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  • The cost of the first truck (s) to any fleet will be the most expensive..

    1) you have to update your facilities
    2) you must have employees get certification(s)
    3) the cost of the engines are much higher.

    After the first units are added the the costs of adding additional units falls as the facilities and employee cost have already been expensed. I also believe that units will be held and used longer than normal because the company will have marginal savings ($2.00 .gal) over other units.

    The company indicated that many fleets were starting with 5-10 units. I expect to see steady growth in the quarters ahead and will take advantage of the lower price and add to my position.

    Good Luck

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  • The conference call indicated that about half will be delivered this year and the balance next year. In addition UPS indicated that they would build 9 additional lng stations(13 total) for these trucks. Earlier this month UPS indicated that they had 8 built and will finish the 5 others by September. If each of these completed stations had an average 30-40 trucks to service It would indicate that ups would take delivery of the new trucks (at the time of station completion) or about 150-200 trucks in July & August. Sales may be slow in Europe this quarter but the ups order should help the sales growth in the 3rd quarter. WPRT makes both the Icepack tanks and cwi the engines.

    We would all like to see faster sales but the trend is headed higher and the stock will follow.

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    Market Maker/Program Manipulation

    by o08o.ugh64w Jul 16, 2014 4:09 PM
    ejschultheis ejschultheis Jul 31, 2014 9:37 AM Flag

    I have seen that with a few other small cap stocks. Don't understand but I believe that you are correct. Manipulation

  • ejschultheis by ejschultheis Jul 31, 2014 8:13 AM Flag

    Q after Q revenues are lower than expected. Early last year they projected a 10% rise in revenues and cut that later until we had a fall in revenues. Same this year. They keep cutting costs but need revenue to grow. First q they blamed an order was pushed out to this quarter. Now we see revenues still lower than last year.

    ULBI had sales of 78mm last year and now project about 10% lower or about 70mm. ULBI had about 40 mm revenue in the 2nd half of last year. If we hit 70mm in sales for 2014 then we should also expect 40mm in this years second half. If we assume that we keep the lowered expenses then logic would dictate that we will have lower margins or earnings would be projected higher than guidance.

    Long time holder but I must see a turn for the better soon.

    good luck

  • CAN'T POST LINK. (google it)

  • Last week it looked as if nearly 1 million shares were were synthetically created with options trades. The stock looks to be harder and harder for the shorts to borrow. My only source is interactive brokers and over the past week shares available to short fell from 30000 to 15000 then 10000 yesterday and only 6000 today.

    I have to believe that it is becoming more expensive to borrow if you can locate any shares to borrow. With the stock moving up against the shorts and the stock becoming more expensive to borrow the shorts may have to reevaluate the economics of the trade and cover. They may also be forced to cover because the lending broker may no longer have access to shares lent and may recall the shares from the trader. At that point the trader must locate other shares from another source or repurchase the short shares in the market and deliver them to the lending broker. If they fail to deliver the shares then the lending broker has the right to repurchase the shares in the open market and send the bill at what ever price paid to the borrower.

    In normal market conditions the short seller gets paid a premium (not retail) for shorting shares. The synthetic trades created last week indicate that the shorts paid about 10% annual rate to borrow the stock thru a convergence trade. (the advantage of this type of trade is that the stock can't be recalled but it has an expiration date of the options trade).

    I expect to see some of the shorts cover over the next two weeks as we go into earnings. The stock popped a few points last earnings release and I don't believe that some of the shorts want to go through that again.

    Good Luck

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    NG continues its decline

    by okulawd Jul 21, 2014 11:31 AM
    ejschultheis ejschultheis Jul 21, 2014 4:31 PM Flag

    THE PRICE OF NATURAL GAS MEAN NEARLY NOTHING AT THIS POINT. Gas at 3..85 works out to about 50 cents per gal equivalent. Your local station will probably pay 69-70 cents equivalent with the 20 cents going to the pipeline companies. It takes another 14-16 cents in energy to compress the gas that brings the cost to about 85 cents. the difference in the 85 cents and the $2.00 retail price goes for the labor and the $million plus cap ex needed for the compressors, insurance, taxes and other costs (including profit) for the small business owner. You can see that the cost of gas is one of the smaller components of the retail price.

    Kind of like Starbucks. Everyone says that thy will raise the price of a cup because the coffee prices (futures) are rising. You can bet rent , labor, and depreciation are much more of the cost of the cup of coffee than the beans.

    Much more important to follow the price of oil. Spikes and uncertainty will be one of the drivers pushing fleets toward WPRT engines not the price of natural gas. The cost of oil at 103 is about 2.45 a gallon and the retail price of diesel at about 4.00 less 50 cents taxes is 3.50 or about 69% of the product price. Much higher than gas at about 25-30% of the retail price.

    Falling gas prices won't hurt but is no game changer for the fleet manager.

  • I believe that the company may do north of 10mm in revenue and earnings may top 10 cents. We had quite a bit of announced contracts at the end of the past quarter. Lets hope the momentum continued thru this quarter.

    Good Luck

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    AUG 23 & 24 OPTIONS VERY ACTIVE TODAY ( both calls & puts). In fact it looks as if block size in calls and puts traded at the same time. This may indicate that someone is putting on a synthetic trade because the stock is getting hard to borrow or may be getting expensive to borrow. 1100 of the 23 contracts traded and another 4700 24 strike options (nearly 600000 share equivalents.).

    Long and holding

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    Arctic Ice Melt, Military & WPRT

    by wayne_lamontagne Jul 2, 2014 11:36 AM
    ejschultheis ejschultheis Jul 5, 2014 9:40 AM Flag


    PROBABLY the same 97% scientist that told us to dump butter and use margarine 50 years ago. Today, half of the country has cholesterol problems the SCIENTIST say never mind.

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    by larry.zito Jun 28, 2014 8:15 AM
    ejschultheis ejschultheis Jun 28, 2014 10:22 AM Flag

    Take advantage of others ignorance of the revenue line. and buy the stock. Once JVs become profitable, the revenue will drop to the bottom line. This stock is a no-brainer.

  • ejschultheis ejschultheis Jun 27, 2014 10:55 AM Flag


    This transaction provides an additional 55mm in liquidity for the next 3 years. The rate may be a little high but they didn't have to issue additional equity. Everything is in alignment for this company to do much better in the near future. Additional CNG/LNG stations are being added at a good clip. class 8 truckers are adopting the new engine and many more cities are initating or expanding their bus fleets to cng.

    Short interest is still high and the stock has been moving higher.

    good luck

  • ejschultheis by ejschultheis Jun 24, 2014 12:07 PM Flag

    1) Truckers save nearly $2.00 per Gallon. If the average truck burns 20,000 gallons a year they save nearly $40,000. Adjust for the higher initial cost, 10% lower gas mileage and currently fewer CND/LNG stations they may have to travel a little out of the way to get fuel costing time and travel expense. Basic economics are driving the acceptance in this market.
    2) CNG station owners may invest 800k to 2mm for their facilities. Most are not like Clean Energy that could build and wait for the market to develop. Today the stations can see that the WPRT engine is being purchased and the market is growing. They are getting commitments from truckers and starting construction on additional locations which will enter service in the next 12/18 months. Once again the economics will drive the market. CNG stations access their gas for about 50-70 cents a gallon and sell it for about $2.00 A nice markup compared to diesel. It cost about 14-16 cents to compress it and the extra facilities costs of the must be depreciated but if they can get a commitment of 20 trucks to fill at the station they will have about 400000 (20*20000*$1.00) in cash flow which should cover their costs and get them to breakeven. Anything above the committed 20 trucks and they will start to earn a nice profit.
    As additional stations are built more and more truckers will achieve the economics to switch to NG driving additional economics for both the trucker and station owner. Up to now it has been chicken and egg, The station owner didn’t want to spend millions for a station that had no trucks and the trucker didn’t want to spend an additional 60k for a truck that had limited range with no stations.

    If each new station needed 20 trucks then 5000 trucks would be needed just to fill minimum commitments of 250 new locations add another 4-5000 units a year to fill in existing fleets and WPRT is a winner.

    Its just basic economics.

  • of 7mm shares while normal volume was about 1mm shares. I bet most on this board thought "short covering" but if you look at the numbers, shorts only covered 240,000 shares from April 30 to May 15. that was from 11.73mm down to 11.49mm.

    Any indication that orders are picking up will send this stock well above fair value in short order. I don't know when this will happen but at these levels I don't understand the risk/reward position of the shorts.

    Good Luck

  • we have just started an up leg and the short interest is quite large. This stock could easily be back in the mid 30s by the end of the summer. Hold your shares and let the shorts sweat.

  • RWC needs to stay above 4 at quarter end. This will allow the company to get on the radar of some small cap funds. RWC has the growth, positive earnings for the last several quarters, Just a few quarters away from positive retained earnings, with costs under control. This stock could get a nice boost with a 3-4mm contract. If just a few small cap funds were able to place 100k shares or so in this company the stock could easily rise into the mid 5s with its small float,

    I believe that the next 3 months will be the best 3 months this stock has had in the past several years.

    Good Luck


    They must believe that that things will continue to get better considering that they are wiling to continue to add at higher levels. I believe that 2014 will be a good year for RWC but the continued buying by privet leads me to believe that we may have some decisions on contracts in the near term. I believe that we will have a 9-10 million revenue quarter in the second quarter and any major win will be icing on the cake.

    Good Luck

  • NEARLY HALF 1.1 are owned by just 500 fleet owners. WPRT doesn't need an order for a 1000 or so engines from any one owner but an order for 10 -20 trucks from each of these fleets. Each fleet has to climb the learning curve. In the past 4 months the number of CNG stations have climbed from 668 to 713 but this is just a fraction of the 6000+ diesel stations nationwide. Its just a matter of time and I believe that most fleets will experiment with some number of NG engines on the limited routes that have available access to CNG. As the density of CNG grows linearly the available routes will grow exponentially.

    We would all (expect the shorts) like the growth to be explosive from the introduction of the new 12L engine but have to be realistic. The configuration costs about 60k more than a traditional engine. These managers will test some engines this year add a few more next year and then, assuming that the economics still exist, will ramp up expansion to take advantage of the lower costs and the increased availability nationwide. Look at a map from "Alternative Fueling Station Locator" and you can see fairly good density in CA and OK and a few other corridors. The addition of a few hundred more stations will open the market for many more trucking routs. I expect to see steady qoq growth for the next year then a increasing growth in the next 3-6 quarters.

    The time to buy WPRT is now because once the growth becomes apparent this stock will be much higher.

    Good Luck

    Keep an eye on the number of stations nationwide. If the pace of new stations accelerates then Westport stock will also accelerate.

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    3.89-3.99 over past 3 days

12.35-0.08(-0.64%)11:11 AMEDT

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