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  • dowjones1234 by dowjones1234 Apr 7, 2016 3:43 PM Flag

    Looking at a Hog Lot and trying to pick out the Best Looking Pig.....

  • dowjones1234 by dowjones1234 Feb 26, 2016 12:21 PM Flag

    Just asking....

    I'm a retiree and have owned ETE and PAA for several years. My initial purchases started in 2009 and I have been increasing share ownership on a regular basis since that time. I bought into these two MLP's for the dividends and lower than average risk vs the S&P500.

    My cost basis for ETE is $8.26/share
    My cost basis for PAA is $25.44/share

    What is the longer term view for share increases for each of these MLP's going forward, say 3 to 5 years.

    Thx in advance for weighing in with opinions and advice....

  • dowjones1234 by dowjones1234 Feb 23, 2016 3:11 PM Flag

    Political Correctness, pushed by the Progressive Liberal Democrats like Obama, Clinton and others, is poisoning our Great Republic. An open society should be based on getting people to agree with you, not making them afraid to disagree.

    Political Correctness (the art of not hurting anyones feelings weather they are right or wrong, in the majority or minority, winners or losers, stronger or weaker, more intelligent or less intelligent etc. etc.) has infiltrated every facet of our diminishing American way of life and culture.

    US Domestic and Foreign Policies (especially our on going war with Islamic Terrorists) Our Schools, Churches, Radio Programs, TV News Programs, Military, Politics, Government, Comedy to name a few.

    With Political Correctness, the minority views, beliefs, value systems etc. are steering our Great Republic in directions that the majority of it’s population agree is incorrect and do not want to go.

    The American majority should not allow Political Correctness to smother and distort truth and reality.

    Political correctness threatens a free society by encouraging “group-think” and by attaining conformity through intimidation and force.

    If allowed to continue, Political Correctness will be the long term demise of our Great Republic!!

    An important example where Political Correctness will cause the US to lose.

    As long as we insist on maintaining the "moral high ground", we will NEVER win the war on terrorism! We're in a conflict which we absolutely INSIST in playing by the rules - against a maniacal group who have NO rules!

    People are sick and tired of being told how hateful they are if they actually want their son to marry a woman or their daughter to marry a man.

    People are sick and tired of being told they are haters and bigots if they think students should be admitted to college based upon merit, and that lending standards for home mortgages ought to be sound rather than substandard.

    People are sick and tired of being told they're greedy if they wish to hold onto more of the money they earned or even inherited.

    We're also pretty sick and tired of being told not to be Islamaphobic when Muslim terrorists commit outrages bombings and mass killings in Israel, in San Bernardino, at Chattanooga, in Paris, and in India.

    Law abiding folks who revere the 2nd Amendment are sick and tired of being blamed for gun violence by hands of criminals, gang members, and terrorists.

    Whoever loves truth is sick and tired of the falsehoods of Political Correctness.

  • Things I trust more than Hillary Clinton:

    Mexican tap water
    A rattle snake with a “pet me” sign
    An elevator ride with Ray Rice
    Bill Cosby as a bartender
    Gas station sushi
    A Jimmy Carter economic plan
    Brian Williams news reports
    A prostate exam from Captain Hook
    A fart when I have the stomach flue
    Work out advice from Harry Reid
    Nancy Pelosi’s word on pending Healthcare Legislation
    Advise from Sid Blumenthal regarding Benghazi
    ISL’s humanitarian decisions
    A Palestinian on a motor cycle
    Health care advise from J. Gruber and B. Obama

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