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eddieguer 105 posts  |  Last Activity: Mar 29, 2014 10:04 AM Member since: Jul 22, 2003
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  • Shortie,

    We LOVE your tirades. PLEASE do it. We haven't heard it for a while. PLEASE do it.

    Also - some great news! We sold another $3 million in work. All of the work will be done from our service centers in Bangalore and Chennai. Your ni99er kaala President wants to kiss your white #$%$ so he tries to outlaw capitalism by going after offshoring, but it won't work.

    Even better news is that the GOP will take back the Senate. This is the best news I have heard in a long time. Once the Senate turns GOP they will roll back any restrictions and they will protect capitalism. The GOP will also reduce the size of government. Rand Paul is a saint. I love when he said that no one should get in the way of big business and corporations should have the freedom to hire whoever they want wherever they want. This is music to our ears.

    Reduce the size of government
    END ALL AFFIRMATIVE ACTION - SMASH IT INTO A MILLION PIECES. Allow companies to hire wherever in the world they want to to maximize profit.

  • Shortie,

    Cognizant is hiring 10,000 onshore IT professionals as part of a massive affirmative action program aimed at appeasing white IT professionals. Will you be applying for one of these positions? Oops…sorry. There are minimum IQ and experience requirements. Also, you can't be a felon or child molester, so it looks like you are disqualified.

    I feel bad that Cognizant has to appease white IT professionals who don't want competition or free markets. You see, when whites are judging blacks, whites will say that IQ is most important and personality is secondary. When whites are evaluating or judging Asians, then personality is the most important factor because IQ and academics are "secondary". Gee I wonder why this would be the case??? Hmmmmm. When whites are judging Asians who have BOTH IQ and personality, then get very confused. In these cases it is left to "discretion".

    Shortie - you are very lucky that your kaala ni99er President needs your votes and wants to earn white peoples' love. If Romney had won the election, all this appeasement would not have been necessary. A white President doesn't have to earn white people's love. I still can't believe that a 70% white country could not get a white person elected. I am Indian and I wanted this so badly. I pray in the next election that the US elects a white republican President.

    t have zero respect for your half-caste President because he is helping the race that hates and persecutes his race the most.

  • Shortie,

    Opportune time has coming to USA using leveraged moddells of low cost Indian talents from Chennai. We have freshers from Madras College of BPO and Scientific Technological Unoiversity in Chennai. Your marketting talents and our high-ly ediucational personnel we can make high'lky margens and i can perform spliiting of incomes and pro-fits with you and your enterprise I have ten years experiences in COBOL. We can levegare the tall-ents of myself and BPO. I am only 25 years old and I have 20 years experience in QA testing, COBOLS, VBA, Oracles DB, and infinitudes of other technologies.

    We can conqueers worlds beyond with our collaborations.

    Please in-dicate your interrests ASAP. Our personnels will be gladly strated immediate manner

    We are doing Y2K since 2010. We have many exp-eriences in this Y2K packages and tech-noligies.

  • Dearest Shorty!

    Great news! We just hired a new partner. He is from IBM where he managed a portfolio of $400 million worth of projects. All the projects were based out of India. We hired him to increase our business which is set to grow rapidly along with our amazing staff in India. You see it's all good. This man belongs to an exclusive country club in New England. He is white, is a scratch golfer, and he is a GREAT guy. This man is going to go to his exclusive whites only club where he will meet other white people and he will sell offshore projects. He will meet bankers from Wall Street, captains of industry, and many others. Best of all he will become very wealthy selling work which in turn greatly benefits us.

    How does this make you feel?

    Do you think that this man will ever be stopped by the police? Will anyone ever question him? Will anyone suspect him of doing anything Wrong? In fact i think this man will be admired and loved. i already love this guy! i am sure that many of the Wall Street guys who are pushing outsourcing will never even pay a parking ticket. I pray daily that this system stays this way. I also hope that all the anger stays focused on us. In all of these transactions there are few indians to be found. How delicious...

  • Shorty,

    Last week was a great week for our firm! We signed four deals for offshore projects. Incidentally all of the deals were approved and paid for by white CFOs. When I spoke to one black VP he cut me off and kicked me out of his office. You see we understand...blacks and Asians can never approve outsourcing projects because they will get crucified since they are under a microscope. Any wrong move and they are ousted. But even if white execs approve outsourcing there are no penalties. They are free to pursue their own agenda because theyre not under a microscope. This is why I am against any diversity. Diversity is a barrier for us. The ideal situation is pitching services to all white men who can make quick decisions. That's why I am still wounded by the GOP loss. When it's all whites running the ship it makes things much easier for us.

  • He's just another obsolete and bitter white man.

    Shorty--so when will you start that new company? Start your company and don't hire any Indians, Pakistanis, or Chinese. Since all these groups are incompetent your company should make the highest profit right?

    Please go masturbate and work off the hostility.

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    IIT-JEE Exam - Shortie, what's your score?

    by eddieguer Apr 9, 2012 9:12 AM
    eddieguer eddieguer Apr 21, 2012 6:09 PM Flag

    Communist Parasite,

    I get it...when comparing to blacks IQ is vital. When comparing with Asians "personality" is important. You just want a free ride on the coat tails of privilege. You are afraid of the free market. You want to be sheltered but those days are long gone. Just take the freaking IIT entrance exam and put Indians in their place. Get the top score. This is the BEST way to trivialize Indians. Also start a competing company and hire no Indians. You should be able to surpass all revenue and profit targets.

  • Short One,

    Prove once and for all that you're better than "coliers". Take the IIT -JEE exam or even take any engineering college entrance exam in India. Get the top score and I'll agree with everything you post. Or, better yet, take the Shanghai math entrance exam in Mandarin. That should be easy for you. You know, Chinese students break the curve on all the math tests in US universities and english isn't their native language.

    Come on, don't you want to prove ad back up all your theories? This is the best way to trivialize Indians and South Asians. Here's your chance.

    Get the top score on the exam and you can trumpet the inferiority of "coliers" as much as you want.

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    huge volume in Apr and May puts

    by james_sudden_green Apr 3, 2012 2:18 PM
    eddieguer eddieguer Apr 8, 2012 12:18 PM Flag

    Short One,

    If you really want to prove your "supperioritty" why don't you take the IIT Entrance Exam and prove that it's not such a big deal? This is the best way to trivialize Indians. Also take the math test in Shanghai and prove once and for all that your race is superior?

    Oh I forgot...tests "aren't important". God these grapes are so sour :)

  • Why are all of these Indian companies so short-sighted in their thinking? I have been a management consultant for many years and I have noticed that while IBM, Accenture, and other US companies always try and go for the highbrow and intellectually challenging work that breaks new ground and extends the company's bounds, ALL of the Indian companies ONLY go for cheap work. They just think about how many table scraps they can get. They never think big or think about developing new paradigms.

    IBM and Accenture already tap into the cheaper talent in India so they have this, BUT they also have the high-end work as well. What is it with the Indian companies? I have spoken to EVPs at Infosys, Cognizant and TCS and all they do is see how much crap they can bottom-feed. Is it any wonder that not even ONE software product is made by an Indian company and used by a Western company? Even after decades of experience, talent and all of the graduates coming out of elite schools, not one Indian company has even a single product?

    This is shocking and not the least bit shameful.

    This is why I sold Infosys and I refuse to buy Cognizant, Wipro, or HCL. These companies don't stand a chance against IBM or Accenture. Eventually they will eat the Indian companies' lunch.

    Why this inferiority complex? Where is the boldness and inspiration? Are they that shortsighted? Infosys' valuation simply cannot be justified. All of the Indian companies are paper tigers and I would sell in this risky environment. There's no reason Infosys should have the same valuation as a large manufacturer having plant and property and massive inventories. Makes no sense at all.

    Sell this stock.

  • eddieguer by eddieguer Mar 31, 2011 10:40 PM Flag


    I guess you reached your 99th week of unemployment benefits. You haven't been posting. Did you have to cut off your dial-up internet access so you could afford some more pepperoni rolls?

    Let me guess...




    Have you been curling up with your copy of "Communist Manifesto"? This board is for free-market capitalists who believe in the American Way. Not washed out low-skilled high-priced bitter losers like yourself.

    Say hello to Dr. Farrakhan you communist loser.

  • eddieguer eddieguer Feb 6, 2011 8:11 AM Flag

    Maybe you can also ask him if he can increase your welfare check as well. It might be better to ask for reparations for the inhuman conditions that you've had to experience in waiting for your welfare check.

  • eddieguer eddieguer Jan 30, 2011 2:22 PM Flag

    Thank goodness the FBI tracks all of these posts. Shortie - I only feel bad for any of your potential victims. I knew that there is a lot of white rage out there. Your last post was seething and you can't help detecting the palpable hate. I guess it is incredibly frustrating when the only thing you can do is hurl insults. The rest of the world has moved on loser. Please stay quietly out of the way and let us all progress, educate ourselves, enrich ourselves and live enriching happy lives.

  • eddieguer eddieguer Jan 28, 2011 8:39 PM Flag

    I remember once reading a speech by the local NAACP president. The entire letter was filled with hateful bigoted crap which blamed white people for everything, blamed Asians for some things. All garbage. When I read shortie's posts it's like reading that same speech by the NAACP or by the Black Panthers.

    Shortie -
    is it "racist" to make money?
    Are all Indians "racist" for making money?
    Is it "racist" because no company will hire an unqualified loser like you?
    Is it "racist" for American executives to hire others who help them make more profit?
    Is it "racist" to want to make more money?
    Is Wal Mart "racist" for causing so many jobs to go to China?
    Is IBM "racist" for hiring Indians?

    I know I know. You're a TRUE capitalist. You just need a helping hand...aaaawwwwwwww. Is that better sweetie? I think you're soooo special. You are sooooo smart, so haaanddsmome, soooooo goooodddd...You feel better honey? I know - you're an unpolished diamond and if some stupid executive JUST GAVE YOU A FEW CHANCES YOU COULD MAKE IT!!! JUST A SIMPLE HELPING HAND (blubber blubber sniffle sniffle).

    Those stupid smellies! They make me soooo mad!

    they smell yeah they do nuh uh! they smell so bad. NO! I know I know, they are stupid patooties and they smeeelllll. Yeah!

  • eddieguer eddieguer Jan 25, 2011 8:03 PM Flag

    The only brain dead ideas I can think of:

    1. Any person or animal who submits to your forceful sexxual advances.

    2. Any company who hires an overweight, overpaid, underskilled and obsolete idiot like you.

  • eddieguer eddieguer Jan 25, 2011 8:00 PM Flag

    by moral relativism do you mean...

    1. Priests who molest kids and then say 3 hail marys and are forgiven?

    2. Wiping out 20 million native americans and enslave millions of blacks because the bible says so?

    3. Socialize the entire banking system instead of allowing capitalism to solve the problem?

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    by eddieguer Oct 21, 2010 8:22 PM
    eddieguer eddieguer Oct 24, 2010 4:00 PM Flag

    as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes you're pretty smart. the Tea Party has made domestic job growth their #1 agenda. And you're right, most are former Perot voters.

  • White people,

    Remember there are serious consequences if the Democrats win reelection. Think of the symbolism of a black President. Think of a little white girl thinking, "God I hope I grow up to marry the President someday!" Is this what you want?

    Democrats will encourage integration. Think about it. Is this what you want? Do you want your daughter sitting in an integrated church on Sunday?

    If you want to prevent this, then vote GOP.

  • Go tea party!!!

    end this evil socialist regime that seeks to outlaw outsourcing. Bring back the republican party! Gop all the waaaaayyyyy!

  • eddieguer by eddieguer Oct 20, 2010 7:58 PM Flag

    Guess who I am!

    1. "They just won't give me no job! They only hire their own!"

    2. "All they do is study and work. No imagination whatsoever!"

    3. "It's sooooo unfair that they work for less and steal all our jobs!"

    4. "US should pass tariffs to help our people!

    5. Our leaders should spend lots of money creating laws and enforcement to help obstruct business from saving money!

    6. We should outlaw profit!

    Guess who said all these things?


    Who would say such commie un-American anti-business CRAP?!?!



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