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  • Ok so here is a continuation of the story I have posted before. As some of you may or may not remember my GF saw her doctor literally right after launch in Late Feb / early March. He is an old school Endo (and old) and he expressed reservations about inhaled insulin (see exubera). She decided to give him the benefit of the doubt since he had not been visited by a SNY rep and thought he might get up to speed by her next apt.

    Fast forward to May and her Endo basically dismissed her interest even though her A1C was 7.5. She decided then and there to look for another Endo. Thank you Afreezauser I got some numbers of Docs in my area prescribing. She now has a referral to see the new Endo and intends to make an appointment to get the free samples to try it out. Her intention is to use her pump for basal and only use Afrezza for bolus / accidental highs. If she gets an appointment soon and uses the samples and likes it, we are looking at another month before she fills her first prescription.

    I have no way of knowing of course what anyone else's experience has been but I can tell you from the one experience I have observed we are looking at a 5-6 month delay to even have a chance to fill a script. Despite this knowledge I too, like many of you, am getting tired of excuses and want to see some tangible progress and momentum. It is my hope that based on my experience we could be entering into a stronger growth phase in the near term. Good luck to all longs.

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    poor dr. tran sold his shares in the 4s

    by charles_lacy2003 Jun 7, 2015 1:02 PM
    dtrouble1003 dtrouble1003 Jun 7, 2015 5:09 PM Flag

    I found him to be an idiot pumper and now I find him to be just an idiot.

  • Let's face it afrezza isn't going to work for everyone. Its another valuable tool for diabetics to use. It is my hope that many will experience better control and healthier longer lives as a result.

    I don't understand why she won't give any details as to why she thinks its not working? She is after all an educator/advocate. Educate. Are you using toujeo or lantus. Are you using humalog pump for basal? Is it causing you to cough? Are you getting lows? WHAT??

    IMHO she is failing diabetics with her limited feedback and guidance.

  • dtrouble1003 dtrouble1003 Jun 6, 2015 11:12 PM Flag

    I personally like Kevin. Some of his posts miss the mark but who among us is going to claim brilliance in ever post. Excluding Matisse of course, he always thinks he's brilliant. ;) My best investment to date, AMLN, witnessed a similar dichotomy in the taste for Kevin's posts. I expect MNKD to surpass AMLN, and I look forward to seeing Kevin in the future for other great investments. IMHO kev with his constant assertions of a buy-out is simply teasing the shorts with their greatest fear. It's kind of funny actually. ;)

  • I've been if this opinion for some time that shorts are margined and using broader market gains to fund their positions. IMHO last Friday's action supports this position. It appears that this belief will be further tested today.

    If we get a good enough correction shorts not margined just may take gains to buy back into the broader market.

    If we can just get some script movement in the right direction we could get some momentum in the right direction. Good luck all longs.

  • dtrouble1003 by dtrouble1003 Jun 7, 2015 11:51 PM Flag

    Everyone has the right to conduct themselves in any way they choose. However, I would like to see us as the passionate MNKD COMMUNITY conduct ourselves in a manner that is both passionate and compassionate. I ask you. What if this guy is truly scared for his health and is actually reaching out to us in earnest looking for advice? How bad should we feel if that is the case?

    Will we eventually get fake users posting bad experiences? Of course we will. Will we encounter users for whom afrezza truly isn't a good fit? Of course we will. For myself I would prefer to run the risk of showing compassion to a fake user than to accidentally attack someone in a true crisis. I am passionate about MNKD as an investment but I'm also compassionate and proud to be part of something that has the potential to change the world of diabetes for the better. I am positive that Al is more passionate about helping diabetics than he is about money. If we as a community conduct ourselves as a compassionate advocate for diabetics we will win far more customers, than we will expose fake users who in the end will have no real impact.


  • dtrouble1003 by dtrouble1003 Jun 22, 2015 7:28 AM Flag

    It does appear, during this soft launch, phase that afrezza is selling itself via social media. It does make one wonder what exactly SNY is doing for us? I will reserve judgement on that until after the hard launch is underway.

    However, given that last week we had 434 total scripts for the week = 22568 yearly scripts x 2000.00/year/script= 45million in revenue/ year * 0.68% margin= 31million in earnings X 20 multiple =613million market cap.

    Even with little or no SNY support to date we only need to increase weekly script count by 3.9x to justify our current market cap or 1699 scripts per week. IMHO we can live with no fear if SNY decides to opt out of the agreement. Quite frankly based on the numbers and what I have seen out of the to date, I hope they do.

    Please correct my math and assumptions if I am missing something. Good luck to all longs

  • dtrouble1003 dtrouble1003 Jun 30, 2015 3:38 PM Flag

    I find it amazing the AF in on proboards! Bizarre. Is it possible to OPC1 IS AF? Deep hatred for MNKD and Al Mann. Eternal twister of the truth. Is AF actually obsessed with MNKD? :)

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    I do wish Amy T would give us some details

    by dtrouble1003 Jul 8, 2015 3:56 PM
    dtrouble1003 dtrouble1003 Jul 11, 2015 10:25 AM Flag

    For me she is a poor communicator at least via Twitter. She really seems quite snappy and unpleasant over-all. Her only responses are snippy responses to negative twits by others. She doesn't make any effort to answer real questions that could help other diabetics. For me her Twitter account at least is an epic fail for diabetic education.

    I do wish people wouldn't jump all over her or anyone with negativity. There are those for whom afrezza isn't going to be a good match. I have sympathy for them not anger.

    With these points aside I am unaware of insulin insensitivity ever being reported as a cause for discontinuing treatment in any of the clinical trials. I would be interested to know if anyone else is aware of this as a contra-

  • dtrouble1003 dtrouble1003 Jul 13, 2015 6:17 PM Flag

    I stopped following her. I wish she would quit hash tagging afrezza. She's adding nothing to the conversation but negativity. If she was open and honest I'd love to hear what she has to say. I'd love to learn how not to use afrezza.... That's valuable information. All she is doing is saying afrezza failed her, no explaination what so ever, and then being combative with afrezza "trolls". Is she five? Leave her alone nobody deserves to be attacked, and she's not worth the effort.

  • dtrouble1003 by dtrouble1003 Jul 18, 2015 4:54 PM Flag

    Is the line I'm drawing in the sand to determine MNKD's stand alone strength

    1950x52weeks-= 97500 / year x 2200= 214.5 million x .68 profit margin x 20 multiple= 2.92 billion / 400 million shares = 7.29 / share

    If we can achieve these numbers basically without any real marketing support from SNY I say we go it alone.

    Good luck to all longs.

  • dtrouble1003 dtrouble1003 Jul 17, 2015 10:22 AM Flag

    God I hope so. For now they appear to be selling afrezza from a lemonade stand. So tired of waiting.

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    Amy T blocked me for the following Tweets.

    by dtrouble1003 Jul 17, 2015 4:00 PM
    dtrouble1003 dtrouble1003 Jul 17, 2015 4:02 PM Flag

    Just for the record Sam and Afrezzaguy took the time to educate us and they answered the question. Thank you to them.

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    From Laura Kronen

    by jimbering Jul 27, 2015 11:28 AM
    dtrouble1003 dtrouble1003 Jul 27, 2015 11:45 AM Flag

    Maybe if SNY/MNKD did half as much to promote afrezza as this single tweet she wouldn't have to ask.

    I do appreciate her efforts and enthusiasm. I hope her success continues.

  • dtrouble1003 dtrouble1003 Jul 31, 2015 10:55 AM Flag

    Lets hope they are dumping SNY. Current scripts are sufficient for pps 3.70 right now. What is SNY really doing for us? Let hire Sam and Eric to promote full time and screw SNY.

  • Yesterday was the final day correct? Personally I think its bullish either way, based on Matt's comments during the CC. If the holders convert at 4.60 that's obviously bullish from our current share price. If MNKD pays them off in full that is a bullish sign too IMHO. Thoughts?

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    Matt Tendler

    by dtrouble1003 Jun 7, 2015 11:51 PM
    dtrouble1003 dtrouble1003 Jun 8, 2015 12:11 AM Flag

    I totally agree. I also think Sam conducted himself in exactly the way I would like to see us conduct ourselves. He tried to help the man. He didn't attack him.

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    Holding MNKD stock since the IPO has been like

    by mikesmilitaria Jul 15, 2015 11:50 AM
    dtrouble1003 dtrouble1003 Jul 15, 2015 1:33 PM Flag

    Anyone who has been here for any length of time can't say that they aren't tired of owning this stock. I'm hopeful. I have 100 percent faith in the science. I know this is hands down the best prandial insulin on the market. But one does get so tired of the endless silence which is only broken by an endless string of excuses for SNY and MNKD. It is exhausting Mike and your frustrations are not isolated to just you!! I've a three year investment window the I've committed to because I do believe. Good luck to all longs.

  • dtrouble1003 dtrouble1003 Jul 29, 2015 10:41 AM Flag

    I am much more confident in my understanding of the science, but it appears that Matt did just what he said they would do. Convert with more favorable terms? Please explain if this is not the case?

  • @AmyDBMine TY for the feedback. My GF is about to start. She intends to use humalog pump for basal. What are you using? TY.

    @ST_SquadCar @AmyDBMine I don't loath her at all. I have a loved one preparing to start afrezza hoping to improve.

    @ST_SquadCar @AmyDBMine Help me help her? I'm not getting any actionable advice? What should she do to succeed?

    LMAO "Diabetes Educator and Advocate"

    Id love to meet her Ex husband. I'm sure he is very happy..... now.

    I will never speak another word about her.

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