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elivate 61 posts  |  Last Activity: Dec 17, 2014 3:36 PM Member since: Feb 7, 1998
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  • But the fact that Barack Obama and Jack Lew are stealing money from a public company that is now solvent, an act that is unconstitutional,doesnt get a mention. H,mmmmmmmmmm. Do you have a brain. Do you follow what is going on?

  • I dont know if noticed. Since this confiscation has started there has been no real public debate on what the Obama administration has perpitrated. Sure, a couple of articles from scholars who are familiar with the little document called the US Constitution have been air on our side of the argument, but other than that have you really seen any real discussion on CNBC or any other news network of whole picture and the facts around how FNMA has been exploited over the last 20 years. You havent. And the reason why is that most people dont have a stake in FNMA. So the only people that are even following this situation is shareholders. Most Americans dont give a #$%$ whether this agency is independant or part of the US Treasury so long as it keeps functioning as holding bin for 3% 30 year mortgages. See Obama knows that, thus the reason for acting like this isnt even happening. I am sorry to say, this one is captive for another 2 years. Let me ask you, we have full time agency fighting for the Conservatorship/sweep to end, and you hear nothing about this in the media or news paper. No Concerns from Lew and Obama on this one. They will continue redirecting FNMA profits to their liberal agenda without obstacle.

  • Thank GOD for this LEW and OBAMA. Saving the US taxpayers. God bless these guys. Leave it to Liberals....lying to your face while the drag the dollars to their agenda. Washington Who-edom.

    The Obamanation!

  • Friends what Obama has going for him in confiscating FNMA profits is the fact that the agencies when run independently were run by Democratic appointees that were complicit in wanting FNMA to become a mortgage compost pile. See, they could show profits, and make big bonuses from their irreponsibiltiy. So you see, FNMA as an entity has a bad reputation from the liberal leadership that allowed it to be manipulated by Billdo Clinton Administration. So even though, Barack Obama was one of the players instrumental in creating the whor-dom, he can now act is though he is saving the US taxpayer from these greedy agencies.

  • and Elivate tried to educate you to this. The profit sweep was always to have control over FNMA profits in order to control who gets loans. Mel Watt is a puppet for the liberal agenda of Obama. Hey I am just suprised that the Wall Street Journel would actually call out their protected president on the blatent redirection of FNMA profits for his agenda. word is getting out. Read through all of Elivates pressient postings. YOU HAVE BEEN GAMED AMERICAN TAXPAYER !!!!! I tried to explain over 6 months ago, what was up with shill. You wonder why Obama has his attorneys stonewalling dingleberry Sweeney. He is raping FNMA for every red cent he can deploy to his agenda.

  • to do anything. She has been totally complicet in allowing for the delay tactics to continue. The Liberal mafia in this country is very powerful. These maggots influence everything. In particular liberal #$%$ judges like Sweeney that are always looking for the next appointment. This Barck Obama is going to go down as one of the greatests hoods we have ever had in the office of Presidency. He is like Al Capone. Untouchable. ahh to be an African American leading the free world. Untouchable. God Bless Oprah!

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    fnma and fmcc conservatorship about to end?

    by peacefrommike1 Dec 10, 2014 3:07 PM
    elivate elivate Dec 10, 2014 3:39 PM Flag

    Liberal/Socialist Maggots have their hooks in this one. It is unfortunate, but Obama could give to shits about the "entity" that is FNMA. This guy has made a life carreer out of bilking the shit out of this agency. There isnt a chance in hell the profit sweep ends while this shill is in the President. Friends he doesnt even get approached on it. Hell, CNBC wont even mention it, why would he. No, this remain a Liberal piggybank for a long time. Boy the Judge Sweeney, she is one tough cookie, Fn 13 months later and she is still letting the defence run their delay tactics. F'n liberal judges. God bless the mininiuns.

  • called the Obama Piggy Bank. Democratic Party...."Dont bring up the subject and continue the extraction as long as possible"

  • A liberal leader like Obama being able to siphon this much capital from a US agency under the guise of protecting the US taxpayer, with the power and control to never have to acknowledge what he and his adminstration are unconstitutionally doing. FNMA is captive for another year and a half at least. Obama will be protected against having to address this during his term. And Judge Sweeny is doing shit to move along what is obvioius stonewalling by the Obama Administration.

  • Oink

  • Democrats know how to bilk US goverment agencies for their voting base. Obama has Watt in place to make sure his peope are getting money for homes. Regardless if the have enough for the 5 to 10 downpayments. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama know what side their bread is buttered. They have a lot of paybacks. FNMA serves as a wonderful source of found liguid spendable cash for their liberal causes.

  • elivate elivate Nov 23, 2014 9:17 PM Flag

    One of the reason has been able to get away with siphoning of profits is that their is no Republican oppositiion to this policy. See, FNMA has always been a US goverment agency but very much overseen by Democratic leadership to make sure they can influence as liberal of lending policies as possible. Their constituates/voters are minorities that have historically had diffculity procurring a mortgage/home. Republicans are represented more by the banks. But see the Banks would prefer a new system. If they can get the US taxpayer/ US government to eat the first 20% of a mortgage loss they would be willing to replace FNMAs purchases of mortgages. Ultimately Barack Obama is in a perfect position to be able to keep the status quo, keep his mouth shut, have the media cover him to any direct inquiries, and Siphon all the profits to the US treasury for immediate liberal spending purposes. Again the only reason the Republicans arenet raising hell abou the commandeering of the agency is that there consituates the Banks would like to replace it all together. FNMA will come out of conservatorship, but only after Obama get every red cent out of it for his minority following. He is the guarded emporor. The first we have ever had. That is what happens when an African American becomes president. You are racist if you are critical about anything he does or doesnt do.

  • Golly Gee look at all this money. Obama piggy bank. Timmy Guitner present to his Democratic party. Wall Street journal suggest that FNMA will have to have new guidelines for lending. No Sht, start with repealing every liberalization of this agency that occurred in mid 90 under Bill Clinton. FNMA seemed to function quite well for over 60 years. That is til Bill Cinton needed a create a compost pile fo his rotting subprime mortgages. But dont do that, put together some steering committees and have them work on new ideas for say a year or so while the Democratic Treasury syphones billions more of private capital. We are all watching this game play out.

  • Republicans arent for FNMA, no, they would rather have the banking industry own the mortgage, but socialize or give to the US government (tax base) the first 20% of loan losses. FNMA makes that unnessisary. The democrats have always been the party that controls FNMA. But Obama has special situation he is taking advantage of, as long as he can get away with it. Ya see, he wants the money in his treasury now. Those are funds that can be spent immediately. He can wield influence now with the Law Suit and profits going to the general treasury. Mel Watt, is being told, use the proceeds to come up with a new program to funnel money to our base, minorities. The American public is too stupid to recognize the initiative that put FNMA it current state ( Subprime, ACORN lending) is going to be funded by a new program of funneling FNMA (lawsuit and Profits) to low income/risky lending. It doesn't end my friends......They are just Democrats, they are in Washington for one thing, the redistribution of wealth and no better agency to do it with than FNMA. Even though this agency has been completely taken advantage of, they feel that there is no better time than the present to syphone even more money out of it for their cause. No, Obama, wants the cash now, while he can influence where it gets distributed. Getting 79.9% stock in FNMA is not liguid cash and the government gets that regardless of when it is released. No the cash flow is what can be spent. FNMA will leave conservatorship when it has been drained of its profits and our Socialist president is a full time quest on Oprah. This profit sweep has always been about the money. Obama is the most unaccountable president we have ever had because of his color. You say anything about him and his supporter CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, Hollywood, NAACP, ACLU, will have you defamed as a racist. NO PUBLIC QUESTIONING OF THIS GUYS ACTION EVER. AMAZING COUNTRY WE NOW LIVE IN.

  • Mel Watt is in his position to syphone money to liberal constituates. Low income voters that got Obama elected. Mel Watt is in his position to be an extension of Obamas liberal agenda to destribute as many (free or close to free) dollars to his voting base. Mel Watt is not some free thinker that wants FNMA to be independant and prudently run. He is a figure head for "free homes for minorities" funded by the the US Taxpayer backed FNMA and Freddie Mac. In their current Conservatorship, the Obama administration has control of the purse strings. Watt is a liberal appointee, put in the postion to Parrot the Obama/Lew confiscation/liberal appropriation machine. Come on, you all know that, you are just afraid to say it. With less than 2 years left to this Presidency, a assure that this guy is going to do as he damn well pleases. Remember he doesnt have to worry about the media. They are in his back pocket, or rather, he is in their back pocket. In any event, expect confiscation as long as Obama can keep it in place. this is like a Piggy Bank placed on his lap.

  • Obama wants to syphone the as much, as long as he can do buffer his general treasury spending. Might set a date further out for freedom from confiscation. Remember this is like a big piggy bank for the democratic agendy. Conservatorship ending means no more redistribution of private capital for the democrats.

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    Chambers eyeing SWIR. Close partner already....

    by elivate Nov 13, 2014 10:34 AM
    elivate elivate Nov 13, 2014 11:02 AM Flag

    That wasnt very nice.

  • Cisco can scale Sierra Wireless technology more quickly than any other networking company. Sierra's suite of products would compliment CSCOs portfolio very well. If not now.....they will do the deal is just a matter of time. Chambers will not let this gem go to someone else.

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