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    MOLG - 3 insiders own 80% of the company

    by ellidyr Dec 2, 2014 2:47 AM
    fp718591 fp718591 Dec 3, 2014 2:09 PM Flag

    I would have to agree, it open so high that anyone that bought yesterday probably took advantage and sold. With high volume like this I am betting the HFT machines are on this stock.

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    New Branding for Stock

    by mariaraywhip Dec 2, 2014 8:21 PM
    fp718591 fp718591 Dec 2, 2014 11:28 PM Flag

    I checked out EVLV and it looks good, all ratings are buy and strong buy

  • fp718591 fp718591 Dec 2, 2014 10:53 PM Flag

    yes the earnings are based on a unaudited report, there are many reasons the stock is going up. Vincent Tan started the company 15 years ago and is a billionaire and only sold 13.4 million shares on the IPO, today he announced he is buying 15 million dollars worth of shares and 500,000 for himself, the share amount on the market will be reduced. Also the Sultan who bought 13% of the company for 125 million USD in February is the Royal Highness which is hard to believe the company would rip him off. Vincent signed a contract with Mark Zuckerberg a few years ago, Molpay is on facebook. They need to get it over 4 dollars for major institutions to buy as most cannot buy a stock under 4 dollars. Here was a guys post today that showed a break down,, MOLG has 67.5 million shares outstanding post-IPO:
    - Vincent Tan: 36 million shares (53%)
    - Sultan Ibraham: 9 million shares (13%)
    - Ganesh Kumar (CEO): 7 million shares (10%)
    - Other Insiders (probably employees, etc): 2-3 million shares (4%)

    - IPO: 13.5 million shares (20%)

    MOLG raised $88 million during the IPO by selling 7.5 million out of the 13.5 million IPO shares. Today, they announced they're basically using $15 million of the $88 million they raised during the IPO to buy back MOLG stock on the open market. At today's closing price ($1.69), that represents a potential buyback of 9 million shares which could leave a meager 4.5 million out of 67.5 million shares afloat. The CEO announced he was personally committed to buying up to $500,000 of company stock.

    The insider lockup period for selling shares in a new IPOs is typically 180 days. That's another 4-5 months before any new shares can hit the market. Regardless of whether you're short or long this stock, it certainly bears watching! What an interesting story this 15-year-old company has become!.............. the news was announced by Cramer on the 15 million dollar buy back of shares

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    Wall street mafia making money on oil up and down

    by teknowiz Dec 2, 2014 1:28 PM
    fp718591 fp718591 Dec 2, 2014 9:26 PM Flag

    Selling pressure intensified after CME Group Inc raised initial margins for crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange by 15.6 percent from the close of business on Tuesday, likely prompting liquidation by loss-making long traders, brokers said.

  • LONDON (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia would only consider cutting production if other countries, including non-OPEC producer Russia, joined in limits, former Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki bin Faisal said on Tuesday.

    "The Kingdom is not going to give up market share at this time for anybody and allow producers whether in Russia, Nigeria, Iran and other places to sell to Saudi customers because we cut our production," Prince Turki said during a visit to London.

    "If there is a reasonably guaranteed oversight of production quotas – if they ever are agreed with and someone can definitively say there will never be under-the-table selling of the oil from these other countries – maybe then I think Saudi Arabia and other oil producers would be willing to cut down production," he said.

    "But we have tried that in the past and unfortunately other producers took advantage," the prince added.

    Oil has fallen since June to reach its lowest since October 2009 on Monday as new supplies of high-quality, light crude from North America overwhelmed demand, which in turn has suffered from slower economic growth in China and Europe.

    The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries had been expected to trim output last week to try to rebalance the market but agreed to maintain existing production targets.

    Prince Turki said the Kingdom had accumulated sufficient financial reserves over recent years to finance requirements even if oil prices fell.

  • fp718591 fp718591 Dec 2, 2014 7:42 PM Flag

    I enjoy it, like you posting American news on here, this is a Yahoo American message board. If Russia is so great then why aren`t you on a Russian message board?

  • fp718591 fp718591 Dec 2, 2014 7:36 PM Flag

    More stalking, as I told you I am not interested in talking to you

  • fp718591 fp718591 Dec 2, 2014 7:33 PM Flag

    I see you continue stalking me, no I am not interesting in a conversation with you

  • fp718591 fp718591 Dec 2, 2014 6:19 PM Flag

    what part of this didn't you understand,,,,,,,, Energy supplies from Iran – holder of the world’s second-largest natural gas reserves – have been limited by sanctions ,,,,,,,,,,,, and natural gas can be lifted

  • I thought their was only 17 million shares in float, that wont leave many shares left on the market especially if they started buying this morning,,,,, NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Shares of Malaysian e-payment solutions provider MOL Global (MOLG) rallied 32.91% to $2.24 in morning trading Tuesday following Monday's sharp decline after the company reported its third-quarter earnings results before yesterday's opening bell.

    MOL Global reported a 62% drop in earnings to a penny per diluted share. Consolidated revenue climbed 5.6% to $14.5 million compared to the same period one year earlier.

    The company also announced a $15 million share repurchase program, which it says should increase shareholder value over time. MOL Global expects CEO Ganesh Kumar Bangah to purchase $500,000 worth of shares over the next year.

  • Qatar wants to build the pipeline from Qatar to Turkey, Iran wants in hehehe and poor Russia must have gotten some Arab nations mad, also there`s many stories about Qatar and Iran wanting to supply the EU with natural gas, ,,,,,,,, Iran has indicated it would be willing to supply natural gas to Europe amid concern that Russia could retaliate against EU sanctions by restricting its own supplies of the fuel.

    The Islamic republic’s oil minister, Bijan Namdar Zanganeh, said at the weekend: “As a country capable of supplying gas in very big volumes, Iran is always willing to be present in Europe’s market, either through pipeline or in LNG [liquified natural gas] form.”

    Energy supplies from Iran – holder of the world’s second-largest natural gas reserves – have been limited by sanctions aimed at curtailing its nuclear programme. However, a recent deal brokered by the US could see Tehran eventually re-emerge as a major global supplier at a time when markets are concerned about the reliability of Russia in the wake of the Ukraine crisis.

    Stockpiles across Europe are thought to be high enough to absorb any short-term disruption to supplies from Moscow and offset the need to find new imports immediately.

    Figures from the US Energy Information Administration show that Russia dominates Europe’s gas supply market, shipping 76pc of its exports of the heating fuel to the region last year.

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    Is Ukraine a sink hole 20x larger then Greece?

    by rright2013 Dec 1, 2014 5:52 PM
    fp718591 fp718591 Dec 2, 2014 5:01 PM Flag

    Not just Ukraine but Russia is a sinking pit, the banks in Russia are worried to death, and the ruble is tanking hard again today. Its at 54 from 36 and once it hits 60`s to 70`s the riots in the street begin. The ruble has weakened almost 30 percent against the dollar in the past three months, the worst performer among more than 170 currencies tracked by Bloomberg. It extended declines today and traded 5.1 percent weaker at 53.8060 per dollar as of 6:36 p.m. in Moscow.

  • fp718591 fp718591 Dec 2, 2014 1:46 PM Flag

    so what you do on this board and others by putting up names and addresses is what you consider adult behavior, its pretty bad when a person stoops that low to do things like that and thinks he is receiving attention

  • This Malaysia stock got hit by shorts hard because the CFO resigned not the CEO, the CEO could not make a statement because he was under the quiet period since its a new IPO, and he finally made a statement today. I bought at 4.09 then they halted the stock then resumed it yesterday, the company put out a unaudited report that crashed it again, then after todays statement by the CEO it started climbing and I bought more at 2.87, and right now her is the price
    MOL Global, Inc. (MOLG) -NasdaqGS  Watchlist

    3.3301 Up 1.6401(97.05%) which I would have bought yesterday when it was only a dollar and sixty cents

  • fp718591 fp718591 Dec 1, 2014 10:24 PM Flag

    I don't see were I said I was at break even or even up, I believe I was showing you the stock is recovering, but you can continue with your assumptions.

  • fp718591 fp718591 Dec 1, 2014 9:35 PM Flag

    I found it, On Nov. 10, the Russian central bank abandoned a policy that held ruble to within a set band, allowing it instead to trade freely after the ruble hit a series of record lows against the greenback. However, the central bank said it could intervene in the market to fight off “financial stability threats.”

    “This is why we would urge caution in the short term, as the sharp decline in the RUB could be characterized as a financial stability threat, which may trigger larger interventions from the Russian central bank and unexpected, volatile moves in the Russian currency,” Brooks said.

  • fp718591 fp718591 Dec 1, 2014 9:17 PM Flag

    is this being bi-polar? Most of us have told you to seek help, and how many I.D`s do you have?
    red_tsar • 5 hours ago Flag

    Sorry to disappoint, but there will be no engagement. I put my positions out there very clearly, I say who I am and what I am, very clearly. I will not waste my valuable time engaging with a guerilla warfare strategy that involves creating multiple nicknames every day and holding faked conversations with himself in order to manipulate perception.

    If this person chooses to create one static persona/nick on here, ceases from holding staged conversations with himself under multiple aliases, then I will consider him a worthwhile opponent to debate. Sadly, I don't expect this to take place. This person's shortcomings are revealed through his need to hide in the shadows through aliases and staged conversations with himself. An unworthy opponent for now.

  • fp718591 fp718591 Dec 1, 2014 9:04 PM Flag

    I mean krimhumhrim333 now I have told you twice

  • fp718591 fp718591 Dec 1, 2014 9:03 PM Flag

    Google,,, Forbes cleartext passwords- Dazzlepod Krimhimhrim333

    and its your yahoo Canada addy remember I tried to help you

    Forbes cleartext passwords - Dazzlepod
    cleartext passwords

    On February 15, 2014, a pro-Assad hacker group calling themselves Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), successfully gained access into Forbes's administrative panel and plundered the site's database containing over 1 million user accounts. The database was leaked and announced in a Twitter post at Forbes has acknowledged the breach on Facebook in a post at and has temporarily shut down their Wordpress-powered blog site at According to Naked Security, the passwords in the dump were hashed and salted using PHPass Portable format with over a hundred sample hashes cracked in a couple hours on a standard laptop computer.

  • fp718591 fp718591 Dec 1, 2014 8:51 PM Flag

    I never was an alcoholic, I never went to AA which anyone that gets caught drunk driving has to. I never lost by drivers license and a .09 was the legal limit. you been trying hard but failed as usual, also I am not in my 60`s and a carpenter is a trade. but keep trying gay boy

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