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finplan95 40 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 24, 2015 1:33 PM Member since: Sep 7, 2001
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  • Obama to use the Right of the King to give another couple of trillion to the Green Scam Lobby. We have oil and gas now at 305 of the cost of unsubsidized Green Scam which is why it is dying on the vie everyplace the government does not fund it. Over 3 trillion of taxpayer dollars and guarantees so far world wide..........just throw it on the pile with health care, internet, 44 new taxes, 92 million people not working, 48 million on food stamps and of course 300K a year citizens of Mexico and Honduras invading our borders so they can vote Dem in the next election.

    We now have enough oil and gas to export it and still have a 400 year supply....but lets use tax dollars to build junk.....Has to be a Liberal idea.....

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    WSJ article - Tesla Is a Compliance Company

    by chasdfw Aug 7, 2015 9:12 PM
    finplan95 finplan95 Aug 8, 2015 7:33 AM Flag

    Oh don't worry, The Dems will attach solar/green giveaways to every bill like:
    Kindergarten funding and solar act
    Safety for Kittens and Green Enhancement Act
    Food for Children and Solar Security Act
    Housing for Veterans and EV Development Act

    No where will it mention the over 1 trillion of taxpayers $ worldwide that has resulted in over 400 bankruptcies andan energy source that is 50% more expensive on its own 2 feet.

  • Who can forget The Magic Tweet from Elon on a Sunday just as the stock was in a down trend and about to take out 18 month support......remember, he had news so good he had to alert us on a Sunday but not be able to tell u for 10 days. And when the market opened on Monday it rallied for 10 days....then sold right back when the "news' was the S would now have a low fuel light.......7 days later another tweet....this time a 4 day wait for a 'batter'......that drove it up 70 dollars.

    I do not know why any ceo of any company bothers to have earnings announcements when you can just tweet your way to riches Of course it probably helps f you can have lunch with Obama 4 times a year like elon.....

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    TSLA Can't Execute; Musk is not the Founder

    by investor.gator Aug 6, 2015 9:40 AM
    finplan95 finplan95 Aug 6, 2015 9:45 AM Flag

    All true but Obama is president. so there will be no investigation, no stoppage of taxpayer give away, no accountability, no let up on pushing gas mileage average higher that forces manufactures to make EV vehicles despite no demand-and most importantly-no chance in hades of this company making any money for the next 3 will be the GOP Congresses fault when it collapses because they stopped the Green Scam tax boondoggle.

  • But, this is Green Scam and Team Obama has put the word out: Sue or mention anything bad about Green Scam and you will get the same treatment as the guy who made that video about Benghazi.
    This company tweets, twirks, lies, spins, embellishes, and flat out deceives while spending 400 million every 90 days with no end in site. and in they are collecting over 2 billion a year in tax dollars in one form or another-it is a scam funded and supported by the Big Scam in Dc. But
    If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Period.

  • And it isn't just the tax breaks. Libs always use misdirection in any policy they push. Pick one-I will explain. but today it is Green Sam and EV cars. Why are manufactures making EV cars when there is no demand, oil is dropping in half, and nobody makes a dime? Because Obama raised the CAFE Limits for fleet fuel mileage. The way it works I like so: If the standard has to be 45 mpg by 2025 that means the AVERAGE FOR THE FLEEET has to be 45 and NOT the average of the cars actually being sold. what's the fastest way to meet another losing liberal idea?: Mae an EV car that averages 100 MPG. this allows you to sell couple of pickup trucks and SUV's that people actually want and that the car companies actually make money. doesn't matter if they only sell EV cars....and trust me they are praying that is all they sell because they lose thousands every time one goes out the door.
    Now TESLA sells only EV's so they are completely dependent on government for everything. ths is why they sell over 80% of thir vehicles in California-because Cali adds an additional tax give away. Also why on the Great is pushing for another 30 mpg added to the average CAFE standard...........ut is a scam pushed on us by the Left like everything they do. Obamacare, gay marriage, control of the internet, bringing in illegals by the busload......all polls are against the Dem side and this is why they currently hold the fewest elected seats across he country in 100 years....they have taken landslide losses....but it does no matter....they are Liberals....they know better....and you have plenty of money left they can take.

  • finplan95 finplan95 Aug 4, 2015 5:57 AM Flag

    You need to wake up...this is how the Left has destroyed ever culture it controls. Obama today will get rid of coal and is nullifying Nat gas bygiving "credits" to state who go to Green. Meaning, California will be bailed out for its huge electric bills by everybody else. How it works. The greatest disappointment to team Obama is they were sure by now gasoline would be 6 bucks a gallon at least....then those damn oil companies found all this oil and gas. Guess they will just have to stop it with Executive Orders/////like the Founding Fathers wanted....right?

  • finplan95 finplan95 Aug 3, 2015 4:09 PM Flag

    At a cost of 4.9 trillion and growing? it was 'sold' at 980 billion remember? It is a welfare program plain and simple. 40% of the "new" insured are people who had policies they liked but were told by Obama that they are no good and they had to "buy" obamacare-and he counts them as new policies!!! 85% of the rest pay nothing for their health care.
    Obamacare is at a 39% average support level since it was placed around the necks of taxpayers-which is why the Dem Party now holds the fewest amounts of elected seats in the last 95years.

  • Car companies reporting huge sale of pick up and SU's and making $ as oil prices slide. We could blow the roof of his economy if Team Obama got out of the way. Instead, he announces today that your electric bill is getting ready to explode and e has found a way to bail ut California from its 400 billion deficit from illegal aliens and Green taxes. His plan gives "credits' to stats that have moved to Green already. So that means the country is going to pay for California where the Looney Let Starts everything. Anyway, in the time it took me to type this Ford sold more F-150's and Explorers ten Tesla will sell cars in the next 18 months........

  • finplan95 finplan95 Aug 3, 2015 3:19 PM Flag

    And solar city is getting million in ev credits from the taxpayer and loans subsidized by taxpayers or guaranteed by the oil literally become a glut that could take the cost to 35 a barrel and collapse Iran and Iraq from within. Instead we are building 100K cars and giving 1K tax credits to Hollywood producers. Classic Li Scam that always collapses. Always.

  • finplan95 finplan95 Aug 3, 2015 3:14 PM Flag

    Oh yeah that old song....the only county in the entire world that did not have terrorist was Iraq. Meanwhile, 98% of Democrats voted for the war due to the facts everybody had. And before the invasion, we were spending1.7 billion a month enforcing the UN no fly zone over Iraq........and we were the only one doing it. Now, if Saddam ws still there we are still paying EVERYBODY knows it was Obama who ran from Iraq faster then lib votes for a tax increase on everybody but his self and the country collapsed. But spinning is the presses #1 Job when a Lib Dem is president.........10 trillion in new debt without the wars.....40 million more people on food stamps......over 60 million people of working age ot working at all........and the slowest growth after a recession in the History of our country......but we do have gay there is that.

  • Or you could switch to Green Scam and get a tax break from your neighbor. love the State Plan. Here team Obama will finally find a way to bail out California who currently has the highest electric rates in the country because of Green Scam. He will "reward" states who have already move to Green with everybody else's tax dollars. 150K coal workers and related businesses are out of work since Obama became King. Not one vote has passed Congress to make this happen. In fact, Dems have lost over 1600 seats at State and Federal Levels since he was Crowned.

    Cap and Trade Taxes would tae over 2 trillion a year from the private sector and give it to DC. Good news is, as of this morning, 370 individual and state and corporate suits were queued up to stop it. and since it is an executive order-any president can shut it down with a 'phone and a pen"

  • This has to best joke company ever. You guys see SCTY last night? Lost more money then they did in sales-for the 6th straight qtr. Predicted they would lose over $200 million for the next 90 days....but...still getting those Green Scam Taxpayer $!!!! Same here with Tes-lie. Just love it. Buy a Tes-li, get a $7500 tax credit no matter your income-another 3K if you live in Cali-and then refer somebody and get another 1 from your neighbors pocket.
    Green Scam, Planned parent Hood, School unions and pensions, Obamacare, Chicago, Detroit, LA....all Great Lib success stories. Well, at least they got Social Security right. oh wait a Minute.....that is going bankrupt too.......

  • They are literally taking in $1 and losing $1.15, What a great way to spend our tax dollars. this is classic Obama-all hype and nothing but a political hack job. Next quarter they will lose-per their own admission-over 250 million in 90 days. That elon is brilliant/ Give him 100 billion of taxpayer money, force California to buy his products and then lose 200 million in 90 days-in every company he runs.

  • finplan95 finplan95 Jul 29, 2015 8:37 AM Flag

    There is ZERO demand for EV vehicles. Elon is selling his cars to California Libs and progressives in Europe. Bet 85% of the X model sales will be to the same people. The only reason EV cars exists is because of government. the big 3 only will make EV's so they can meet CAFE Standards for their fleet. Which of course is why Team Obama rammed it down our throats. The CAFE standards are not per car but for the entire fleet. so if they make an EV and a Hybrid and sell 10 a piece who cars. it allows them to sell 300K pickups and SUV's a month and make a profit. Trust me, those guys are in the Board rooms praying they do not sell any Ev's...they lose 10K every time one is sold.....

  • Look for something like "Model X has new "secret" feature. Can not tell anybody until after earnings. "
    or "Battery pack now available in 3 new colors. can not reveal until Thanksgiving"

    Should be good for a 50 doll pop on future sales in 2046.

  • Says she wants "Lamborghini" for her efforts in selling dead baby parts. This is who the Modern Dem Party
    is really. it is all a lie. it is all a culture of death and control. the new slavery ( hey, Dems were the Old south) where entire cultures are 100% dependent on a politician to live. Here we have Leftists who have told us for year that a fetus is "not viable tissue" and so there is no life or murder. but et, keeping the "parts" is viable?
    Obama has no destroyed marriage, free markets in health care, the military, and now human life. Puerto Rico is about to go bankrupt from cradle to grave Liberal policies....Illinois is not far behind. Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, all Leftists governments all but bankrupt.
    Hey, why don't they sell baby parts? Maybe this video will make the news...first one was no where on major news station....too busy spinning the Obama surrender to Islam.

  • Israel will do it. Since Obama planned it so the UIN will pass it before the rest of America and the Congress get to have heir say This guy is just bad news. so, if it happens, Netanyahu will take them out. Obama knows this-which is why he sent his political hack team to try and defeat Bebe in the last election....Obama, like almost every leftist in the last 3 years-lost.

    So I say Israel will wait until our Congress votes against it and then The Mistake veto's It to be the first President in our history to pass a Treaty via the UN and via a veto in his own congress. I know, maybe Israel can get the Treaty declared a tax like Obamacare and the Supremes would throw this one out.

    The clock is ticking............

  • finplan95 finplan95 Jul 21, 2015 11:49 AM Flag

    yeah, typical Left spin when they get caught. Now good news is the press is pretending it never happened. Just like when Gruber said Americans were stupid that is how they got Obamacare passed and said the States were suppose to be the only place to get tax credits-Team Obama INSISTED on It . Not one peep in the press.

    think Hillary ever gets a question like " do you think, like Planned parent hood, that selling baby parts is a good decision and helps profits?" It will never happen,

  • finplan95 finplan95 Jul 21, 2015 6:07 AM Flag

    Doesn't he realize that in 2046 Musk said Tesla will sell exactly 2,345,679 cars and will make 32.16 per share?! He said that in a tweet so it has to be correct......and Obama said that he will personally insure that taxpayers continue to fund Tesla for at least 100 billion a year forever.

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