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    Stock repurchase

    by bdj82 Jul 29, 2015 3:13 PM
    fib1_1_2_3_5 fib1_1_2_3_5 7 hours ago Flag

    As of June 30, DL completed the $2B share buyback started in 2014. This totaled about 44M shares.

    They have just recently authorized a new $5B buyback to complete in '17 (I think).

    The numbers only come out quarterly (go to the 10Q/K and search for "repurchase"). If you really did mean a real time number, I am not aware of any such data.

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    LOL over on IHUB.

    by fib1_1_2_3_5 21 hours ago
    fib1_1_2_3_5 fib1_1_2_3_5 21 hours ago Flag

    Well, finally one PPHM long, BioBS, weighed in against the venom. BDU also was anti, but he a vocal short so does not count.

    i would be certain that MD2512 also would be strongly against such, especially as the group attacked him for trying to be reasonable.

    Curious where the others on that board will stand on this disgusting behavour.

  • fib1_1_2_3_5 by fib1_1_2_3_5 21 hours ago Flag

    Three "respected" posters are having a love fest calling for PPHM non believers (or even partial doubters) to die of cancer.

    Started with volgoat:

    "i'm waiting for the day DEW gets cancer, will be a great day. :)
    and all others that bash cancer companies. Karma is a beotch.
    a slow painful death would be the best case scenario:"

    And supported by eb and couch..

    Curious is wookie will weigh in over here (I assume the IHub posts will soon be gone).

  • fib1_1_2_3_5 fib1_1_2_3_5 Jul 13, 2015 11:41 AM Flag

    I would think the primary endpoint (OR) is already well established and the secondaries are reasonably mature (17 months since last enrollee).

    The timing here slightly puzzles me. I would have thought they would have planned to release the primary OR data months ago, and update PFS/OS as time when by.

    Regardless, agree that we should have data soon.

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    Any update from Jeffries?

    by cjdbs Jun 3, 2015 4:37 PM
    fib1_1_2_3_5 fib1_1_2_3_5 Jun 4, 2015 10:38 AM Flag

    Still saying Q3 for the data from the 2nd P2 for TRV130, but clinical trials .gov says Jun so hopefully it will be within 1-2 months.

    I would suspect late Q3 or Q4 we would hear word on the P3 trial plans for 130 (still saying they hope to start on Q1 '16, but would be nice to hear some more details).

    The heart failure drug (027) is looking at Q1 '16 for data. This one has a go-nogo by their partner which could provide a milestone payment.

    And that is about it for anything that can actually move the stock.

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