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enrgyflowers 47 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 13, 2014 8:10 AM Member since: Jun 4, 2012
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  • In fact, they will need more money next year and the smart money knows it. Also, we heard a rumor about matrix M causing mild heart attacks - is there another shoe to drop regarding the H7N9 trial? At the very least kiss goodbye any notion of a speedy approval process. Look, the hoods from the Obama Admin are camping in Stan's office, they view NVAX as their company at this point. Next year will see another 20 million shares at $6/share...

    Stan is well he should be. Getting involved with Obama people was a disastrous decision.

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  • Unless of course H7N9 becomes an issue. What is so striking about NVAX management is their lack of understanding about how the biotech investment market works. NVAX is oblivious to investor rationale. NVAX had had a burn rate for well over 20 years, no one gives a #$%$ about their results, what people see is an unsustainable burn rate. Frankly, we believe Stan sold out to the Obama hoods and is willing to sell them shares well into the future. Stan is lost, he does not understand that he needs to take his best saleable vaccine option and run with just that. People listen to the company talk and they are all over the map. We do not believe that NVAX can efficiently run all these trials and bring multiple product sales to market - they have been stuck in R&D way too long and live in a world of make believe. They believe the company can do all of this, the company can do all of that, the company is soooo good that they can run 5 trials and fall flat on their face.

    Look, take it for what it is worth. The Obama hoods are likely involved and they are master con men looking at these silly NVAX rubes chasing a dog whistle. Once Stan realized a year ago that he had a viable and saleable RSV vaccine for elderly he should have dropped everything else and hustled to market while continuing to tinker with H7N9. People, you are looking at significant dilution...shares sold to the Obama hoods.

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  • Can someone tell me how much money they are going to need? At this point we have to sell our soul and hope for a H7N9 pandemic, otherwise we will all be 5 years older with a long list of lost opportunity costs to pour over. Man, that really did NOT sound like a C.C. of a company with a breakthrough vaccine. It sounded like, oh those guys again running to the sound of a dog whistle i.e. it works in their mind but not in anyone else's. Why not just drop everything except RSV Elderly and take your chances with what precious little money you have left. I mean, my speculation dollars are being pitted against NVAX or a small gold/silver miner running a taunt ship. And it is a little scary, the gold/silver miner is winning. Like, just when does anyone expect to see $10 a share from NVAX? Uh, this is a bull market that will be long gone by the time they present a coherent plan, if that is even possible. Iscanova? Who are they again, and why did we buy them?

    Stan, you have a saleable vaccine in RSV elderly. Uh, maybe you forgot but you started your burn rate over 20 years ago...with RSV elderly you have a company to sell, right now you have a company chasing a dog whistle.

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  • And people may be taking a passive approach to what can happen, and what can possibly go wrong. People, the company is not too bright ok. They are betting everything on womb, which could be a P.R. disaster, and they are doing this when they have a saleable product in RSV elderly. Frankly, rsv womb could/should have waited until rsv elderly was up and running smoothly. That way the company could endure any misfortune that might occur.

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    Technical analysis

    by 4nursebee Jul 16, 2014 11:04 AM
    enrgyflowers enrgyflowers Jul 16, 2014 11:45 AM Flag

    One of our technical guys is saying 3.75 - and yeah it stinks. If Stan would have focused like a laser beam on RSV Elderly and seasonal we stood a fighting chance. NVAX is all over the map, doing hapless secondary's, talking out both sides of their mouth so on and so forth. People, do NOT underestimate the idea that NVAX has been clinical stage for soooo long they may be incapable of knowing how to go commercial. RSV Elderly is a classic case of this syndrome. They keep wanting to impress the scientific community, they will inject a woman to protect a womb...They cannot see the forest from the trees at this point.

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  • enrgyflowers enrgyflowers Jul 11, 2014 8:31 PM Flag

    Being short has NOTHING to do with it, I love the science. I am quite skeptical right now of management. Go back over their history ok, it is an old vinyl record that plays half way through the album then skips, so the turn table picks up the needle and goes back to the start of the album...

    You think that the secondary out of the blue after lying to us is no big deal? They are always talking about some big thing right around the corner, like they live in a time warp. I think they have been at the postponement game so long they are bound to live in a rut.

    People, they shrugged off RSV Elderly. Not one analyst ever asked about it. They pushed out seasonal based upon some hocus pocus of blending time with production. Look, they sound and act confused ok. I do not believe NVAX has any idea how much money they are going to need...shareholders may become shocked when the tab arrives. Smart money is NOT in NVAX ok. People, everyone else is getting some serious market cap, the street thinks NVAX is fairly priced if not overpriced. Nobody trusts them right now.

    Hey look, I will turn positive when I hear what b.s. comes out of the next c.c.

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  • And I don't think they know what they are doing either. Some of the biggest Biotech news in the last 7 years for elderly RSV therapeutic antibody from a vaccine, and it was handled miserably by Stan and Co. Then we get some momentum and Stan pulls the carpet out from under us to do a rushed secondary. Telling us he woke up to the RSV results. I dunno people, something is wrong here.

    The MERS trade is gone. The WHO is saying it is not that infectious as long as you don't make out with your camel. I am not sure there is an H7N9 trade. And it is obvious NVAX really does not have a grip on their vaccine development priorities. Pushing out seasonal, giving RSV - E second fiddle to RSV womb. Telling us they have enough funding, they are not even close to having 1/8th of the money they will need.

    But hey, they won a Washington Post fashion contest...move cautiously, something could be wrong with H7N9. NVAX does not understand the importance of vaccine perception.

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  • After telling us they were set and fully funded for at least the next 12 months. Then Stan acts like he woke up one day and noticed that he had solid RSV Elderly results and needed money to pursue an RSV Elderly trial.

    My question? Did any patients in the H7N9 trial have heart attacks? NVAX has been claiming "right around the corner" for 5 years. I don't see revenue for at least 4 more years at least. Unless of course they get some action on H7N9. I don't like the hurried secondary either. Stan looked like an amateur. How in the world did they not want to pursue RSV Elderly in the first place? People, they are going to need a lot more money. In case anyone has not noticed the market has gone straight up based upon 3.25% GDP for 2014. Looks like 2% at best. Revenue is flat people. The efficiency/automation has been squeezed out. More workers/people getting Gov support. Debt at 18 trillion with rates dirt cheap. I agree with jensefrelin. There is no buyout, revenue is 4 years away. That whole MERS saga is what gave us our last push. What news does anyone see in the next 12 months? Yeah H7N9 this fall, that needs a pandemic. BARDA again for MERS? What, that is good for 50 cents.

    In a 5% correction, the IBB and NVAX will get crushed. The market does NOT believe in NVAX. Stan had to belly up for $4 a share? Looked like a weak hen getting his #$%$ pecked by the market roosters...while cockadoodle about his golden egg?

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  • Watch out people. The H7N9 data points are quite robust. The safety profile and the antibody profile have cleared the hurdle for emergency use authorization !!!

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  • enrgyflowers enrgyflowers Jun 20, 2014 5:54 PM Flag

    Contract news should be coming over the next 4 weeks.

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  • Now we just have to wait to see if the company releases the news or holds it quiet inside corporate. The management promotions are the signal, the company has major work on hand.

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  • Cap Ex in the PC sector is HUGE. I know, what the heck does that have to do with NVAX. In simple terms - money. Investment dollars. Investment dollars inevitably follow cap ex. And NVAX is a "technology" company...a platform company. Big people, very big news just released by Intel.

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  • If it is a Saudi deal, then the extra dilution will not matter much - we make it back 10 times over at the next round, if another round is even needed. Vaccine can be a highly profitable market...Think about it. We give up some flash now, Stan delivers the bang by not having to go down this road ever again. I posted about the Saudi deal, not sure it would materialize...then I got a phone call.

    Honestly, I just got off a C.C. and the guys were going NUTS. Saying Stan may have pulled a farking rabbit out of his hat. The thought of retaining world wide rights to all our product/vaccines and being able to self fund our trials and research left most of us speechless. It is worth 10 billion in 12 months !!!

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  • H7N9 is a saleable vaccine, I am not sure the MERS vaccine comes close even for animals. Everyone thinks Saudi, I doubt it. If Stan is doing a secondary on a promise that the Saudi will be there on the other side, than Stan should resign immediately. Why not just make the Saudi pay upfront for expedited work?

    The timing looks odd, and Stan is engaged in some rather heavy dilution over the part 9 months, with suspect terms to Lazard. We were at 3.14 for one week? We were at 4.14 for 6 months. I don't like it when the CEO says one thing and then starts to do another.

    Frankly, and to make matter worse the RSV - E program appeared to be second fiddle to their womb vaccine. It appears NVAX seeks complication at times, in lieu of saleable vaccine. The RSV - E should have been and should be now the top priority.

    One would think Stan would respect shareholders enough to PR the need for what appears to be knee jerk financing they never talked about?

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  • enrgyflowers enrgyflowers Jun 4, 2014 8:19 PM Flag

    Anyone know how much the reactors cost? NVAX simply did not have enough money to begin a saleable vaccine program...

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  • NVAX did not position themselves to be "financially" prepared for a saleable vaccine. It was one of the items we discovered in our review of NVAX, and some may recall that I covered this item in a heated post. Frankly, this particular concern came up when Hong Kong talked about a vaccine purchase, was NVAX financially fit enough to carry out an order?

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  • enrgyflowers enrgyflowers Jun 4, 2014 2:10 PM Flag

    Yeah, and not only discussing the disclosure issue, but talking loudly, and clearly about the need to move China and Middle East Country's towards VACCINATION programs. I find it remarkable some of the nonsense being spouted. Close all the markets, wash your chickens, wash you camels, disinfect 12 square miles of desert. Disinfect the Chinese poultry industry? These people truly have no idea what street life in these country's looks like.

    I mean, an arm shot will do more good, more quickly, than all of the other measure combined.

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  • enrgyflowers enrgyflowers Jun 4, 2014 1:22 PM Flag

    Birdman this is fairly serious in an already tentative H7N9 scenario. I think it is going to be much worse than people expect. Relying on Chinese data is worse than relying on Saudi data. Again nice grab...

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  • I agree with Zinc, I have never in 15 years seen such profound results treated like a non event. I think NVAX spent a little too much time with the focus being pregnant women/newborn. It is like biotech has no idea what just took place in RSV - E. Frankly, I am still perplexed there has been so little news coverage of this. Nothing in AARP, in any of the medical journals, nothing. Craziest situation I have ever witnessed. I would have thought someone, somewhere, would have noticed.

    RSV - E vaccine is a BREAKTHROUGH vaccine !!!

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  • Potent, durable, therapeutic immune system antibody sequence in the Elderly !!! Quite frankly, these are the type of results that light stocks on fire. Does the market truly believe the future data will not be as crisp? If anything NVAX will further display the therapeutic paradigm. People, these are results mab Co's dream about.

    This was a VACCINE IN THE ELDERLY !!! Big, tall and proud standing there at Jeffries. And Stan/Co. deserve it...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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