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edwardc8622 23 posts  |  Last Activity: Nov 10, 2014 10:24 AM Member since: Jan 4, 2013
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  • I know like others we have watched this stock fall everyday. But on the upside its on no volume. We are down 1%+ today but only on 300K shares. I think big money traders are just waiting for some news while shortsellers take advantage of the small volume. When this does move to the updside it's not going to wait for anyone, so I m sticking with MBLY!

    The growth for this company in the next couple of years is limitless almost with no competition. All longs just hang in there and this should reward us. Thanks.

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  • edwardc8622 by edwardc8622 Nov 7, 2014 10:39 AM Flag

    Im not too concern as there is completely no volume on its way down. So it's only a few moving the stock down. Hopefully the company can bring some good news to get this stock up again.

    Just dont know why the volume dried up all of a sudden.

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  • These no volume days are though. Easy for a few with lots of money to maneuver stocks.
    FB Stock will do great once its heavily taded again.

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  • We will probably see FB significantly higher tomorrow and Friday as it is quarter end and fund managers usually bid up hot stocks days before the quarter end to show their clients that they are in them. Good luck to all!

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  • Has anyone seen any new upgrades for FB this morning from the ones we saw yesterday? Thanks.

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  • Longs are being rewarded this morning! Take out, short covering and higher price targets equal the perfect storm to move up!

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  • edwardc8622 edwardc8622 Dec 28, 2013 12:20 AM Flag

    Wow lol. These people do not have a life. By the way it almost got there, I sold at 3.84 and got back in at 3.40. I went to visit the message board to see if there was any news that I missed in the pass weeks and I see someone pulled up my old post. Hey, I'm making money lol, get a life. Wow these people must get paid lol, man these people should get a real job lol.

    Good luck all longs!

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  • Look at the last couple of years. Same exact price movements. Goes up then pulls down 10-15%. We look like we are at the bottom end and ready to shoot above its past 52 week high. If you don't believe it, just look at SIRI's chart the last couple of years. Has acted the same way. I maybe off a day or two but we're going higher from here.
    I got in last week and truly believe it is a great buying point where we will be long past in days. Good Luck to all longs!

  • Siri is going higher. IF you just look at the trend it always drops about 10-15% from it high and then makes another run past its 52 week high.

    If you don't believe it just look at a chart. Its off right now about 13%. It's heading higher from here! Good Luck to All!

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  • If you check the open interest calls vs puts it's 3 to 1. No One wants to hold on to puts because they know this stock is going high. Good Luck to all!

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    KORS Added to S&P 500 November 12

    by qofaslave69 Nov 8, 2013 5:53 PM
    edwardc8622 edwardc8622 Nov 9, 2013 12:01 AM Flag

    Does any one know if funds add before they are added or after? And after added to the S&P what is the average % increase or decline? Thanks.

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  • edwardc8622 edwardc8622 Oct 23, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    More to buy before Earnings!

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  • It's funny to see people say that FB will tank like Netflix. Don't people know that FB has run up only the last three months and is less than $20 from its IPO? Netflix and all the other high flyers have run up for 1 yr+. FB is just started.

    Analyst have gone to conferences and have talked to people who pay Facebook on advertising, and they have seen money flowing in the company. GOOG showed good advertising strength. Comments from analyst have shown facebook gaining advertising dollars. Instagram has yet to begin to start monetizing their site for ad dollars.

    If you want to ignore all this good news, then sell. But these runs especially in the beginning last for a year or two. FB again has only run up less than 3 months. It's laughable for people to compare FB to Netflix. I'm here and others are here to stay and will watch this company make us a whole lot of money. After earning $60-70 and then a run to double from its IPO OF $38 to $76 I sometime in November. Law of round and meaningful numbers.

    If you want to ignore this then all I can do is laugh all the way to the bank lol. Good Luck to all Longs.

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  • All Social Media stocks are down today. Facebook holding up pretty good. It’s the best one in the space right now with its high growth for the future. Remember people it’s only one day. Look at the trend, Its higher! This is $60+ after earnings! If you shorting I hope for your sake its only for this morning. Best of wishes LONGS!

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    by markhwang2003 Oct 2, 2013 3:18 PM
    edwardc8622 edwardc8622 Oct 2, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

    Wow Facebook down $.20 and the shorts come out yellowing crash, get out. lol lol. Why are you guys hurting yourselves. This is only going up! I hope you shorts get paid to post lol.

    Good Luck longs. Shorts I feel bad for you!

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  • edwardc8622 edwardc8622 Oct 2, 2013 12:07 PM Flag

    Do you really think a company would move their earnings later if they were bad??? I dont think so. Companies who are planning to disapoint, pre annouce early. Facebook to 60 after earnings and closer to 70 and 80 end of year.

    If you fight the momentum you will get your you know what handed to you. Why fight it just go along with the RIDE UP!!! Good Luck to ALL!!

  • Oil jump $3 today and looking like its going up again tomorrow and no signes of letting up in the Middle East, shouldn't this stock be hitting 52 week highs along with the other stocks? I think so, your thoughts? Thanks long this stock!

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  • I know I am like most of you that Love Apple but I have been so disappointed at management. Everybody knows, whats going to help a raised divident and a huge stock buyback. But weeks go by and nothing from management. It's discouraging. Tim Cook says they are very very seriouse in returning cash, but yet nothing. It's like they are they don't want to see it or they are stuck in this we are King. Maybe true but the market is telling you something, "Return the cash!"

    I hope Apple's management sees what no action has been doing to the stock and the value that each shareholder has lost. I hope they really do something with their cash soon because at some point its going to be hard to get back to where Apple pnce was. We shouldnt even be at this $425 price. Apple should have annouced returning cash the day of earnings or even before.

    Well good Luck to all the longs.

  • edwardc8622 by edwardc8622 Jan 13, 2013 11:12 PM Flag

    These stories of weak Ipone demands are funny.

    Every store you go to people want the iPhone. It's still the biggest demand by people. But yet the only people that you hear with supply cuts and weaker iPhone demands are the "unnamed sources" lol.

    iPhone is in a 6 month cycle. Hello different for factor lol is their excuse for supply cuts, well of course it's a different form new parts. I find it funny that so many are trying to bring this stock down now trying to find a low entry point before earnings.

    Apple has the greatest products and where just about everyone wants one. Their hook. Apple is just fine, I just wish that Apple management would defend their company/stock once in a while to get rid of these unnamed sources who are at the end of a supply chain manufacturing plant.

    Well I'm not worried are u? Good Luck to all Longs!

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  • Today was another discouraging day! I wish Apple would annoced something good. With all this emty air, all the people with negativity is pushing the share down. If you look, nothing has change. What they're taking it down because of maps lol. They are not selling 50M iphones only 49M lol. Give me a break. Everywhere you gp is Apple products.

    I feel sick just like all the other longs but time and time again Apple has always proved the negative people wrong. Just stick in their and you'll be rewarded.

    Good Luck

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