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eways 15 posts  |  Last Activity: Dec 18, 2014 11:26 AM Member since: May 18, 1999
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    A new Ecosystem is in the making Qihoo /Coolpad

    by mistersavvy Dec 18, 2014 10:06 AM
    eways eways Dec 18, 2014 11:26 AM Flag

    Local media report is Jan 8 debut for the new Dazen X7 in China

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    All longs should do some research on Coolpad

    by mistersavvy Dec 16, 2014 12:14 PM
    eways eways Dec 16, 2014 1:12 PM Flag

    People will wake up and realize the JV is creating a great brand "Dazen". It is beating Huawei on every fronts, and could be another Xiaomi-like success.

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    All longs should do some research on Coolpad

    by mistersavvy Dec 16, 2014 12:14 PM
    eways eways Dec 16, 2014 1:10 PM Flag

    I have been using Coolpad phones for several years, all very good.

  • eways eways Nov 12, 2014 7:31 PM Flag

    WUBA last Q peak was $53.5ish and now recovered to $46ish, with yoy earnings decrease and guided for more decrease to come; while YY last Q peak was $96 and now under $80, with earnings grew 87% yoy and guiding for further growth. Same recovery in price as WUBA did should put YY above $83. I was amazed how people tolerated WUBA's guide-down while punish YY for mentioning competitions in game broadcasting.

  • it's hard to see from the price actions; wondering what management is doing with all the cash?

  • new to this board: I wonder whether the company followed through with that Nov 2013 announcement of management buyback. Also, has the company done any buyback?

  • someone must know better than rest of us...

  • stock down on a big market up day, strange.

  • nexttoBreatout100DMA,thento$25assetbyMacquire.

  • Anyone has any idea how to check if some key funds like icahn sell? any volume or price indications?

    Sentiment: Sell

  • I am puzzled why people are so bullish about AMZN. Is the company a winner in retail? probably yes especially when they have the advantages of not paying sales taxes. Will AMZN stock make new investors rich? most likely not. Why? because the money the company made went all (and more) to the pockets of management and key employees. Just looked at their recent 10Q: they generated $3B cash from operations in last 12 months. They spent $1.9B in capex. They spent $1.2B in stock buybacks (bought back 5.3 million shares alone in Q1 2012). You would think their share counts would decrease after the buyback, right? Check again, total shares outstanding increased from 451M in Q1/2011 to 453M in Q1/2012! Now one got the full picture: Net net, the company made some money, those money went all to management and key employees, plus they increased share counts by 2 million for the past year! Sad for average investors, especially long term shareholders, they'll get nothing eventually!

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    Why would you pay more for Amazon

    by airtmac23 Jun 7, 2012 2:29 PM
    eWays eWays Jun 7, 2012 4:18 PM Flag

    i am amazed to see all the comments about hedge funds holding this name up. Go look at the top holders list, they are all mutual funds, those are the people who have lots of cash on hands and who don't care about performance or absolute return. Hedge fund managers, like David E, who felt AMZN a puzzle, are not top holders as they care about valuation and absolute return. Some day when AMZN is down, I can bet the bag holders will be mutual funds and their unsuspected average investors who placed their trust in those mutual fund managers.

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    I am god. Gaintop, suck my butthole....

    by y_lab Sep 22, 1999 10:53 AM
    eWays eWays Sep 23, 1999 8:25 PM Flag

    I agree that CPWR is an undervalued company that
    has turned to an upward trend.

    The following
    is a stock report from
    The site has many investment tools too(asset
    allocation, stock valuation, market volatility watch, stock
    report stats

    Compuware (CPWR)

    Analyst: John Chiu, Sept. 10,

    Consistent earning growth. CPWR is one of the fast growing
    software company with high profit margin. Its EPS growth
    rate was 4% higher than industry average in the last
    five years, and about 3% higher than the industry
    averages in the most recent year. The company's core
    software license and maintenance gross profit margin (93%)
    compares favorably with other major players (MSFT 88%,
    BMCS 91%, CA 95%, IBM 83%). Its service business is
    growing 36% mrq, much higher than IBM (14%), CSC (16%),
    or EDS(10%), because of acquisitions. However, the
    gross margin of service (14%) is low compared to other
    players IBM (28%), CSC (21%), or EDS(18%). This is
    understandable because they are building this business. CPWR's
    net profit margin is trending up in recent years, at
    24% for mrq. With the anticipated faster growth in
    lower margin service business, the net margin is
    expected to decrease slightly over

    Account receivable is too high. Currently, it is
    approaching 140 days of sales, if the receivable in the
    non-current account is included. It is much longer than the
    typical 35 days of MSFT or BMCS. Among major software
    companies, only CA's days sales outstanding is higher than
    CPWR's. This raises some doubts about CPWR's quality of
    earning, and the strength of its products market power. It
    is probably not a big issue as long as the economy
    is going strong and account receivable is not
    becoming non-receivable. However, if it is due to
    management's manupulation of earnings, the stock could tank
    The recent stock price weakness also arises from
    concerns of slowing growth of core software license in
    Europe. However, the company's expected growth rate of
    32% is much higher than CA (17%), ORCL (24%), MSFT
    (25%), and BMCS (27%). Suppose instead the company is
    going to grow only 27% for 8 years, using current FY
    EPS=1.21 and a required return of 10%, our StockCal gives
    a current intrinsic value of $49.7 per share. With
    current stock price at $30.5, a buyer is paying 61 cents
    for the dollar, or with a margin of safety of 39%.
    The assumed 8 years of growth is shorter than the
    implied years of growth for MSFT (11.1 years) or ORCL (10

    Risk and Performance Profile
    CPWR recently
    experienced a large daily price drop (-22.9%), the largest
    drop in three years. In the last two years, the
    highest daily gain is 16.8%. Even with this big one day
    drop, however, the annualized return volatility ratio
    in the last three month is 0.94, considerably higher
    than its lifetime average of 0.57. Technically
    speaking, the stock has gain upward

    For sellers of CPWR in the last year, the next day
    price high of CPWR can be 6.6% higher than previous day
    close with 10% chance. The maximum number of
    consecutive up days is seven days with an average of 2.2
    days. For buyers of CPWR in the last year, the next day
    price low can be 7.3% lower than previous day close
    with 14% chance during the last year. The maximum
    number of consecutive down days is six days with an
    average of 1.9 days. For the most recent three month
    data, please refer to our stock report cards.

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    Are you smoking crack?

    by bigmwyfan Jun 8, 1999 5:09 PM
    eWays eWays Jun 8, 1999 7:29 PM Flag

    Wadudem, your reply is very well done. There is
    some disconnect about the number of shares, however.
    In yahoo profile, it shows 23.4M. In one of the
    research note posted earlier, it is 27.3M. In the
    companies quarter report, it is 35.7M. The price/sales
    ratio would be 1.2. Still attactive for a company
    growing >100% sales profitably.

    further about
    the Net2phone IPO: currently, the price/sale ratio of
    Internet companies is 37. suppose N2P IPO at this price,
    it would worth 37*13=$481M. Own 66% of N2P means
    IDTC has $317M worth of Internet business, or $8.9 a
    share (317/35.7). The non Internet business thus worths
    only $12 a share, a price to sale ratio of 0.73.
    (12*35.7/590). Compare this to any other phone company! Also
    compare the growth rate to other phone company.

    With this analysis, I think IDTC is a value play at
    this price.

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    by AGrittle May 18, 1999 9:33 AM
    eWays eWays May 18, 1999 12:53 PM Flag

    Dell missed REV concensus last quarter, like IBM
    did in the December qtr. IBM decreased from 190 to
    170. Then, IBM came out with a +REV surprises for the
    March Qtr. The stock went from 170 to 219 then to 240.
    Can Dell deliver us a positive REV surprise? Let's
    wait and see!

    Personally, I value DELL at $52 a
    share. I won't sell now.

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