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  • fish2kill fish2kill 1 hour 1 minute ago Flag

    Indeed, but deceptive marketing and a monopoly in denial should still provide enough cover for world-savers of the right persuasion to regroup and press on. The hearts and minds of dante's and rand's and jeebus's disciples have already been bathed and softened by the warm and fuzzy glow of divine inspiration; tasked with vague production goals for the conversion of souls and yields numbers measured in rasmussen polls; and unshackled from the earthy restraints of reason, fact-checking and conventional spelling. Nothing can stop them now, because from this day forward the Smuggler's Children's Crusade shall require no further words or illumination along its road to Eden. Bursting now with the confidence of a sophomore with a pen and an ideal, and armed with little more than an unwavering moral compass (no matter which way the marchers turn, it still says they're going the Right way) and a 9-stop parade route, these freedom fighters will no longer be denied (remember their aforementioned monopoly?). All that remains now is for these chosen ones to rise up as one against the tampon praisers and sociophiles; separate the spoiled brats from the afflicted juveniles; and kick the former to the curb while pulling the latter into the van with a man and a goat and rushing them ahead to the privately-funded union-free medical center where all sick kids shall be cure, and all malingerers and shirkers beaten with hardcover volumes of King James and The Fountainhead. Truth and beauty will probably take it in the patootie, and justice and equality both look solid shorts..... but when you're Right, well....ROTFLMAO we shall overcome...

  • fish2kill fish2kill 4 hours ago Flag

    Funny how things and spiteful brats stay the same, too. The tire-less leader of the Crusade for the Elevation of Dante and Productivity has once again muddled his directions; made another bad night move, and missed the turn-off for Main Street. Now he's on the road again but as usual it's the wrong one, and he's spilled his load of road apples all over some long and lonesome highway
    East of Omaha
    You can listen to his engine
    Moanin' out his one note song
    Still determined to deliver whatever's left, our seeger of truth and clarity in writing (for pete's sake) bites down on his segar and gropes for traction: spinning his wheels, bobbing his head, and cursing his dependance on data instead of visualization skills and mental maps. Now, with no cell signal and only hastily-scrawled "notes to self and dante" his gps ap ain't nuthin but crap too and he 's stuck in his own musings, unable to reach any of the hustlers and losers on main or even the enterprise crew for some roadside assistance or even a star chart or two. The good news is that every else has a much easier and clear way around his log-jam....ROTFLMAO: Turn The Page.

  • fish2kill fish2kill 14 hours ago Flag

    "The" problem? There are an infinite number of identifiable problems and an infinite number of problem statements that can be made for each one. The "problem" is finding the best, most relevant, most succinct and tightly focused ('focus' is one of my major themes as well as one of the most-repeated instructions I'll give during his exercise, and I'll explain why as it unfolds). Res Ipsa Loquitur.

  • fish2kill fish2kill 20 hours ago Flag

    Finally: you're overdue {gyrocopter problem statement}!!! My heart be still. Now, one last favor: repost it as a new thread, something like "stopspending throws down on fish and his gyrocopter" would be nice, but any title that I'll recognize. It'll save us having to wade down through this already lengthy thread all the time, or see our replies disappear. Do that, and we have a deal: I promise before Wednesday I'll post my response to your challenge, the {union problem statement} - provided that your {union problem statement} has been finalized and posted too (I went first with the copter, so it's only fair that you go first with the unions.) If anything strikes you as unfair about my terms, identify what and why and I'll respond. Isn't this a whole lot easier when we both agree to stop jowling and start working? I'll look for your repost under a new topic, and get right to work on it as soon as you have it up. C U soon. -Fish

  • fish2kill fish2kill 20 hours ago Flag

    But I forgot:

    You are the crown of creation,
    And you've got no place to go.

    Soon you'll attain the stability you strive for,
    In the only way that it's granted:
    In a place among the fossils of our time.

    In loyalty to your kind
    You cannot tolerate my mind.
    In loyalty to mankind
    I cannot tolerate your obsessions:

    star drek, dante worship, tampon praise, sociophile, spoiled brat, production-as-savior monotonous droning hari krisha religous political blather. All praise the crown of creating, but the pointy little head that it rests upon? "Don't crush that dwarf; hand me the pliers!" ROTLMAO even a philosphy major like you needs to mix in a few new catch phrases once in a while....even "The Word" has undergone a few updates and revisions without falling of the face of the earth or being Raptured.

  • fish2kill fish2kill 21 hours ago Flag

    Allow me to point out a few of the flies in your hastily-prepared ointment: remember that we've already established that the issues I'm concerned about with regard to unions and workers' rights to establish and join them are not the same as yours, so why bother? You already know I won't agree to work on yours, and you'll ignore mine too. I have one set of goals, and you have another. Furthermore, choosing any longstanding partisan issue as the "situation" or "event" for this exercise would produce no learning or understanding or agreement either. That's precisely why I chose the gyrocopter incident, and the security of our Capitol, as the focal point and test subject of this exercise in separating the men from the smugglers here. Even fish the anarchist does not want to see Washington DC wiped off the plant by anyone, be they jihadi terrorists in gyrocopters, an F-15 Eagle pilot with a hair across his seat cushion about being passed over for "Major", or an old fart in a 1934 Beechcraft Staggerwing biplane too hopped up on ayahuasca to see WHEN he is, let alone WHERE and WHO he is ROTFLMAO. I purposely picked something for which there is no standing body of research or tested solutions; sides have not already been drawn and fortified; and the field is wide open for anyone to identify a problem, state it, and see how it flies in the court of public opinion through all the steps, right up to the plan for implementing one of the proposed solutions. If you won't accept my challenge, which basically amounts to thinking and behaving like a responsible and rational adult, fine. It just makes you a ballsmuggler, and that's neither a promotion or demotion for you. However, why would I stoop to playing the dozen's with a 4-rate mind like yours? You may like to mud-wrestle, but I'd rather sit on a recliner putting pigs down with one good shot apiece. Your options?
    Book yourself an E-ticket ride out of DC on a 1st class biz jet, or grease your rump for a railride out.

  • fish2kill fish2kill 22 hours ago Flag

    ROTFLMAO may I suggest that you try boiling your rants and accusations and finger-pointing down to the tight, blameless, tasteful sauce of a {problem statement} before you start throwing raw ingredients and burned biscuits at the wall hoping that something sticks, and you can then remove your apron and begin ladling out your culinary master-piece(s) to the assembled guests? ROTFLMAO what you really ought to do is instead is hire a TRAINED sous who knows how to prepare the right dish by informally using formal problem solving skills and techniques. Any good chef regularly does exactly that , by working through a list of challenges and tasks in a logical order:
    1) He first identifies the problems (who is coming to dinner, and what meals might they enjoy) and checks to see if they're problems he's already solved (meals he's cooked before, and for which already has a proven recipe
    2), 3), 4), 5) .....and so on (your pal stopspending fell off one of my metaphorical trains recently on a very gentle curve, so I'm through wasting concise explanations on 4th-rate "intellects like yours and his, and just cut to the chase: a sous chef's primary responsibility role would be to keep you out of the kitchen entirely, and well-away from those burn-y burners and sharp utensils, you muddled melange of meatless stew.

  • fish2kill fish2kill Apr 26, 2015 8:41 AM Flag

    Reality is a crutch for people who can't handle more than one perspective at a time, never mind a dozen of them at once. There is a vast gulf between imagining angels and hearing voices from the sky and antiquity, and visualizing things that have never been and coaxing them into existence. You wouldn't survive "Plebe Week" at Star Fleet , never mind the abuse your namesake would heap upon your illogical but beautiful mind as soon as he got a load of the Tribble dribble slow-leaking from the corner of your airblaster ROTFLMAO

  • fish2kill fish2kill Apr 26, 2015 8:24 AM Flag

    "It's still the same old story: Trouble coming from the same old place!"
    "No! Not the Old Same Place AGAIN?"
    "Yes, I'm afraid so. You'd think the owners of that stately mansion on the hill could spring for a new septic tank!"
    ROTFLMAO well, did you investigate and explore Planet Firesign? Talk about "boldly going where no man has gone before"! The absence of sentient beings and smugglers on FTP-68; its remote location, and the insulation afforded from everyday distractions such as reality and implied social contracts make it an ideal location for my proposed Vulcan-Pisces Peace Conference/Bundy-Dube "Head'em Off At The Past/Kill Them Off In the Buffet Line Financial Advice and Galactic Time-share Reel Estate Seminar.
    Did you enjoy being placed up against "The Wall of Science"? Did Fudd's First Law Of Opposition ("If you push something hard enough, it WILL fall over" offer any new insights into how we might best proceed towards a negotiated, mutually satisfactory agreement for providing stability and security to the planets and inhabitants of our respective home systems? What about Teslickle's Deviant to Fudd' Law? ( "It comes in - it must go out.") Did that open any new doors or reveal new avenues to explore. I mean, it's about as close to Circus-Circus's Customer Service Mission Statement that I think even viewer could get behind this plan as long as the tempest in her tea cozy can be stabilized sufficiently to survive the long and arduous journey from North Vegas to the Heyta-Sh-Buri system and PF-69. Notify Starfleet of my position and advise on rendezvous trajectory and estimated time of arrival. Bring a phaser-compatible problem statement generator and a copy of the inferno in case anyone's honor is breached and a different kind of challenge must be resolved. ROTFLMAO but not even a LITTLE bit of Nick Danger for me? Talk about one-way wormholes and time warps.....

  • fish2kill fish2kill Apr 26, 2015 6:59 AM Flag

    ROTFLMAO more obstructionist squawking and screeching from a brassy but sackless neocon magpie, yawn. Easy excited and agitated by bright, glittery articles thrown before him, yet lacking any understanding of their meaning, origins, purpose, application, or even value and worth; picking through the shiny trinkets he's snatched off the midden of a superior species; cockily waving his looted treasure and pirated trash around with equal pride; a bird brain so small it can't tell the difference between a plastic cap and a gold doubloon. Less than a fortnight ago you'd acted like you'd never heard of anything more inane or ridiculous or pointless than my {problem statement challenge}: "Consider the gyrocopter incident in DC and any issues related to defense of our nations capitol; identify just one issue or area of concern, and then write a problem statement that presents that issue or concern as a problem to be solved". So simple: identify and frame a problem! No problem solving, no heavy lifting.....just point at a problem and describe it without assigning blame. The first part is all you deep-thinkers and financial analysts and fiscal clairvoyants and geniuses DO here, and the latter is what none of you are capable of. I knew you'd stammer and bloviate and belittle my challenge, because it isn't answerable with a simple cut-and-paste of someone else's demands that you do your own. Sure enough, two days later you were back here belittling and minimizing and denigrating the usefulness and utility of applying formal problem-solving techniques and practices to thorny, complex issues....without even attempting to answer my {gyrocopter problem statement "challenge"}. Now you're back throwing one at me......about UNIONS, the very subject I've already proved you know nothing about? ROTFLMAO oh, I'll give you one......right after you belly up to fish's bar and pour everyone a nice tall {gyrocopter problem statement}. The frying fish's grill awaits you.

  • fish2kill fish2kill Apr 25, 2015 10:01 PM Flag

    You effin' A better, or I will channel the ghost of my Pittsburgh coal miner/mill worker grandfather and Union Organizer grandmother (both on my mom's side) and picks & shovels will be the last things you'll see before THOSE two let you down LOL. I have never belonged to a union or been represented by one, and even chose to cross picket lines as a contract scab twice in my checkered career....but absolutely YES!!!!!

  • fish2kill fish2kill Apr 25, 2015 8:30 PM Flag

    Precisely!! Your speech was another lecture aimed at a target that only two months ago I proved you didn't know a bleeping thing about: unions. You didn't know the SEIU from the AFL-CIO; were full of preposterous assertions about who unions were "originally intended for" and why they were historically tied to skilled blue collar trades and not meant for hamburger flippers or hotel maids and how those trades don't even HAVE unions representing them today....on and on....and all of it wrong. So wrong in fact that you couldn't deny it...then....but look out now, you're already on top of your game again, huh? I doubt you've even googled "union" in the interim, and suddenly we're all supposed to believe than in only two months, a financials sector authority and consummate union-ignoramus like you are such a fast study, you've already mastered this subject too. (quick, how many unions represent workers in the US financial industry? What percentage of workers in that sector, the one very one you claim to have toiled in for the last few decades, belong to a union? How many percent are represented by a union? Name ONE union that represents US workers in the financial sector!!)
    You pie hole-flapping, mushmouthed lying meatbag. If I thought it would achieve one iota of reduction in your warehouse of ignorance and just plain WRONG, I'd pull your old union thread up and paste you with it again . However, I've already proved it won't. You can smuggle on with a bald face grin and the same overconfidence swagger as if no one had even laid a glove on you, but your bloody nose and bleeding hemorrhoids and the blood all over THIS canvass tell a different story, even if you don't grasp its meaning. ROTFLMAO unbelievable.........

  • fish2kill fish2kill Apr 25, 2015 7:50 PM Flag

    When i finally got around to setting down late this afternoon with a cold doubleX and shook this morning's Globe out of its condom, I was idly weighing the merits and ease of treating you with another dose or two of high-colonic tonic, vs. the effort and possible outcomes of searching for and locating a little common (and therefore by definition "alien") ground somewhere between the Marianas Trench and Alondra where we could meet and recall the good old days of tampon praise vs. testicular piracy, mining the rich veins of of irony and futility here....but I digress. The Globe headline ("Tsarnaev relatives arrive as defense readies") smacked me in the kisser, and got me thinking about parallels between the "thumbs up-or-down" life-or-death decision being argued In Boston, and the "thumbs up-or-down" votes that the 2-party system regularly demands from us and the "thumbs up-or-down" verdicts dispensed so liberally in message board kangaroo courts like this one and the regular 2-party system demand for more "thumbs up-or-down" calls to be made and the Colosseum fans rendering their thumb-based decisions......and the limitations of 'either/or" choices and how often....I caught myself....yeah, how often both alternative are lousy settlements: not win-winners or even win-losers, just lose-losers but make sure to vote....and how I could reframe the Tsarnaev "lose-lose to make it more palatable. I'm in the "life" camp, because a government, any government, too often sets innocent people to frying or swinging, and because I don't want to see Bobby Boom get an easy-out. I was thinking of a visual or verbal or musical metaphor to hang my call on, and POW! 1968 Firesign Theater! "Don't crush that dwarf; hand me the pliers!"
    Firesign Theater: common ground?
    Let us boldly youtube/Firesign theater, and then, in order:
    "High School Madness" (with George Tirebiter)
    "Deputy Dan Has No Friends"
    "Wall of Science"
    Then boldly go..mine some for me. Nick Danger I?

  • fish2kill fish2kill Apr 25, 2015 1:39 PM Flag

    You already admitted you were employed in the financial industry, a sector hardly known for being heavily freighted with union membership and activity. That probably explains why, after attempting to deliver your trainload of misinformation about them to this board a few months ago, I had to pull you away from the controls, blow the whistle , switch your BS locomotive off the main line, and haul it to a complete stop. "Free-market capitalism" has always found it hard if not impossible to compete with slave labor, from which an employer's right to pay slave wages differs only in the size of margins delivered, and in the milder if not absent penalties for workers who decide to leave Master Sam's or Master Ronald's plantations to seek other employment opportunities. Stopturning logic on its head to fit your agenda; pull your head out of your caboose, and stoppretending you're some kind of engineer, social or otherwise. You ARE some kind of piece of work, but I've known engineers; I've been an engineer, and you sir are no engineer....although I'm sure you're one kind of a train wreck or another ROTFLMAO choo-choo, charlie.....

  • fish2kill fish2kill Apr 25, 2015 12:23 PM Flag

    Fish2kill disclaimer: smellsfishy is not me, and although I HAVE suffered frequent bouts of piscine-based olfactory offensiveness, I am, have always been, and forever shall remain......Warren from Cortland NY ROTFLMAO. I always use locally-grown produce to scrub the fish guts and slime off my front 40 and back 40, and there's nothing better for knocking the smell of a successful fishing trip off. Try a bushel or two, little ze, and be sure to let me know how you like them [Cortland] apples. ROTFLMAO I will be SO sorry if this investor-on-investor sexual abuse isn't reported immediately to the SEC instead of being allowed to continue. To whom at BAC corporate shall I forward copies of Butter's "My Precious" instructional video?

  • fish2kill fish2kill Apr 25, 2015 12:03 PM Flag

    "Aqua----rious!!! Ne-far---rious!!!
    "Deli----rious!!! Get siri-- rious!!!
    Harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust surrounding..." ROTFL my zodiac off.

  • fish2kill fish2kill Apr 25, 2015 10:04 AM Flag

    No....when two do-ers needed a hand, a philosophy major got in their way. The warp drive imploded and nobody was left to argue over affordable health care for non-existent warp drives, holodeck maintenance technicians, or starships and aging star fleet commanders. As a registered and practicing psychopath myself, I have to recuse myself from rendering my opinions about IT executives and CIA doctors ROTFLMAO. I'd like to see those numbers for the anti-vaxxers too; my daughter the OT has enough credentials and data on the subjects (autism AND the complete absence of causality with vaccinations of any and all kinds) to bury you keyboard-deep. Shall I have my little eastern liberal arts major undergrad/OT master forward her body of research and findings on the subject to you? I haven't seen it myself, but judging from the number and tenor of the social media bombs I've seen her dumping on science-loathing religious folks and tea party-ers lately (my Cortland apple didn't t fall very far from the tree ROTFLMAO) I would't get too giddy until you've had a chance to look at my data-phile's numbers. Have a nice day.....

  • fish2kill fish2kill Apr 25, 2015 9:35 AM Flag

    Yep, but a few of those purses are so huge you rarely see anyone hiring native bearers to lug them over to the Walton's place, and a surprising number of those smart consumers who frequent Sam's emporiums are still scraping the bottom of thier empty purses in search of a spare quarter to stick in one of the Jimmy Fund's card's slots. Talk about a classless society, eh? I mean, the big-purse plutocrats are over at the exotic car dealerships trying to decide between the McClaren or the Veyron, and they're far too classy to even look at the price tag, never mind look for a discount. LOL thank goodness no one can buy politicians with all this loose, discretionary income, or it might upside the hot dog cart! ROTFLMAO your classless lecture on the subjects of income inequality, the power of the purse, and the power and majesty of unregulated, free-market competition were every bit as as informative and well-supported as every one of the other offerings in your on-going lecture series. ROTFLMAO watch out, "4th Reich" - stopspending is coming to eat your advisory long as you didn't order a WallyWorld hot dog.....

  • fish2kill fish2kill Apr 25, 2015 9:09 AM Flag

    ROTFLMAO your needle's been stuck in the same track for so long (the Mormon Tabernacle Choir production of "Come,Thou Fount of Every Blessing"), maybe your should ask one of Dante's other disciples to nudge your tonearm into a better groove (ideally one that has a beat a few of his worshipers can dance to instead of one that leaves the throng of faithful twitching on the floor and praying for The Rapture or at least "Stairway To Heaven" to end their suffering.) Remember, even without hair shirts and self flagellation and, yes, heaven forfend, even in the absence of data, the unwashed and unenlightened masses somehow manage to eke more progress out of their miserable lives and more productivity out of their dreary and data-less days than dante's best day in the last 400 years (and yours too, unless "neocon sophistry" and "running around in 9 circles 5 times a day" count towards one's production numbers.) Still, as you say, every spoiled brat needs some flattery. ROTFLMAO I hope this will pump enough gas into your deflated ego to offset the leakage and keep your faith aloft until Sunday's services:
    You are the Crown of Creation
    and you've got no place to go.

    Soon you'll attain the stability you strive for
    in the only way that it's granted
    in a place among the fossils of our time.

    ROTFLMAO and may Dante and Diane bless you.

  • fish2kill fish2kill Apr 24, 2015 10:25 PM Flag

    The Koch-frackers are already all-in for Scott Walker, and spock's Oklahoma asteroid/butterfly may have hatched a real swarm after all [yikes, flashback time - spiders from mars, skip wave's puttin' ziggy on mah rah-dee-oh, mom). In fact, the Brothers Grim have got to have a belly-full apiece now that their excess production (oh, the irony, spock) of drilling waste water, not the injection of fracking fluids, has been identified as the most probable cause for the whole lotta shaking that's been going on. "Send in the deniers .......send in the clowns....oh, wait.....they're already here."

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