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  • everybody knows that doctors treat hundred of diseases with drugs. most of the drugs are chemicals which are treating the effects of the diseases. antibiotics are killing the microorganisms, parkinson medications do not bring back to live the lost neurons from the substantia nigra in the brain. high blood pressure medications use different mechanisms to lower the blood pressure. the closest medications to treat the causes of diseases are the replacement hormones like thyroid hormones, cortisol for addison etc. in the case of diabetes we want to have an ultrashort insulin which works like a real pancreas and a decrease in the insulin resistance(the metabolic syndrome) . the results of the Afrezza users seem to suggest that this drug is the closest diabetic treatment to real life. the Hb A1 C is decreasing considerably, the insulin resistance is lowered, patients are losing weight and with time the so many diabetes complications have to decrease. these are the reasons why i invested in MNKD. real results from real life and not from FDA designed studies.

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    Your loaned shares may be defaulted

    by vipgem9 Jun 16, 2015 9:18 AM
    drionache drionache Jun 16, 2015 9:26 AM Flag

    i agree that this could be a possibility. i have a fidelity account and in order to receive interest to lend my share for shorting they sent me a bunch of papers to sign from bank of america and jp morgan as far as i remember. there was some fine print and some risk that i was taking so i decided not to sign the papers .

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    Endo appt. today real world facts

    by dandrews2 May 26, 2015 10:41 PM
    drionache drionache May 26, 2015 11:26 PM Flag

    story sounds genuine. many doctors are to lazy to read about and use new drugs if their business is doing well and they dont care if their patients are happy or not. endo guys may even talk to each other against using afrezza since they are not that many. their competition will be the internists and family practitioners which can still many of their diabetic patients and their bread and butter. in June the endo guys will have their meeting and we will see if they will start considering the real life results of afrezza or not,

  • very soon lawyers will start advertising for lawsuits caused by hypoglycemic events because afrezza reduces such events. the doctors that continued to use the same drugs that caused the hypoglycemic events in the first place without documentind clearly why they did not use afrezza...all these doctors will be liable in my opinion.

  • mainly the worst complications are hypoglycemic events and hypoglycemic events. if 2 insulins have similar advantages but one of them reduces hypoglycemic events, then that one should be consider a better treatment in my opinion. hypoglycemic events can lead to car accidens if the patient is a driver, strokes, death and expensive hospitalizations. patients can have seizures and they can lose their jobs. i copied the following from a study : "According to study findings, total hypoglycemic event rates were significantly lower in patients treated with AFREZZA versus usual care (0.15 per subject-month versus 0.24 per subject-month, p=0.03). Mild or moderate hypoglycemic event rates were also significantly lower in the AFREZZA-treated group versus those maintaining usual care (0.15 per subject-month versus 0.24 per subject-month, p=0.04). A reduction in severe hypoglycemic event rates was also observed (0.53 per 100 subject-months for patients treated with AFREZZA versus 1.17 per 100 subject-months for usual care subjects, p=0.67)." i dont have time to do more research now, but all doctors treating diabetes should know this information once afrezza was approved. if a patient already had a known hypoglycemic event the job of the treating doctor is to prevent the next one which can be devastating, therefore a patient with a hx of hypoglycemic event should be started on afrezza if rhere are no contradictions since the study showed a reduction in these events. very soon you will see lawyers advertising to

  • i read once long time ago how a guy who wanted to sell a new brand of cigarettes did the advertising. he printed thousands of empty packs and started to throw them on the streets in the late evenings. next morning smokers will see the empty packs and began to be curious ho come so many people were smoking that brand. slowly many of then started buying the new brand. to extrapolate that model, i would try to get the inhalling afrezza device and have it in my pocket, while in stores or restaurants i would put it in my mouth and walk around. people will become curious and start asking what toy that is and i would tell them about the new inhaled insulin. after that people with diabetes will start asking their MD 's about afrezza. -what do long think?


  • Letter from Leo this Morn
    My Fellow Cellceutix Shareholders,

    Many investors are aware that when a company announces plans to uplist to a senior exchange, they attract and become vulnerable to those engaged in short selling. These people/funds take short positions trying to drive a stock down and hope for a reverse split to be necessary to meet share price requirements for the senior exchange. The companies are viewed as easy prey, as often these companies need to uplist in order to meet conditions of a financing.

    We’re not splitting our stock. We have cash on hand and an equity line. Long term shareholders know we’ve been through these short attacks before and each time the stock recovered and reached new highs. As far as the uplist, it is in progress with NASDAQ.

    If one has doubt as to the potential of our lead anti-cancer drug Kevetrin, I encourage you to read this morning’s press release disclosing that the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved additional enrollment for our trial of Kevetrin for solid tumors at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Typically, we are not inclined to release news on Fridays, but we wanted to share this – what we consider to be fantastic – news immediately with our shareholders.
    Understand that Harvard Cancer Centers sit among the elite in the country for cancer research. The Scientific Review Committee and IRB had no obligation to allow for additional enrollment in our trial. After treating forty patients, would they want to treat more patients with a drug candidate that they don’t believe has potential? Of course not. We interpret the IRB approval as a strong vote of confidence as to the safety and potential impact of Kevetrin.

    Thank you for your continued support.

    Letter from Leo this Morn
    My Fellow Cellceutix Shareholders,

  • drionache drionache May 21, 2015 6:10 PM Flag

    privileged information. smart guys will not act on such info because they can easily get cought. if presciption numbers leaked out and if they r good, i expect the big boys to drag the stock doen after huours so they can buy some more. if bad numbers they will not sell, using the info.

  • studies for diabetes are complicated because of the complexity of the meals, insulin dosages, insulin resistance of the patients and other variables. the kinetics of the afrezza seem much different compared with the injectable prandial insulins. i saw the graphs and in the studies they had to allow the afrezza patients to titrate their doses and in the case of patients taking a too low dose initially, they should have taken a second dose later. the study cannot be duplicated in real life. doctors should evaluate patients in real life in this case and the results so far are impressive.

  • once i had a patient who did not respond to any treatment that i was prescribing. at that time i was an internist and the patient had hypertension. it happened that that patient was the father of a co-worker and one day i visited him. all the medications that doctors were prescribing him were at his house in a big box, and he was not taking them. it was then when i realized why no treatment was working for him. in then case of insulins and afrezza compliance is of paramount importance together with side effects like fear of hypo events. A1c results can also be discouraging for the compliant patients. afrezza seems to be very good for needle phobic patients, for the patients whoi had hypo events and for the diabetics with gastroparesis. when they will also see lower A1c levels, they will stop using prandial injectable insulins. jmho.

  • drionache drionache May 20, 2015 11:37 PM Flag

    any doctor will analyze his patient's results to any medications and adjust them as needed. if a patient does not respond as expected to a drug, another one can be tried regardless what the studies show, as long as the drug is FDA approved. as an example calcium channel blockers were not working well on black patients, therefore it was used mostly for white patients. COMPLIANCE is the most important aspect of any treatment. if my patients will take properly a second class drug and take a better one only when they like it, final results may be better with the inferior drug. afrezza being ultrarapid insulin according to the graphs, and being non-injectable may lead to better results than other insulins. after patients learn to titrate afrezza and the A1c improves significantly, ant endo or other doctor will start prescribing afrezza regardless what the studies showed.

  • drionache drionache May 20, 2015 8:40 PM Flag

    3 dollars for one contract minus 70 cents that u pay the broker. u left with 2.30 dollars per contract

  • drionache drionache May 18, 2015 10:32 AM Flag

    first do not harm!. -what is the most dangerous complication of prandial insulin? is hypo events which can lead to the death of the patient. doctors should avoid these events . if they have an alternative they need to use it, especially for a patient who had one hypo event that needed ER eval or hospitalization. wait and you will see that i am right it will take only one public lawsuit and then u will see lawyers advertising it.. the same will happen if a patient develops pulmonary fibrosis from afrezza.

  • many patients with gastroparesis never know how they will react to their next meal. i had few patients that got several hypoglycemic events while on prandial insulin because their stomach and duodenum did not move right to push the food for complete digestion and absorbtion. these patients should automatically be on afrezza to prevent the hypo events which can lead to death and strokes.

  • drionache drionache May 18, 2015 10:00 AM Flag

    yes they can. if my patient dies from hypoglycemia and he would have qualified for afrezza, the lawyer will ask the physician if he knew that the insulin that he used could cause hypoglycemic events while being used by the label instructions. everybody knows that the prandial insulins can cause hypos. the doctor will have to answer this question with YES. next question will be: " did you have any alternatives for prandial insulin showed in studies that will decrease or not cause as many hypoglycemic events as the insulin that the patient used" . the doctor should have known especially is he is and endo about afrezza. the doctor has no choice but to answer with YES then the case is lost. malpractice insurance companies will have to settle the case, and will never allow the doctor to defend himself in front of the jury.

  • drionache drionache May 18, 2015 9:36 AM Flag

    if this is the case, patients can still sue doctors if they get hypoglycemic complications based on what the studies published on this subject. many diabetics die , get strokes or MI's from the hypo events. lawyers will find this out pretty soon and will start suing the doctors who will feel obliged to use afrezza. i need to read the studies myself.

  • if afrezza decreased the hypoglycemic events during the studies then every patient not on afrezza who ensd up in the hospital for hypoglycemia, strokes, and other events can sue their doctors for failing to prescribe afrezza. i did not have time to read the studies and the afrezza label. sorry

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    blood acidosis (lactic acidosis and ketoacidosis)

    by drionache May 17, 2015 2:23 PM
    drionache drionache May 17, 2015 9:27 PM Flag


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    Fox News

    by gonabmyboy May 17, 2015 1:21 PM
    drionache drionache May 17, 2015 2:57 PM Flag

    please read my comment about blood acidosis. i could not paste it here