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enjay_rear 13 posts  |  Last Activity: Apr 6, 2014 6:05 AM Member since: Aug 7, 2003
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  • enjay_rear by enjay_rear Apr 6, 2014 6:05 AM Flag

    Article - Free Windows 8.1 Is A Game Changing Tailwind For AMD

    For those of us till, still entrapped in the notion that Nokia can still be some form of a third world and second world smartphone producer, this new microsoft strategy of giving 8.1 free will put the final nail. There is simply no future for Nokia as a commoditized mobile gadget manufacturer.

    Nokia and AMD can form a powerful alliance serving the needs of Msft and Sony even while they explore even larger markets. The change in wind direction , while is a sunset for some industry is a new dawn for others. One is AMD, the other is of course Nokia, provided it get its strategy right. It thus seems that the new Nokia board is indeed pointing the company in the right direction and it has my full support. In the new nokia, both Nokia and AMD are in fact facing off Qcom but in opposite direction. One from the angle of manufacturing, the other from the angle of technology. Both sees Msft as an important spring board as the jump off to even larger market. Notice from this article that AMD intends to be the mobile chip maker of choice. There is no way it can compete directly against QCom nor intel, yet it cleverly winds itself as a niche provider and to that end it won both the Xbox and Playstation contract. Now that it is gunning for the mobile world, that is where Nokia , with its gridlock on 4 G can come in.

  • enjay_rear enjay_rear Mar 30, 2014 10:07 PM Flag

    Rising, you know I respect your many good opinions on Nokia future in gadgetry undertakings, and it is with all due respect that I am asking this question, where do you get the idea, as you stated in a couple of posts, that Nokia 'pre sold' 10m Nokia X in China?

    If 10m from China alone is correct, then I can make an educated guess Nokia would have pre sold 35m globally by now. That would certainly make major news not only in tech but mainstream news by now for confirmation of pre sales have significant carry forward impact on suppliers and raw materials. But from what I can see, virtually all medias from all sources are suggesting the figure of 1m, and even then they are talking about registration of interest. The only place I saw the figure 10 is by a very old Seeking article and even then, do notice carefully, the writer who wrote that article might have just made an honest mistake by adding another zero. Please do allow me to courteously remind you that the first Window Phone 7 has very high registration of interest so much so that very credible market researchers are talking then in 2011 that the Nokia Microsoft partnership platform would suposedly dominate iOS and Andorid by 2015, that is next year. As for the actual final sales figure that infamously stunned the world with loftly expectations that we would rather forget, I would leave you re check WP history.

  • Article in question : AMD a Serious Threat to Intel and Qualcomm ? : by Motley F

    I have previous discussed at length why I strongly support the new Nokia board future business plan for Nokia as a 4G QCom. At the same time, I have discussed why in that future business structure for Nokia, AMD will become the most important piece of the puzzle for the this new Nokia.

    Whether be it by alliance or acquisition, the Nokia-AMD team with their combined strength of 4G dominance and state of the art mobile manufacturing capability will immediately catapult them into an unassailable empire .

  • I strongly support Nokia board far sighted and wise decision to dump away any commoditized business and focus instead on what Nokia and only Nokia can do . Nokia has ownership of all the cardinal components of 4G and can at liberty move all the way up the value chain. Why in the world should they set up another multi billion dollar plant in India to fight against all the low costs manufacturers on Earth ?

  • enjay_rear enjay_rear Mar 8, 2014 1:35 PM Flag

    In all courtesy, rising, may I ask in similar vein, if it is wise to re enter into the 'horrific' hole of global consumer electronics mobile world , when it has just lost no less than 35 billion dollars that almost assured of its extinction , and just went through an epic struggle to get out ?

  • enjay_rear enjay_rear Mar 8, 2014 1:22 PM Flag

    Thanks for Fox for posting . This is another wonderful article validating what is the obvious the new direction for Nokia , and one which I strongly support, developing its AT of which Nokia 4G patents are the core and ramping it up though enhance products. QCom has demonstrated a textbook execution plan for its 3G and Nokia will certainly do well to emulated this plan in its 4G. If Nokia is successful, there are many of us that cannot believe why Nokia cannot earn QCom valuation.

    I can see there are some Nokia investors in this community that are still talking up in terms of re entering the global consumer marketplace using global Nokia brand name recognition despite years of struggle and the obvious struggle which Elop, even up till now is still experiencing despite having the whole might of Microsoft behind it. I am glad this new core focus is getting pointed Wall Street recognition despite the fact that it is way too sophisticated for some investors to appreciate let alone aware of its potential. I congratulate Nokia board in its talent and sophistication, in bravely initiating a whole new grand vision for Nokia, and one which ramp up the imagination of Wall Street instead of initiating more suicide plans to cater to global mass market consumerism based on an emerging brand name of yesteryears.

  • Nokia leadership is certainly showing it can transform the company into a world class company once again where valuation goes into the hundreds of millions. I read with interest how the new Nokia leadership wish to slowly alter Nokia to become a QCom like entity. That is a correct move in my view and I wish to express my support for them .

    To be the 4G Qcom strikes at the heart of the industry. No one talks about leaving NSN, but the only way Nokia can bring itself back to the glorious days is to target a market as big as its former market. Fortunately there is something extreme unique in Nokia, it truly owns the seeds of greatness, the patents, especially the controlling 4G patents. It has full authority to decide where , how and even how fast the mobile industry to move and what better way to exploit it for maximum than to create products that the industry wants and needs based on a technology Nokia has spent $50b on and is on the verge of reaping massive gains from its research investments.

    Nokia must now decide what is wishes to acquire to obtain the missing puzzle. I suggested AMD chips patents as one of the most attractive acquisition. Alternatively we may see Nokia deepen its relationship with QCom . Either way Nokia is making the right decision focus on the massive market which it already control virtually all the key technologies.

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    Nokia Next Generation new plans - The 4G QCom

    by enjay_rear Feb 28, 2014 2:11 PM
    enjay_rear enjay_rear Feb 28, 2014 2:23 PM Flag

    When I first posted this new business plan for the new Nokia , which is felt is by far the best, some of the members here thought it might present a problem with the European Union as it might deem to be anti competitive. That is a misunderstanding of the position.

    European Union will not mind Nokia acquiring the likes of AMD for its patents and designs to support Nokia already pre eminent 4G patents to deliver a strong product to the market the way Qualcomm does. What European Union meant was it does not want a Nokia acquiring AMD patents and then re-licensing it back into the market . There is a big difference between the two.

  • A fellow board member, Farhan , has posted what it perhaps the most important interview ever that finally revealed the definitive trajectory of the new Nokia. After months of making educated guess of what is the new Nokia going to be, Nokia , the next generation, it is finally out. Advance Technologies, and not NSN will be the primary anchor of Nokia future . Alongside ARM and QUALCOMM, Nokia will be the third , newest and most important corner in the high tech designed world .

    A couple of months ago, I wrote a post here projecting that might well be the ultimate and best path that Nokia should take as it alone can bring Nokia back to its former glorious size. Wall Street will welcome this news strongly , it is awesomely simple, yet powerful, Nokia intends to be the 4G Qualcomm. It is a massive market, just take a look at QCom coming valuation of $200b. I feel now more than ever Nokia might make an acquisition for the chip making patents of AMD valued at 200 million (I emphasise, only the chip design part) which AMD has no longer any use for but is certainly one of the mightiest collection of patents in the chip manufacturing world and invaluable to Nokia. As investors, we should also understand how ARM and Qualcomm stole the thunder away from INTEL; see the connection ?

    I quote ' .Why not build some new products? Nokia has reinvented itself before.

    We will explore new product areas, either to develop ourselves or potentially for technology licensing to others, as Advanced Technologies will also be a licensing business. We have an existing portfolio, developed ourselves, built from more than 50 billion euros of R&D investment over the last 20 years, as well as experience in building products. Beyond simply licensing IP, WE EXPECT TO BE DEVELOPING TECHNOLOGIES AND PRODUCTS TOGETHER WITH CUSTOMERS , IN THE WAY YOU SEE OTHERS SUCH AS QUALCOMM OR ARM DOING '.

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    Why nokia can not jump ~ 10% like Bbry did today?

    by my2ndwave Feb 24, 2014 12:15 PM
    enjay_rear enjay_rear Feb 25, 2014 7:50 AM Flag

    This question was actually posted one year ago.

    Since then
    1. Bbry shareholders lost 30 percent of their capital, Nok shareholders gained 100 percent of theirs

    2. Nok shareholders is looking forward to a huge one time dividend followed by yearly dependable dividends.Bbry shareholders have nothing to look forward to.

    3. For almost no reason, Nok shareholders is now holding an investment grade stock they can pass to their children. Bbry shareholders is still looking at bankruptcy after this novelty new CEO run is over.

    I warned exactly one year ago that RIMM is a singular game plan stock and they have to get it right that time, and it has to be that time, because there will be no second time for them.

  • enjay_rear enjay_rear Feb 23, 2014 3:47 AM Flag

    Nokia should take this opportunity to build up its cash to 20 billion. There are 6 billion access tax credits awaiting to be claimed. Nokia should restructure its advance technology division which will be enjoying very regular and dependable income stream to that the entire tax credit reclaimed is transferred into its cash surpluses.

    We need not be reminded there are long term great benefits associated cash reserve, not only will the share prices command a premium, even Nokia internal costs of funds becomes cheaper as it ranked up the ratings.

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    Nokia - Reality check 19 Apr 2013

    by enjay_rear Apr 19, 2013 10:56 AM
    enjay_rear enjay_rear Jan 26, 2014 12:46 PM Flag

    This MB needs a reality check and I am gonna give one.

    If you think Nokia is now bad, well it was bad all along, no less during Apr 19 when I posted this post. Take a look at how it was replied. Then take in this fact. Nokia traded in down to the 2s those very times. Today it is trading at 6.86. So understand this, in nine months time, there will still be a lot to dislike about Nokia, even it will be trading fundamentally at $15.

  • This is an outstanding article from Bloomberg , it concerns all investors in Nokia and like what some fellow board members have discussed, is the catalyst to the next phase of Nokia multi year bull run not dissimilar to that of Blackberry, except on a massively larger scale, and one with very little doubt about the new Nokia future coming from the already strong hugely profitable platform.

    The battle to return Nokia into the league of the giants has began. What's in the new Nokia, who is the new CEO ? What is his vision ? This is the time for a reality check. of Nokia resources and capability and most importantly the creation of the new vision for Nokia that will take advantage of what that is uniquely Nokia that no other company in the world can match.

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