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  • flythunderbird flythunderbird 22 hours ago Flag

    - What will you say when Joni Ernst comes after your viagra? -

    Don't need it and don't want it. LOL. And the government shouldn't be paying for that, either.

  • flythunderbird flythunderbird Aug 4, 2015 8:06 AM Flag

    The abortion debate aside, there is no legitimate reason why Planned Parenthood should receive federal money - and the same can be said for a multitude of private-sector groups.

  • flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 31, 2015 9:05 PM Flag

    - Jealous because Tesla and Toyota innovations are undeniable and everyone can clearly see them? -

    Hardly. Ford had a battery-powered car back in 1992 called the EcoStar, built on a European Escort platform, which demonstrated a maximum range of 155 miles. It had a sodium-sulfur battery, which was also developed by Ford - in the 1960s, no less - long before Elon Musk was even born. Give Tesla credit for the 300-mile range of the Model S (who drives 300 miles at 55mph, anyway?), but Tesla is building on past innovations by other companies. There is nothing shockingly and unforeseeingly new here.

    As for Toyota and its hydrogen-powered cars, Ford began selling a hydrogen-powered E-450 shuttle bus in 2007. Granted, it doesn't use a fuel cell, but it's been in use for nearly 10 years. Let's not forget that Honda started leasing its FCX Clarity fuel cell car in 2008 and plans to offer one for sale by 2017.

    If Toyota wants to lose its shirt on fuel cell cars and infrastructure, then it is welcome to do so. But don't act as if Toyota is pioneering something revolutionary, because it isn't. Is Toyota going to build a fleet of hydrogen refueling stations nationwide just for its fuel cell cars? Can you imagine how many billions Toyota would lose on such a venture? And how much in California state subsidies is Toyota getting to build those hydrogen fueling stations in California, anyway? Or from the Japanese government? Do you really think Toyota is building the cars and the fueling infrastructure out of the goodness of its sweet little corporate heart, business model and profitability be damned?

    And like I said, that article is an opinion piece as to what "innovative" and what isn't.

    You remind me of the little kid in kindergarten who goes around saying "Nyaah nyaah! I'm better than you!" Grow up already.

  • flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 31, 2015 8:15 AM Flag

    Purely an opinion piece.

  • flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 30, 2015 9:03 AM Flag

    With regard to the diesel Titan, I'm of the view that they'll see an initial rush of people buying them, primarily the RV-towing crowd & the "gotta be the first on the block to have it" crowd, and then sales will drop ... somewhat like the Ram EcoDiesel (when that engine became available, dealers took enough orders to sell out the initial allotment of 8000 within a week).

    There's no doubt in my mind that the Titan will be competitive on paper, but I don't see it being competitive in the marketplace. If anything, I see it snatching a few sales from the Tundra.

    And with a $3700 price premium, it will be interesting to see how well the diesel Colorado/Canyon sell.

  • flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 28, 2015 8:31 AM Flag

    - Through June, FCA says the diesel makes up 18% of the Ram 1500s shipped from the plants but only 12% of the retail mix. “Retail sales (20% goal) will fall in line with shipments once we can reach target stock levels for the dealers,” writes Ram spokesman Dave Elshoff in an email to WardsAuto. -

    I think the Ram EcoDiesel has been on the market for a year now? If so, you'd think they'd have met projections by now.

    The fact that 18% of Ram 1500s shipped have the diesel but they only make up 12% of the retail mix tells me that a lot of them are going into commercial fleet.

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    Ranger & Bronco

    by dondrbutterfly Jul 27, 2015 5:58 PM
    flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 28, 2015 8:24 AM Flag

    - I just wonder if it will sell in enough volume to keep all those workers employed? -

    The Mustang and the Fusion are also built in that plant, so I doubt that there will be a problem with keeping the workers employed.

    All of this talk about another Ranger, tell us: what platform will Ford build it on? There's not enough potential sales volume to have a unique platform for it, nor a dedicated assembly plant.

    Compact trucks are not volume sellers. The only true compact truck on the market is the Nissan Frontier, and it sold a grand total of 4437 units in June. Ford sells more F-Series trucks than that per week. People keep saying that there's this huge pent-up demand for a compact truck; if that's true, Nissan wouldn't be able to build them fast enough (which clearly isn't the case). I would like to see proof of this 'huge pent-up demand,' beyond "I think it would be a big seller."

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    Ford investing 2.5 billion in Mexico

    by synthartist69 Jul 27, 2015 3:16 AM
    flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 27, 2015 7:59 AM Flag

    And you will no longer be owning most brands of cars again, because most automakers that sell in the US have Mexican operations.

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    Will Ford Survive Earnings?

    by bigkahuna1331 Jul 20, 2015 5:18 PM
    flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 21, 2015 2:19 PM Flag

    Just as I thought, no proof - only empty allegations while hiding behind a monitor and keyboard.

    You go on ignore.

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    Will Ford Survive Earnings?

    by bigkahuna1331 Jul 20, 2015 5:18 PM
    flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 21, 2015 1:24 PM Flag

    - Are you really that dumb that you think Ford would report everything prior to contract. It's called financial engineering. -

    Oh, so now you're openly accusing Ford management of fraud and financial malfeasance. Got any proof to back up that claim?

    It's easy to be a tough guy when you're behind a keyboard, monitor, and screenname. If you don't think Ford watches this message board, think again.

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    Will Ford Survive Earnings?

    by bigkahuna1331 Jul 20, 2015 5:18 PM
    flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 21, 2015 8:26 AM Flag

    - Ford doesn't want UAW to know it's making profit. -

    Are you really so dumb as to think the UAW doesn't follow Ford's financial reports?

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    by beatle909 Jul 20, 2015 9:22 AM
    flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 20, 2015 12:57 PM Flag

    - The future of the cars are either electric or hybrid. -

    Which explains why people are not buying them, right?

  • flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 13, 2015 2:05 PM Flag

    - "We agreed to it," Ford union leader Juan Jose Sosa Arreola told Automotive News. "We need to be more competitive. That's the truth. That's a reality."

    Some Mexican auto workers make as little as $1.50, with it taking seven years to work up to what used to be starting wages only a few years ago -

    WOW. Talk about a race to the bottom.

  • flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 13, 2015 9:11 AM Flag

    - You are correct 8 BILLION is not enough -

    Yes, informationlouisgreen is greedy, he admits it.

    - You have every right to go find another job, when Ford ships yours to Mexico. -

    I have told you repeatedly that I do not work for Ford and have never worked for Ford. You can't seem to get that through your concrete skull.

    - WHICH again you never answer the QUESTION if labor is such a small part of the eqaution why does Ford keep off shoring. -

    Far more goes into a decision of where to build a car than labor cost - another fact you can't seem to wrap your brain around ...

  • flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 13, 2015 9:09 AM Flag

    - I have called them over paid . Not caring about the long term of Ford Motor -

    That would be the same as calling them 'greedy,' just using different terms.

    - Your arguments border on a childs . Have been debunked by every major think tank, publication . -

    LOL! With grammar and spelling like this, you call me a child? And which major think tanks and publications have debunked me? Do tell, I'd like to see a list with links.

  • flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 13, 2015 7:54 AM Flag

    That's true. My point, which I apparently failed to make clear, was that the Fiesta was never built in the US and therefore could not have been moved from the US to Mexico.

  • flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 12, 2015 9:22 PM Flag

    I think we're going to see 'The Donald' flame out sooner rather than later.

  • flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 12, 2015 9:21 PM Flag

    - We simply want profits -

    Poor informationlouisgreen. Let's talk about greed, I guess $8 billion in profits is not enough for him. Yet he accuses the hourly laborforce of being greedy.

  • flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 12, 2015 9:19 PM Flag

    - Ford already moved Fiesta manufacturing to Mexico -

    Fiesta manufacturing was always in Mexico. It has never been in the US. Try again.

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    New Mustang Marketing

    by greatday43 Jul 9, 2015 10:50 PM
    flythunderbird flythunderbird Jul 11, 2015 3:50 PM Flag

    - The infinitely variable, unlimited number of gear ratio CVT transmission did not meet expectations. How will something "less" be better than infinite? -

    I really don't know. I'm just not keen on how complex these transmissions are getting. Surely there is something better. Maybe I'm wrong ...

    I completely agree that the fact you "can" do a thing doesn't mean that you "should" do that thing.

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