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  • Guys… no institution is owning this company for a good reason. It doesn't have the depth and won't have the conviction to stay at this price level. If you look at MM, it is institutional holding % is significant and yet it has been hit so badly. But MM has Michael Barrett who used to be at google and Yahoo doing this kind of stuff … the man knows what he is doing. too bad that any business that appears to compete with google all gets hammered… trust me, Fuel will not be able to keep up due to its low institutional support, eventually someone will take it out. But you will see this stock value drop into single digits before someone will take it out. MM is trying to carve out different markets in mobile advertising, therefore they are creating opportunities. I am a bit concerned about this quarter, because it is usually slow and not sure how the public will react. But at $3.40 with $100 million dollars of cash … i think they should be ok weathering through the earning report. so take a look at mm .. sorry to the longs here with fuel. it is rough day.

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    Surprisingly moving up

    by futuresynthpop Aug 6, 2014 2:27 PM
    fpl1971 fpl1971 Aug 6, 2014 3:11 PM Flag

    have you listened to the conference call and read the report? i am not surprised. these analysts are lemmings. they saw the stock price drop due to blind fear and over reaction, so they follow downgrades. these analysts make millions a year for following the crowd. It is nice to get an ivy league education and for the rest of your life just follow and point out the obvious sitting in a nice office. I listened to eric's conference call and i got to say, i am impressed with grpn vision and the ability to focus on executing its vision. very good stuff. he slipped and talked about 3D glasses … trust me, an app is coming around the corner for pop up group on coupons in those 3D glasses. a very smart team.

  • They announced repurchase last year. Averaged two massive batches of shares repurchased at 6.15 and 7.25. The third batch will have to be bought prior to August, 2015 next year. This means, they will have 3 more quarters to buy it back. Why is this important? If you listen to the conference call .... you would have heard the hesitation in CEO's voice. He was very careful in not appearing to bullish base on facts .. but he slipped and and said that to expect profit margin to improve to close and over the 20% in 2015. He was careful because he quickly said it and you can tell, it was a slip ... he wasn't suppose to say it, it was a number that they probably projected behind the close doors. Why? simple ... if they convince you now that this company is doing well, which it is regardless if you just read the facts ... Grpn is on its way to dominate and carve out local business advertising / reselling market ... all based on discount advertising. No one else can do better than them ... much like Ebay, Amazon, Priceline and etc.. it is THE LEADER in what it does. It is expanding all its functionality in a very systematic and strategic way. With a growth stock ... it can pop to $30 or stay at $6 ... if investors see where it will grow into, this stock will easily be over $10 overnight. The trick for the management is to down play it so the repurchase won't be too expensive... this is just my two cents.

  • fpl1971 fpl1971 Aug 5, 2014 11:42 PM Flag

    I almost sold out today at a loss …. suck it all up and keep riding tomorrow. I look through the transcript and if I am not delusional … this has Priceline written all over it …. I don't get why the stock price got hit so hard. They are penetrating the market at multiple angles … Point of Sale is a great deal, pull model is a big deal… and I believe Eric also mentioned that he would like to see an App from group on that works on 3D glasses that will allow users to instantly experience discount purchasing… I dunno, man… I like what they are doing … I get sea sick owning this stock… but they seem to be executing well and not sure why it stuck at $6.

  • "Despite falling well short of profit expectations for the quarter, Groupon still issued an upbeat outlook, drastically hiking its forecast for adjusted earning before income, taxes, depreciation and amortization. The company know expects adjusted EBITDA of $270 million for the year, up sharply from its previous guidance calling for $50-$70 million."

    If this is not a typo, then this alone can be a catalyst once some body actually paid attention to the guidance.

  • guys… they have been buying back at $6.15. And the CEO said that they are looking to accelerate their profit margin in 2015. If they are buying back at $6.15 avg and have spent half of authorized money to do so... I assume they will continue to do so … if they believe in their business, this is a good time to buy back a chunk.

  • fpl1971 by fpl1971 Jul 28, 2014 11:36 AM Flag

    According to Yahoo info. MM has over 93% institutional and insider holdings combined. OK.. this means, there are only around 7 million shares that can be traded ... my question is how does this 7 million shares' price keeps on driving down... down and down... everyday. As we know it, 7 million shares can be easily manipulated. OK... but the key is ... am I misreading some information on Yahoo. Help me understand this... thanks.

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    Microsoft will buy znga for $6 a share

    by fpl1971 Jul 24, 2014 7:14 PM
    fpl1971 fpl1971 Jul 25, 2014 8:41 AM Flag

    msft needs content in gaming. Especially for mobile now they own Nokia. DM is an insider from msft to be implanted at znga. much like what happened at nokia. msft wants all the fats out of the company, reshape and realigned its strategies before making an offer to buy. why do you think Pincus and the board bending over to give DM tons of stock options and complete control of the company? First thing DM did was dumping gambling license. Why? It maybe important for ZNGA by itself, but with MSFT, that is too much liability and bad association with its brand. MSFT is reinventing the way it is doing mergers and acquisition. This old dogs can still do a few tricks.

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  • I got in at $8, so it sucks for me. But I think msft will take it out at $6 a share. Why? Xbox just laid off its entire contents division, no longer developing its own content ...or is it getting ready to conserve cash and make a bid. Keep in mind, msft did not lay people off, they reassign them. So they can get back on znga once absorbed.

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  • i don't know about you. but it looks like private equity is going to come in and buy it out. joe is preparing renren for that. first of all, the stock is trading at its cash value, people are not selling even when it is obvious that renren growth has tanked and reached the bottom. people are looking at its ability to monetize with what it has, which is doing alright. stock couldn't take a hit, because there is no more to go down. at this cheap value, if private equity doesn't step in and buy it out … then go figure.

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