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  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano 3 hours ago Flag

    BEAT the same ISIS he called JV?

    He better get cracking cause he has 8 months...hes now lost 3/250 of his Advisors over far since announcing. Barrons should stick to finance because in POLY SCI they are way out in left field w/ you Cy Young Baby!

    How does it feel to have TRUMP against HRC/Bernie the real CONTESTED/confused/communist PARTY?



  • frankfrazzano by frankfrazzano 3 hours ago Flag

    In june last year he was a 1,000,000:1 longshot to get the nomination?

    He has outsmarted all the pundits...he has cobbled together a Great Movement of many people coming from many walks of Life who are sick and tired of NOT being listened to Politically!

    They are now being represented by TRUMP...who has taken over the Party and we ELECTED HIM and we will be heard loud and clearly in November when he wins the Presidency!

    Like TRUMP says,




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    by francogarabaldi 4 hours ago
    frankfrazzano frankfrazzano 3 hours ago Flag

    TRUMP gets 501,000 votes in INDI and HRC+BERNIE=500,000

    DEM apathy is the real enemy of the party now not TRUMP!


  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano 8 hours ago Flag

    super...thats silly!

    This is all about the IBB and Rates increases are back on the 2-3 for 2016!

    I think they are FOS...maybe 1 rates increase...the ECONOMY SUX!

    That would be Political Suicide and TRUMP is already looking to take HRC as it is!

    Gold now at 1300/oz!

    Miners already pulled back!


  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano 8 hours ago Flag

    250 advisors is NUT and SUICIDE by ATTRITION....when they are going up against 40,000 ISIS combatants...would you volunteer for that mission?

    Hes your POTUS..not mine...Id be AWOL if he gave me that order!

    In fact I would never VOLUNTEER into this army for this POTUS!


  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano 8 hours ago Flag

    thats LIE-ING TED...hes just practicing on TED to get ready for HRC!

    they are now even Nationally and hes not even started on her lame #$%$ yet.....

    they real WAR is about to start soon!


  • with ADVISORS!

    what a joke this BOY is????

    Hes a real Loser....told the ENEMY Im sending 250 advisors a couple months ago....

    He cant win against ISIS and thats because hes in bed w/ ISIS!


  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano 10 hours ago Flag

    BERNIE is not giving into the witch!

    nor are his supporters...its gonna be ALL THE WAY TO THE CONVENTION!

    Id vote for Bernie if I wasnt a Lifelong least he BELIEVES in his ideology!

    as stupid as it is to give away FREE COLLEGE..balanced on the backs of taxpayers..I mean it wont fly but he has many supporters...they HATE HILLARY!

    TRUMP at least offers a better economy and jobs....Helelry will continue to ship em out a la TPP!


  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano 10 hours ago Flag

    he aint saying SQUAT...oookeydokee your dreaming!

    TRUMP might let him do the Pledge of Allegiance!


  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano 10 hours ago Flag

    yeah especially over there in WVA and Appalachia in they really LOVE the Clintons and all that COAL support they get...BHO too....they really LOVE the jive mtfkr!


  • is her winning in November.... period!

    To that end...I suppose we MEN need to stay on the RESERVATION and keep quiet!

    yeah right fembots...dont bank on it!


  • Rubios enemy was Jeb and now Trump and Rubio are about to hook up soon!

    I prefer Chris Christie as his running mate but the stars are aligning very strangely thiselection cycle!

    watch and learn!

    TRUMP wins B1G in the B1G state of INDIANA!


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    Am Impressive Obama Accomplishment

    by j20tower20 May 1, 2016 11:15 AM
    frankfrazzano frankfrazzano 11 hours ago Flag

    and Jesse Jackson taking folks back into banks when they FAILED the regs for RISK and calling it RACISM for not giving the loans...thats all on the gay bird BARNIE FWANK who pushed through the legislation that forced banks to make loans!

    banks dont care about colour other than green...if you can pay back the loan they make the loan..if not they show you the door....than Jesse walked them back in for the TV cameras, the MEDIA covered it as the BIG BAD BANKS ARE RACIST and that started all the was 2005 when it started because RE was TOPPING OUT!

    over the next two years or so, thanx to Jesse Jackson, BHO rode that wave into the WH and he told JJ to go to Hell who thought he was going to get something for it!


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    Let us try again

    by francogarabaldi 15 hours ago
    frankfrazzano frankfrazzano 11 hours ago Flag

    franco they are mindless mex-ibots, wearing sombreros and flying mexican flags, burning American Flags--hurling eoithets at TRUMP America Illegally and showing NO RESPECT and being paid by George Soros et al....



  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano 12 hours ago Flag

    bike this is not just a bunch of 18 year olds....this is all about LOYALTY and staying TRUE to yourself and your state....

    MD is fighting it way up the Food Chain so to speak in the B1G against OSU, PSU, MICH and MSU and so its we just want our shot.....we are like TRUMP fighting against the establishment!

    We just want to take our SHOT like in Rocky...metaphorically speaking!

    Im only making an issue because We TERP FANS all wanted LOGAN-EL in 2006 and we all thought the ""fruit"" was coming and than Scott Van Pelt-ESPN VP who is MD alum set it all up and he USED OUR PEOPLE..his family is bunch of fruits....Larry Johnson from PSU made a big show thats where all the bad Blood comes from..its Deep!

    So now the PSU fans are hattin on us because KAINDOH says he wants to go to this is why I bring it all up!


    But what Im talkin about is TRUST and LOYALTY!

    So its a BUSINESS even NOW at the age of 18...TRUST me it is!


  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano 13 hours ago Flag

    The ceremony would have consequences all around. Friedgen and his staff lost seven of the state’s top players to Penn State that year, with Logan-El perhaps the biggest one to get away. Harley said the episode forced him to reevaluate how he viewed the recruiting process. And for Logan-El, it was the beginning of the end of his promising football career.

    “I was always honest with the kid. He was never really totally honest with us,” Friedgen said. “People have a right to choose where they want to go to school. I’m with that. But why stay with us for three years and then try to embarrass us when we never did anything negative to that kid or his family? I just didn’t understand that.”

    In the hours after the event, Logan-El remained at the ESPN Zone to shake hands and conduct interviews, but he couldn’t fully comprehend the perception of the event until it was over. In the days after, he was roasted in the media, and he placed calls to the three schools he dropped to offer his gratitude for their time.

    “To me, it was a great idea. To me it was something fun, fresh, a little exciting, different,” Logan-El said of the ceremony. “That was the way I saw it, that’s the way it was meant to come across, that’s the way it was supposed to be. And for me that’s the way it was.”

    .....NO YOU PUNK A$$.....the way it was is YOU PLAYED MD and they gave your BLACK AZZ a chance to play at Home and give you a FREE ED and you could have made something out of yourself out of a school that is amazing and very Entrepreneurial...with ties to Google and Under Armour but you being had to make a spectacle and a show!

    ..well U were a bust at PSU...Pedophile U went on Probation...Paterno has died and 10 years later TERPS fans still remember and l like I said....WE MIGHT SHAKE HANDS and than AGAIN WE MIGHT NOT w/ Pedophile U!

    Paterno stole many great players from my back yard....theres no LOVE lost bewteen MD & PSU... now we have our turn at 5* KAINDOH....gonna steal him too PSU?


    think we are not in a WAR to recruit the best at MD or in this case worst....

    when he FLIPPED on ESPNzone show in Baltimore...this FRAUD was all about MD and Friedgen and the TERPS are great and than at the last second he says I was for the TERPS until I met this guy and he shows a pic of PATERNO...and commits to PSU and than he ends up SUCKING at PSU--was a Bust! thats why we HATE ON PSU and we might shake hands and than again WE MIGHT NOT!

    So I guess if you want it BAD you can get it WORSE..right antonio logan-el,,,,now playing Flaf Fb in DC--LOL!


  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano May 2, 2016 2:54 PM Flag

    Boy are U in for a BIG SURPRISE in november if you believe this BS you are spewing!

    You better HOPE and PRAY the wonder boy in the WH now doesnt have any more Ft Hoods on his watch!

    WHAT WAS THAT AGAIN...he called it what?

    Workplace Violence?

    yeah Right!

    Americans WHO VOTE know what it really was and they will carry that behind the screen into the booth!

    Ive had so many Ds tell me ""Im voting Trump in November"".... its NOT funny!

    Mostly MEN..older and ALL COLOURS!


  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano May 2, 2016 2:36 PM Flag

    and MILANIA would look Fab in a 50Lb. Potato sack....unlike Hellery who is the sack!


  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano May 2, 2016 2:28 PM Flag

    ookkyyee..Id rather look at his weave than your CORN ROWS!


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