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finplan95 38 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 22, 2014 4:44 PM Member since: Sep 7, 2001
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  • finplan95 finplan95 Jul 22, 2014 4:44 PM Flag

    Sad part is "we didn't". He lied through his teeth and the ignorant uninformed voters got him over the goal line.
    Last election stats:
    Only pres. in history to be re-elected with a smaller number of actual votes then the 1st election
    only Pres. in history to be re-elected with a smaller % of the votes casts then the 1st election.

    Fact is, 5 million working white class voters did not vote this time. Team Obama knew they would never vote for him the 2nd time so they spent every dollar convincing them Romney would just steal from them so don't bother to vote. Despite that fact:

    if you took the people who did vote and add just one qualifier before they could pull the lever:

    "Do you or YOUR HOUSEHOLD earn more then 30K a year"? I said 30K not 300K.....the result of that election.......

    Romney 63%
    Obama 37%

    By the way...that is the same 5 of people who pay taxes and the exact breakdown on Obamacare approval. Anybody who actually earns a living does not vote Dem in enough numbers for anybody to be elected......

  • Dems know the entire Obama movement is unconstitutional and they are doing what FDR did-stack the courts with Libs. by changing the100 year Senate rules they have already placed 30 Libs on key FED Courts ....I guarantee they will try to 'shop it" to one of these courts to slow down the appeal to the Supremes. Obama has lost 4 rulings in a row now but like the others he lost-it will not matter. he is a Lib so he knows better. Remember, he was told by a FED Court he can no longer block new Gas permits in the Gulf...he has refused to comply. that is what dictators do.....

  • finplan95 finplan95 Jul 17, 2014 9:06 AM Flag

    85% want to build a fence FIRST
    75% want to build the keystone pipeline
    64% want to drill in Alaska
    70% want to have a voter ID
    68% think government is too big
    85% think the IRS Investigation has been blocked
    70% think Benghazi is a cover up
    and of course, 65% are against obamacare

    But is is the GOP who are out of touch according to the press......

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    Resettle illegals in Alaska

    by dikbalzakk Jul 9, 2014 1:04 PM
    finplan95 finplan95 Jul 9, 2014 1:17 PM Flag

    I say San Francisco. Within 6 months all the Uber Rich Libs there who want to tax everything will move to Denver. There is nobody more of a racists then the Left.

  • finplan95 finplan95 Jul 8, 2014 1:36 PM Flag

    Michelle spent that alone on her last trip to China...which was a great benefit to the working man they care so much about.............but at least 4 Americans did not die in an 8 hour fire fight where somebody made the decision not to send anybody and SOMEBODy cooked up a story about a video and SOMEBODY made the decision that Susan Rice would be the one speaking on the TV shows not the Sec. of State........

  • The push for Green Scam is about money and only money. To make it possible they must first drive up the costs of cheap energy by at least 300% and then of course cry the oil co's are gauging us. The amount of money that would come into the Governments hands if Green Scam ever happened would be astronomical. At least 2 trillion a year more then they collect now. and given obamacare is now running a 3.9 trillion deficit according to CBO (before 30 million citizens of south America get free health care) you understand why the Left needs to tax energy. And in the fact that there is not one current version of any form of Green energy that could stay in business six months if all of the Government $ subsidizing it would stop. Everyone would be toes up just like Solyndra and the other 76 domestic Green Scam companies who have taken the Eternal Dirt Nap.
    When I was a kid we were told there was a coming Ice Age. We were told that DDT killed everything. We were told that the uS has no oil and no domestic energy. They were wrong about everything. Everything.

    does it really surprise you that the Health Care Bill was a complete lie? Would it really shock you if Green Scam turns out to be the largest waste of money in US history? Look at the history of the world. there is not one incident in History where the progressive left movement has ever worked. it has been a complete and total bankrupt way of thinking and has produced some of the greatest despair and human suffering in all of mans history....but.....maybe on Green Scam they finally got it right. Are you literally willing to bet the Nation on that....with these guys?

  • finplan95 finplan95 Jul 8, 2014 9:25 AM Flag

    Yeah and in the 'deal" with the Dems we legalized them and we were suppose to immediately close the border. Dems did not do that and California changed to a Dem run state. 30 years later the state is 300 billion in debt, 8 Southern Cal. Hospitals have gone bankrupt, and the state is the incubator for every disease and wild eyed liberal idea that is then tried to force on the rest of the country. Obama is just repeating the same thing. his goal is simple; Turn Texas Blue with citizens from another country and then the Dems will claim they won the debate that nobody wants.

    Cant believe that? Remember: if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor . period.
    "The IRS issue is a Cincinnati issue. it did not come from Washington" 8 weeks later we learn e-mails went straight to the White House
    " Obamacare is not a tax and I will not argue it is a tax in front of the Courts. That is a Republican scare tactic" Team Obama lost on the Commerce Clause in front of the Supremes. They were then instructed to argue it is a tax...they did...and won 5-4.

    There is NOTHING this president would stop at. nothing he will not say or do. nothing.

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    Andrew Carnegie of electric cars.

    by dickwithtieon Jul 7, 2014 3:02 PM
    finplan95 finplan95 Jul 7, 2014 3:52 PM Flag

    Question is; Can anybody do it without the need of 1 trillion of taxpayers $ while doing everything they can to shut down Nat Gas?........

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    Politico - The Case for Romney in 2016

    by george_effin_bush Jul 3, 2014 12:24 PM
    finplan95 finplan95 Jul 3, 2014 12:36 PM Flag

    We get to run against cant get any better then that.....

  • finplan95 finplan95 Jul 3, 2014 12:33 PM Flag

    It is an out an out lie and he knows it. We have the smallest % of working age people working in 45 years. EVERYTHING about Obama is cooked numbers and lies. there is not one thing about Obamacare that is even close to the way it was sold. None. Now it is the Ue #'s. he knows his base are idiots and he plans on it.

  • finplan95 finplan95 Jul 3, 2014 12:30 PM Flag

    The good news is that O'Donnel only draws an audience about the size of your average urban movie theater for a Tuesday matinee. But it does show you the true goal of the Left. they want to import votes to change America the same way they changed California. I always say you just have to look at California to see what they are going to do. it is ugly.

  • How many DNC Newspapers/channels do you think will show that? Probably as many will cover Obama being ranked the lowest President in the last 70 years....but...there is a War on women to cover

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    by pravda_01 Jul 2, 2014 12:35 PM
    finplan95 finplan95 Jul 2, 2014 12:42 PM Flag

    Yeah...saw study that said over ht e last 5 years the amount of people tapping retirement plans is up by over 400% of average.......another record of The Mistake.

    P.S. I wonder how many of those inner city poor and illegals have K Plans anway?

  • finplan95 finplan95 Jul 2, 2014 12:38 PM Flag

    fastest way to get a fence built: have a GOP candidate for Pres. win just 45% of the Latino vote. You would see the Dems literally rushing to their unions and big money guys to build a fence at no charge to the country because they can not win elections without them

  • The Inspector General can not validate 1.1 million ID's as legitamate using Obamacare ( for free of course) And this law was sold as a 980 billion dollar cost over 10 years. CBO now says it is 2.6 trillion....a 200% overbudget result and the real costs of Obamacare does not start until after the election.

    IRS e-mails lead to the White House, Supremes say Obama acted illegally, MidEast falling apart, gasolene up 200% during The Mistakes leadership, a 200% increase in food stamp usage, a 300% increase of Disability, 9 million people have been out of work for over 3 years, and a deficit that has gone up by 85% and counting....BUT

    We have

    Gay Marriage
    76 Green Scam Bankruptcies
    10K Illegals a day entering the country
    Pot is legal
    You can now get an abortion up to and including the first day of Kindergarten
    And the VA now has a Take a Number Deli Counter Ailse while citizens of Bolivia get health care for free.

    The Greatest Mistake in U.S. it fatal?

  • finplan95 finplan95 Jul 1, 2014 7:31 PM Flag

    Is that the Zimmerman who was suppose to be in jail for the rest of his life?.....

  • finplan95 finplan95 Jun 30, 2014 11:26 AM Flag

    You mean like how 35% of the country can tell the other 65% they have to pay for their health care and have no say in what they pay for?

  • When the vote came down that Obamacare was legal because it is a tax ( something the media to this day never mentions) on every major business channel in the morning somebody from Team Obama was part of a guest a panel. They KNEW they had won before the verdict was out-completely illegal. Today-we saw not hide or hair of any of them. This is the most corrupt bunch we have ever had within spitting distance of the WH.

    I know, maybe they lost their e-mails and were unaware of todays decision.....

  • Team Loser is now trying to change the demographics of Texas by literally paying for and advertising for illegal from Central America to come to Texas, get free everything, become citizens and vote Dem. Just like they did in California. What does California have as a result? the largest state debt. The highest energy costs. The highest food costs. In LA alone over 4 hospitals completely bankrupted by illegals. Gang crime the Vikings would of been proud of and an 80% Dem legislature that adds an additional 4 new taxes ever session.
    Somebody living in LA now making 500K a year is paying over 70% of taxes on the last 100K he makes and on avg 40% on the first 400k. Meaning between all other taxes, (payroll, sales, home, school, gas, etc) this poor schlub is keeping 200K a year and kicking in 300K to citizens from other countries........ and he is now being told he needs to kick in more........

  • Obamacare's Prognosis Grows Dimmer

    Lanhee Chen
    comments icon238 time iconJun 26, 2014 9:03 AM EDT
    By Lanhee Chen


    A nightmare for Affordable Care Act supporters has been the possibility that only the sick would be left to purchase insurance through its exchanges, driving premiums up and insurers out. While the law’s boosters have been quick to dismiss the possibility that such a so-called death spiral could occur, data published in the Wall Street Journal suggest that this chain of events may not be so far-fetched after all.

    The findings are significant not just for what they say about how Obamacare is working now, but also for their impact on the political debate over its future.

    At its base, the data show that people insured through the law’s exchanges have higher rates of serious medical conditions. Of the enrollees who have seen a doctor or other health-care provider in the first quarter of this year, 27 percent have significant medical problems, including diabetes, cancer, heart trouble and psychiatric conditions. That rate is substantially higher than that for patients in nonexchange market plans over the same period. And it’s more than double the rate of those who were able to hold onto their existing individual market insurance plans after President Barack Obama was forced to allow them to keep them.

    Related: Why Obamacare Can't Be 'Fixed'

    This outcome should not surprise anyone. The law’s one-size-fits-all regulatory regime, which requires insurers to offer coverage to all comers and prohibits pricing of coverage based on an applicant’s health status, was bound to increase the number of relatively sicker people purchasing insurance through the exchanges. Moreover, Obama’s executive action, which effectively allowed many people who had individual market plans to remain in them through at least 2016, bifurcated the insurance markets such that healthier people remained in the plans they already had, while relatively sicker patients were left to

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