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  • Very cool piece on IMRS moveable MRI but the focus is on the Symbis robot.... great to see the CNN airtime for IMRS!!!!!!


  • still need to understand this rev split situation but seems to be holding around .62

    next move above .80 crosses the 200DMA and if so thats a strong indicator to getting back to $1

  • dotcom_angel dotcom_angel Jan 5, 2015 8:51 PM Flag

    go away #$%$....

  • dotcom_angel dotcom_angel Dec 31, 2014 11:21 AM Flag

    I spoke to soon!!!! Over 2M shares today and not even noon yet!!!

    huge volume and double digit price jumps the past 7 trading days seems like we're headed back to $1 in a week or so and then can put the Rev Split to bed (assuming $1 holds for 10 consecutive trading days and i see no reason to think it cannot once we get there....)

  • Buyers are starting to finally take notice.....remember, they are forecasting a $65M+ year next year which is pretty much a lock since its based on converting the $125M+ backlog and actually installing the systems so they can recognize the revenue. That should get them to break even easily based on mgmts comments about expenses. Maybe $4-5 by end of next year isnt unreal if you do the valuation math and they do hit $65m or more

  • from .19 to .60 in about 2 weeks (since Dec 18th) and still moving up! The directors buying was a huge confidence builder in the company. Can this run to $1 and hold there for 10 days to meet the delisting requirements???? Based on what i'm seeing the past two weeks that looks VERY likely!!!!!

  • dotcom_angel dotcom_angel Dec 18, 2014 6:01 PM Flag

    they filed a $30M shelf in Oct/Nov 2014 to desperately raise needed cash to meet certain loan obligations with Deerfield Asset Mgmt.... they have been selling those shares steadily since .57 to raise minimum $7.5M hence why its tanked but not gone to pennies as they arent at risk of BK. also looming is NASDAQ delisting decision by end of Feb 2015 so those have beaten down the shares badly..... they have a $120M+ backlog of systems (product & install services) and project 2015 revenues of $65M+ which would put them at break even or slightly profitable in theory (assuming not just mgmt BS here).....

    IMRIS Inc. may offer and sell from time to time up to an aggregate of $30,000,000 of common shares (issued separately or upon exercise of warrants), warrants and units comprising any combination of common shares and warrants. The specific terms of any securities offered will be described in supplements to this prospectus. You should read this prospectus and any applicable prospectus supplement carefully before you purchase our securities. This prospectus may not be used to offer securities unless accompanied by a prospectus supplement.

    We may offer and sell these securities to or through one or more underwriters, dealers and agents, or directly to purchasers, on a continuous or delayed basis. The prospectus supplement for each offering of securities will describe in detail the plan of distribution. If underwriters, dealers and agents are used to sell these securities, we will name them and describe their compensation in a prospectus supplement.

    Our outstanding common shares are listed and posted for trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange, which we refer to as the “TSX”, under the symbol “IM” and the NASDAQ Global Market, which we refer to as “NASDAQ”, under the symbol “IMRS”. On October 8, 2014, the last reported sale price of our common shares on the TSX was Cdn$0.64 per common share and on NASDAQ was $0.5765 per common share. There is currently no market through

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    My opinion we rocket today

    by dolphinreo Dec 8, 2014 10:29 AM
    dotcom_angel dotcom_angel Dec 8, 2014 3:28 PM Flag

    no announcement yet about the possible NASDAQ delisting. they are burning through the $30M shelf offerign right now because they need cash bad and have to get above the $7.5M reserve requirement by Deerfield that was temporarily waived.

    my take is to not get fooled here - wait until january when the delisting is been sorted out and when the $30M shelf is done to see what the situation is.

    if a reverse split is announced it is typical for the market to react negatively to that and see the price drop futher when thats announced and also again after the split date.

    the good news about the reverse split is the number of total shares available to trade will dramatically drop so with a low float the price could pop with any significant volume !

  • dotcom_angel dotcom_angel Nov 21, 2014 4:28 PM Flag

    33% off the existing bottom :) zero is the only true bottom. i still think it would be wise to hold off until after the end of year tax selling...that will happen, just not sure how much further it will drive the price down. heck, seems most of the big share holders have already bailed out so maybe it wont be that bad.

  • dotcom_angel dotcom_angel Nov 21, 2014 11:33 AM Flag

    a .10 downside isnt my concern but a 50% drop is which is what that translates to. the selling volume the past 10 trading days since the $30M shelf was active is about 5M shares. At these prices that translates to approx $1.25M only to IMRS. if they are secure $10M minimum from the shelf as a lifeline to 2015 that means another 40M shares to sell (at these levels) in the upcoming weeks.

    that selling volume PLUS all the end of year tax selling (you know that will crush the stock again in december) and also the reverse split looming ato me seems like more downside is inevitable..... trust me, i was long on this for 3 years and am considering a new position since i think 2015 is a turnaround year for them. i hope they turn around in 2015, but you also have to wonder how they keep employees (specifically the good sales people!) since all their options are way underwater and who would want to work at a company who is facing all this uncertainty.

    i say wait til january and i bet you the stock price will be at least 25-50% lower by then after all the tax loss selling and the reverse split plays out. then it would be less risk to jump in.

  • I am considering a position back into IMRS (glutton for punishment) after getting killed on it for 2 years and selling around .40 but not sure where the bottom will be.

    I dont think .25 is the bottom as they still have not addressed the delisting issue, which most likely will require a reverse split. Any reverse split usually materializes with more short selling after the split, so perhaps the time to re-consider IMRS would be Feb 2015 after the R/S is addressed and the short sellers pile in and knock it down another 50% and then move into a long position.

    any thoughts would be appreciated.... still very sad how inept the mgmt is with miserably failing to run a profitable publicly traded company with promising med device technology.

  • dotcom_angel by dotcom_angel Nov 19, 2014 12:14 AM Flag

    sloooooow bleed as the $30M shelf is sold off.............. disgraceful that IMRS mgmt approved this.

  • as bad as this is, i think it gets worse still...

    possible delisting is by Feb 2015. a vote will be needed for a reverse split and will go through since Graves holds 22% of the shares. at these levels, or lower as it keeps sliding, it seems a 20 to 1 reverse split is possible to keep the price in the $2-$3 range. dilution of the shares is happening now with the sale of the $30M shelf but once they reverse split (Jan/Feb) the outstanding shares will be in the 5M range or so (currently 52M shares outstanding, with selling several million more now with the shelf). that is the time to revisit the stock to me....

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    $30M shelf offing - effective today?

    by dotcom_angel Oct 30, 2014 7:44 PM
    dotcom_angel dotcom_angel Oct 31, 2014 11:34 PM Flag

    the shelf secondary seems to me could take 2 months of volume to hit the $30M figure stated in the shelf prospectus.

    based on todays action that would put IMRS in the $.05 to .10 range with a NASdAQ delisting event coming in Feb 2015 to think about. no buying events at all on the horizon.

    this mgmt team raped investors with the couple secondary offerings just to fund their early stage company and dangle this "backlog" #$%$ as bait to everyone is the only way i see this... they should be sued to oblivion and i'll be in the front of the line for that. perhaps Siemens or Varian scrape up the remains and do their product justice in the market and for patients.

  • saw the SEC filing for the $30M shelf was made effective today. assuming they cannot sell $30M all at once as that would be approx 75M shares at current $.40 price and probably crush the price of the stock??.

    guessing the plan is to raise enough to meet the $7.5M cash reserve requirement by Deerfield but that still would require 18M+ shares to be sold based on current price levels.

    shareholders have no reason to hold and in a horrible spot right now to me. i will probably finally dump my shares at .40 and watch it again when at .20 which the shelf offering will probably do to the price.

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