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  • SUTOR physical plant opening video APP
    Release Date: 2015-03-26
    SUTOR Group not only created a fine steel O2O marketing model, launched online and offline integration, multi-terminal interactive full-channel business model, but also the idea of ​​this model were applied to the internal management. Recently, SUTOR group entity Factory Video APP also officially opened.

    Customers simply scan the QR code through a professional tool to scan SUTOR physical plant video APP dimensional code to download and install, can be real-time, anytime, anywhere to monitor the situation within the factory of production, changes in the past can only go to the site in order to visit the factory of the drawbacks .

    Technological advances have increasingly changed human life, production, to people's lives, production has brought great convenience, SUTOR Group insists "Better idea, Better future" business philosophy, the constant pursuit of innovation, the most sophisticated The technology used in production, management and even the service, which is SUTOR Group in order to create the best quality steel supply chain service provider and make efforts to create a win-win situation for the Group, customers, suppliers, the local community and all stakeholders .

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  • SUTOR Group's original fine steel electric provider O2O marketing model
    Release Date: 2015-03-20
    First of all, maybe some people are not very familiar with the concept of O2O. O2O (Online To Offline) mode, also known as off-line marketing business model refers to boost consumption under operating line through the online and offline marketing and online purchase, that online purchase payment, enjoy the service offline.

    Due to the need for further contact with the next line, O2O marketing model is particularly suitable for the goods and services necessary to store the consumer, such as food, fitness, movies, beauty salon. Businesses by offering discounts, free information and reservation service, etc., the next line of the message store pushed to Internet users, which will convert them to customers under their own line.

    However, with all sectors of O2O mode try different applications, O2O online payment is no longer limited to a single mode of consumption of the line, and gradually rise to a variety of new models.

    For example, when you go shopping or into the supermarket, you can see the line of goods, online payment, line delivery, completed the purchase in the supermarket, but they can go home empty-handed, within half an hour, perhaps even purchased first home. Enterprises as the mainstay of O2O, and can derive the following modes:
    * online communication, purchase offline (traditional retail stores);
    * Buy online and offline consumer (service consumer goods stores);
    * line experience under line the purchase (for customized products, advanced customization, etc.);
    each model reflects the demand for services closer to consumers, O2O mode allows communication, sales, marketing, offline entity, online and mobile Internet electricity electricity Inter direct seamless, integrated.

    So fine steel O2O marketing model and how is it? With the economy the electricity supplier of in-depth development of e-commerce is becoming a modern industrial system of economic ties and in the core of e-commerce forward the traditional industry, agriculture, services, full penetration, integration, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, which SUTOR Group is an opportunity to implement fine steel electric provider O2O marketing model.

    Electricity supplier of quality steel that is through e-commerce technology buyers and sellers direct immediate docking, in order to shorten the circulation of fine steel, flat circulation levels, improve transaction efficiency and cargo turnover rate, which is in line with fine steel industry under the profit era needs. All along, fine steel industry B2B e-commerce focused on doing online transactions, most B2B websites remain the main supply and demand information in order to provide the initial stage, the site is actually an information exchange platform, only the buyer and seller of procurement information and Supply information is placed on the platform, and the actual amount of online transactions is difficult to further breakthroughs and enhanced.

    Seek to integrate online and offline resources to break the natural electricity supplier quality development bottleneck Steel optimal choice. O2O B2B marketing model to expand outside of fine steel trading around exploring various aspects of more value-added services, to achieve a wide range of electric provider model will provide a new impetus to the development and creation of new revenue for the sustainable development of fine steel companies growth.

    Due to the complexity of fine steel trade, professional features, involving multiple line payments, invoicing, secondary billing, warehousing, transportation, finance and other service sectors. Therefore, a simple online service can not solve all the problems in the trading process. How to interact with the service line under the sales line entities combine to form a complementary and mutually reinforcing linkage sales system is very important.

    Fine steel O2O model emphasizes the integration of online and offline multi-channel terminal interactive whole business model, make up the traditional steel products and e-commerce due to lack of experience can not provide a complete service and other defects. Logistics and e-commerce payment is fine steel two short board. On the one hand, as a commodity trading, often relatively large volume of transactions on financial security, speed and other requirements credited higher than general merchandise trade, the question of the need to break large payments; on the other hand, our country is still in the steel logistics traditional logistics stage, most local logistics enterprises still remain in the transportation, warehousing, distribution and other traditional logistics level, the lack of specialization, integrated logistics service capacity. Modern steel logistics requires companies selling goods from raw material procurement to achieve rationalization of all aspects and functions, namely supply chain solutions for the goal. The integration of online and offline marketing activities, the initiative through online communication and consulting services to attract customers, to guide the user to learn more about credit financing under shear processing, warehousing and logistics services, such as lines, improve customer stop type of integrated service experience. At the same time, attract the industry chain service providers to join, integrate all aspects of resource quality steel supply chain, the financial institutions, warehousing, logistics companies, cutting machining centers supply chain resources added to the system to provide a wide range of value-added services, and information technology tools to optimize resource allocation and improve transaction security and supply chain efficiencies.

    Online services: through a simple-to-use, user-friendly interface and high service to enhance user experience, improve user viscosity, guide and nurture the user needs:
    * providing information services information and industry data,
    * referrals and dealmaker services
    * online under Single and trading,
    * using a large data processing technology to analyze customer buying behavior, more accurate to find customers, reduce marketing costs,
    * Submit customization needs,
    * integration of new and scattered small volume requirements, centralized into new business Orders,
    * the use of micro-channel, microblogging and other network platform to new information technology products, value-added services regularly pushed to clients, subtly promote their strength, cultivate potential customer base

    Under Line Service: Integration entity service resources to provide the last mile logistics and distribution services:
    * Completion of the online billing service can not operate
    * pledge of warehouse receipts financing Loaning Service
    * shearing operations
    * warehousing and logistics and distribution services

    In the development process of fine steel O2O mode of marketing, e-commerce is the means, is the foundation of modern logistics, secure payment is guaranteed. Under the "single line, line delivery; parity line, the line orders; the line to see the goods, online shopping" boost in other models, to achieve order, payment, logistics, financing and other multi-channel integration the whole process of fine steel O2O marketing service system, to achieve system integration of online and offline resources, changing the steel trade in the past simple business model and a single profit model. SUTOR Group, according to its own characteristics, combined with different user needs, forming the most appropriate marketing mix model itself, the only way to promote quality steel O2O model has been fully utilized and long-term development.

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  • SUTR will be the stock gain of all time. With the Shanghai Huaye Steel & Iron Group and Jinying365 SUTR will become a muti billion $$$$$$$$$$$ company.

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    Huaye info

    by f7455dm Feb 19, 2015 8:11 AM
    f7455dm f7455dm Feb 19, 2015 8:14 AM Flag

    Shanghai Huaye Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. is the top 500 enterprise of China.
    With registered capital 3.5 billion USD, Shanghai Huaye was established in 1991, and has been the global leading corporation in modern steel service industry. Currently, we have set up 20 wholly owned or joint venture subsidiaries, cooperating with over 50,000 end users and 100 mills at home and abroad. We are working hard to be and to stay the top metal processing service provider.
    Our main business scopes:
    Steel precision processing
    Domestic trading
    International trading
    Steel supply chain derivatives service: purchasing agent, sales agent
    Our key business model:
    Gather the client's requirements to purchase products with good quality from mills to reduce the cost
    Process the material by using our own processing center, and deliver the goods on time
    Provide multi variety and one-stop service to improve procurement efficiency and lower the cost for clients
    We are offering Iron & Steel products:
    Plates:Hot rolled plate .Cold rolled plate .PPGI and Galvanized plate .Tin plate .Stainless steel plate
    Seamless pipe .Stainless steel pipe .Welded pipe

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  • f7455dm by f7455dm Feb 19, 2015 8:11 AM Flag

    In 1991, Shanghai Huaye Steel & Iron Group Company Limited was relocated in Baoshan District. Our business performance and comprehensive strength have been keeping on steady growth. Our group boasts a lot of development advantages.

    Huaye mainly engages in processing and distributing services for all kinds of steels such as hot rolls, cold rolls, GI, PPGI, steel, electric steel, and section steel.

    The high reputation, keep-improving products and pursuing -the -best services are keys to success of Huaye business. In the past decade, Huaye won many honorable titles such as "China's Best Credit Enterprise", "China High Credit Enterprise", and "Big Enterprise in Shanghai". From 2002 to 2007, Huaye successively ranked in the top 500 enterprises of China with high rank of No. 165. In 2006, according to famous appraisal by the world band Lab., Huaye ranked 7th in China steel industry and the only listed brand in China steel service. In 2008, Huaye won the honorable title of "2008 China Private Scientific and Technology Company Top 500".

    Ever since, with the idea of profession, Huaye has established a new modern system for steel circulation integrating steel processing, warehousing, distribution, retailing and E-commerce. In addition, we have developed a national circulation network. Huaye constantly perfects service items and whole service system. With the excellent leadership, steady employees, complete management system and growing fast IT construction in the group, Huaye builds up a good set of client servicing idea and wins the support and trust of clients. Therefore, Huaye becomes a full-function modern steel circulation enterprise.

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  • f7455dm by f7455dm Feb 7, 2015 12:32 PM Flag

    O2O sales strategy builds Sutor’s new competence
    Post Date: 2015-02-05
    Nowadays E-commerce has been introduced into the development of bulk commodities market,and it becomes increasingly important as the future development trend. Sutor Technology Group has launched the new model of online-to-offline (O2O) business in order to better transform and upgrade business model and expand our sales channels.

    Sutor Group is offering more efficient and convenient sales service to customers through on-line shops at E-commerce platform where more plentiful goods and service contents are displayed directly. By taking advantage of online users’ data base acquired from online communication, we can improve the quality of marketing and customer care service based on better understanding of customer demands. In addition, we regularly push more service information through WeChat platform to internet clients in order to attract more potential customers, which include company’s new products and latest technology, value-added after-sales services such as processing, warehousing and logistics services.

    Such complementary marketing approach of online-to-offline not only expands our opportunity to contact more customers, but also reduces the transaction cost for both sides. Sutor Group is making the best use of E-commerce technology and mobile internet platform to promote our brand value, new technologies and innovative services to customers. We are grasping new opportunity from market change to build our unique competence and new drivers of profit growth which is more suitable for our actual development conditions.

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