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  • edmundaronson by edmundaronson 14 minutes ago Flag

    driving a decline and building a tunnel and rasmussen drilling to expand and extend indepenencia/ don esse .and add to recent exploration results in this area----, palmarejo has finally been rescued-the enivitable takeover for all shares, that has been going on for years hidden by a confidentality agreement and now chroniciled--franco re-negotiated,rochestor with 20 yr mine life and kensington high grade discovery,now coeur should work with bolivia to get back up the mountain-as it is cde is a janitor for the govt,Couer capital is now getting some mass with new nsrs added, northair,correnso,preciosa and pzg-this is becoming a free cash flow positive asset which will be expanded or spun off-although the silver prices have driven cde down, the management has taken and made huge strides to secure coeurs assets-over 2000 employees have worked hard for the future of coeur- recently nobody has come out of this sector collapse un bloodied both coeur and hl have been pro active more so than paas or first majestic but paas just got a 300mill line of credit and first just started first finance to buy distressed property- coeur allready has joaquin and preciosa that together will produce 16mill oz's-hanagarne is a planner,,phillips an builder par excellence and rasmussen a creative geo--coeur has been very open with its plans -i still hope coeur can add some further high grade--i have looked into past histories of all new management and see a exceptional track record of excellence-so contary to views of many ,it seems to me the nature of this sector is flawed not its people-the product produced is necessary and and expanding ,yet companies are struggling with prices at these levels---as long as paper market dectates price and volittility the miners suffer but who is the real culprit of share decline--the paper market-

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    No victory party for CDE

    by silverbeatdown 17 hours ago
    edmundaronson edmundaronson 15 hours ago Flag

    by whom pzg is dilutive and coeur is losing money-silver dictates but when silver exits this bear market watch out---none of that diminishes what coeur has accomplished-too repeat silver dictates--if metals remain at thes elevels it will two years of losses before even at the prices coeur will make 200mill profit-

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    go rasmussen

    by edmundaronson 17 hours ago
    edmundaronson edmundaronson 15 hours ago Flag

    the property is paid for with shares, the mill existing,the exploration advanced,the grade and exploration upside right there and free from that punishing royalty-coeur has been negotiating and meeting with them in mexico city twice and wasington for years now ,offers were made and rejected-you might enjoy the chronicled events in the pdf on merger at coeur site-both sides represented in this long report--

  • edmundaronson by edmundaronson 17 hours ago Flag

    joining up indepencia an don esse and extending some new targets,its a whole new ballgame ,with franco footing 22 mill and next year royalties going higher and all pzg property exempt from royalty-this now becomes a huge land package-

  • edmundaronson by edmundaronson 17 hours ago Flag

    filed with sec -merger to close april 17-it's a done deal finally

  • edmundaronson by edmundaronson 17 hours ago Flag

    filed with sec---its a done deal now

  • edmundaronson by edmundaronson 17 hours ago Flag

    are these guys dumb not a mention of merger,its like they are cueless as to why stock has rallied

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    I would Like Your Opinion

    by jack_breeden 20 hours ago
    edmundaronson edmundaronson 19 hours ago Flag

    added to fri -is option expiration which can add volitility--buckle up

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    I would Like Your Opinion

    by jack_breeden 20 hours ago
    edmundaronson edmundaronson 19 hours ago Flag

    adds resources and confirms a much longer mine life and profitability,then there is lack of royalty-there is issue of new cde share holders dumping and keeping spinoff-dilution effects--silver dictates

  • another affirmation of value and higher value when it starts production-nothing new to this board,

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    CDE is up 30% in just the last two weeks.

    by bubblenomics Apr 16, 2015 3:43 AM
    edmundaronson edmundaronson Apr 16, 2015 12:14 PM Flag

    i know it is baked in but what about the dilution of stock, i knowthe company will feel better as well as big shareholders -giving a big chunk of large producing mines and projects along with coeur capital for some high grade but shares can be bought back-how many pzg holders will sell on next rally and just keep spinco-any thoughts

  • there is part of me that feels that we gave a big chunk of company away but this is truly a game changing purchase with its synergies and consolidation of this large land package-palmarejo tomorrow will enter into a new chapter the integration of indepencia and don esse-rasmussen will be very busy getting the most the quickest out of this high grade area-the 22 mill that franco committed to will ease the capital otlay on this buidout- but most of all the viability of this property is now not in question,along with kensington high grade and then rochestor meeting targets-

  • edmundaronson by edmundaronson Apr 15, 2015 3:48 PM Flag

    they move stuff around rather violently-its time for the boyz to rake in their money-across the board manipulation-the only reason that jaz has been here is somebody is supplying incentives somebody on rmx stockhouse board has brought up details of newmont build in long canyon and made the connection to rubicon property-these paid guys will attack anything that is positive and blame managment ,i think sewell hit on the head the timeline and expenses are within normal parameters,after bcsc affair everything has been very conservative and the less attention the better-as to 50 million line of credit that has to be considered prudent,coming on line . the ramp up during low metals is most likely to have high cash costs and possibly lose money while going through lower grade material ,lvery few mines are immediately cash flow positive -tahoe was one--i believe a credit facility is a prudent buisness decision,staying low profile another and getting cash while you can---

  • always looked forward to that but closing pzg more important-looks like kensington news well received-

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    PZG-WI Now Trading $1.82

    by jimmystokss Apr 15, 2015 12:15 PM
    edmundaronson edmundaronson Apr 15, 2015 12:26 PM Flag

    that must be canadian as it is 1.24 on yahoo

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    johnny can not put off new buyers-

    by edmundaronson Apr 14, 2015 1:21 PM
    edmundaronson edmundaronson Apr 14, 2015 1:54 PM Flag

    the analyst went to mine and came away saying if he had one stock to recommend it would be rby,his trip was recent and he is imploring investors to buy by april 30,and he is saying he believes grade to be much higher-he also said he had been watching for a couple of years--- i love the idea of coming into production and being out tere drilling with 30million--that is a very explosive situation to be going short against-

  • anybody buying under a dollar is at a very good buy point-a short time from production and 30million to explore with-your 18,000 posts are meaningless and any new buyer is going to laugh in your face-your time is up,your contract almost over- and we get to buy a high grade mine in red lake for under a dollarr--rby market cap is about what they paid to build mine--

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    Share Certificates

    by pioneerrubi Apr 14, 2015 9:17 AM
    edmundaronson edmundaronson Apr 14, 2015 11:19 AM Flag

    sure sounds like jaz posting-

  • this deposit bought with mostly shares, was the catayst that brought coeurs team together, this project was optimized by phillips and the nature of this deposit being a 10mill a year oz producer and its large land package is a rare commodity-the next cycle will be more competitive for deposits of this size-preciosa is equivilent of three mines

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    Sold CDE for a loss

    by guttermetal Apr 14, 2015 10:45 AM
    edmundaronson edmundaronson Apr 14, 2015 10:53 AM Flag

    and here we have a brand new id-claiming scared to buy gold and silver -as well as selling shares-

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