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  • I'm gonna go out on a limb here and postulate that the "Yahoo Finance Analysts" $3.00 "price target" is left over from before ASTI did a 1:10 stock split in Aug 2014. So the revised "target" would be $0.30.

    That would still represent a not-too-shabby 200% gain from today's closing price...IF it's anywhere close to being realistic. However, most sell-side analysts are hardly realistic.

    In any event, it appears that ASTI has never generated a profit...and won't be doing so anytime in the near future. Hard to see why SUNE (a money-losing operation) would benefit from a merger with another money-losing operation (ASTI) when they're already in the thick of things due to their planned acquisition of a different money-losing operation (VSLR).

  • Clock's ticking. Only 15 hours left to achieve your double.

    Expecting a big GAP UP tomorrow morning?

  • Good question. I've read through their last two reports, but can't recall finding ANY justification for these "target prices".

    CS was the sole agent on SCTY's latest ABS it's probably just a randomly chosen number that was high enough to ensure continued investment banking business from SCTY.

  • The CS analyst is even worse. He recently raised his target for SCTY to $124.

    I'm guessing he'll be drastically revising that "target price" as early as tomorrow morning.

  • VSLR would be a $5 stock without the SUNE acquisition propping it up right now.

  • I have a modest position in FSLR. They have the best balance sheet of the bunch...and actually manage to make a profit on a regular basis!

  • And Credit Suisse analyst Patrick Jobin (the same one who has a $19 "target price" on SUNE stock) recently raised his "target price" for SCTY from $90 to $124.

    No wonder CS stock is hovering just barely above its all-time low.

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    Recent S&P Note

    by wantstoretireearly 10 hours ago
    drbob601 drbob601 10 hours ago Flag

    Or, it's the "warehouse facility" that SUNE set up last year year? Although, I thought the assets they put in there investment-grade utilities...why would they have a "stand-alone credit profile" of "b"?

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    Motley Fool article brings GLBL down

    by chrisceeaustin Feb 8, 2016 9:52 AM
    drbob601 drbob601 12 hours ago Flag

    Yeah, I had a limit order in for a bounce off the 6-month downtrend line. However, that was placed several weeks that line is at about $3.03. Let's see if $3.17 holds...

    I thought this stock would get a little more love after the news that L. Cooperman took a stake...and with ex-div date not too far away. Guess none of that matters in this market.

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    Motley Fool article brings GLBL down

    by chrisceeaustin Feb 8, 2016 9:52 AM
    drbob601 drbob601 13 hours ago Flag

    Got my price. Added 1000 at $3.17

    Surprised it went down so quickly. $4.20 to $3.20 in three days...

  • drbob601 drbob601 14 hours ago Flag

    Double your investment in 24 hrs? You're dreaming.

  • drbob601 drbob601 14 hours ago Flag

    Linn Energy CEO eligible for $6.9 million award as firm restructures

    HOUSTON Feb 5 The chief executive officer of Linn Energy LLC, a U.S. oil and gas company that is exploring strategic options and looking for ways to fix its balance sheet, is eligible for a $6.9 million cash award this year, according to a regulatory filing.

    Linn Energy, a master limited partnership (MLP) which has been hit hard by the more than 70 percent drop in crude prices, said in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday that its board altered its compensation plan to enable the company's executives to earn cash compensation in 2016.

    "Retaining key leadership and our talented employees is a top priority for Linn Energy as we engage in this process and maintaining continuity of leadership will help secure the best possible outcome for the company," a company spokesman said on Friday.

    Linn's board approved cash incentive awards totaling about $15 million for six executives, including Chief Executive Officer Mark Ellis.


    Here we have a perfect example of what is so wrong with corporate America. Poor performance (shareholders might argue DISASTROUS performance) in the executive suites leads to multimillion-dollar bonuses...because one of their "top priorities" is retaining those "talented employees" that led the company into the toilet.

  • drbob601 drbob601 14 hours ago Flag

    "Linn assets were no where near their debt and neither is any MLP in the oil space"

    This is a ridiculously broad statement....and quite wrong, IMO.

  • I know they publicly stated that they are not planning a bankruptcy filing...but, then again, who does?

    CHK stock is still trading near $ cap just under $1.4 billion, so not exactly "priced for bankruptcy". But WPZ is trading near its 52-wk low today, and WMB appears to be struggling to stay positive after a 30% decline yesterday. I wonder if CHK will survive. My impression was that they have sufficient liquidity to make it through 2016...but I simply haven't looked into it too extensively.

  • drbob601 drbob601 15 hours ago Flag

    Junk penny stock.
    Market Capitalization $39.4K
    Enterprise Value $-30.4M

    No thanks.

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    Morningstar rating

    by sdbgeorgia 20 hours ago
    drbob601 drbob601 17 hours ago Flag

    This is the second upgrade they've made since last Friday...and, like the first upgrade (from three to four stars, which they made over the weekend), appears to be primarily based on their estimate of the current discount to the stock's "intrinsic worth". Not too surprising, since the stock price was cut nearly in half yesterday, yet their "fair value" for ETE stock ($9) hasn't changed in over a month. So the first upgrade came when the stock fell to $7...and this latest upgrade was issued when it dropped to $4.

    It should also be noted that the first upgrade (to four stars) obviously had NO positive effect on investor sentiment towards ETE: it fell from $7 to $4 immediately after.

    Anyways, this is what they have to say about their rating system:

    Introduction to Morningstar Rating for Stocks

    We believe that a company?s intrinsic worth results from the future cash flows it can generate.

    The Morningstar Rating for stocks identifies stocks trading at a discount or premium to their intrinsic worth?or fair value estimate, in Morningstar terminology. Stocks rated #$%$star sell for the
    biggest risk-adjusted discount to their fair values, whereas 1-star stocks trade at premiums to their intrinsic worth.

    Four key components drive the Morningstar Rating for stocks:

    1. Our assessment of the firm?s economic moat
    2. Our estimate of the stock?s fair value
    3. Our uncertainty around that fair value estimate
    4. The current market price

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    Warren Kelcy Puts His $ Where His Mouth Is!

    by golongin2008 Feb 8, 2016 9:39 PM
    drbob601 drbob601 Feb 8, 2016 10:43 PM Flag

    Well put.

    It should be noted, too, that some of his purchases were made prior to one (or both) of the recent stock splits. For example, he purchased two million ETE shares for $36.25/sh back in Dec 2011...but adjusting for the two 2:1 stock splits since then, he actually paid $9.06/sh for what is now 8 million shares. Up until about a month ago, that $9.06/sh would have looked like a pretty reasonable price.

    Of course, his most recent purchases -- in Dec 2015 -- of nearly 4.5 million shares (at $16/sh) were made post those certainly appear (today) to be horribly timed investments.

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    Any news would be good news.

    by polygeo200 Feb 8, 2016 9:22 PM
    drbob601 drbob601 Feb 8, 2016 9:28 PM Flag

    Kelsey's net worth has taken a MAJOR hit in the last six months.

  • By Antony Currie
    4:18 PM ET, 02/08/2016 - Reuters

    NEW YORK, Feb 8 (Reuters Breakingviews) - Energy Transfer Equity's wobbly pipeline deal could do with a return to the negotiating table. Its planned takeover of Williams Companies has shrunk to a third of its original $33 billion value. The buyer can't obviously wriggle out of its bid made amid plunging oil prices. Nonetheless, Williams does have reasons to compromise.

    The board of the targeted Tulsa-based oil and gas infrastructure company doesn't have to, of course. Some $6 billion in cash its shareholders stand to receive is the most enticing component in the short term considering the 70 percent fall in its stock price since the deal was unveiled last June. Energy Transfer shares, meanwhile, have plummeted by almost 80 percent. Because of that, the cash that once comprised a fifth of the deal value now represents more than half.

    In the longer run, the health of the combined company should in theory be of concern to Williams shareholders. Forcing Energy Transfer to pile on more debt to cover the cash would be harmful. Debt would rise to 7.3 times EBITDA, based on Thomson Reuters estimates for 2015. Williams is at six times and ETE at seven times. Moreover, the buyer has been pushing the idea that the merger would help it get an investment-grade credit rating more quickly.

    That looks tough in any event. Moody's last month downgraded Williams into junk territory, at Ba1. Wider fears about the energy sector, where oil has been trading below $30 a barrel, also are pushing up the cost of debt, which puts even more pressure on earnings.

    Declining revenue and rising costs are good reasons to revisit the terms. Agreeing to readjust the amount of cash involved to the same proportion as originally proposed would shrink the combined company's debt by almost $5 billion. It might even help the shares, too. Either way, it could help stabilize a messy deal that keeps getting messier.

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    $4.05 All time Low since start of company

    by jwalton811 Feb 8, 2016 8:57 PM
    drbob601 drbob601 Feb 8, 2016 9:02 PM Flag

    On a split-adjusted basis, I mean.

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