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dogma_blade 209 posts  |  Last Activity: 20 hours ago Member since: Feb 16, 2010
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    More trivial BS…

    by michael_moore_is_fat 20 hours ago
    dogma_blade dogma_blade 20 hours ago Flag

    It is now official Fat Mikey has admitted asking

    "How much did the COKE litigation cost the company?

    is trivial, after asking the question only 2000 times.

    It might not have been trivial the first few times it was asked, but after it had been asked over 100 times the triviality of the question grew and grew.

  • dogma_blade dogma_blade 20 hours ago Flag

    Fool I have already posted my buys ,sells and Fat Mikey accused me of being of all things a trader. What a bad word.

    I am currently in at 1.73 and even was willing to admit that I made a mistake not selling again in the run up on the apple pay bs before the numbers came out last quarter.

    In the long run I am not that worried about my entry point, I am confident I will get out with a profit.

    Before you try and claim that I have never mentioned trades here is a quote from last January 9th.

    "I hope everyone has taken the chance to take the money and run on the spike."

    I am not sure but that might have been the post that got fat Mikey to call me a "trader", such a dirty word. I guess he would then be an uninvolved (since he has never bought or sold the stock) observer who spends all of his free time on the board.

    I really am beginning to believe I am trading posts with some Junior High School

    Combine and obsession with junior high school english class grammar/spelling and posts like:

    "If you love this company so much, why don't you marry it?"

    What other conclusion could I come to?

  • dogma_blade dogma_blade 20 hours ago Flag

    I agree with you 100% that Fat Mikey continues to bring up trivial BS, but I only call him out when he tries to lie or mislead.

    When he isn't doing that I just let the posts go.

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    Snow Storm

    by ajitmd2000 Jan 26, 2015 12:32 AM
    dogma_blade dogma_blade 20 hours ago Flag

    About 75 to 80% of Jet Blue flights are in the corridor of the storm, just like the Thanksgiving storm of 2013.

    The stock was hit about .75 during the storm and ended up taking another hit below 8 when the numbers were reported (which made a great entry point for the stock at the time).

    Hopefully the newly added capacity and the fact that it is not the busiest time of the year will make it easier and less costly for the company to move the effected customers into new flights.

    The drop could be a chance for short term traders to get in before the numbers are reported. This years numbers for last quarter, in comparison to last year had a healthy increase in customer miles a drop in oil prices and the storm issues that were in last years numbers, not this years.

    The big risk will be that this storm messes up the this quarters numbers enough that it has a big effect on guidance for this quarter when reporting last quarters numbers.

  • dogma_blade dogma_blade 21 hours ago Flag

    Posting multiple paragraphs does not make you clever, smart or even slightly intelligent.

    Before the 15 % downturn in USATP the stock was at 20.00, a few weeks later after about a whole thousand shares traded the stock is at 19.99.

    A whole penny , wow the stock was sure slammed by some non existent news.

    Since you seem so intent on looking at the small moves on the stock, USAT is .01 ( the size of the huge move on USAT) from being up 10% for the year.

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    the brilliance of jones soda

    by netprophecy2 Jan 23, 2015 3:42 PM
    dogma_blade dogma_blade Jan 25, 2015 11:31 PM Flag

    Hard to believe that Talking Rain has somehow managed to sell a few bottles of Sparkling Ice with Mannitol ( a very popular sugar alcohol) as one of the ingredients.

  • dogma_blade dogma_blade Jan 25, 2015 7:09 PM Flag

    Quoting someone else does not make you smart, caps does not make you right.

    You still have refused to answer the question.

    Where did "MasterCard is 14.9% of all US payment cards" come from?

    You have claimed that it is a "FACT!!!", but have refused to answer where this factual number has come from?

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    Dogma mad that MMIF "thinks he is clever"

    by bingbongdoodiehead Jan 25, 2015 10:12 AM
    dogma_blade dogma_blade Jan 25, 2015 4:29 PM Flag

    The problem doodie and mikey have is that there is a big difference between someone thinking that they are clever actually being clever. WAWA

  • What difference is that?

    The difference between someone who thinks that they are clever and someone who is actually clever.

    Fat Mikey thinks he is clever but is so childish and ham fisted in his approach to everything that it makes him look like a big fool.

    In the thread I started all I did was point out that for him to make the comment

    "MasterCard is 14.9% of all US payment cards"

    he had to include every gas station, department store and every little retailer card out there.

    When another board member said that the number did not seem right because of the percentage of charges that were MC charges from the major companies, I believe the response was to point out how the statement was a fact!!!!!.

    Since it is a fact that in fiscal year ending 2013 Mastercard's accounted for over 30% of the cards issued by the four majors this seemed to be the only conclusion that made sense.

    So all I did was ask, Mikey wrong about the percentage ,as Mastercard accounts for more than 30% of the big fours cards or was he including all of the other type of cards that I have mentioned (Department store, Gas, etc)

    A simple answer to a simple question about his supposedly factual statement would allow everyone on the board to come to their own conclusion about Fatty.

  • dogma_blade dogma_blade Jan 25, 2015 12:03 AM Flag

    Once again trying to deflect from the fact that you were trying to mislead the board about how many Master cards are in use.

    The issue is not big enough for me to even care. All I am doing is pointing out how dishonest you are in trying to mislead people on the board.

    You are really the board fool and board tool.

  • dogma_blade dogma_blade Jan 24, 2015 9:51 PM Flag

    I have simply pointed at your obvious attempt to deceive the board.

    Once again the statement made no reference to debit or credit .
    As is your normal play when called out you want tog o off on a tangent so that no one will notice.

    You were the one that kept claiming fact!!!! fact!!!! when you were having a disagreement with someone on the board (it wasn't me by the way.

    The fact is as of the end of last fiscal year Mastercard had issued 30.8% of the card issued by the 4 major credit card brands. For your statement"MasterCard is 14.9% of all US payment cards" to have been true when they have issued over 30% of the card for the big 4 you have to be including gas cards, department store cards, etc.Either that or your numbers were wrong.

    Bye the way what are you smoking?

    "When USAT issues a press release stating sales have doubled due to the MasterCard debit agreement, then you can tell me I was wrong, but not until."

    There is a whole lotta space between no material change as you have stated and a doubling of sales.

    I find it very funny that you want to be held to the very high standard of racers posts. If you are not smart enough to figure out that 95% of his posts are little cheer leading jabs about how something is a game changer or the stock is going to run designed to tick you off you are not very swift. every once in awhile he sits down and writes a real post, which I usauly don't have an issue with.

    If you are still having trouble getting it, just look at doodieheads posts about the stock being down whatever percentage,adding What is little stevie forbert doing wrong? The posts are just designed to annoy, I have no problem playing along with the fool if makes him feel important.

  • dogma_blade dogma_blade Jan 24, 2015 7:44 PM Flag

    Still trying to slither your way from another lie.

    Your argument about total number of card versus payments was with someone else.

    I simply pointed out how you were dishonestly trying to mislead the board in regard to the total number of cards.

    FACT. At the end of last fiscal year Mastercard had 30.8% of all cards issued by the big four credit card companies.

    I was simply pointing out that the only way to come up with as low a number as you were claiming they issued would be to include all of the gas, department store and other retail cards out there.

    So what it appears you are saying is that you responded to racer's call for the deal to double sales with and attempt to mislead the board.

    What a classy move.

    Whatta putz

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    by bingbongdoodiehead Jan 24, 2015 1:49 PM
    dogma_blade dogma_blade Jan 24, 2015 3:11 PM Flag

    Wow , you truly are in your own little bubble, aren't you?

    Did your buddy call you up and say someone was picking on him?

    The statement that I called the board tool out on had nothing to do with the performance of USAT or Your one true love, Little Stevie Forbert,

    It had to do with him trying to mislead people on the board (for what reason I do not know) about Mastercards share of the credit card market.

    If you would like to continue obsessing about the management of the company, by all means don;t be foolish enough to think I want you to stop. It helps to give a clear impression to anyone reading the board of exactly where you stand.

  • dogma_blade dogma_blade Jan 24, 2015 2:57 PM Flag

    Look at the board king of misdirection try and slither into another direction and blather on about something unrelated.

    I did not mention anything about the debit card or the agreement itself I was simply pointing out the attempt to deceive people with your post.

    This is the line I was pointing to as deceitful.

    "MasterCard is 14.9% of all US payment cards"

    Since as of last fiscal year they had 30% of the cards issued of the major 4 players in the card business, the only way the 14.9% could be factual was if you are including gas card, store card and any other time of credit card issued for any business.

    What is your response? What about Racer Whaaaaaaa, Then you launch into the debit deal with Mastercard and start spitting out another stupid list of numbers and percentages designed to muddy the water.

    The statement in question was simple "MasterCard is 14.9% of all US payment cards". There is nothing in that statement from you that refers to debit cards or even the agreement with mastercard.

  • Fat Mikey posts!

    " I get berated for pointing out factual information like MasterCard’s market share"

    "MasterCard is 14.9% of all US payment cards"

    (source sec filings by Visa and Mastercard, American Express and Discover)

    Market share based on number of cards in circulation (End of 2013)
    Visa 285 million 49.3%
    MasterCard 178 million 30.8% American Express 53.1 million 9.2%
    Discover 62 million 10.7%

    How do these numbers match up with Fat Mikeys post , perfectly, Why?

    Because he thinks he is clever.

    By using the term "all US payment cards he can include gas cards,department store cards,any private cards issued by any retail establishment"

    Do any of these other cards have anything to do with the market other people were discussing? No

    The word play he believes is clever, but that is very very transparent,allows him to be "factual" while being dishonest and misleading in his statements.

    As I have said time and time again Junior high debate team bs, and he wonders why people think he is the board d-bag?

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    Monster day all

    by garyhart747 Jan 21, 2015 10:08 AM
    dogma_blade dogma_blade Jan 21, 2015 3:10 PM Flag

    Well the stock is up three of the last 5 years and pretty much flat over that period. So I guess that big drop happened between 14 and 6 years ago.

    By the way do you ever post without mentioning little stevei forbert?

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    Up a Dime!

    by markzenr Jan 20, 2015 3:29 PM
    dogma_blade dogma_blade Jan 20, 2015 7:42 PM Flag

    Aww no mention of change in cash flow?? what a shock

    Your variation of I'm rubber you're glue is showing the board your true genius

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    Up a Dime!

    by markzenr Jan 20, 2015 3:29 PM
    dogma_blade dogma_blade Jan 20, 2015 5:03 PM Flag

    Posted bye the biggest nickel and dime poster on the board.

    The man who posts more thana anyone else and say's bad is bad, good is bad, nothing good can happen.

    Sales up over 20%, bad
    Adding Mastercard back to the system ,bad
    Stock up for a few days in a row and up ytd penny ante
    USATP down a few bucks on a trade of 100 share, big big big
    Stock down 4% for a few days in a row big big big.
    About as fair and balanced as fox news.

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    MasterCard FACTS!!!

    by michael_moore_is_fat Jan 16, 2015 10:12 AM
    dogma_blade dogma_blade Jan 20, 2015 10:34 AM Flag

    Many items can be moved around a spread sheet to make individual line items change.

    Lets see, on time charges, the lease paymenst and the fact that some sales are transitioning to kickstart (better for company in long run) from jumpstart might make certiain line items seem worse.

    That is why at this point I am pretty much just looking at real time cash flow.

    That is looking pretty good still.

    I have been saying this from the beginning and you have been screaming no way.

    Kep growing whether it is 20 to 25% or 15 to 20% and everything will take care of itself.

  • dogma_blade by dogma_blade Jan 19, 2015 9:59 PM Flag

    It has been 3 years and counting since Coke announced its new world killing program with Google wallet , and still no roll out.

    Fat Mikey assures us that three years between announcing a product/program and rolling it out just a blink of an eye.

    Maybe we can get monthly updates letting the world know when coke will finally be ready to strike and the effect it will have on USAT.

    So far it seems the only effect was lowering last years growth rateslightly below 20% by pulling 24000 ports.

    It looks as though USAT has moved back above 20% growth, at least for the first quarter.

    Hopefully Fat Mikey will be able to alert everyone when the death blow is coming from the technical greatness that is coke.

    Maybe we can check back monthly to see if anything has happened yet.

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