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drainwire 23 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 7, 2014 3:08 PM Member since: Nov 19, 2001
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  • Locking out the sellers. Wonder what inside info the buyers have?? I once sold a $1 stock for a small gain as it was climbing out of a down period and then watched on the sideline afraid to buy again for fear of buying at the top and losing my gain when it dropped again...but it just kept going up for about 6 months...$2...$3...$4...and I just could not believe that POS stock was doing that and could not understand...and then out of the blue...$5 buyout...and I had that sinking feeling in my
    Oh well...lightning never strikes twice in the same place...they say.

  • drainwire by drainwire Jul 7, 2014 10:07 AM Flag

    This type slow up as sellers are getting locked out indicates to me....a merger or buyout is coming..jmho

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    New breathing room; now expand into iOt

    by drainwire Jul 1, 2014 8:40 AM
    drainwire drainwire Jul 1, 2014 5:43 PM Flag

    Surely they will now be able to cut all cost associated with the business they sold. I guess time will tell. IPAS as a stand alone business may be irreverent, but I suspect their WIFI network and customer relationships are not. That's why I think there will be a merger or buyout or both within next 18m resulting in nice gain from here. And really, there's no need to worry about IPAS; they have good cash and no debt...far better than many absolute POS stocks I've owned that have almost no cash or REVs and do a PIPE dilution yearly to stay afloat, then fluctuate in wild PPS swings, sometimes double/triple in price; you just have to be on the right good luck.

  • drainwire drainwire Jul 1, 2014 2:09 PM Flag

    Selling on good news to wait 30days for the tax loss can be risky if you plan to buy the stock back again. Sometimes the stock will rise significantly after you sell and you will not buy back as it keeps going up for fear of buying at the high point again...and it just gets away from you..and you have that sinking feeling in your stomach as it continues to rise...been there done that...but I'm sure that would never happen with IPAS..history seems to always repeat itself who really knows the future?

  • drainwire drainwire Jul 1, 2014 11:38 AM Flag

    You are getting older and I have to believe that this is the beginning of something that is going to be really good over the next 18m or so. Their WIFI network represents huge potential...but I also think there will a merger or buyout before that huge potential materializes in the pps. Hope I'm wrong.

  • They already knew this was coming. So...what was their intent? sell out or scare others into selling to them?? You decide. Wallst is soooo crooked.

  • Get a piece of that action to be apart of the next 5 year bubble. That would be real nice but I still think we will see a merger/buyout in the not too distant future.

  • He's a slick talker and seems to really know his stuff; gets me excited every time I hear the potential...and then I buy...and then our wonderful MM drops the PPS like on the NAZ bell ringing would think the lousy MM would have at least faked it positive by 1 penny that day instead of faking it negative by 1 penny. If I had been the CEO...I would have had a nice talk (or something) with that somebody. I though the company's MM would have tried to make the Company look least on that day. That along tells me something fishy is happening

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    As keynote speaker, my hope is that he

    by drainwire Jun 12, 2014 11:28 AM
    drainwire drainwire Jun 12, 2014 4:26 PM Flag

    Price movement with 128K volume out of 62M+ shares doesn't mean much at all. I suspect most of this volume is MM shorting against retailer buyers down here. Apparently, big holders are not selling down here so something must be in the works; they always have inside info imo. I just hope it is in favor of all shareholders. I like the risk/reward buy gamble down at this level and below. And yes, it is hard to correct bad habits as you get every putting hard earned money into

  • can convince some large company that they need to buy IPAS. I suspect that is already in the works...but I've been wrong so many times about this company.

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    #$%$ Poor Vote Results I'm VERY UPSET.

    by rud_der Jun 5, 2014 5:12 PM
    drainwire drainwire Jun 6, 2014 2:42 PM Flag

    Things have been so bad here, one has to assume it was planned. My suggestion is too just hang and wait. I think a few holders have inside info and are trying to scr*w others out of their shares for a low price. I'm guessing they will sell the part they have been talking about , then merge with someone else, then the merged company will be bought out. May take a while. but I'm guessing $3-5 pps in 12 months.

    Wow....what a wild A

  • Buying this and wifi would be like pulling a nickel (no less than penny) out of their pocket, throwing in the air, and then letting the starving masses fight over it..
    But who knows...maybe we will hit the lottery...the manipulating inside info stock trading crooks are playing some type game here.

  • drainwire drainwire May 9, 2014 10:16 AM Flag

    They are up against the wall with continuous burn rate of $4m per qt, and that assume no surprise bad qts ahead. I suspect any buyer will only offer "blood in the street" price. The only other alternative they will have then is to do a "below market" PIPE which at this level would be at about 75 pennies a share. I'm a holder and I know I'm in trouble, and the manipulators know it also...but I'm holding and accumulating to the bottom to lower my average and hope for the best in the future. What they probably should do is try to sell the whole company someone like WIFI...who might pay 2-2.50 pps just to get their network and customer base. Otherwise this management team may end up destroying all shareholder value...jmho

  • See what's happening? Manipulation by some group to get the PPS down down down...and it is working with only trading about 2-3M shares out of 64M.

  • I've added back a few more near today's bottom but expect to be in the hole at days end. MM's computer almost never lets you win on any buys on a day like this and will wear you out trying to get you to sell before it ever turns around. Don't be surprised to see it sub $1 for awhile during the summer market selloff. Investors appear to be fed up with this, but you never know what is going on inside those wallst pea brains. It may just be another trick to transfer shares into bigboy hands for easy future money.

    I feel rich with my savings by selling this yesterday.

  • But I'll be surprised if that holds. I'm expecting below $1 now. Who has any faith in this management team now??? It's plain dead until they show major improvement...if ever...but I keep hoping

  • Lol...the wallstreet con artists are amazing...they probably planned that all along.

  • I expected this to do the best. Yet it has done the worse. I've owned several POS stocks that I considered far worse than revs, major losses, pipe after pipe...yet they have all outperformed this. It is amazing. Oh some lose some...but I will continue to hold to see what happens. It can only go down 100% but no limit up.

  • Maybe $1 or so. I should have sold it all yesterday I guess. At least I got rid of it from my trading account...thank goodness. Be surprised if anyone gets positive today, no matter where they buy. Only positive for this type action is that management has set themselves up for more cheap options.

  • No vision of real growth anytime soon...could be 3-4 qts away or
    And then the thought of a "below market" pps PIPE deal after they burn thru most of their cash.
    This mistake is going to cost me...for at least for a year.

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