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  • finplan95 finplan95 5 hours ago Flag

    Nice try. Clinton won with 45% of the vote and 49% the rest voted gop or 3rd party from the right.
    Obama was re-elected with 50.8% of the vote . the first re-elected President with a smaller % of the vote he received the first time and 4 million fewer votes in the raw vote. If America shows up it is a landslide loss for the dems.

  • In England, Germany, Israel, Australia and of course here at home where the Democrats have taken the largest back to back losses in our nations history. In fact, today, the democrats hold the fewest seats at the state and federal level in over 95 years. 9 more seats between the house and Senate and it will be the fewest seats since before the civil war. But the spin from the press-The COP is out of touch . it is classic leftist spin.

    a couple of huge things happening on the legal front. Obamacare is hanging by a thread because the Left was caught trying tio use the tax code to favor one state over the other and force states to adopt Obamacare with subsides. They didn't count on democrats only controlling 18 states and 5 of those have gop legislatures.

    Immigration-so far the courts have shut down The Mistake and his attempt to turn the country into California. I absolutely loved the video of Ann Coulter just literally making Jorge Ramos speechless when she hit it out of the park-" if you do not want to be killed by ISIS don't fly to Syria. if you don't want to be killed by illegal Mexicans-I cant help you" Ever wonder how California went from a strong GOP state to this wacked out Left wing looney bin? Simple-and it too is being challenged in front of the SCOTUS and will be decided in the next couple of weeks....and it is huge for the Left. California decided to use appointed commissions to re-district voting districts. By doing so they took it out of the elected legislature and they used TOTAL PEOPLE IN AN AREA NOT JUST US CITIZENS. by doing so they were beefing up the illegals representation in the new district. these are NOT CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY but they were influencing the make up of the legislature. That concept is being challenged in front of the SCOTUS and if it happens the 10 million illegal aliens in California would NOT BE COUNTED in district make ups. In other words, just Americans could vote and that is a problem for Democrats.

  • Regally, is this a surprise? Leftist are always about one way of doing thing: payoffs, graft, corruption, shutting down competition and handing out paydays to friends. in everything they do. health care, education, construction, Green Scam, it is all run by a cabal who plays by their rules and steals from the middle class...just like the Dems.

    Does it surprise anybody that today we learn that FIFA gave to the Clinton foundation? It is all lies from the Left. Every word.

    It is the history of man: As soon as any government starts to control the society in a central, corrupt way that society collapses on itself. Every time. without exception....and it is all lead from the Political Left.

  • 18 trillion dollars spent on Welfare since 1964 and this is what we have. the poverty % among blacks has not moved one notch-in fact it is worse. Single parents now make up 83% of all minority households-just as the Left planned. If there are two parents the need for government drops by 65% so that does not work for Dems. If you still lose elections: Import 40 million people from countries where the government gives them everything...they live like feral animals but the govt gives them everything.

    18 trillion dollars on the way...the exact same number as our deficit.

    Obama and the Dems: the worlds greatest Mistake.

  • Will Team Obama try to get the Mistake's Illegal amnesty up to the Supremes ? Shot down. Hillary needs those 15 million votes to win an election.....

  • no wonder she doesn't answer questions. The modern Democratic party are the Bolsheviks of historical Russia. They are despots painting themselves as for the little guy while they are all big government, corrupt tax stealing thief's. Under Obama there has never been a bigger disparity of income , growth of debt or growth in government. our inner cities are on fire, the world is laughing literally out loud at us and the only person the Dems can find to even try and run is a 70 year old white women who somehow has managed to amass a 300 million dollar fortune without ever holding down a private sector job for more then 3 years. then we find out she has destroyed evidence, negotiated with despots for campaign and foundation cash and then had her husband get specially speaking fee deals for a million a pop.

    Hillary and Obama are the greatest journalistic scam story waiting to be discovered and told. Question is: Are there any press left who could not be confused with Pravda?

  • finplan95 finplan95 May 26, 2015 2:22 PM Flag

    And Obama got the lowest % of the White vote in 60 years for a Dem. The real truth: 7 million white voters did not turn out to vote who voted for McCain. This is the reason the Dems are importing as many non citizens as possible. Real Americans do not vote dem and have not for 30 years.

  • Police are not patrolling due to lawsuits and Democratic politics.....We all know what the Dems will say"

    Due to massive underfunding the police are no longer protecting black citizens. the GOP must be held accountable for the destruction and death of inner city Baltimore. We need 2 trillion immediately even if wealthy Americans must give up IRA's to pay for it. " "also, we need to push for that 2 trillion a year Carbon Tax. that would fix it"

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    Earnings estimates trending down...

    by whocares999 May 26, 2015 12:34 PM
    finplan95 finplan95 May 26, 2015 1:13 PM Flag

    Everybody knows it...just one thing...this is a government run enterprise and not a public company. so earnings do not matter to Wall Street when they are going to make 200 million in fees to issue shares and debt and not have one dollar of it at risk no matter how many billions it looses. Now, if one poll shows Hillary behind-short everything you have because the taxpayer trough will end......

  • This company is now trading below where it was when they issued shares AFTER the stock bounce with an out of now where 4/2013 announcement of "35% sales increases over the next 3 years'. What has happened/ Stock is dead money and they issued shares after the rally from that scam announcement 7 days after saying they did not need more cash.

    All of Green Scam is a 100% government run enterprise . what is happening now is the free tax dollar scam is running dry around the world and it runs out next year. Add in literally more oil and gas then can be calculated and Green Scam ranks 20th on a list of 21 of the most important issues-well-it is hard to keep the scam going.

  • There is a reason the push on climate change is so hard now. Obama is down to 18 months and the reality is it is just this year given his huge losses at every level of govt last year and the Presidential election. Obamacare costs are exploding and there simply is no where to go to raise any direct money. Green Scam is the answer. Tax carbon, fine and penalize and then re-distribute the money. Problem is they never figured on fracking and the literal 500% increase in oil and gas reserves. so here is what Obama is going to do somewhere in the next 3 months IMHO:

    He will USE the EPA to 'suspend" fracking for environmental reasons
    He will use Obamacare Medicaid funding to implement Green energy Standards like California has Mandated.
    -Guess which state on the mainland has the highest energy costs?

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    Are Musk Companies Ever Profitable?

    by clhanluke May 21, 2015 8:23 AM
    finplan95 finplan95 May 21, 2015 9:58 AM Flag

    Why does he have to be profitable-this is a government agency not a company. government is the only entity that can run year after year after year losses and still be around. see the Post office, Amtrak....and Green Scam.

  • finplan95 finplan95 May 21, 2015 9:56 AM Flag

    With what cash are they able to build it? they just burnt through 592 million in 90 days and according to the CFO 400 + of that was for engineering issues with the Model x. At their current burn rate they are another 300 million lower in cash since the end of March...........but don't worry. elon will tweet something....

  • finplan95 finplan95 May 20, 2015 4:43 PM Flag

    How about we remember the Democratic party through out over 5000 military votes in an attempt to steal the election in Florida?
    anyway, I read that Americans have now footed the bill for Green Scam energy projects to the tune of over 800 billion since Obama has been President......and the cost of Green energy is still 40% more expensive.......

  • finplan95 finplan95 May 20, 2015 4:32 PM Flag

    Really? Well then, lets pass a 2 trillion a year tax, trade carbon with goldman sachs and make al gore the richest man in the world while doing it. that would fix it....unless of course the entire thing is a hoax the left is using to find a way to pay for the 18 trillion in debt we have now and growing by a trillion a year.

    If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor....right?

  • Everywhere the progressive movement goes it always brings, huge debt, high taxes, government that gets to at least 40% of the economy and the complete disappearance of the middle class. Instead, you end up with the very rich who are connected with government official and the working poor. It is the complete opposite of the progressive spin that it is the capitalist who destroy society. That is their hook they depend on uneducated totally dependent zombies and if they can not create enough they simply import them via illegal immigration. See Europe for how that has turned out-or for that matter look at the California economy since the mass, illegal immigration started in that state.
    70% of our national budget is now Progressive Entitlement programs and is growing because of Obamacare and the relaxing of Welfare requirement-and of course-15 million completely uneducated, low skill immigrants forced into every corner. How is it that Philly, LA, NY are allowed to call themselves 'sanctuary cities" where illegals can hide without worry of the law?
    History is full of the nature of man to steal from others and use ignorance as an enrichment tool. It is hard to believe that in this country we now have 92 million people of working age not working. 45 million on food stamps and over 13 million collecting disability. 50% pay no net Federal tax and the only area in the country that has grown its economy for every one of the last 6 years. Dc-it is a boom also has the highest % of abject poverty. exactly as the progressives have always done.
    "The Left always comes to do good...and the DO VERY WELL INDEED!!!!!"

  • finplan95 finplan95 May 20, 2015 2:29 PM Flag

    There is no hope if we do not stop the Progressive regression kicked into high gear by Obama. govt has grown by over 35% while the economy has shrunk...the two are not an accident. See Europe ....they did this 30 years before us and they are essentially a government run enterprise with friends and relatives allowed to run businesses.

  • finplan95 finplan95 May 19, 2015 2:57 PM Flag

    Always remember "When Liberals come to do good...they do VERY WELL INDEED!!!!!!! Saddest part is it is usually at the cost of the poor and all expenses are backed by taxpayers.

  • When asked by a Lib Reporter Christiana Amanpour from CNN" Do you think there is room for forgiveness to those who harbored the terrorist who are responsible for 9/11?" His answer:

    "Forgiving them is God's function....My job is to arrange the meeting".

    I don't see a negotiable Red Line there........Liberals will destroy every country they get in charge of every time. It is a 100% certainty.

  • finplan95 finplan95 May 18, 2015 4:25 PM Flag


    I tried to read that but I had to delete my e-mail records because the fbi was knocking on the door....what was that about no proof?

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