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dmsalopek 1422 posts  |  Last Activity: Mar 22, 2013 3:29 PM Member since: Jun 23, 2008
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  • Quite exciting. happy about my decision making. congrats to the few longs here. volume huge today. i think Kaepernick may be investing in the company, and not just taking the cash. I believe there are many more days like this ahead. Watch for sell in may and walk away. I may take a little off in a few weeks and buy back in lower, you never know with these things. If there is $150 to $200 million a yr in sales, $20, $30 to $50 million a yr in profits, this could be a $25 to $95 stock.

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    Good week

    by investora2z Mar 15, 2013 11:15 PM
    dmsalopek dmsalopek Mar 16, 2013 7:03 PM Flag

    fri was great, in a down market, double avg volume. OPK Dr. Frost's other company performing exactly the same. He has a great 1-2 punch going on .

  • dmsalopek dmsalopek Mar 4, 2013 7:58 PM Flag

    yes, i hold both. in around 5 in each.

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    Why the counter-trend?

    by qazwsxedcvbn2003 Jun 21, 2012 3:10 PM
    dmsalopek dmsalopek Jun 21, 2012 7:15 PM Flag

    I'm guessing is bc kevin douglas insider was buying more AMSC on the dip. looks like he was buying in his medical obesity company too, which was up today, ETRM.

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    dvars 100% growth yr over yr

    by ZEPSOAP Jan 18, 2011 8:25 AM
    dmsalopek dmsalopek Jan 18, 2011 12:04 PM Flag

    "AMSC management to focus on growing the business in a prudent fashion, not worrying about the day to day zigs and zags of the share price"

    come on. yurek sold $14 million worth of shares when pps was $38 like 2 months ago. PPS has lost 25% straight down while overall market has surged. you dont think that is playing the market with amsc share price? how about when amsc had a secondary when pps was 36 with offering at 35? was that to raise money when pps was high, playing the market with amsc share price? i say yes.

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    dvars 100% growth yr over yr

    by ZEPSOAP Jan 18, 2011 8:25 AM
    dmsalopek dmsalopek Jan 18, 2011 11:38 AM Flag

    the reason amsc is announcing these orders from "new" customers is because AMSC is reactionary. AMSC is reacting still to the Barrons article, which leads me to believe it is more true than ever. AMSC is not the victim. They arent sarah palin. AMSC needs to be proactive not reactionary, or at least just get to work.

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    Needham Presentation

    by tiamsa Jan 11, 2011 2:32 PM
    dmsalopek dmsalopek Jan 18, 2011 9:13 AM Flag

    Here is my AMSC can of worms I am opening up...That presentation is just a sales pitch, it isnt reality, and there is nothing new. Every company in USA puts on a sales pitch that makes it sound like a sure thing, too good to be true. The whole presentation is forward looking with the use of persuasive language, thus is propaganda. But i still like AMSC and own AMSC having bought a bunch recently @28.72.

    Reality is AMSC has performed like C@AP recently, while most stocks are at 52 week highs. PPS of AMSC is controlled by GS and the hedgies, AMSC still has a high pe and the algorithms can zap 10% off this stock any day bc its so thinly traded.

    Here is the problem the presentation always glosses over...Does anyone here know the methodology of AMSC's production? Do they use a "pull" system, like a "lean" production system? I am sure they don't. AMSC is never specific about what is behind their operating margins. AMSC needs to hire a first class manager to put in place a production philosophy. Otherwise AMSC will just bumble along. There is tons of room to improve amsc production. Yurek is an important american, those under him arent. AMSC should have an open house, with its production facilities, FOR GOOD PRESS. Everyone already knows what was in that presentation, nothing new. AMSC should let the world know it expects to be the best in its manufacturing efficiencies.

    Zesoap you made a nice post about education, but even most american companies arent that smart. leaders arent even that smart. they are more worried about their paychecks. They dont take responsiblities of getting the most out of the companies means of production and its employees, because its a hard thing to do. and they dont want to look like a "failure". They are cowards.

    Even with good news of Dvar sales, not a single share purchased pre market.

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    doosang korea hurricane brewing

    by ZEPSOAP Jan 4, 2011 8:55 AM
    dmsalopek dmsalopek Jan 4, 2011 11:15 AM Flag

    this stock stinks, its just a pawn in Goldman's game. wish i bailed at the high this morning.

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    doosang korea hurricane brewing

    by ZEPSOAP Jan 4, 2011 8:55 AM
    dmsalopek dmsalopek Jan 4, 2011 9:37 AM Flag

    important order even if a little small, getting business is important at this time, this is why hyundai should buy amsc @ $4 billion!

  • dmsalopek dmsalopek Jan 4, 2011 8:51 AM Flag

    this IS really good news. premarket volume, on the buy side.

  • dmsalopek dmsalopek Jan 3, 2011 10:34 AM Flag

    I appreciate and agree with the three prior posts. However, Mr McGann was entirely unprofessional, and one of the worst public speakers I have ever heard representing a corporation. AMSC should never let him represent the company again, and he needs a serious "talking to" by the CEO/COO. I remember McGann saying over 5 times, "i know this is boring", "I know you all are sleeping", "wake up everybody", "i know you would rather be sleeping." This is entirely unacceptable, he should be showing enthusiasm, and demanding people listen. He should engage his audience, and have them running out to buy shares. Just the opposite happened.

  • i figure it will be a quiet day, but amsc has goo premarket volume over 2300shares. hope its on the buy side. lots of positive good informative posts from the longs this morning thks.

    Someone has cornered the copper market, you all see that? Also, citi has predicted equities go up next two weeks then down rest of 2011. I usually sell stocks in early jan, as the market algorithms tend to eat up the new IRA money that comes in.

    I got a job this week, start in a few weeks! Figure I will be able to pump 30K a year into amsc for the next few yrs. Its a good holiday season, my family is happy.

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    Why Turbo-Brayton for LIPA2

    by lafeet333 Dec 21, 2010 10:36 AM
    dmsalopek dmsalopek Dec 21, 2010 11:12 AM Flag

    actually, some good sized buy orders the past 30 minutes.
    that is lots of good info lafeet, but in needs to translate into something major. a one time little experiment by con ed wont cut it.

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    close of over 29.06 gives us longs

    by jthinkhouse Dec 17, 2010 2:15 PM
    dmsalopek dmsalopek Dec 17, 2010 9:13 PM Flag

    crummy week longs, i sure have put alot of bashers on iggy.

    It was triple witching options exp today. That sure was some max pain.

    I am sure GS or blackstone or whoever was liquidating in addition to shorting. their algorithms really want to punish K Douglas. I am happy with my purchase @ 28.74 and 30.55, I have seen this too many times to get caught selling at the bottom of this dip. I believe today was the bottom. Never know, though. I am confident amsc could gain 10% in a few days any time in the next few weeks.

    This is time of year to be happy share joy. I get to drive 2 hrs to airport in Memphis and then spend day messing around in the city with the family. cant wait.

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    90 GW wind capacity

    by lafeet333 Dec 16, 2010 10:29 AM
    dmsalopek dmsalopek Dec 16, 2010 11:32 AM Flag

    I picked up a few hundred shares amsc @ 28.74, hope this is the bottom. Hard to believe that amsc has lost 20% since secondary, hope not having trouble in amperium production or losing sinovel as customer, i figure its just a bear raid. never know though. i am happy i waited this morning and bought under 29.

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    Dumb Luck

    by IRISHROVER_1999 Dec 14, 2010 1:32 PM
    dmsalopek dmsalopek Dec 14, 2010 2:36 PM Flag

    all is fair in love and war. amsc thinly traded, so its vulnerable.

    My PPo shares lost 10% about two weeks ago, and has jumped up 50% since then.

    APWR crapped out. amsc could always face a slowdown, but PE is also much lower now, AMSC just has to beat on earnings.

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    Dumb Luck

    by IRISHROVER_1999 Dec 14, 2010 1:32 PM
    dmsalopek dmsalopek Dec 14, 2010 1:38 PM Flag

    i think u mean zesoap...

    i sold some amsc yesterday and bought it back cheaper.

    I did buy Cree around 47 months ago sold around 52, should have held it, but it was a good trade.

    would like to see amsc make more and more new intraday highs, but fed minutes and bernanke are happening soon. gl longs, sure is a lot of new spam on this board.

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    by IRISHROVER_1999 Dec 13, 2010 10:14 AM
    dmsalopek dmsalopek Dec 13, 2010 12:47 PM Flag

    I sold 400 shares amsc @ 31.54 and bought em back @ 30.95. Every little bit helps.

    Still have K douglas buying $40 million worth past 6 weeks.

    Hope i got in near the bottom, never know.

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    Law suit

    by IRISHROVER_1999 Dec 13, 2010 9:37 AM
    dmsalopek dmsalopek Dec 13, 2010 9:52 AM Flag

    see looks like it was an opportunity! not a reason for a lawsuit. unfortunate if any stops got taken out.

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    Law suit

    by IRISHROVER_1999 Dec 13, 2010 9:37 AM
    dmsalopek dmsalopek Dec 13, 2010 9:42 AM Flag

    Its not criminal. Barrons is probalby right, wind is going to slow. governments have no money.

    relax it will be ok, or else it wont.

    this is what you get in an illiquid stock. its easy to bring down. why do you think folks are worried when it has zero volume? its because its a red flag to shorts that amsc has been ripe to be raped.

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