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  • source . negó

    In the first auction of the second quarter, the IGCP incurred costs a little higher to finance 12 months. The State issued within that period, 1,500 million through an implicit rate of 1.394%, slightly above the previous auction.

    In the shorter term, in which the IGCP only sold 250 million euros, the rate declined slightly to 0.743%. Indicative amount was 1,500 million to 1,750 million euros, it is significant that the IGCP issue is to achieve the greatest portion funding required for longer maturities.

    In recent auctions comparable, the state endured a rate of 0.757% to fund three months (about a month) and 1.277% to fund 12 months in February.

    The demand ratios remained near recent levels, indicating strong demand for Portuguese debt in Treasury bills. Demand outstripped supply by 4.8 times within 12 months, against 3.9 times in the last auction, while the ratio fell slightly in the shortest time: 2.1 times versus 2.3 times last auction.

    Rising finance costs was expected by experts, since the last few weeks there has been an increase in market rates associated with various credit of the State. Something that not only affects Portugal and is particularly associated with the uncertainty generated after the rescue Cyprus and discussions on aspects of this intervention that can be replicated in future problems.

    The higher costs of funding the operation is amplified by the fact that you have downloaded the "price of money" to a year, translated at market rates "midswaps". That is, Portugal supported a risk differential dilated more than the operation February.

    However, despite the slight increase in cost, Portugal's debt to pay for 12 months about a third of what he paid a year ago. In the process of renewal of short-term debt, IGCP is paying less than 1.4% debt issued to replace a year ago, with rates of almost 4%.

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    China need to stymulus more is economy

    by escarigo70 Apr 17, 2013 5:36 AM
    escarigo70 escarigo70 Apr 17, 2013 5:54 AM Flag

    The stymulus program of coutrys helped more de financial companys, if china don´t stymulus is economy that will hurt is financial system, and that could create a big crisis in the financial sector in china.

  • The development was creted in china is population had experienced a new way of life, if china don´t stimulus more is economy, could have internal problems, china could be the best place to invest in the world only need to stymulus is economy, i believe that stymulus is the only way to atract investors, and china have more potencial to have more growth in the future more than other regions of asia.

  • escarigo70 by escarigo70 Apr 15, 2013 10:48 AM Flag

    I believe that Japan had devalueted is currency in the last stymulus, japan wake hope to late, for exemple in the field of technological products the companys all companys of the world are in a stage that is not easy to sell, for exemple aapl, goog, gm, f , they had sold all when the usa and china had good margins off growth, now china and usa the future of growth are not very clear, meanwhile japan had launch a big stymulus plan but the major markets like europe, usa and china are in a situation that for all is companys is hard to sell, japanese companys will need to be inovative and that is for all companys of the world.

  • escarigo70 by escarigo70 Apr 15, 2013 5:45 AM Flag

    With the Fed policy of buying governamental bonds and the implication of more Money to the market, and that push stocks to high prices, the way that computers trade this will lead to a situation that stocks are to spencive and they will go down like erosion that could take years to the usa stock market be atractive.

  • China is living a time that profit its better than secundary effects of polution, but the problem with north korea that cold lead to a dirty war, have acelerate the ecological conciens of the leaders of china, this problem could lead to protect in asia the best resource in the world that is water. Asia is the most populous continente in the world, and a dirty war in korea could lead to high prices in commodities, and water could be the ledar, but with or without war the leaders of china have open is consciens to ecological problems, i believe that china is more green in this days.

  • escarigo70 by escarigo70 Apr 10, 2013 7:10 AM Flag

    Check this company, i like is fundamentals.

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    Micosoft in trouble

    by escarigo70 Apr 9, 2013 10:23 AM
    escarigo70 escarigo70 Apr 9, 2013 10:30 AM Flag

    source :

    For those who have been victims of these 'scammers', Microsoft warns that the password must be changed by choosing an encoding strong, and should be changed to 'password' related bills and bank data and recommends conducting a 'scan' [pass the review] to the computer to see if it was infected.

    However, Microsoft warns in case of contact by someone on behalf of Microsoft to install this product, it may also be 'scam'.

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    Micosoft in trouble

    by escarigo70 Apr 9, 2013 10:23 AM
    escarigo70 escarigo70 Apr 9, 2013 10:27 AM Flag

    source :

    "They contact consumers individually and partners impersonating the security department of computer science, the technical support team of 'research' and development or even by entities that operate in the area of ​​security," says the document.

    In other cases, "are posing as partners with professional certificate in order to win the confidence of victims and often contacts seem truly professional and credible," he stresses.

    Microsoft states that the 'scammers' entering the name and other personal information via telephone to the public and can even know what operating system they are using the victims.

    The company advises so suspicious of unsolicited telephone calls and related security issues, even claiming to represent Microsoft or a company respected the unavailability of personal information such as bank details, not to see 'websites', perform any commands or install software you indicated.

    In a statement, the company also recommends that targeted annotate the information of the person who is contacting you, then passing them to the authorities.

    Read Full Article (P.2 / 3)

  • escarigo70 by escarigo70 Apr 9, 2013 10:23 AM Flag


    Microsoft Portugal is warning all consumers and partners to fraudulent calls being made on behalf of the company in úlimas weeks and more intensely in recent days, the company reported in a statement.

    Microsoft assigns the calls for a "strategy of 'malware' [threat or computer viruses] concerted and organized international breadth" and explains that the company's partners and customers are contacted supposedly because his computer was infected by a virus and advised a series of commands to resolve the situation.

    The company warns that 'scammers, as they are known criminals, "suggest that the problem can be overcome by buying support packages annually, seeking details of credit cards and induce the installation of computer software malicious, through which can obtain confidential data or remotely access the computer by changing the settings to leave your computer vulnerable.

    Furthermore, they can also direct consumers to 'websites' fraudulent, asking him to enter their bank details and personal and financial information.

    "The impact on victims ranging from direct financial loss, identity theft and 'malware' on their computers," the statement said Microsoft.

    The company also explains how the actions of evildoers.

  • After the war many world institution were ceated, one of them was the world bank, i believe that one of the markets that are not regulated is the forex, this war of currency create hungry and sofering in regions, if the world bank have the tools to control the Exchange of the currencys many dramatic situations could be avoided, if some government print to much currency the world bank could have the power to go to the forex market and reduce that monitary surplus of currency, if one coutry make a coutry suffer and don´t get results the world bank could print that currency, i believe that many ideias could bring the world bank a regulator in the forex, its the only way for the currency market could be regulated.

  • The rise of today of german bunds are a sign of .
    . more euros printed?
    - Money of perifery running to german bunds ?

    i don´t know

  • looking for the fundementals it looks cheap.

  • In this globalizide world one country in the Eurozone say it will take measures to increase austerity this is not his position, the globalization of the world economy make other regions of the world to pressure this country to go to austerity, because the most important economys of the world are printing Money, if don´t exist austerity in some parts of the world like europe, the global economie could face the threat of no one trust in other currency, the euro survive like a safe harbor for that ones that believe in the econmical policy of some financial standard, like i said this globalized world push some institutions to create a part of the world that is diferent, is a meter of create trade, the trade of currencys that is the most famous and profitable needs regions in this globalizade world that makes currencys that represent something diferent, if eurozone has for exemple a botle of milk that is the currency of europe but if the usa have the same currency that was a botle of milk they don´t trade, and this globalized world need regions on diferents that have currency with diferent worth, this worth of the currency is something that is created by investors and financial institutions, this circus that is the forex will make austerity or no austerity in diferents parts of the world, because what is now what is more traded are currencys, this is what the market demand, austerity or no austerity will disapear when the value of the currencys will be the same, meanwhile people are sufering with this currency wars. But in the past the wars were more painfull.

  • The situation of Portugal at short term is not good, Portugal needs to 1,5 bilion of euros, i believe if they tax the actual bond holders at 1% they got the Money, this could be bad for futures sell of the treasuries, but that could be good for who stay long and have liquidy, that could make small tresuries owners sell at low prices, and who stay long could buy in the panic, and wait for the future to sell high, this measure that is taxing 1% who have portuguese trasuries could afect the trasuries of italy,spain and ireland.
    But taxing who have portuguese treasuries 1% is like the EcB printing Money, because the major owner of portuguese bonds is the ECB if the measures on cyprus create to much noise, i believe this kind of taxation on who own portuguese bonds, create a new oportunities for who trade treasury bonds.

  • The regime of North Korea and how north korean people will make a militar intervention, who will pay the war will be japan and also the rebuilt nort korea, i believe that the stymulus of the BOJ was not for japan but bailout north korea, and with the japanese Money, japan will be the economic super power of asia, lefting behind china. thats my theory

  • If the quantitive easing create was a sucess avoiding a deep recession on the usa, i believe with the end of QE this could create a nervous insicurity between the big institution, i believe that the fed must create another stymulus program less expancive to avoid the nervous of the investors avoiding the crash, the fed to avoid the fear in the market must create another stymulus to the economy more cheap, this last 3 years the intervention of the fed in the markets was to big, if the fed leave the markets this could create fear and a crash destroying all the work that was made in 4 years, i believe that the fed must leave the market slowly and avoiding the termoil in the markets if the fed stop stymulating the economy, if the fed leave the markets this could be a shock to the markets and all the work was done in 4 years could be destroyed.

  • I don´t know if the market is cheap or expensive, but the number of aquisitions of one company to buy other is in slow motion, i believe that shows that nobody trust in the real worth of the companys, if the market was dynamic the number of aquisitions will show that the market give oportunities from some companys to growth, the market show that all companys are in a peak and the CEO of companys don´t see good oportunities to make aquisitions, in fact the majority of ceo are satisfing is shareholder buy pushing the price high of is shares, that is i believe that all shareholder whants, but growing organicly buy aquisition trying to create growth for the next 5 years nobody whant to think in this ideia, we see some companys buying small companys, but i believe that only apple have cash to buy other company, this is a exemple that one company could make a aquisition, the others companys can´t do aquisition because the market is so expensive that could destroy a company, i belive that aquisitions that involve big Money will not happen this shows i believe that the market is overpriced.

  • source negó

    The censure motion was sinker by members of the majority party, who voted en masse in the lead of the motion. Members of the PSD and CDS cheered, standing the defeat of the socialist initiative.

    As was expected, the majority of MPs chumbaram the censure motion that PS took this afternoon to debate in Parliament. PSD 108 votes and 23 CDS have the necessary majority to reject the socialist initiative. All deputies elected by PSD in recent legislative elections showed up to vote, while in the CDS, the 23 votes showed that one of the members was not present.

    Confluence were also left as expected. PS, PCP, the Left Bloc and the Greens lined "yes" to the censure motion, which, if approved, would bring down the government. However, the 73 votes of PS (José Lello was not present), the 14 PCP, eight of the Left Bloc and the two d'Greens were not sufficient to reach a binding position. The 97 votes in the 131 bumped the left parties that support the most.

    This time there was no abstention, unlike what happened in the last three polls motions, in which the PS abstained. This time, as proposer, the PS voted to approve the document.

    With this result, the PS is prevented from submitting another censure motion in this legislative session, which should last until the end of July. Now, socialists can only submit another motion for the return of parliamentary work in next September.

    Passos Coelho is back to the palace of St. Benedict for the fortnightly debate next Friday.

  • escarigo70 by escarigo70 Apr 3, 2013 10:17 AM Flag

    source : negó

    The Government is preparing a proposal to review the IRC "shall be submitted soon," he said Paulo Portas, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, during the presentation of investment between Vista Alegre and Ikea.

    Paulo Portas and Alvaro Santos Pereira stressed, this Wednesday, the government is committed to ending bureaucracy to attract more foreign investment.

    During the presentation of investment of Vista Alegre and Ikea, Alvaro Santos Pereira said that "two things missing to have a competitiveness package: an open war with the bureaucracy and the descent of the IRC in a realistic way."

    Economy Minister said that "after launch licensing zero for Type 3 firms (with less risk) want to present in the first half of the type 1 and 2."

    "We can not expect that projects are locked caused by the PDM and want to fight the small powers," he added. Already Paulo Portas reiterated saying that "time is money and delay is poverty."

    As for IRC, the two ministers said that Portugal is losing competitiveness. "The proposal will be submitted shortly and it is intended to be an incentive for investment," concluded Paulo Portas.

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