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  • I buyed my chers of ebait wen it wuz $50 par cher 12 long yers ago. Den as you no I sole my chers of ebait wen it wuz $19 par cher. Now I buyed knew chers of ebait dis yer wen it hit $55 par chers. I wuz hewmillyated by tha experiance dat why I due knot cum hear eny moore. I am up 78 scents par cher an berry berry happy. I ken finally show my face hear agin. I haff missed my frens hear. I all sew lied about owning googull chers. It juss I feeled wike such a looser. But hear my quesshun of tha day. Why Amazon at $272 dallers wen ebait is a way bedder cumpenny den dem? My bewuved ebait dose knot deserve dis. Thay weigh under val youed. Am I the only won dat sea dis? Peepull are sew stewpid. Ok buy. emale me.

  • I shood half ben payshunt. Ate yers to brake even is grate in the whild of inbessmints but Maw she putted presshore on me day an nite nite an day. I wuz a fool to cell. I wood be up 39 cents in juss ate yers. Dat over 4 sents par yer fur you dat math challinged. Good ting fur my Googull inbessmint. ok dat all. emale me.

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    Bill Clinton was BRILLIANT last night

    by paul_ryan_vp Sep 6, 2012 12:02 PM
    ewike.ebait ewike.ebait Sep 6, 2012 3:31 PM Flag

    Baddle of tha Clints. Furst thar Bill Clint den thar Clint Eastwood. Git it? Ha-hilk ha-hilk. I maked a funny. How due you wike me now? Enyweigh I want to way in on pollytics. As you all no I am a demmykrat. You juss cant go rong wit free munny. I only make minnymum wage gathering shopping karts frum tha parking lot at tha locull Piggly Wiggly tree days purr weak. It aint fare! Dat barely paids fur my maggyzeen an creem habit let alone badderies fur Mr. Shake Spear. Now I aint no pike smoker but I wike tha okayshunal razzbarry around tha old brown eye dat only a fresh set of badderies can offher. I getting distracktid. Back to pollytics. I kneed odder tings two an it only rite tha rich peepull cum up off sum of dat munny. Dat why I Demmykrat. Tha end. ewike

  • ewike.ebait by ewike.ebait Aug 20, 2012 6:22 PM Flag

    Tha frunt of my favrit librall magazine Newsweak saided dis month dat Burrock Whosane Ohbombya need to hit tha rode an dat we need a knew prezzydint! Den thay putted a big pitcher of him on tha frunt cover dat makes him wook evil. Wat dis hear whirld cumming to wen tha librall medeia due knot evin wike him eny moore? Den a knew book cummed out dat saided wen my bewuved prezzydint Burrock Whosane Ohbombya wuz a fat insest pervert wen he wuz a widdle kid living in Indoekneesha dat peeped at his cuzzins wen thay tooked a bath. Dey maked it sound wike dat a bad ting! Hoo dont due dat? I peepin at Maw rite now. Tha book seys all kinds of odder stuff dat thay digged up. All sew Burrock Whosane Ohbombya gittin slack fur runnin a negatiff campain. Duh! He can knot exactlee run on his record. Wat day expeck? I wiked tha negatiff durt about wen Romknee wuz meen to sumbuddy in grade skoll but now I fined out dat Burrock Whosane Ohbombya braked sumbuddys arm wen he wuz a fat cubby kid. We kneed to fine out moore stuff about Romknee wen he wuz a widdle boy an spreed it all aroun! ok by. emale me

  • ewike.ebait by ewike.ebait Aug 16, 2012 11:29 AM Flag

    an eye wood haff brokin evin on my ebait inbessmint. If only eye had held but evry won hear plus Maw saided ebait wood neber sea 20 dollers agin sew eye sole dag burnit! Eye loosed munny. Maw saided it cuss eye wuz a looser an she due knot no hoo my Paw is. Due eny won haff a rope an a chare? Dis hear Prozak aint werkin.

  • My fren Burrrock Whosane Ohbomba in trubull! I juss gottid a emale frum him dat saided Romknee keep beeting him in fun raysing munth aftur munth. Tha emale saided dis coppee an payst.

    "We got beat three months in a row. If we don't step it up, we're in trouble."

    We ken knot let Ohbomba loose! Dat wood meen Maw an eye wood knot git free rent, free close, free food, free hellth care, free burth cuntroll, free day care, free edukayshun, free aboreshun, well fair an all kinds of oddur freebees dat I desirve.

    Give now! Sen me yur munny an I will sen it two him I promiss. We ken knot let these grate programs go aweigh! It wood knot be fare! I shood knot haff to paid taxes wen thar peepull out thar dat make moore munny den I due!

    Ifen you reely want Obombya two win give now cuss we in trubull juss like his sad emale admitted. Him wood knot haff sendid dat emale ifen he wuzzint desprit!

  • ewike.ebait by ewike.ebait Jul 27, 2012 8:18 PM Flag

    I heard dat tha CEO of chick fillay saided dat he beleaf in tha biblickcull deafinishshun of tha famlee unit. I am apauled! How dare him half his own beleafs! How ken enywon an evrywon knot beleaf in gay marrage! Wat is dis hear cuntree cumming two! I am going two boykot chix fillay an allsew evry odder cumpenny in tha hole whild whirl if tha CEO due knot beleaf in gay marrage.

    Tha end
    emale me
    ok by
    yur fren
    ewike ebait

  • I heared Ohbomba unconstitwoshunall hellth care plan wuz declaired constitushunall sew now we gottid free hellth care. I sew happy bee cuz eye ben puttin off dis hear spreding rash cuz eye cood knot afford two go to tha docktour. I wented to tha docktour an he gived me creem to rub on myseff fur ten days. Dat kind of ironic cuz dat wat cause tha rash in tha furst place. Eny weighs I gottid tha docktour bill an kneed two know wear I sen it sew it ken git payed. Ifen won of my fren frum dis hear bord cood emale tha adress eye shore wood apreesheateit. yur fren ewike ebait

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    I Seen a Bottom

    by thomasauio942 Jul 13, 2012 12:43 PM
    ewike.ebait ewike.ebait Jul 13, 2012 1:52 PM Flag

    Lern Inglish pumpher. Its I saw a bottum knot scene a bottum. You kant be all dat smart wit yur pixs ifen you dont no propher gramher.

  • ewike.ebait by ewike.ebait Jun 18, 2012 8:18 PM Flag

    Juss chexing in on all my frens to remine you dat I predicktid ebait wood won day be worth moore den wat I payed fur it. I no I atmitted dat I sole my chers back wen it wuz at 19 dallers but dat wuz cuss I koodint take Maws preshore. She beliddled me fur buying into ebait in the furst playce 5 or moore wong yers ago wen it wuz 50 dallers par cher. Now she tells me wat a idyit I am fur selling. I ken knot win wit dat red nex womin. I predick dis hear belovid stox will go up sum moore cuz I am a savvy inbesturd an no deese tings. Dis hear a good tyme to bye! Ifen I haded munny I wood be tha furst in line butt my job as tha piggly wiggly shoppin cart boy dont paid enuff. How I wong fur the days wen I wuz bess frens wit sheicho an he wood payed me fur broke back mountin (an I due meen mountin) services but dat meen midnite done runned him off dis hear bord wit her lyes. ok buy. emale me. yur fren ewike

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    My hi-skool seenyur yerbook pitcher

    by ewike.ebait May 7, 2012 2:34 PM
    ewike.ebait ewike.ebait May 7, 2012 2:38 PM Flag

    I fourgot to put of pitcher of Maw back in her glory deys. dont she wook purdy? She sure wuz populure roun dees parts.

  • Dis hear wen I wuz a hoddy an a chix magnit. Them wuz tha good old deys befur my teef all rottid out. I no I wook wike a tall drink of wader but I admit I juss 5 foot tree inches tall. I gottid bullyed a lot in skoll cuz of my wong neck an toursew but wit short arms an legs an dat imbarassing mycrow willy of mine. Maw sed 6 jennorashuns of inbreeding catched up in me but I tink thay wuz juss gellis is all. Eny weigh I hope you injoy my pitcher. I wood wike to sea wat all my frens hear on dis yawwho messige bord wook wike.

    Is it how you imagined me to wook?

  • ewike.ebait by ewike.ebait May 6, 2012 4:25 PM Flag

    My mentour dun dyed. You heared dat rite. My mentour dun up an dyed. Wen I wuz a widdle boy I used to preten I wuz widdle Oppee an Goobur wood let me ware his hat an he wood bounce me up an down on his lap. If I wuz a reel good boy I dreemed I cood sit on Floyds lap an thay wood let me join thar seacrit handshak club. Dat weigh ifen paw an ant bee cummed into tha fillin stayshun we cood give tha signull to stop playin Jiggull tha Jewlree. To dis day I sumtimes still tink about tha preten dreem wen I go to bed. Sumtimes in tha dreem Paw catches us an he gives me a paddlin rite thar in front of Gooburr an Floyd an Ant Bee. Dat how much I wuved my mentour. Hear a song in hims honor. RIP Gooburr.

  • ewike.ebait by ewike.ebait Apr 7, 2012 8:37 PM Flag

    My name ewike. I a democrate. I beleaf dat govermint shood haff cuntrol of all tings. Lettuce here it fur big govermint! I beleaf dat tha rich shood pay moore taxis. I beleaf tha pour shood pay less taxis. No tax brakes for the rich! Lots of deduckshuns an rebates for tha poor! Spend an tax, spend an tax. Dat my theroy. Go Obomba. I beleaf ifen it feels good do it. I beleaf it shood be illeagle to say tha word God in pulick. Ifen you beleaf dis to press like. Oh weight. Dis not facebook. ok. emale me. Tha en.

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    Worst Week

    by ebay_pays_my_bills Mar 31, 2012 7:55 PM
    ewike.ebait ewike.ebait Apr 2, 2012 8:36 PM Flag

    I haded a bad weak all sew. Furst Maw foun my personnel stash of ebait purrchasis (addult pearafunnailya) an she done trowed dem in tha traler park publick dumpstir. Den sum of tha traler park kids finded dem an seen my name ritten in majic marker down tha shaft of sirton idumbs. I wont say wat dem idums wuz cuz it purrsonnail tings I byed on ebait. Them thar kids den proseedid to show evry won tha findings. Now tha hole traler park no my durdy widdle seakrit witch is I wike it up tha but. I wuz sew imbarris I runned to Maw wit teers cumming down my cheeks an I telled her wat wuz rong an she laffed sew hard teers wuz cumming outta her eyes to. She saided she knowed dem kids wood be dumpstir divin an hoped thay'd find dem. She sayed tha knews maked her dey an walked aweigh laffing. Dat hertid my feelings. Sew you sea I haded tha worst weak eber.
    ok buy. emale me. tha end

  • ewike.ebait by ewike.ebait Mar 25, 2012 2:44 PM Flag

    I am a ebait inbesturd but I haff nebber celled anyting befour on thar. Lass weak I decidid to cell my lowshun an magazeen colekshun on thar. Each lube cummed wit a magazeen. I tooked pikturs an rited descripshuns. Ebait toll me make shipping fur free sew I putted free shipping. I haded 8 diffrent lubs dat were hardlee used an I only listid tha mags dat did knot haff pages dat were sticked togedder. I am hear to told you dat I only celled won magazeen an lube combo! I gottid 99 scents. dat all!!! Wat kind of web site is ebait if yous ken only cell one ting par weak!? Dat juss due knot maked cents! Jon I due knot no how you due it fur a living. Know wunder you haff to cell wead out of yur howse. I tink I haff two sti to mannewher sails fur tha tyme being! Maybe I need two make a you tub video an git moore hits???? Agit? Eny suggestshuns? Due you kneed eny of my producks?
    Ewike tha grate.

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    Yesterday Analysts' Downgrades

    by lordelike Mar 20, 2012 1:52 PM
    ewike.ebait ewike.ebait Mar 20, 2012 8:18 PM Flag

    Deer Ebait Hisstoryan,
    Inbesting is knot about making profits! No! It about bying high den holding tha bag fur yers on end while it inch its weigh back up to brake even point. It about avridging down wen tha botdumb drop out sew you ken sey you did knot by at tha peak! Now dat sumting you ken take pryde in! Enywon idyit ken sea dat Amazon wented up moore twoday den Ebait has goned up in tha lass 5 yers. Enywon ken see dat Amazon has goned up over $150 par cher in tha lass 3 yers. Due knot go by dat cuss tha massive gains are knot tha point! Tha point is how two read into tha reports an day sey Ebait funduhmentals are sound! Amazon juss has massive gains an big promisses fur tha future! Wat hogwash!

    Hear is my advice fur you mr. Ebaithystoryan. Due knot beleaf tha analists wen day talk bad about my beluved ebait. Only beleaf dem wen tha talk bad about Amazon! Dont you git dat fool?


  • ewike.ebait by ewike.ebait Mar 9, 2012 10:21 AM Flag

    It is me tha grate ewike. King of the ebait inbesturds. Eye haff honurred you wit my presents sew bow down befur me. Hay you sitting in tha frunt seet. Yes you Sully tha massachewsits meadow pie. Git yur nose outta agits crak an lissin up! I haff grate knews. I haff ben a ebait stox holer fur moore yers then enybuddy sew eye no wat I am talking about wen I sey now is tha tyme to inbest. Menny of you call ebait "tha hole roll dump" meening no madder how much you wipe, it dont seem to be enuff an you blow the hole roll and you haff to flush about wike 25 times. I am hear to sey IT AINT TREW! Ebait moore wike a Mona Lisa. A massturd peice. You wood haff to pay Edword Jones allot of munny fur dis hear advise an I giving it two you fur free. Lissin now an tank me laydur. ok. by. emale me.

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    The more things change ....

    by lordelike Mar 8, 2012 12:59 PM
    ewike.ebait ewike.ebait Mar 8, 2012 3:19 PM Flag

    "I read your comment because I didn't have this ID of yours on ignore."

    Buy tha weigh eye allweighs sey I put peepull on ignore dat weigh I due knot haff to worry about having a clevfur cum back wen thay reply cuz I sux at cumbacks as Maw allweighs seys. Ok, buy. I haff to go git my nose out of agquts azz now an its lodged up thar purdy far aftur dat I haff to git sullys nose out of my azz. Tha end.

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    Charlie's Angels Love Makin' Bacon

    by doc.madbezos Mar 1, 2012 7:06 AM
    ewike.ebait ewike.ebait Mar 1, 2012 1:28 PM Flag

    Sum peepull tink eye a elike inpostur. Can you beleaf dat!? I git sew insaltid by dat. Why enybuddy wood a sewsheate me wit dat dummy eye due knot no!!! ok buy emale me

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