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  • And solar city does not. Notice how there has not been one "sue and screw em" law firm stepping in for class action law suits after the 100 point stock drop? SCTY down 30% in one day and no law suits there either. Know why? Because team Obama has told the law firms: We have moved 1 trillion dollars into these scams and if you sue them you are out of the gravy train"
    Elon come sout and sales will triple and cash flow will go positive......looks like another stock offering to me coming soon. Taxpayer subsidies last year all in came in at over 15 billion....
    Tesla is example 1 of Liberal scam politics. This company and scty should be shut down tomorrow with a sign that reads:
    "We apologize to Bernie Madoff-you are not the largest Liberal scam artists anymore"

  • Anybody who listened to me or a number of others would of seen the road ahead. A total failure of an idea no where near ready . It was forced on us by Liberals purely for political reason. Oil and gas is now at glut levels and OVER 50% OF ALL OF THE RECOVERABLE FILEDS ARE NOT EVEN STARTED. These scam products were never vetted by the market with real money-they are doomed.

    Up next is the total collapse of Obamacare and at least two Western European countries who implemented these crazy policies years before we did. There will be a GOP landslide coming making the last two losses by the Dems look like a party
    However expect Dems to do the following:

    Sue the government for failure to continue to fund these total scams
    Walk out of every vote because they will be in such minorities they can not stop anything. the press will cover this as brilliant

    The management of this company Tesla, SUNE fslr-all of them should be up on charges. Any wonder Obama wants to tax a barrel of oil and pass a 2 trillion a year carbon tax and then let the UN run it? In there wild Lib dreams they thought for sure gasoline would be $5 a gallon by now and Nat gas would prove to be a fad. But then they are Liberals-in the history of man they have never been right and every country, organization, movement or plan that follows their lead-dies an ugly scty.

  • will have some kind of funding for Green Scam in it and a tax or penalty for fossil fuels. In their wildest dreams they never thought oil would be at 430 a barrel and nat gas would be @ $2 per mcf. Coal is even cheaper but they did manage to shut down that industry and cost 400K jobs. Every utterance out of Team Obama will now be global warning etc.....the money from that scam will be over 2 trillion a year if implemented.

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    I hate to keep mentioning Solar City

    by dynamicviolence Feb 8, 2016 4:08 PM
    finplan95 finplan95 Feb 8, 2016 4:26 PM Flag

    Good move because 8% a year on zero principal value is not much.

  • finplan95 finplan95 Feb 8, 2016 4:21 PM Flag

    Yeah every up move on almost every stock is being sold no matter what happens. On the good side somebody is buying with both hands at these levels. I am with you-a move above 87 on a good market day and this could get to 92 quick. 7 times earnings, a good dividend, 26 billion in cash, company buying back 205 of the company -and best of all-Hillary could be indicted!!!!! If that happened the stock would hit 100 in 10 minutes!!!!

  • finplan95 finplan95 Feb 5, 2016 7:40 AM Flag

    Yeah, just filled up my SUV, in 5 minutes So I figure if I bought a Tesla it would take me 34but instead we have spent almost years to make up the price-not counting the value of time lost charging. We elect Hillary we deserve what we get. We are sitting on the cheapest energy vs, real dollars in the history of the world and nobody is even close to the US but instead we have spent almost 1 trillion under Obama for one purpose-to make Lib donors rich, Despicable.

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    by model3lover Jan 22, 2016 10:54 AM
    finplan95 finplan95 Feb 5, 2016 7:35 AM Flag

    All Leftist loon countries where they also pay 65% average taxes on all income and activity-and spend 10 cents on the dollar vs the US for military. And the result? They are all bankrupt with 60% of the society on some form of welfare and nobody ever opens a business. Oh by the way, most of these countries are sitting on huge Nat gas and oil reserves now available thanks to fracking,,,,,instead they choose to tax the citizens and give it to the green scam cronies.

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    Lots of Hate for Bob Lutz Today at TMC

    by montanaskeptic Feb 4, 2016 8:47 AM
    finplan95 finplan95 Feb 4, 2016 9:02 AM Flag

    he hit the nail on the head-especially about the Mileage standards set by Obama. that is the only reason electric cars are even made. In order to keep from going to jail they make electric cars to get the fleet avg. miles up and then prey they do not sell any of them because they lose thousands per green scam vehicle.

  • I even said then, the sales numbers will be much worse then they told us, the cash burn will be bigger and there will be more news about the food issue-but the stock will not take out that 399 it hit right before the CEO goes to a convention he was not scheduled to be at -with no analysts- and says "we will fix it" Immediately they all started saying slightly positive things etc. Stock rallied 75 points in a huge market sell off and a 'bottom' is made. now the real news comes out but it will not take out the 400 mark. How it is done.

  • finplan95 finplan95 Feb 2, 2016 4:13 PM Flag

    By the stock the day Hillary is indicted....You simply can not get a better earning announcement but-look for Hillary and Bernie to say they make too much money and that the illegal aliens-citizens of Honduras-should get those profits. We deserve what we get if we elect another socialist in chief....

  • Tesla will now sell a tire that gets 100K miles and at zero carbon footprint. Stock jumps $90 bucks and 5 analyst up price target to $1500 by August. When asked how that offsets a 500 million dollar operating loss Elon Says" we will contribute to .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of global warming reduction" analyst then update forecast to $2000 a share by July. Meanwhile, Ford sells 400K F-150's a month and gas drops to $1.75 a gallon...except California where global Warming Wacos have added $1,75 a gallon for taxes........

  • They made him go to a retail convention they were not scheduled to be at, make informal remarks with no financial news ( and thereby no responsibility) and then they came in and pushed it to gets shorts to close. when the actual numbers come out this will be over 500 and the sell off will not come close to taking out the bottom ....and the big money will be safe. and even more important, nobody will be called to the carpet for it. the market has sold off over 11% since the fluff CEO "I will fix it' comment and this stock was 400 at the time. you are looking at a sub 325 stock if they did not do it.......

  • So Cali, which is where 90% of all solar is consumed, just got hosed again. Oil at 40 year lows. Nat Gas at all time lows and just Like Gov Grey Out Davis did by negotiating electric power rates right at the top-Moonbeam and the Gang just locked in electric rates with 100% subsidized energy. Wonder why companies all want a piece of solar-because that is where the US taxpayer dollar is being spent. we deserve what we get if this madness gets out of Cali. Love the story of solar City-utility companies pushing back on the govt forced energy grid..............oh well, off to work...have to pay for California energy needs but at least my Escalade can be filled with gas for about 45 bucks

  • So the stock has rallied 20% because "He is going to fix it"
    Meanwhile the market is down 10% since he said "he was going to fix it"
    Stores literally have nobody there at key times but "he is going to fix it"
    The Obama economy is now on its own without the FED printing money but he "is going to fix it"
    Will people pay 10$ for a burrito and eat on plastic chairs and get sick? Yes-"he is going to fix it"
    Or, is the rally just so the Big Hitters that the Street has stuck in this stock time enough to get out?
    Maybe but "he is going to fix it"

  • finplan95 finplan95 Jan 19, 2016 9:15 PM Flag

    Really? My brand new Caddy Escalade will start right up and my 24 gallons of cheap American gas will run with more heat coming out of the heater then I can stand. good news for you Lefties though-I did have to pay a 2K gas guzzler tax. funny, yoou POS Tesla cant run in the winter but you did get a 7500 tax credit. No wonder the country is 10 Trillion in new Debt since The Mistake was elected.

  • here you are, the company is nose diving. There is no traffic in the stores and the last real news we got sales were off 30%.....and then the CEO shows up at a Conference they originally were not schedule to be at and says " we are going to fix it". the stock then rallies 15% in a market sell off literally like no other January on record. You wonder why nobody trusts anything anymore?

  • I am a short ( was) closed with a slight gain. I still think this company is worth about $250 a share but what does that matter? Wall Street was down 100's of millions for clients in this thing. They will not make more then 8$ a share this year if they are lucky. But, they got the CEO out there to say ' we are going to fix it" at a conference they were never scheduled to got to in the first place. it was perfect. it was not an official analysts meeting so no hard numbers of any kind were required , or more important, they could not be held to. Just get out there and say fluff and we ( Wall Street) will take it from there. We will buy and push the shorts in a corner and drive this up to 480-to 500. when the real news comes out the sell off will not take out the near term low of 399. Game over. meanwhile, they made a fortune in the option pits.
    Wall Street Darlings always die very slow deaths because they have to ring out as much money as possible to make up for the initial drop on real news. So:

    Unless some more e-coli type news comes out it will not matter if they lose 100 million in the first 3 months of the year. the stock will not drop anytime soon. imho.

  • Stock up again on another down day. Unless another illness breaks out or a cover up by management is discovered it will not matter how much money they lose and how bad sales are for the next 12 will not see 400 again.

  • finplan95 finplan95 Jan 14, 2016 9:39 AM Flag

    That number will be at least 40% lower........and they will blame the 'marketing mentioned at the presentation". and then every Wall Street firm who is underwater for their institutional clients by 200 points still will say buy. yesterday was classic how it is done. that presentation was not scheduled before hand....they just decided to do it and because it was notan earnings presentation they did not need forecast, real time numbers etc...all they needed to say was " we are working hard to fix it'......Wall Street will take it from there. Like I said, unless there is another breakout of illness or a coverup is discovered, CMg could announce a loss for the 4th q of 2015, a loss for 1st qtr 16 and 7$ a share total for 16 vs. the $17 forecast-and it will not go down.

  • finplan95 finplan95 Jan 14, 2016 8:43 AM Flag

    Like I said. it does not matter now how much money they lose and how bad the same stare sales are. Unless there is either another outbreak or a cover up is discovered the Big Money on Wall street just stopped the bleeding for their huge clients with that 'presentation" yesterday. all negative news will be spun as " already anticipated". This is going to go back to 480 area before the earnings actually come out. Way it works for Wall street Darlings. If this would have been say McDonalds and not a thing was different, it would of been down another 5% yesterday.

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