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eddyfamilyemail 320 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 10, 2015 10:45 AM Member since: Feb 10, 2008
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    Top investors buiding positions.

    by allencrosejr Jul 20, 2015 12:21 PM
    eddyfamilyemail eddyfamilyemail Aug 10, 2015 10:45 AM Flag

    The stock should be trading much higher than currently, but here is what a good ceo/board can see in the future. The company is generating positive cash flow and can finance all current operations but to continue to grow they will need additional capital or another side investor or here is the stock purchase plan a better one for the company. Buy your own stock back at a ridiculously low lvl and sell the stock back around the 2 buck range as its more fairly valued with current operations and activity. 2 million shares at 2 buck range is 8m operations dollars verse current value of 1.2 million dollars if sold to generate money currently and that money will help as they sit on the shares till closer to the time its needed when they can get things up and running in guatamala lets say :) enjoy its going to triple from current range wish i bought more lower but its a small investment of mine only 20k shares for me but i'm happy with it.

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  • eddyfamilyemail by eddyfamilyemail Jun 17, 2015 10:22 AM Flag

    As i posted 6 months ago this stock was way undervalued and was fairly valued much higher i've held it long to take the profits and suggest others do the same as its fairly valued now. TC all and due your research...

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    Let the games begin.

    by parto3frp Mar 9, 2015 4:38 PM
    eddyfamilyemail eddyfamilyemail Mar 9, 2015 10:36 PM Flag

    Your Wrong, It is a 4 to 5 bagger from these levels without the foreign plants comming online. If they do this stock will be something nice to say u held it from 40 and 50 cent range. I just bought in haven't owned this stock in a few years as i waited to see it develop. I'm ready to ride it up now and have nothing but patience so i'll post again in a year and we'll see who was correct :)

  • This is my speculative pick of the year, saying speculative because unknown whether oil will climb hard this year or next either way this is a solid 5 to 10 bagger at these levels. Due your DD Standard and Poor rated the company as stable recently based on liquidity as the company has enough cash on hand to go the this year and next with idled rigs and that is the facts so don't let the shorts or bashers tell you otherwise. The company may get a delisting notification if the price stays below a dollar and then they submit a letter and for a few months and that can be extended etc. etc. until the price goes back over a dollar. The scrap value of the company is 1.19 so to trade below that is silly. Transocean isn't even trading near their scrap value and they have more debt and problems to worry about than hero does. Just ask yourself why would u bash a stock that is at 1 dollar or less and keep posting negative about it...? Answer is a short that has not covered because they can get others to sell and get a few cents more. And for the life of me i never got why any1 would sell a stock at its 52 week or 2 year etc low. As stocks don't rest on lows. Last food for thought during the 2008/9 collapse of markets and shorts best years. Peir 1 Imports went all the way down to .11 cents and had about 20 posts daily about it going bk its over etc. I kept posting buy buy buy and hold as its cash value was 1.19 per share. With in a year the stock was back over 10 dollars and then with in 2 years sitting in the teens and then to 20 bucks or 10k invested in that company would made you the investor a millionaire. This company is not going anywhere with oil in the 30s even and is way oversold at the moment. Now is the time to buy. Due your DD...

    Good Look to all

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  • The stock is so shorted and the risk to reward is only 1.50 down so as the market crumbles the shorts are getting out pushing the stock up so they can jump on other stocks. And as new shorts jump in for a baby gain they are taking losses on the old shorts getting out the way. Oversold and overshorted equals up days on down market days for profit taking. So thank you i'm in it for the long haul and will see every1 back up in the $3 buck range. The company is no where near bankrupt and was shorted way to much and will bounce back i can wait it out a year but think will be much faster than that at this pace :)

    Due your DD Strong buy down here under $2... Poor shorts its to low hard to get new shorts to come in as the reward is only a buck fifty :)

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  • And look at all the post nobody talking about how last time Gold hit 1180 range in december this stock didn't break 3 bucks yet we are 20% below that and Gold is going up again today hitting 1210 as i speak... price manipulation of the stock by greedy shorts and hedgefunds yep... Using options action to try and keep pushing and the SEC asleep at the wheels again yep...

    Have fun shorts the dollar ran to fast to long it may end here but a rally in gold comming better get out while u can...

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  • Its calling market manipulation and they buy on the other end always and make money. Maybe gold will go to 1k but when gold was last around that level the miners were not around the levels they are now they were higher so y are they lower. Its in the options and goldman is running a scam on you with the shorts help just like they used the bulls on oil as the quietly sold and made profits. The facts are that the company is great shape and the sell of the mine should had a spike that helped keep the stock above the 3 range. The other ? is why has the price of gold gone down so far anyway. A modest pullback, nope its been a panic rush sell off and that can't be sustained as selling pressure dies faster than buying power. My average price per share is $3.30 and i'm not going anywhere as i believe the price of gold should be hovering around 1300 to 1400 range based on world markets and issues. Lets not forget the biggest drag on the POG and that is the dollar. The price of the dollar can't be sustained at these levels as it disrupts oil prices of countries we tie into and hurts their economy as not to mention the dollar strength is now hurting american companies around the globe. So sit tight as the day of downward kill will end soon. due your dd I'm long on IAG

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    SOmething should be happening soon

    by checker_soft Sep 11, 2014 2:31 PM
    eddyfamilyemail eddyfamilyemail Sep 11, 2014 3:12 PM Flag

    You nailed it as the other miners have all turned positive or back to break even range. IAG having a problem when they keep lowering their all in sustaining cost and keep finding better claims??? seems like market manipulation or if u watch the bids it tells the tale of huge option trading that is in the money and doesn't want to leave or simple that down to shorts (hedgefunds) are giving it all they can today to keep it down. The sec doesn't care so they keep pushing even in the face of being the only miner down ???

  • Gold went down yesterday so the miners went down with it. Yet gold is up almost 7 bucks atm and the miners are going down???? full market manipulation if the miners are going with market than who cares about the price of gold but as proven by yesterdays fall it matters so where is the sec. Asleep at the wheels again and always will be. I'm buying more here as the job data and russian tension just prove show where gold will go and that is back up in the 1350 range area unless something drasticly changes. Due your dd strong buy till we hit 4.00 sideways to 5.

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  • We were just at 3.20 and they were all over the message board. Shorts are fools and i feel sad for them to short a good stock. I took some off the table today as we getting nearly fair valued in the 4 to 5 range with out any more positive news. To help others out i am telling u that i'm placing my earnings over in SD. Do your DD Take care all...

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  • eddyfamilyemail by eddyfamilyemail Aug 4, 2014 11:30 AM Flag

    Big hedge fund got caught on wrong side and taking loss now before the gold run up. Be smart buy now from their loss. They will recoup buying back in and riding it up. Stupid hedge funds. Due your dd but this has room to run it should be around 4 to 4.40 with gold where it is atm.

  • Whom does it benefit, if your an investor and u said your peace than sell and move. If you are encouraging others to sell at a loss whom does that help. If a stock hits a new year long low or multi-year low than any selling is at a loss and the person is losing money. The writing is on the wall shorts. I watched many stocks go way down only to pop back up bigger. The time will come I'm not going anywhere. Your options scheme is not as good as u think if people stop buying the options.

    Strong buy

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  • And every1 keeps letting them its to funny... sure they will get it now. I wrote the shares off i have invested here figure i'll see where it ends at end of year... You won't get me selling any shares to you but it appears we have plenty of stupid investors for u shorts. A 3b revenue company, transitioning, and paying a dividend. Outlook stable by credit rating agencies and targets upwards high 6 to 7. This is great to watch and laugh.

    Strong buy at some point all the idiot investors are gone and no options to trade and make $ on

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    Short Interest Last Month....fwiw

    by mark7182002 Feb 27, 2014 7:48 AM
    eddyfamilyemail eddyfamilyemail Feb 28, 2014 11:10 AM Flag

    So just on yahoo which these #s are pretty close... lets look at it for a moment per below and here on yahoo in key stats. So about 88% is held by institution/insiders that leaves 12% of the stock to trade hands by investors or commoners and 7.6% or over half of the shares able to trade hands are being shorted on this thinly traded stock, but u think they have no influence on the stock.

    Food for thought....

    % Held by Insiders1: 1.62%
    % Held by Institutions1: 85.90%
    Short % of Float (as of Jan 31, 2014)3: 7.60%

  • Please go to another stock and take your loss on earthlink and move on.... In ANR finally all the sellers got out the way and the shorts couldn't break 5 bucks and so it punched up hard and will stay there now. It appears earthlink still has idiots in the stock and that only helps the shorts both stocks should be up around $7 but its always up to the investor. Look at the CBO saying raising minimum wage will result in job losses or some1 can cherry pick from the report and say hey it also says it will bring that same # of people out of poverty so believe what u want but the report is solid i'm happy and I"m done posting as i got all the shares i need know i'll see you all at the end of the year... Hopefully a new group of people and when i post as we go past 6 bucks all the posters here today posting bad things will be gone. Why because they are short and will have either covered and got in off the dumb investors or be to scared to post as they will be down hard... Here is excerpt from standard and poor for my last post... Due your DD and compare this to today's announcement of free cash flow from the company as this was before the report :)

    Our 12-month target price of $7 reflects discounted
    cash flow analysis. Our model's assumptions
    include a weighted average cost of
    capital of 11.6% and free cash flow of $88 million
    in 2013 and $96 million in 2014, then average
    annual growth of 10% for the following five
    years, and a perpetuity growth rate of 2%.

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    ELNK Projections for 2014 Look Good

    by accugrowth Feb 19, 2014 11:21 PM
    eddyfamilyemail eddyfamilyemail Feb 20, 2014 9:59 AM Flag

    You are correct more than enough to pay dividend... results are better than expected and while they are down taking the non-cash write down is a good move... This is a 7-8 buck stock trading in a charade from shorts at 4 bucks. The shorts playing on options and hoping for a miracle to get it under 4 bucks before friday and they pushing with all they have. They were hoping for a bombshell earnings report and didn't get it the slow action is foolish investors that panic and sell when they r down a dime in a stock even though the stock pays 2 dimes a year in dividend how silly is that. LMAO

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  • eddyfamilyemail by eddyfamilyemail Feb 14, 2014 12:23 PM Flag

    But I pulled out with a 40% profit a tad early to get ANR at its bottom price. Buffet said hardest decisions are to know when to cut a winner and let the losers go. I think this trades sideways around here so don't want to have cash sitting still. Had to post that i moved this money over to ANR...

    Due your DD GL to all longs

    Sentiment: Hold

  • Buy in down here on the low as i didn't :( gonna average more shares currently I sold out of rfmd and moved that over here to ANR... now if my ELNK can go up more i'll have more buying power to buy more... But the coal sector way to beaten up and this one beat up the most and has one the best price targets of with over 50% price target higher at 7.50. Due your DD but no way we should be down here hovering at 5 when other coal stocks are trading much closer to their targets... being held down by greedy shorts they will help on the push up... They are giving it everything today to break $5... just have to push back to $5.20 range today to burn the new shorts all out over last few days.

    GL to all longs this will be a hard fought battle looking at the shorting going on today using option trading.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Last plea since no one is listening to the message board about taking losses in beginning of year... If u can not stomach being down a dime or two on a stock don't invest at all cause that's life and move on. But today the shorts are worried and pushing hard to try and drive the price back to where they are up from last hard push. In the 4.20 - 4-40 range they had a huge push and so are break even to a tad down they want it under 4.20. I'm just shocked when i see other than the 100 bid blocks means idiot investors and i hope u guys lose every penny u have so u can't invest in stocks again.

    This stock pays out .20 dividend annually so being down .20 means your break even and u have all year to go up? If u can't hold a stock longer than a few weeks u don't need to invest u need to take that money to a race track as that is called gambling :)

    My last post... Due your DD way oversold and undervalued down here...

    Strong buy

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  • eddyfamilyemail eddyfamilyemail Feb 7, 2014 2:25 PM Flag

    Your correct but we won't move until all the idiots that don't understand investing get cleared out. The stock starts to move up and then the 100 blocks go in to sell, those are the shorts using options to pick at the bid and ask. After they drop it a penny or two another stupid investor panics and sells so they win and keep doing it. So until every1 finishes and moves on to another stock this stock will float here. Once they all lose their money and we move up fast and they regret it, then we can push back to $5 burning the shorts as we push higher to $6 as they try and stop the ascend. But first we need all the idiots gone... Just sell your #$%$ take your loss as an idiot does in january when u have the whole year??? And have a good day...


    Due your DD we should be trading sideways 6-7 atm but shorts are winning with help from the stupid investors... move on people

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