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  • eastmoorbartender by eastmoorbartender 17 hours ago Flag

    you have good ears.
    Also,you could cite the Throw Up Rule which states that when
    a stock market situation makes you want to throw up,you should Buy,not Sell

  • eastmoorbartender by eastmoorbartender Apr 15, 2014 10:40 AM Flag

    any interpretation of the trading pattern?

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    Harry Boxer's Charts of the Day

    by thetechtraderca Apr 10, 2014 7:08 AM
    eastmoorbartender eastmoorbartender Apr 10, 2014 8:06 AM Flag

    427,000 isn't 4 Million but it is well above average volume.
    Michael M,the loser,is probably short

  • there acyually is a super Club,aptly named Le Club 55 on the beach
    in St.Tropez.They have a good private room and could be put on
    Helping the cause,this Bartender hears that FLML is talking a deal to license
    their CNS drug to a major Pharma company(that would raise the odds on
    getting quicker FDA approval.This would allow FLML to ring the cash register
    shorter term.

  • The Conf Call script read by CEO Anderson could not give away sex to the proverbial
    sailor on a 24-hour leave.
    The stock went up today because FDA action to close the Eclat I market appears near
    and friends of Deerfield/CEO Anderson bought.
    And,negotiations to license the CNS drug to a major pharma company could bring in big bucks
    and advance the time line leaving the question why was Anderson in such a rush to do
    the dilutive secondary offering.
    Deerfield/Anderson treat non-insider shareholders like an ATM machine

  • eastmoorbartender by eastmoorbartender Mar 31, 2014 11:39 AM Flag

    Why does CEO Anderson still have his foot on the brake.Never a peep
    from the company as unhappy owners keep selling

  • eastmoorbartender by eastmoorbartender Mar 30, 2014 11:24 PM Flag

    rather than hiring a IR person?FLML's stealth
    story is not visible among investors

  • eastmoorbartender by eastmoorbartender Mar 28, 2014 11:42 PM Flag

    A plethors of good news is likely to boost FLML during the next 3 months
    as CEO Anderson shifts his foot from the brake to the accelerator
    Peak sales of Bloxiverz are likely to dwarf Anderson's low ball
    guidance resulting in FLML turning cash positive in Q3.etc,etc

  • eastmoorbartender by eastmoorbartender Mar 23, 2014 6:47 PM Flag

    The Flamel group of visitors to the Eastmoor Pub for this weekend had
    heartening info that FLML's CEO would "lift his skirt" on tuesday's Conf
    Now that friends of Deerfield and Flamel have acquired control of FLML
    we expect CEO Anderson to shift his foot fom the brake to the accelerator.
    This Bartender still expects a $25-35 stock this year but best case PO's
    range a lot higher

  • for Patriots Day will he get by the noted Backdoor activities to re-claim his place
    in the Face Plant lounge
    This Bartender does not accept IOU's for booze payments even if the deadbeat faux patron
    is very accomodating in the service of our more affluent patrons.
    Thus Michael may get the bum's rush leaving him,as usual,out in the cold

  • eastmoorbartender by eastmoorbartender Mar 21, 2014 11:12 AM Flag

    Unfortunately, your broken clock role causes financial pain.
    But,not all DC area investors with a FLML connection have to
    pass the tin cup.
    The Eclat deal was super in several regards while you were,

  • eastmoorbartender by eastmoorbartender Mar 20, 2014 10:10 PM Flag

    The only good news for this down-and-out financial moron is
    that he is still breathing.
    However the short position and prediction that FLML would
    go to $1 has caused financial indigestion.Over the years,Mr
    Myer had been a frequent,sometimes daily nay sayer on the
    Flamel message board.God help any(former friends)who
    followed the advice to Short the stock.
    Befoe his buffoon-like attempts to attack FLML, Mr Myers was
    known for somehow finding a way to screw up promising
    business situations and to lose money,jobs and prestige.whereas
    people associated with FLML came up winners
    Mr Myers managed to live for yet another St.Patrick's Day but
    we heard that he was forced to sponge money off pub mates
    as he was short,as usual,and cry in his beer.

  • eastmoorbartender by eastmoorbartender Mar 17, 2014 8:36 PM Flag

    But in P-Town,Back Door activities are a prime raison d'etre at
    the Eastmoor Pub.
    Once again a very-bent posse of Flamel managers will be visiting
    for the long weekend,to be paid for by stock option gains in their
    favorite stock,Soula C'est Moi.
    This bartender has been communicating with the guests about needed
    supplies as on their last visit The Pub ran short on butter.
    The word from Lyon,however,is now that insiders have captured
    voting control of FLML-buying stock at depressed prices as manage-
    ment suppressed good news--CEO Anderson is taking his foot off
    the brake and flooring the accelerator.
    The Lyon folks insist that this is a high odds moonshot.
    In any case,this Bartender has never seen a 10-bagger he did not like.

  • Now that friends of Deerfield/CEO Anderson have captured voting control
    of FLML,buying shares at depressed prices--as FLML suppressed "good news"--
    we expect that the good times will now roll.
    Insiders see $25-35 per share over the next several months.They have an inside track.
    Thus,as Deerfield and Broadfin continue to Buy with their good information,a profitable one-way
    trade is at hand

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    by learning_calculus Mar 11, 2014 9:37 AM
    eastmoorbartender eastmoorbartender Mar 11, 2014 4:52 PM Flag

    This Bartender expects a lot of good news now that CEO Anderson is
    taking his foot off the brake and stepping on the accelerator.
    His friends now control Flamel and it is "show time".
    We expect $25-35 by year end.

  • eastmoorbartender by eastmoorbartender Mar 11, 2014 4:47 PM Flag

    Cull-Men blames Ag Chem management and bad weather for the earnings
    Cull more white males to offset the bad factors

  • for a Q1 earnings shortfall.
    DD stock looka a little weak in here.
    Cull-Men is likely to axe more white males to cover the shortfall
    See ya later

  • Is he leaving Dow and preparing for a future life of splendor with his huge,insider
    sale of DOW stock?
    The size and timing of the sale is curious as CEO Liveris,in a major,personal effort,
    has been on the Wall Street circuit banging the table telling Investors to Buy(hoping
    to boost DOW to appease Mr Loeb and to force conversion of the very-high cost
    Buffet/Kuwait Preffered shares.
    Counter productive to Mr Liveris and his highly-accretive objective to eliminate the
    Preff's, Mr. Haller's contemporaneous huge sale of DOW stock is a slap in the CEO's
    face.How can Mr Liveris appear credible urging outside investors to Buy when his
    noted,lap dog assistant is unloading?In addition,the huge insider sale may complicate
    the ongoing Liveris/Loeb faceoff.
    In this Bartender's opinion,these counter productive negative actions are unexpainable
    and unacceptable at this critical time for Dow unless,of course,Mr Haller is preparing to
    leave Dow as part of the corporate effort to eliminate worthless expenses.
    A departure would end this Bartender's several year search for someone who could
    reveal what he actually does to command his fancy compensation(beside serving as a
    high cost porter of luggage for Mr Liveris.
    Nonetheless,Mr Haller should know that among the many reasons to Sell a stock not
    included is an abiding faith that the stock was going to go up a lot

  • eastmoorbartender by eastmoorbartender Mar 8, 2014 10:09 AM Flag

    positive news in front of a dilutive equity offering to allow
    those with very-positive ,inside information to buy depressed
    shares at a large discount.
    Just asking?
    In any case,this Bartender expects a continuum of positives
    to add momentum to the insider's one-way trade.

  • are we expected to enjoy the Champagne as FLML ascends.

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