of growth, that can easily outdistance its VRX-"hostile pursuer" whose stock has flat- lined; with a better than even odds of falling into the abyss .
    AGN is fabulous growth story; VRX ,on the other hand, is unable to grow its top line!
    There is no logical argument, nor reason for investors to pile into VRX stock; heck, it doesn't even pay a dividend for crying out loud!
    Pearson's 100+ acquisitions over the past 5 years were so poor, they haven't generated top line growth, but they've certainly built up a mountain of debt.

    How will Pearson's track record at VRX, allow him to manage AGN any better, by replacing the superior CEO, who is currently outperforming 99.999% of all CEOs in the world -- already in place at Allergan -- in the person of Sir David Pyott???
    Sir David Pyott is simply in the "master class of CEOs" on Planet Earth.

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    AGN price

    by b_c_ing_ya Oct 27, 2014 2:55 PM
    dmesshian dmesshian Oct 27, 2014 5:12 PM Flag

    Earnings and profits are the primary drivers of stock prices. AGN had its best Qtr Report in its history. A decline in stock price, following a stellar Qtr report happens quite frequently with AGN. If you are long AGN, there is no need to be ticker watching. It could drive you crazy. There are several court dates on the horizon that is very distracting nad unsettling to investors.
    You don't need a reminder that there is a lot of noise around AGN at the moment. There will be numerous upgrades in store over the next days and weeks that could move the stock.

    Personally, I am thrilled by the blow out Q4 Report, and Pyott's commanding presence and performance during the CC this AM.
    Please note that, recent action of AGN stock seem to indicate, that the Market perceives it as a stand alone business entity.
    Be patient. AGN stock could bounce around for upwards as a week before settling and moving to higher ground.

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    Pyott playing this like a fiddle.

    by cdma_is_obsoletess Oct 27, 2014 10:14 AM
    dmesshian dmesshian Oct 27, 2014 3:31 PM Flag

    There is no offer. This is an orchestrated ruse, by Ackman/Pearson to flood the media channels, in an attempt to crowd out Allergan's outstanding Q3 Report, and to prop up, VRX ailing stock price from sinking into the abyss. The plan could include VRX hedge fund buying of VRX stock, to simulate positive movement in Valeant stock.

    This reeks of a signature Ackman multi-prong tactic. He sends his lemmings on CNBC to promote his biased angle on the deal in combination with print and web news releases.
    Pyott and Allergan has the substance, while the other side is all about "style and distortion".
    Intelligent investing always favor substance over style!

    It wont work because VRX stock is poor sell -- stuck in a trading range and could go lower -- because it can't meet its top line growth projections.
    His task is made double difficult because of the chasm of disparity between a failing VRX strategy, versus a vaunted, and stellar AGN business that is just running circles around a VRX business that is uber-stodgy, and lack-luster, sporting a growth projection profile that has flat-lined.
    It's just a matter of time before the Market turns on VRX for its humongous debt and poor forward outlook.
    Look for Allergan to be rewarded with multiple upgrades in the next few days and weeks, while VRX stock will remain flat with zero upgrades because it will miss its projected top line number by between $700 to $1Billion.
    Don't be distracted by Ackman/Pearson's: "smoke and mirrors" media blitz. It's just a ruse that will run its
    course in a day, or two -- if not sooner.

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    Awful leadership by AGN Board

    by gthcgd Oct 27, 2014 10:03 AM
    dmesshian dmesshian Oct 27, 2014 11:52 AM Flag

    Even Mr. Market yawns at the current VRX offer.
    Apparently, AGN's absolutely blow out, Q3 numbers is proof of Sir David Pyott's long held assessment that -- even at today's $200/share offer -- VRX, woefully undervalues one of the world's most valuable business franchise.

    The fact that AGN handily exceeded all expectations on the TOP & BOTTOM and guided way higher for Q4, makes VRX's updated offer seem like a paltry surreptitious attempt to steal the company away from it's shareholders at a HUGE bargain basement price!

    VRX has no prospects for TOP LINE growth in the current Q4 and beyond, plus; its "gargantuan debt load" makes it an ill suited candidate for an outstanding, large cap pharma, growth company of Allergan's caliber.

    These two companies are in parallel universes, and they should remain that way. Any forced union of these two companies will give rise to a "phantasmagoric chimera"; guaranteeing huge losses for shareholders on both sides! .

  • dmesshian dmesshian Oct 24, 2014 8:09 PM Flag

    "Oh! what a tangled web we weave When first we practice to deceive!" - (Sir Walter Scott, in Marmion)

    From Business Insider Article:
    "Ackman and Valeant CEO Mike Pearson started meeting about Allergan in February. At that time, according to Allergan's complaint, they signed an agreement saying they would not make a tender offer for Allergan. That would be a violation of SEC rule 14 e-3. Some of those February meetings also included Mason Morfit, the president of the activist hedge fund ValueAct Capital, a major shareholder in Valeant, according to court filings."

    This insider trading conspiracy was a carefully crafted and orchestrated conspiracy, that was executed with military-like precision, whose sole purpose was to deceive investors, by knowingly and willfully undermining the integrity of the Markets.
    It screams for a strong response, from the Courts, and the government regulatory body (SEC); to discourage all such illegal and deceptive actions in the future.

    It seems like the SEC is asleep at the wheel on this one! They should have acted weeks -- if not months -- ago. I am awfully suspicious of their failure to act expeditiously; instead hiding behind the guise of: "we are conducting our own investigation into the matters".

  • dmesshian dmesshian Oct 24, 2014 12:02 PM Flag

    Cdma, it is not the VRX's bottom line that gives me pause for concern, but the huge red flag on VRX's top-line from Zacks Equity Research, that should speak to those investors who are long VRX.
    Here is a "key salient" quote from that report published yesterday:
    ***Valeant has increased its 2014 guidance as well. Revenues are now projected in the range of $8.1–$8.3 billion, up from the earlier projection of $8.0–$8.1 billion but short of the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $8.9 billion. Earnings per share, on a cash basis, are now projected in the range of $8.22–$8.32, compared to the earlier projection in the range of $7.90–$8.10 per share.***
    ****VRX's projection: $8.0-8.1 Billion; Zacks Consensus Estimate: $8.9 Billion. A Difference of: $800 Million!!!
    Please note Zacks' noticeable pass on assigning one of their ubiquitous numerical rankings for VRX.

    I've held from the outset, that: the much vaunted Ackman/Pearson-VRX: "slash & burn cost cutting strategy" is a long term loser because historically, it's an "incontrovertible fact" that: an onerous cost cutting strategy;
    a) - decreases top-line growth;
    b) - risks degrading quality and competitiveness; and
    c) - most important for Allergan's unique Pharma-Aesthetics business, it will make AGN "extremely vulnerable" to competition..

    In the "highly competitive" Aesthetic Sector. "Slash and burn cost cutting" would put shackles on AGN rendering it incapable of fending off aggressive competition!
    "Slash & burn cost cutting strategy" in the uber-competitive, Aesthetic sector would be the equivalent of: PENNY WISE AND POUND FOOLISH!

    Rest assured that those poseurs need to be sent packing, and I think it will begin with AGN's Q3 presentation to the Market next week. It will reveal: clear and REAL organic growth, requiring no acctg roll up scheme, and more importantly, without a preponderance of those "uber-nauseating footnotes" that are common to all VRX's qtr. reports!

  • dmesshian dmesshian Oct 23, 2014 10:09 AM Flag

    Cdma, they have raise prices because of the poor quality of their acquisitions!
    They don't acquire growth companies, so the only way to show growth is to raise prices.
    In contrast Allergan restrict their acquisitions to bonafide growth businesses.
    AGN only acquires companies that adds to its strategic growth profile and Pyott never veers from the that formula.
    For example: Allergan's acquisitions of Inamed and Skin Medica where best of breed -- highest quality -- growth acquisition with unique profiles that were perfect fits to the AGN family.
    In contrast: VRX acquired B&L and Obagi Pharm., who were average profitable business, but were long term poor growth acquisitions that will never help with VRX's debt.
    Obagi wanted to be part of the AGN family -- it shopped itself to AGN, but its growth profile, and not being best of breed, didn't fit Pyott's HIGH standards! In contrast, SkinMedica was at the center of growth and innovation in the nutraceutical sector and fit AGN's standards like hand in glove.

    The point is: VRX would be huge drag on AGN's growth strategy. A shot marriage to VRX would be ill-advised!
    It will only be a lifeline for VRX -- providing a repository for its mountain of debt, at the expense of a disaster of gargantuan proportion for Allergan.

  • dmesshian dmesshian Oct 22, 2014 3:36 PM Flag

    Thanks for your timely post, cdma...
    You are onto a real issue here, and the reason why Ackman/Pearson are out filing "distracting and senseless lawsuits" against Pyott and the Allergan leadership.
    Perhaps they want to draw scrutiny and attention from the ruse they are trying to pull-off with their recent Q3 report.
    Buffettology, and Peter Lynch taught me to: "choose simplicity over complexity" and, never invest in a business you can't understand.
    I found VRX Q3 Report difficult to understand. I don't have a degree in financial accounting -- much less -- forensic accounting. It was filled with overly distracting footnotes that seem way out of place in a Qtr report. It made me imagine that, VRX Annual Report must approach the size of phonebook to accommodate all of the footnotes within.

    I would wager that, most of the investors who've plowed into VRX stock following the recent Q3 and CC, are probably, momo-players, who haven't done any serious review of the text of that Q3 report. They obviously read headlines from the financial media, and take VRX's basic numbers as fact, without doing any DD and, are betting that past performance will bail them out in the future.
    But we know better that, the VRX punchbowl has hit a snag with their choice to go war with AGN.

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    Go after that AGN Board ! Sue their pants off them

    by gthcgd Oct 21, 2014 7:07 PM
    dmesshian dmesshian Oct 22, 2014 11:15 AM Flag

    Seems like all the unbridled hubris -- the swag -- from the VRX camp has devolved into something resembling: "the whining of hyenas on the Serengeti"!
    This current tactic of wasting precious court time on a contentious -- tit for tat -- "scorch-earth war" is senseless. The VRX camp is over its head in a high stakes game that it is ill-equipped to play, and like scoundrels: they are now seeking refuge in the courts.
    Well, Pyott did not start, nor asked for this war, but he has managed to turn Ackman/Pearson-team into a pair of cackling geese.
    Next they will be screaming for their Mommies.
    Without a doubt, we have a perfect example of: "manly men"???

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    Has Ackman figured out…….

    by hohoo69 Oct 21, 2014 9:13 AM
    dmesshian dmesshian Oct 21, 2014 12:45 PM Flag

    I would contend that in Ackman's quieter moments -- away from the cameras -- he has!
    One just has to see the number of his hedge fund buddies with established positions in AGN stock -- who initially intended to support Ackman/VRX: have now become Pyott's supporters. Several have gone public, urging Pyott to avoid a VRX shotgun-marriage, like the plague.

    They were all converted by the "objective and incontrovertible evidence"; that AGN will soar with the eagles as a stand alone, or; with a more suitable partner: like SHIRE!
    Ackman knows it too! However; as we all know, he is sadly beholden to Pearson/VRX, who facilitated his 10% stake in Allergan -- let's just say -- via "the dark-side of investing".

    We only hear crickets emanating from Allergan's boardroom, however; Pyott has his opponents in check and has several ways to bring this war to a successful resolution.
    Any bets that Ackman holds onto his prized AGN shares when this deal implodes? He will be the most relieved of all the principles: because -- as "the ultimate insider" -- it has always been about the win-win proposition with him .
    It would send VRX packing, and immediately rid this mssg board of that annoying -- "Gollum-like creature" -- gotcha,blah,blah,blah, to the confines of the closest mental health institution!

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