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factman777 31 posts  |  Last Activity: Sep 30, 2015 10:02 PM Member since: Oct 10, 2012
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  • On Page 29 of the Corporate Presentation titled: Significant Neurological improvement in Third Patient Implanted with Neuro-Spinal Scaffold, the following bullet was added:

    - At three-month exam, regained partial sensation from mid-chest level to mid-abdominal level

    Just the Facts,

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  • factman777 by factman777 Sep 30, 2015 3:47 PM Flag

    And adding to my position at these sale prices.

    Nothing has changed fundamentally with the company except:

    - Clinical timelines have been compressed by rolling the Pilot study into the Pivotal study .
    - Additional patients may receive the Neuro-Spinal Scaffold under the Emergency Use Expanded Access Mechanism while the Pivotal study terms are discussed with the FDA.
    -Management has stated as of Sep 8, 2015 there has been no funds raised via the ATM which clearly indicates that the company with its cash runway out to late 2016/early 2017 will not use the ATM and issue shares at these low prices.

    Today’s InVivo is still the same well funded company as a few months ago that looked like it will provide a new standard of care solution for the Acute Spinal Cord injury patient. Even more so now that the last patient in the Pilot study has been enrolled. The only thing that has changed is that now you can buy its shares at a steep discount.

    My take on the current situation is that the bio-techs have steeply corrected and even though InVivo’s management continues to execute flawlessly, its share price has suffered within this bio-tech correction. I believe the Stock Market in general is MANIPULATED and that after the smart money has finished accumulating shares of InVivo and other fundamentally sound bio-tech companies these company’s share prices will resume their upward trend. To me, it’s ludicrous to think the situation in China, Greece or whatever the media thinks up is going to affect InVivo’s fundamentals going forward.

    Just the facts,

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    Nice end of day grab !

    by nize_man_4_u Sep 18, 2015 4:01 PM
    factman777 factman777 Sep 18, 2015 4:08 PM Flag

    E*TRADE PRO showing last trade of 34,279 shares at $10.99

    Nice day in a down market going in to the weekend.

    Those who are patient will be rewarded.

    Just the facts,

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  • factman777 by factman777 Sep 15, 2015 4:18 PM Flag

    Would you please stop wasting everybody's time with your trivial trades. They add no value to the board and I believe nobody on this board really cares.

    Message to my fellow board members

    If you would like to see portfoliomanager2013 STOP posting his trivial trades:
    select the "thumbs UP".

    If you would like to see portfoliomanager2013 CONTINUE posting his trivial trades:
    select the "thumbs DOWN".

    Since I cannot "thumbs up" my own post please add 1 to the total number of thumbs up.

    I would think if we get a 9 to 1 "thumbs up" to "thumbs down" ratio hopefully Portfoliomanager2013 will get the message and stop wasting this board's time.


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  • factman777 by factman777 Sep 1, 2015 4:48 PM Flag

    which is probably not very much.

    ETRADEis showing a last trade at $9.25 with a the following spread in extended hours:

    Bid: 9.25 x500 Ask: 9.34 x200

    Just the facts,

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  • factman777 by factman777 Aug 31, 2015 12:13 PM Flag

    I believe that it is the cumulative effect of several press releases that will get the good word out on InVivo and raise the general awareness of the company. Here is the recent set of PRs in the last 3 weeks:

    Aug 12– 13th clinical site added in NJ
    Aug 13– CEO Mark Perrin interviewed on FOX Business Network
    Aug 20– Enrollment of 4th Patient at the UC Davis Medical Center in CA
    Aug 24– Front Page Article in The Boston Globe
    Aug 24– Listing transfer to Nasdaq Global Market
    Aug 25– InVivo to present at the 17th Annual Spinal Research Meeting Network to be held Sep 4-5 in London
    Aug 27– mentioned on the list of cheap stocks to buy (4 stocks)
    Aug 31- InVivo to present at the Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine Int’l Society to be held Sep 8-11 in Boston

    As far as the ATM is concerned, I see only two possible scenarios:

    - since they don’t need any money to late 2016 /early 2017 the ATM has not been used at these low share prices with several catalysts coming up within the next 3 to 6 months that will surely cause share price appreciation.
    - if the ATM has been used, then InVivo must have something very big brewing that they are going to need the money for in the short term. This could be an expedited pivotal study and/or start of a with/without stem cells chronic trial.

    I believe that the company is continuing to execute flawlessly. Once patient 5 is enrolled things will start to really get rolling. My strategy right now: sit tight and if you have a little extra cash, add a little at these sale prices. No one knows when the sale will end. It depends on when the “smart money” has finished accumulating or, I would think, the enrollment of patient 5 which would be a major milestone reached for the company.

    I predict a year from now many new shareholders and existing shareholders that added will look back at this time and be very happy that InVivo was on sale for several weeks in the summer of 2015.

    Just the facts,

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  • Good post to recall from tootalljones (2 of 2)

    Fourth, insurance and national health insurance reimbursement is assured. NO STUFF LIKE, THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY WILL NOT REIMBURSE YOU.....The numbers are so utterly overwhelming, the fact is that every insurance company and health care system will beg to reimburse our solution.

    Fifth, THE SHORTS ARE LARGELY DEFANGED. yes they will lie, cheat and steal and lie and defame and slander some more, but what are they going to say? Look at the utube footage, before and after? They can talk and lie on Seeking Alpha all they want but we have the footage. What are they going to say, the monkeys were a hoax, that the footage of human patients is rigged, an internet scam rig type of thing? PALEEEZE.

    The Wall Street shorts have their power from many sources, but their primary tool is the written or typed word. What are they going to do when there is video proof? Is it all faked? ha ha ha? These human #$%$ are defanged. Let them try, the wall street elephants will trample them underfoot.

    Sixth, SOON BABY SOON.........WE DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT 3 OR 4 OR 5 OR 6 OR 7 OR 8 YEARS, LIKE CANCER BREAKTHROUGH DRUGS, with endless dilutions and more dilutions on top of dilutions. NVIV IS ALL CASHED UP....our patients know if the cast works in about a month, and from there, they keep getting better and more better.

    Seventh: top tier science people from our company. Look at Dr. Langer's credentials. He was and is and has been the CZAR of the FDA. WE are MIT rich with people. We are located in the epicenter of biotechnology, Cambridge, Mass. Top of the Tier Pedigrees

    Conclusion: We are the only game in town, on the planet, and there is no competition.
    NVIV, the perfect technology, multi-billion dollar markets, the perfect investment.

    Just the Facts,

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  • Good post to recall from tootalljones (1 of 2)

    I am not Rasputin the Mad Russian Monk but I have been at this for 30 years, trading and owning and swing trading, but never day trading. This is the single best investing opp in my entire life. Why?

    1st and foremost, NO COMPETITION. It is hard to underestimate how important that is. In every single area, or almost every one, there are 3 or more companies competing for the prize, and in some areas, like Psoriasis, for instance, and this inflammatory condition is complex and varied, there are literally almost 2 dozen Big Pharma (BP) and brilliant smaller bio-techs fighting for the potential that is there.

    If I am a little biotech, with a great psoriasis solution, and a great technology, I must fight against two dozen BP companies, who have jobs at stake, and their own P drug in the works, and they may lie, cheat or misrepresent along the way, and they will outlast you and your visionary shareholders. Make no mistake, money is money, and where jobs and families are at stake, BP will screw the daylights out of the little guys, if they have a competitive product in development.

    2nd: billion dollar markets, in North American and worldwide. I will elaborate later. Actual multi-billion dollar markets, and a 25 billion dollar worldwide CHRONIC MARKET, that is simply waiting there, begging us to come and help all these unfortunate people. Nobody is trying to help them, not corrupt big BP, not little companies, not anybody as there is no help, and no standard of care.

    3rd, speed of approval. Speed of Approval. We are highly visible and guess what, think of our brilliant product like a cast or a splint, or a ...SCAFFOLD !!! NO #$%$ DRUGS, NO BIOLOGICS, NO STUFF LIKE: DOES IT BUILD UP IN YOUR SYSTEM?, NO STUFF LIKE: WILL IT WEAR OFF OVER TIME?

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  • factman777 by factman777 Aug 24, 2015 7:21 PM Flag

    I have 3 or 4 posters on ignore who add nothing to the board.

    3 or 4 clicks on "Ignore User" and suddenly your not wasting your time reading their posts and responding to their dribble. Try it you'll like it.

    Also, for those of you who are complaining about management...

    - from what I can see management has continued to execute flawlessly
    - the overall stock market is manipulated. There is not much any manager of any company can do about.
    - when the smart money has finished accumulating their shares, stocks and NVIV will go back up.
    - best advice right now is to do what the smart money is doing, BUYING stocks when they are on SALE.
    - next best advice (if you don't have the cash or feel overextended) is to sit tight. This downward period will subside. It always does. The sun will come up tomorrow. The world is not coming to an end. Let a few months go by and we all will be looking back at this time wishing we had bought more of NVIV when it was on sale.

    Just the facts,

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  • factman777 factman777 Aug 24, 2015 11:25 AM Flag

    There was a 6 minute window of panic selling (9:35 to 9:41am) where NVIV traded 36,600 shares below $8.00.

    I bought a little at $7.87 but am kicking myself for not being more aggressive.

    Expecting more volatility as the smart money continues to accumulate. Three to six months from now we will be looking back and be saying: wow, NVIV was a steal under $10.

    Just the facts,

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  • The fact that CNBC is airing a special at 7:00PM EST Sunday night called: "Markets in Turmoil" probably indicates that after the sell off in the morning things should turn around.

    Thankfully, I still have some gun powder left to buy at these ridiculous low prices.

    I if you can't take the heat and have to sell for whatever reason, do NOT place a stop loss order with your broker. Don't make it any easier for the smart money to buy at these low prices.

    Good luck to all.

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  • factman777 by factman777 Aug 20, 2015 5:45 PM Flag

    Here are tonto.warrior's two recent posts:

    July 31, 2015
    "Signals look good now and next several moons. Something coming. Moving higher.
    Kahkanematwi kohkathanwi

    August 19, 2015 - from ONVO board.
    "Some prophesies made in present relate to future. So is the case with NVIV now.
    NOW is the time for cheap buys and future returns. A prophet is not always welcome in his home town.
    60-100% upside or more is coming over several moons. Smoke signals do not lie."

    Please remember that several moons means several months, i.e. that doesn't mean that after a tonto.warrior post the stock is going to shoot straight up in the next few weeks."

    We all need to relax and exercise some patience. I am confident that in several months (moons) from now InVivo's share price will be much higher.

    Just the facts,

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    Contrary to Popular Belief...

    by mikerconfer Aug 20, 2015 2:23 PM
    factman777 factman777 Aug 20, 2015 3:21 PM Flag

    Welcome back Miker. You have been missed. I now know that all is well in the world of InVivo.

    I also added a little today at $10.92

    Just the facts,

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  • MikerConfer is clearly the best poster on this message board. Always truthful and just lays out the facts. He has educated both the longs and shorts on this board. He has always indicated that he was in for the long haul. I seriously doubt he has sold any of his shares. He knows all too well the potential and possible share price appreciation that is in the future for InVivo.

    Here are two recent post from MikerConfer on July 24, 2015...

    "Good Morning.
    Just a note this morning to let folks know that I'm heading off for a vacation for two (or possibly three - Ah, the joys of retirement!) weeks and that, as a result I will not be running my statistical models on HZNP or any other stock for awhile."

    "Call it a vacation from the daily routine of the ranch and the occasional tap-dance that is equities investment. Some folks retire and take up golf; if I decide to do "eighteen holes" it means I'm setting a run of fencing. A couple of weeks of the open road punctuated with cold beer and hot bikes seems like a vacation to me.

    You and I have no issues, Geri. If I took it personal every time I disagreed with somebody I'd have to be a hermit just to avoid getting ticked-off six or seven times a week.

    Take care, you old squid. I'll be back."

    Just the facts,

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  • McGladrey is a leading provider of assurance, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market. We guide our clients through complex business challenges by understanding their needs and bringing together the right team to address them. With nearly 8,000 professionals and associates in 80 cities nationwide and access to more than 32,000 people in 100 countries through our membership in RSM International. RSM International is the seventh largest global network of independent accounting, tax and consulting firms, that provides partner-level attention anywhere in the world you want to do business.

    Whether your company is headquartered in the United States or abroad, McGladrey sets the standard for international value. Our professionals understand today's global business environment and seek to understand your unique international business needs. We then help you leverage the right resources around the world to enhance your success.

    As companies expand their global footprint, they face an increasingly complex compliance landscape. By carefully reviewing the requirements in each jurisdiction, creating a comprehensive plan to address deficiencies and implementing an annual review system, global compliance can be achieved.

    Previously an issue that only affected Fortune 500 companies, global compliance now represents a major concern for middle market companies with rapidly growing global footprints. As the complexity of governmental and regulatory requirements increases, having a defined strategy and expert advisors can help to control compliance related costs, while most importantly minimizing the risk of noncompliance.

    Just the facts,

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  • InVivo appointed McGladrey LLP (replacing Wolf & Company) to serve as the Company’s independent registered public accounting firm for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2015.

    McGladrey is a leading provider of assurance, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market. We guide our clients through complex business challenges by understanding their needs and bringing together the right team to address them. With nearly 8,000 professionals and associates in 80 cities nationwide and access to more than 32,000 people in 110 countries through our membership in RSM International, we can meet your needs wherever in the world you do business.

    In the 8-K filed today, it was stated that there were no disagreements with Wolf on any matter of accounting principles or practices, financial statement disclosure, or auditing scope and procedure.

    Wolf & Company was in complete agreement with the 8-K filing as stated in their letter to the SEC as follows (EX-16.1)

    Securities and Exchange Commission
    100 F Street, N.E.
    Washington, DC 20549

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    We have read the disclosure set forth in paragraph (a) of Item 4.01 of the Current Report on Form 8-K of InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. dated August 10, 2015 (the “Current Report”) and are in agreement with the disclosure in the Current Report, insofar as it pertains to our firm. We have not been requested to, nor are we providing any representations related to the other disclosures included in the Current Report.

    /s/ Wolf & Company, P.C.

    Wolf & Company, P.C.
    Boston, Massachusetts

    Just the facts,

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  • factman777 factman777 Aug 6, 2015 2:32 AM Flag

    Excellent find. This is very significant. We know the scaffold works (3 for 3). It's all about being cashed up and compressing timelines. Looks like the company has passed those two criteria with flying colors. Also, it is quite obvious that the company continues to maintain an outstanding relationship with the FDA which is so important for a small biotech company.

    Thanks again,

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Mark Perrin stated in today's press release that: “we anticipate our cash position will last us into the fourth quarter of 2016”. This seems very, very conservative since the company has $25 million in cash and can expect another $3 million from the remaining warrant conversion which will bring the total cash position to $28 million.

    28,000,000 / 1,100,000 = 25 months of cash which should take the company to July of 2017. And this does not factor in any additional l money from the recently announced At-the_Market (ATM) financing which will raise another $50 million!!!

    Clearly something is brewing and the only explanation that I can come up with is that Tonto.Warrior is right as usual. “Signals look good now and next several moons. Something coming. Moving higher.”

    Just the Facts,

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • From the March 31, 2015 10-Q: Cash and cash equivalents = $24,516,000
    From the June 30, 2015 10-Q: Cash and cash equivalents = $25,114,000

    Of course this is due to he the company receiving $4.0 Million from the exercise of warrants issued in the Company’s May 2014 public offering.

    But it shows that the company is still only burning cash at a rate of $1.1 million a month.

    Here is the basic math so even portfoliomanager2013 can understand it:

    (24,516,000 + 4,000,000) - 25,114,000 = $3,402,000 cash burned during the 2nd quarter ending 6/30/15.

    3,402,000 / 3 = $1,134000 = cash burn per month.

    Just the facts,

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    Sorry Gents, no Part 2

    by thefutureofmedicine Aug 5, 2015 2:11 PM
    factman777 factman777 Aug 5, 2015 3:15 PM Flag

    I have also had issues with posting multiple parts. Besides no links, I have found that waiting at least 30 minutes between posts does the trick.


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