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ebayalphamale 3 posts  |  Last Activity: Jun 9, 2016 12:45 PM Member since: Feb 28, 2008
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  • Ebay is the Pet Rock of online sites. It was a joke back when the Simpsons made fun of it and now that episode is ancient. Ebay is more filled with Chinese made junk than Hong Kong. Ebay is filthier than Chipotle on E Coli half off night. Ebay is even seen as lower than Yahoo and a worm's belly hardly crawls to that depth! Only feral failed special ed students even look at the site. It would take a very special idiot to buy anything there.

  • So amusing to daily see young intelligent fresh Alumni completely boot stomping the slobber out of old Patrick Mitchell Flyktning's Bean Team. I don't mind if people beat my useless slaves. They wake up chucking. Why did Patrick think foisting a gang of drug huffing, drag wearing, child molesting daughter snitches and lying old scam sacks on this board would ever help his free speech cause? One Alumni posts gets dozens of lying, fake name obsessed, floundering old loser posts. Why does a gang of Ripples Club gays fester their illnesses here? That's free speech? Ok then. No $24. That's huge money for me. Alumni gets rich and old Bean Team flounders in 247 agony. Bean Team should all pitch in and buy John's snitched daughter: Jennifer Nicole Osborne, a sandwich and maybe, jUST maybe, she won't drain her bladder daily on your lonely graves as you suffer your agonizing afterlives burning in hades. Maybe. I bet she'll be a'draining. Everyone sees the old Bean Team and wants to drain their bladders on them. Bean Team craves that with chattering beaks open and presenting.

  • It's pretty funny when some old fat snitch sits around wishing he had pretzels as his own spamming hatred on a long ago poster completely wrecks his own pretzel logic of lies and projection. What a sad ending for an old life long failure daughter snitch. Was there any other kind of ending possible for Johnie? None. None at all.

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