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  • dowjones1234 by dowjones1234 May 19, 2016 11:15 AM Flag

    Things You Should Trust More Than Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Democratic Party:

    Mexican tap water
    A rattle snake with a “pet me” sign
    An elevator ride with Ray Rice
    Bill Cosby as a bartender
    Resident Obama’s Middle East Foreign Policy
    Gas station sushi
    Bill Clinton baby sitting your teenage granddaughter
    A Jimmy Carter economic plan
    Brian Williams news reports
    A prostate exam from Captain Hook
    A fart when you have the stomach flue
    Work out advice from Harry Reid
    Nancy Pelosi’s word on pending Healthcare Legislation
    Advise from Sid Blumenthal regarding Benghazi
    ISL’s humanitarian decisions
    A Palestinian on a motor cycle
    Health care advise from J. Gruber and B. Obama

  • dowjones1234 by dowjones1234 May 18, 2016 1:38 PM Flag

    There’s an old sea story about a ship’s Captain who inspected his sailors, and afterward told the first mate that his men smelled bad.

    The Captain suggested perhaps it would help if the sailors would change underwear occasionally. The first mate responded, “Aye, aye sir, I’ll see to it immediately!”

    The first mate went straight to the sailor’s berth and announced, “The Captain thinks you people smell bad and he wants you to change your underwear.” 

    He continued, “Obama, you change with Clinton, Wasserman Schultz, you change with Sanders, Jackson, you change with Sharpton, Jarette, you change with Pelosi, Gurber, you change with Sebelius, Durbin, you change with Lahey, Biden, you change with Warren and Rangel, you change with deBlasio.”


    Someone may come along and promise “Change” but don’t count on things smelling any better.

    Obama/Clinton, “Change You Can Count On.”
    Syria Red Line
    Failed Middle East Foreign Policy
    Expansion of Radical Islamic Terrorism
    Expansion of ISIS
    Illegal Immigration Flood
    Russian Reset
    Iran Nuclear Agreement
    Global Warming Hoax
    Racial Divide
    Maximum Divisiveness

  • Philadelphia, July 25 - 28th

    11:15 AM 
    Free lunch, medical marijuana and bus ride to the Convention
    Forms will be distributed at the convention for Food Stamps and other tax payer funded Welfare programs for existing and future potential Democrat voters.

    1:30 PM 
    Group Voter Registration for Illegal Immigrants
    Detailed instructions personally given by Resident Obama and Hillary Clinton.

    2:00 PM
    Exclusive: Learn how to turn $1,000 into $100,000 in 10 months by betting on the Cattle Futures, no experience needed or necessary
    Detailed instructions with contact addresses to unsavory brokers will be provided by the expert herself, Hillary Clinton. Instruction books will be personally autographed with personal quips, captions and deflecting statement suggestions.

    3:15 PM 
    Address on "Being the Real You"
    Rachel Dolezal, former Head of the Seattle NAACP and Caitlyn Jenner.

    4:00 PM
    In flight videos from the “Lolita Express” hosted and narrated by Jeffery Epstein

    Color commentary including quips and quotes will be provided by Bill Clinton, a frequent and experienced passenger

    4:30 PM 
    How to Bank Well Over $200 Million, own two multimillion dollar homes as Life Time Public Servants and publicly claim to be “Flat Broke” when leaving the White House
    Bill and Hillary Clinton

    4:45 PM 
    How to have a successful career without ever having a meaningful education or job, and avoid paying Federal taxes!
    A Seminar Moderated by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

    5:00 PM 
    Medals of Freedom presentation to Army deserter Bo Bergdahl for serving his country with Honor and Distinction
    National Security Advisor Susan Rice will be the medal presenter

    5:30 PM 
    Invitation-only Autograph Session: Souvenir photographs of Hillary and Chelsea dodging Sniper Fire in Bosnia
    Photos personally autographed by Hillary and Chelsea

    6:30 PM 
    General vote on praising Baltimore rioters, and using the terminology "Alternative Shoppers" instead of Looters”
    Crowd leaders, signs and cheers will be furnished by, “Black Lives Matter” Supporters.

    7:30 PM 
    Breakout session with Bill Clinton for women: How to Avoid the Upcoming Military Draft
    Chaperones will be provided

    8:30 PM 
    The White House "Semantics Committee" Meeting: General vote on re-branding "Muslim Terrorism" as "Random Acts of Islamic Over-Exuberance”
    Committee Lead by Resident Barack Obama with support and assistance from Hillary Clinton

    9:00 PM
    "Liberal Bias in Media: How we can make it work for you!
    Tutorial sponsored by CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, The Washington Post and The New York Times.
    Guest Speaker, Brian Williams

    9:15 PM 
    Tribute Film to the Brave Freedom Fighters still incarcerated at GITMO
    Michael Moore and Sean Penn

    9:45 PM 
    Personal Finance Seminar - "Businesses Don't Create Jobs” and “You Didn’t Build That”
    Hillary Clinton and Chief (two dogs…….) Elizabeth Warren

    10:30 PM
    How to buy a home with no savings, no down payment, no job, low credit scores, and high debt.
    Barney Frank, architect of the 2008 Mortgage meltdown assisted by Hillary Clinton

    11:00 PM 
    Short film, "Setting Up Your Own Illegal Email Server While Serving in A Cabinet Post and Pretend It's No Big Deal"
    Hosted by Hillary Clinton

    11:30 PM 
    Official Nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party’s Nomination for POTUS
    Bill Maher and Chris (tingley leg) Matthews

  • dowjones1234 by dowjones1234 Apr 7, 2016 3:43 PM Flag

    Looking at a Hog Lot and trying to pick out the Best Looking Pig.....

  • dowjones1234 by dowjones1234 Feb 26, 2016 12:21 PM Flag

    Just asking....

    I'm a retiree and have owned ETE and PAA for several years. My initial purchases started in 2009 and I have been increasing share ownership on a regular basis since that time. I bought into these two MLP's for the dividends and lower than average risk vs the S&P500.

    My cost basis for ETE is $8.26/share
    My cost basis for PAA is $25.44/share

    What is the longer term view for share increases for each of these MLP's going forward, say 3 to 5 years.

    Thx in advance for weighing in with opinions and advice....

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