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    by oldtrader74 Aug 28, 2015 10:10 PM
    dwoods4q dwoods4q 21 hours ago Flag

    I trust we share a vision/desire for success regarding QFOR. To respond to your questions I try not to comment from a position of hindsight when representing my opinion but refer you to my post regarding proactive vs reactive as to how I handle , would , handle things. Regarding management and types of investors, guidance, external threats , etc. that is where proactive management is most critical. Management , good competent management is concerned with all shareholder concerns whether short, mid or long term and communicates them continuously to the market. We all know about excuses and understand market forces. Its time for management to step up , they chose to go public vs remaining private. Regarding conservative management , They seem to be setting themselves up to be taken private at shareholders expense, as witness by market vs enterprise value and other current activities/ actions, Presently for pennies on the dollar. This is not my present opinion but one could surely make a strong case/point for this as well as other reasons [ a mission statement ? ] This is a young, disruptive growth company trying to stake a claim in an explosive field. I can understand cautious, calculated management but conservative? Regarding patience, two quarters in this field is an eternity, IMO.
    Health and Appreciation

  • Management needs to understand and adjust to the fact that successful companies get in front of situations not behind them. All small/young companies have problems and growing pains , its how they handle them and learn from them that dictates their fate. Qfor is in a business field that is being explored, exploited and divided up as I write, that being the cloud based business applications field. Some think it is wise to wait to be discovered and the world will come to you , others believe you need to promote and recruit others to help promote and grow your business [ all aspects ].
    QFOR is not a proprietary , patent protected business with a big moat around it. It is in a fast changing, highly competitive one with big experienced players.
    Management needs to not just grow sales but build a strong and flexible team in all management positions, including but not limited to the financial side, IMO. I remain a long but am monitoring progress very closely as I believe QFOR is presently at an apex [ short term, mid term, long term ], as previously stated explosive growth [ share appreciation wise ] vs dilution induced stagnation. Financial and sales reporting on an ongoing basis is mandatory not optional at this point.

  • dwoods4q by dwoods4q Aug 31, 2015 12:10 PM Flag

    be coming soon now that we have hired a strong , mature , experienced sales leader. Next up Dr.Frost starts to consolidate his position.

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    by oldtrader74 Aug 28, 2015 10:10 PM
    dwoods4q dwoods4q Aug 31, 2015 12:04 PM Flag

    Been down this road many times over the last few decades and have seen companies like QFOR grow and prosper as well as die on the vine. Many factors come into play but one that seems to have the greatest effect is management , or the lack of , IMO. How management handles the next couple of quarters are critical to the companies future irregardless of the business side. I say this because the latest fiasco regarding the companies handling of financial matters was bad. Confidence , " in god we trust " etc. in management is critical to getting money people behind a company. Tremendous upside or a slow dilution into oblivion , as Sherlock says " The games afoot ".

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    reading between the lines vs reading the tape

    by dwoods4q Aug 27, 2015 6:16 PM
    dwoods4q dwoods4q Aug 27, 2015 9:40 PM Flag

    I have been and am continuing to build a larger position with QFOR. The field is ripe but will be won with the best management. Think Oracle of years passed and Salesforce currently to make the point. The market was won not just by First to market but was won because of strong fundamental management not just on the product side but the financial and marketing sides as well. This could crash and burn , double in a short time on a buyout or could be that 20 to 30+ bagger by filling its potential. Right now speculating but want to be investing and you?

    Question, Iam not the sharpest tool in the shed but I ask Why has a smart MM not made a move on QFOR ? Nobody has thrown a $million at it Why? A $million would most assuredly move the SP.

    Regarding Supreme court, they ruled on what was, lets see what will be. Exchange concept one way or another [ marketplace or mandated ] seems to be a concept gaining traction IMO.
    Anyway health and good luck.

  • You have to love it when the person who owns over 19% of the floating stock of CGIX IS BUYING STOCK ON THE OPEN MARKET. Over the last two days another 10k shares bought on the open market. Float 7+ million shares , Pappajohn owns over 1.5 million shares and is still buying...................................................

  • As a long I would like to to have heard a more positive report on implementation and new business. Lets look realistically at the day before CC and the last 2 after and see what the market thinks. 8/24 VOLUME 130K CLOSE $.43 8/25 ,86k ,$.39 8/26 7k , $.39 8/27 98k , $.37 4 DAY TOTALS 321K volume $125K total cash. Management needs to learn how to communicate with markets. It is a public company not a private concern. The audit/financial situation is still unsettled and if you read what has been said, on CC , implementation , revenue generating wise , is slower than expected. No new business, of substance, was discussed and that is for 2015 which is 2/3 over . Everybody can read between lines but nothing new was discussed and management has not said anything for months prior to CC. Management needs to be proactive not reactive going forward, regarding guidance, news, business , etc. and get the financials in order before the current quarter is over. Wall st rewards productive companies with good management teams and discard or shelf the others. The current action, or lack thereof , is beginning to look like the latter. Getting an analyst or two to get behind it and a good PR. Person would be a good place to start. I like QFOR products , markets , timing , etc. but management, or lack of, is coming into focus. The next quarter or two will shine some lite on whether QFOR is a growth company or a mismanaged good idea. Time is not an ally to be relied on in the present world, IMO.
    Constructive comments , opinions ?

  • dwoods4q by dwoods4q Aug 26, 2015 2:45 PM Flag

    me or did any body else notice that no new business, contracts , signings , projects were discussed on CC , mostly current clients business , recurring revenue streams. Could management be sandbagging , under promising ? I believe the sp is undervalued due to financial , audit , and will adjust accordingly. The company is already cash flow positive according to CC and should be selling at least 2x current revenues. Reminds me of a coiled spring prior to release.

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    All things considered

    by dwoods4q Aug 25, 2015 11:58 AM
    dwoods4q dwoods4q Aug 26, 2015 2:32 PM Flag

    IMO the company could/should be selling for at least 2x revenue. The fact that the financials are/were [ 2014 just completed ] late is a major reason a lot of investors/speculators are on sidelines. The company has proven and pipeline products that the markets are accepting now and have shown a desire for in the future. The company is profitable now according to CC. One good write up , recommendation , pushes the stock price over $.70 instantly , IMO. It was interesting that no new business was discussed on CC.

  • That all it takes to move QFOR over 11% , expect plenty of large price swings. This company needs to get the financials current , 1st and 2nd quarter 2015 and 3rd quarter on time. Continue double digit growth. Get listed on a major exchange. Get an analyst or two to get behind it. All obtainable objectives in the coming couple of quarters, IMO.

  • after hearing the CC how can the market cap be $45 million with 2015 first half revenues exceeding $27million [ $54 projected with good upside as 2nd half is stronger than 1st half ] and cash flow positive. With this fact alone forgetting any other fundamental or technical reason and with any PR this company should be trading @ $1 per share with strong upside potential , IMO

  • No matter how you look at it QFOR is extremely undervalued. Trading at 2.2x earnings , less than market cap , growing top and bottom line , one can go on and on. Average volume is 48,000 shares or less than $17000. a day. Once word gets out and an analyst puts a $2 price target, this stock will pop big time. Want to hear guidance tomorrow , in particular expense and debt projections. I could be pricing this to cheaply. To bad the market is tanking.

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    Now that the dust is settling

    by dwoods4q Aug 19, 2015 2:49 PM
    dwoods4q dwoods4q Aug 21, 2015 10:12 AM Flag

    first got involved sometime last spring @ around $.36. Saw that Frost [ I have stake in OPKO for long time ] was involved @ Pershing and found Levon thru DD. Took a flyer and added some to basket. I have had success with Frost in the past and like some of his ideas and speculations. I liked the resulting Bio aspect and since spinout adjusted position in SVAC accordingly. Now I'm trying to see / understand Levon going forward. Current mining options? Pershing position? etc.

  • QFOR will discuss/disclose on tuesday 8/25/15. Will audit confirm managements numbers for 2014? will last 2 quarters be released? will financials be current ? will guidance be strong? what has been going on for the last 8 months contracts wise? what is earn rate of current contracts? etc. etc..... lots of questions and current sp action and volume is extremely quiet with 2 trading days till call.

  • filing regarding stalking horse acq. my opinion of management remains strong and supportive. The market is extremely unstable but CGIX is positioned to grow in a field that will continue to grow and prosper. Good deal for CGIX if judge allows to close , IMO.

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    Why is CGIX

    by dwoods4q Aug 18, 2015 4:29 PM
    dwoods4q dwoods4q Aug 20, 2015 11:51 AM Flag

    add in the roll up revenues from BK acquisition , if granted , possible ins. coding next quarter , etc. etc. and one has a fundamental one also.
    health , happiness and good luck, the market overall is getting pretty unstable.

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    Why is CGIX

    by dwoods4q Aug 18, 2015 4:29 PM
    dwoods4q dwoods4q Aug 20, 2015 10:45 AM Flag

    I have been with this stock since, prior, to its IPO. They are tracking as per guidance . They have proprietary and collaborative products on market and in pipeline as well as the ability to roll up smaller companies. CGIX will continue to gain market traction and acceptance and in time insurance reimbursement , that will increase organic revenues greatly. Management is a good mix of scientists [ MSK , ETC ] and money managers/investors [ Pappajohn , etc. ] ] Revenues continue to grow and the market for products / tests are huge and growing. I believe the small float allows for manipulation that results in huge stock price swings.

  • from the split up I am trying to decide what to do with Levon shares. I see Levon owns docile assets that are not presently , or in the near future, producing or will possible produce revenues. What they do have seems to need a lot of additional capital going forward. Any insights or opinions going forward over the next 3-6 months?

  • by over 10% , as per old yahoo stats. Unless QFOR completely blew the audit and guidance the stock price should soar thru/past $1 ps by sept. At current pps a $1 million dollar share trading day represents over 2 million shares traded. Possible large increase in volume will create wild price swings on a float this small, almost a third is held by insiders and institutions. This should start to get real interesting real soon...........

  • dwoods4q by dwoods4q Aug 18, 2015 4:29 PM Flag

    stock not trading at $16-18 per share?

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