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fanatic4film 19 posts  |  Last Activity: Mar 30, 2001 1:16 PM Member since: Aug 3, 1998
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  • fanatic4film by fanatic4film Mar 30, 2001 1:16 PM Flag

    This is not even an interesting concept.

    When a business writes more checks than the money it brings in it is failing. Someone must go in and do the nasty and put it back on track. It is not a religion. It is not a artist's group. It is not a support group of friends. It is not an engineering discovey group. It is not a non-profit foundation to spend money entertaining clients and impressing them with simple waste. It is a business. You do it to bring in more money than you spend. Each group is learning their lessons. The first is that if your plan is not making money quarter after quarter your management will be removed, you will be restructured, a true leader will be found that will do what is needed to turn a profit. That not only requires making a great product but the conviction to stop spending more money than you bring in.

    For the first time in many years Avid is facing this key issue. Turning a profit every quarter is the first foundation of business. It is not a gamble. It is not a bet. It is not a strange idea. It is not an option. You just do it. You stop writing checks. You stop spending more than you make. Right now. The first goal is profit every quarter. If not you are 100% failing.

    If you teach a staff to loose money now for a future gain they will develop skills to loose money.
    If you teach them to make money now while developing more then their profits, their product line, and their skills will continue to grow.

    It's so simple.

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    Softimage acquisition amortization

    by iiduydudjdk Sep 5, 2000 12:03 PM
    fanatic4film fanatic4film Sep 5, 2000 12:34 PM Flag

    And with the Softimage time almost expired for
    the value of those "acquisition-related intangible
    assets" what has it brought the Avid stock holders of the
    world? Nothing but a huge drop in our stock value.
    17,000 upgrades? Where? Now, Avid's current thinking is
    that Softimage is now better run by a complete
    outsider from Orange County than anyone that was involved
    internally. Why did they buy it? There should be a SEC
    investigation as everything about this purchase just stinks.
    And why wasn't this part of the Microsoft

    Thank god there is new management on this ship. And
    what kind of pillow did our former CEO land on? The
    old ones should be living off shore hiding their
    assets in fear of jail time.

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    by avitude Jun 13, 2000 7:13 PM
    fanatic4film fanatic4film Jun 14, 2000 1:18 PM Flag

    That's the trick in entertainment. Ride the tide.
    This is one of those like Bruce Willis, Star Trek,
    Bond, etc. and if you hang on it's going to double your
    money each time. It's the base of user fans out there.
    They love a good trailer or a good trade show
    What other stock can you count on dropping and
    doubling at least once a year.
    Ride the tide.

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    5 months without CEO-stinks like CASH..

    by maxpetar Mar 21, 2000 6:41 AM
    fanatic4film fanatic4film Mar 21, 2000 3:13 PM Flag

    This is probably because David Krall does not
    have extensive experience as a CEO of a larger company
    but does have the training, trust, engineering, and
    desire to pull this off. Kind of like a mini Steve Jobs.
    If this price continues to go up, I think he will be
    taken care of.
    Look at it this way:
    -The guy
    wants the job.
    -Give the guy time to prove himself
    and build trust across the masses.
    -During this
    time you don't have to give him big bucks and big
    -The board doesn't live through another nightmare
    house cleaning if he works.
    -Krall doesn't have a
    lot to bargin with against a board right now. Save
    the money until he does.
    I think the board may be
    doing the right thing here.

  • fanatic4film by fanatic4film Mar 2, 2000 1:00 PM Flag

    What would a company like Avid have to base it's
    worth on in a sale?
    -The film market will grow very
    -The video market will continue to grow but profits
    per sale will continue to drop.
    -The audio market
    will always have low profit margins and moderate
    future growth.
    - However, many feel the future of
    Avid is in streaming. Video and sound. And many say
    that in Unity, they have created the ultimate
    streaming engine on the market today. Many feel it will be
    the majority of their profits within two years
    surpasing all other divisions combined. If that is the
    case, and the Avid and Digidesign editing systems are
    set to interact with it best, then I would figure
    it's delivery oriented companies that are buying it up
    now that they have seen what it will do.
    My 2

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    What the

    by world__cup Feb 28, 2000 10:40 AM
    fanatic4film fanatic4film Feb 28, 2000 1:28 PM Flag

    "hardly seems enough to move the

    Seems you are not one of the 100,000 audio chaps that
    benefited from Mike Rockwell then. If you saw the changes
    to Digidesign's Pro Tools in the last two years and
    learn that he has his hands on Avid now, then anyone
    who has experience with him or his products are going
    to invest deep. He's smart, he's fun, he delivers on
    time, he cuts to the chase, coworkers like him and will
    go the extra mile to deliver with him. Lastly, he
    talks to people daily who know what they are doing in
    the business AND listens.

    Now how could an
    attitude like that help a company like Avid, hummm???????

  • fanatic4film by fanatic4film Nov 18, 1999 12:43 PM Flag

    Ok let's all get it all out of our system.

    Sing with me now:

    Spam, spam, spam, spam!
    Spam, spam, spam, spam!
    Lovely spam, wonder spam!

    Ok, now what were we talking about?

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    Its actually 57 mil in cash

    by short_the_pig39 Nov 12, 1999 6:14 PM
    fanatic4film fanatic4film Nov 13, 1999 1:41 PM Flag

    People in the industry understand the time it
    takes to develop a
    -Avid/Digidesign/Softimage have experience running a support based product
    i.e. a product that the majority of the value is not
    in the physical hardware you buy. It's a totally
    different animal. Anyone can see each year by how many
    workstation startups fail. On the other hand, Avid owns the
    three groups that get it and have built continued
    market penitration. That is done by balancing (1) R&D,
    (2) marketing and sales, (3) support. Avid has proven
    it can balance on a worldwide scale:
    audio(who's operations should be the flagship for any
    workstation company of how to profit in a tougher, more
    complex market!)
    -Avid picture editing (who has
    acheived professional market dominance despite their
    blatant waste by mid and upper level management.)

    -Softimage graphics (who continues to develop in the
    toughest market of the three.)
    -The forth group they
    just anounced they are starting to develop hard for.
    They called it "internet" but in reality it's
    "compression". Anyone who has seen the Meridian compression
    knows this could be a big field for them, especially
    with broadband as the number one technology to build a
    financial future on.

    Kids, that combined _is_ the
    media market in the 21st century. Umm..... who needs

    The one thing this company needs is a lesson in the
    word "no". No to stupid spending, No to health clubs,
    No time for gloating. It's now time to fight. Isn't
    this why engineers become engineers to begin with?
    David Krall has to light a fire in some shorts and
    start a firestorm of revenge of what the previous
    managment has done to all of them. Can he do it? That's
    what he will be judged on in two years. Nobody works
    harder or smarter than him. One forth of the company
    beleaves in him already. I just hope he sorts through the
    cubicals and finds a tight staff that will rejuice
    themselves, roll up their sleaves and jump in. The other crap
    will naturally fall to the side and is brushed

    Q4 will not change.
    Q1 will not change.
    will jump to 30 by April 22nd.

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    AVID Institutions Holding

    by buata Nov 11, 1999 12:18 AM
    fanatic4film fanatic4film Nov 11, 1999 9:43 PM Flag

    Seems like if that were true, antitrust cases
    would fly. To much money in this business to lock up
    that much future in one company. Sony already should
    be broken up more than Microsoft. Isn't it funny
    how, in a free market country, you can only buy a Sony
    portable CD around the country at multiple stores in
    different cities at the EXACT same price? Humm? The pro
    gear is only sold at one price with a "Sony deal".
    They are the group that the Borg was based on.

    Competition and competitive thought are often a good thing.

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    AVID Institutions Holding

    by buata Nov 11, 1999 12:18 AM
    fanatic4film fanatic4film Nov 11, 1999 1:57 PM Flag

    I'm not sure I'm grasping the "Avid can't
    deliver" line. It's not that Avid is "jumping on the
    internet bandwagon". It's broadband. Everything media
    oriented can soon fit in it so everyone media is looking
    toward internet as a distribution network for their
    artistic media.
    Media is going internet.
    Avid is in
    media business.
    So Avid is going internet.
    is preaty basic.)

    And what's the "done for
    now" stuff. Avid rules professional editing in audio
    and video including up to 99% of all
    The problem is it's now a Fed Ex world. If you don't
    get something new to open everyday you feel they are
    doing nothing. On the other hand they are driving in
    24P and a HD future on the high end and well as
    preparing to sell the lower end the prefered editing
    package of pros to the emerging broadband broadcast
    market. It's a great position.
    Their problem is a
    lack of financial supervision of managers, sales, and

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    by mgouveia23 Oct 29, 1999 10:05 AM
    fanatic4film fanatic4film Nov 7, 1999 10:01 PM Flag

    Sorry to drag it on but even Discreet has no
    answer for loading their own Edit (D-Vision) list
    properly on a Smoke without editing first or loading one
    track at a time.
    On an Avid it not only reads lists
    but replicates all titles and effects that were
    created on any other Avid. That's a full step ahead of
    the others. When their color correction catches up
    I'd say Avid has another killer advantage.

    The discussion is of Avid stock. I assume it includes
    things that could effect it. This could be a result of
    performance of their products vs the competition, even if it
    is more expensive competition. I think it is valid
    in this forum.

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    by mgouveia23 Oct 29, 1999 10:05 AM
    fanatic4film fanatic4film Nov 5, 1999 6:22 PM Flag

    "only about 50 are truly versatile as an online
    Yes, but the same ratio was ofline editors 15
    years ago. The difference is it will bring more and
    more trained editors to develope skills to also
    finish. That will expand the market from a experience
    skill base.
    I can move an Avid editor and teach
    them online quicker than I can take a tape online
    editor and teach them Smoke or Fire. That, kids, means a
    future for Symphony, and for Avid. And as storage
    continues to drop.....
    And I'm aware of Smoke pricing.
    I'm getting another one this week. Great color, sucky
    auto-assembly from EDLs. (If you think it reads EDLs well
    you've never run an Avid. If I didn't need this I would
    consider Smoke unshipable from this fault alone.)

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    by mgouveia23 Oct 29, 1999 10:05 AM
    fanatic4film fanatic4film Nov 4, 1999 2:06 PM Flag

    A Smoke for as cheep as a Symphony? I wish. Try
    double when you include the proprietary stone storage.
    Smoke on the other hand has great color correction and
    great 4.2.2 color. However it also suprises us the one
    in ten times when it can read an EDL and not miss an
    edit. (I always thought that was a basic
    requirement....) Also finding an operator is tough.

    Edit is
    just a D Vision with a new face. Funny, it still can't
    kick out a decent EDL. Even their own on line Smoke
    can't read it's EDL properly without editing it by

    Symphony, on the other hand has less powerful color
    correction but can totally rebuild a Avid offline session
    flawlessly day after day. That's including titles, pan and
    scan, etc. It's as easy to use as a offline Avid and
    you have 10,000 editors that know an Avid in LA. Talk
    to someone who uses one day in and out if you want a
    real opinion.

    As for the stock price, this is
    not a stock but a religion. It's all feel on the
    street and has nothing to do with reality. My prediction
    is David Krall will kick ass by spring. April NAB at

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    by mgouveia23 Oct 29, 1999 10:05 AM
    fanatic4film fanatic4film Oct 29, 1999 12:22 PM Flag

    I was once on a big negative streak on Avid and
    NT. However, now that I'm seeing some of the results,
    I must say I'm impressed. I have about 24
    workstations from Avid and my new NT 24p with 16x9 pan and
    scan runs like a rock. It's also been built very
    invisible to a Mac user which makes my life very easy. Any
    of my editors can run it after learning just the
    save window. I now wish I had 24 of them. This
    transition will be costly but there's a bright future for
    Avid users.

    As for Softimage, we use it also
    and consistently make money on the investment. It was
    bad timing for a buy out, but a good stratigic move.

  • fanatic4film fanatic4film Oct 16, 1999 4:35 PM Flag

    "Now can someone please tell me why the share
    price of AVID has been climbing for the past several
    days in spite of all the indices dropping like rocks
    off the World Trade Center in NYC."

    Avid is not a stock. It's more like a religion.

    Toss out all you know about logic, finance, business,
    and trends. Think more of love, fear, anger,
    manipulation, and hope. Watch how Avid is seen by it's loyal
    users and the stock will follow.

    Currently the
    many mac users still see the Avid management is
    anti-mac and pro-PC. Until that changes, the stock will
    remain in the toilet regardless of any other factors
    including what happens elsewhere in the market, because
    most follow nothing but Avid. Most Avid stock owners
    are really Avid owners/ users. I guess the Avid
    management missed their business school lesson on supply and
    demand. ("OK, let's sell something our customers have
    repeatedly said they don't want....")

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    Media 100

    by tonybreuer Jan 15, 1999 10:00 PM
    fanatic4film fanatic4film Jan 19, 1999 1:17 PM Flag

    You may say Sony has been the biggest winner in
    the last 5 years of non-linear editing.
    Tape based online was only in say five hundered
    facilities around the country.
    1999- Every block in LA,
    nearly every advertising agency, every multi media
    company, every audio editing room, now has at least one
    video deck, often more than one deck due to

    Because nonlinear has drawn the business out to the end
    user, Sony has sold more decks than ever before because
    nonlinear has grown the industry like never

    Egos aside, financially, I'd say Sony loves Avid.

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    When will this stop?

    by Clueless_999 Sep 15, 1998 12:44 PM
    fanatic4film fanatic4film Sep 15, 1998 1:15 PM Flag

    1. The market usually moves on confidence. Avid
    is changing a lot of things at the moment. NT,
    SoftImage, graphics expansion, server technologies, OMF to
    AAF, etc. All things to prompt a wait and see
    attitude. Look for NAB in April for this stock to

    2. Many holders of Avid stock have been small users
    that have made money in the last 18 months. They can
    get out now and feel like they made money. It's a
    move toward more stable personal portfolios.

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    Sonic Solution Jun98 10-Q

    by ysaidji Aug 20, 1998 7:18 AM
    fanatic4film fanatic4film Aug 20, 1998 3:00 PM Flag

    The statement should have said more to the truth
    that they don't see "their" technolgies replacing
    existing technologies in audio. They've had their clock
    cleaned by Digidesign systems which are built for
    flexibility and use computer industry standard drive formats,
    networks, operation commands, etc. In fact, the growing DVD
    re-mastering market is turning very successful for Digidesign.
    That market was to be Sonic's saving

    Digidesign on the other hand continues to expand with it's
    just released Pro Control, the first major format
    console based entirely on their proven workstation
    technology. Because they continue to expand their markets
    they are one of the most feared competitors in the
    giant audio industry for film, video, music, radio, and
    multi-media. Their Pro Control integrated system at $70K is
    competing with $200K - $1M "mix only" large audio consoles
    and winning due to it's single integrated recall and

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    SEC 13G Filing

    by cigar_king Jul 31, 1998 12:11 PM
    fanatic4film fanatic4film Aug 3, 1998 12:51 PM Flag

    I think Aug. 1st and Feb. 1st are the stock option days for Avid employees.

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