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fraud_z_buster 487 posts  |  Last Activity: 2 hours 41 minutes ago Member since: Jun 29, 2011
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  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster 2 hours 41 minutes ago Flag

    "When will Dr Wotton awake from his Rip Van Winkle sleep?"

    When Keep shuts his pie hole, and produces ONE example of Fraud's "right-wing" backward views. Still waiting, "keep-being stupid"....hehehehehehe

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    Colorado Rocky Heist?

    by fraud_z_buster 15 hours ago
    fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster 10 hours ago Flag

    No, thanks. I need my sound mind to keep the lid and tabs on prog lies and propaganda.

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    SIX shots, NONE from the back.....hmmmmm

    by fraud_z_buster Aug 18, 2014 10:10 AM
    fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster 14 hours ago Flag

    I suspect it is exactly why the bloody squad car and Wilson's bloody uniform story was "leaked" infer that there ain't gonna be an indictment, and to gin up fury among their "idiots", as Colorado heist calls their constituency. These folks are evil, desperate and very dangerous. It is all about them, power and dirty politics. Proof, they have NOTHING to offer, but lies, falsehood, misery and control.....LORD have mercy !!!

  • fraud_z_buster by fraud_z_buster 15 hours ago Flag

    This is progs boldest attempt yet to turn America into progdom, starting with Colorado. The kabal of wealthy progs have used their money, power and political influence to coopt Colorado. The glaring example is a new law passed, where one can print ballots on their home computers and turn the completed ballots to "collectors".....this is opening the barn door for wide scale election frauds. FOUR master minds are behind this scheme to turn Coloradans to sheeples.

    It gets better.....the AFLCIYAIYAYO union jacks are tasked to "educate" the IDIOTS. This is how progs so affectionately regard their constituents, aka, the monolithic block. Ya see folks, who the evil racists are. Here is the formula, the Chicago stiff arm + the Colorado model = a toasted and DONE America. This is what progs lay in bed at night plotting. It is Wickedness, and Scripture rightfully say WOE unto them. Progs are now using the Ferguson riot to galvanize the "IDIOTS". Progs are wedges of discord and contemptuous racists.

    Their desperation and PANIC to save November, is forcing progs to ride without the eye hole white pillow cases, handing candy to the "idiots". Scripture says, "...they shall have dung on their faces..."

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    SIX shots, NONE from the back.....hmmmmm

    by fraud_z_buster Aug 18, 2014 10:10 AM
    fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster 20 hours ago Flag

    Rodzwc, there is still hope for the America that you once had before the resurgence of these liars, thugs and crooks, because the rest of America is beginning to see what you and a bunch of us have already seen. Rejoice, for this is their LAST stand, progs, frogs, commies, global warmies, wimps, pimps, free loaders, back loaders, fakers and takers, etc

    The next phase is the American anger unleashed at the ballot boxes, on these destroyers of the very fabric this Great nation was woven from.

    Fool America once shame on us, but fool America twice, double shame on progs, Red or Blue. Never compromise ya morals, ya faith and the TRUTH, period Every trick they have tried to deceive America with, has failed, is failing or will FAIL in due time. Good ALWAYS trumps evil period

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    SIX shots, NONE from the back.....hmmmmm

    by fraud_z_buster Aug 18, 2014 10:10 AM
    fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster 21 hours ago Flag

    TRUTH will always shine light, and prog darkness will NEVER comprehend it. According to the NYT, there was blood in Officer Wilson's patrol car, the same blood type soiled his uniform. The problem is, the blood was not officer Wilson's blood.

    This evidential information, corroborates Wilson's story that the "choir boy" struggled in the patrol car, for Wilson's gun, when he was shot in the arm, in the car. How could ANYBODY explain that? This is why the prog narrative is ALWAYS problematic, because it is always agenda driven, instead of TRUTH driven.

    Unless the NYT is purveying lies and falsehood, how do progs explain this NEW finding. Officers don't wake up in the morning, planning to go shoot a "choir boy" who happens to be black, as progs would love to paint a sob story.

    Also choir boys do not steal or rob convenience stores, or disrespect the law. At least not choir boys from Churches I that know......hehehehehehe

  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster 22 hours ago Flag

    Keep, name ONE of my "....right-wing backward views" ya have disdain for. Fact is ya have disdain for yourself not being able to handle reality and the TRUTH, period Ya can't stand the TRUTH, like ALL progs can't....jes the bare facts. keep being in denial. BTW, are you and the two other clowns ya mentioned, related?....hehehehehehehe

    I am waiting for my ONE "....right-wing backward views" I don't reckon I'll get one......hehehehehehehe. I shall not drink the prog aid.

  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Oct 21, 2014 9:38 AM Flag

    " 'living a lie, and you do know who the father of lies are ?'

    Who is WINSTON, the lie you are living? There is ONLY one father of lies, contrary to ya "who the father of lies are ?"

    Who is WILSON, ya purveyor of lies and lunacy?.....hehehehehehe

  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Oct 21, 2014 8:21 AM Flag

    "Whatchu talkin bout, pseudo prophet ? Doesn't the scriptures say "do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits...."

    Ya certainly know what and whom I am talking about,....WINSTON. Ya don't know WINSTON?, the very sathanic spirit ya post with. Winston proved you are a liar and the possessed spirit that has been posting the "kachina doll" attacks of ACTC.

    ": ) The kachina bear spirit moves hither and thither over the face of the earth"

    Ya right, the "kachina bear", aka sathan, "moves hither and thither over the earth", but ya forgot to admit that it is moving hither and thither, looking for those to devour and destroy, and unfortunately, it has found you.

    Ya one disturbed and restless soul, and this is why ya slipped up and posted with WINSTON, one of the "Legions" in you, next to "kachina"....hehehehehehe. To these I say from afar, "silence come out him that blasphemes, and into the tree next to ya home, IJMN", Amen.

    Repent and be free, indeed.

  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Oct 21, 2014 1:11 AM Flag

    "Please seek help from an exorcist and mental health professional."

    I took ya advise, beareclawe, or should I call ya WINSTON? I started with the exorcist phase of ya treatment, and I ran into WINSTON.....hehehehehe POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT, see. And don't ya tell me ya don't know who Winston is or I will tell all. Let me help you and Winston.....hehehehehehe

    It exposes agents of sathan to the faithful. Now, for the clinical help that ya need, ya jest got to take ya "Duloxetine". Winston told me ya not taking ya meds......hehehehehehe

    Winston, has to go, if ya hope to be healed......hehehehehehehe. REPENT.

  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Oct 20, 2014 9:51 PM Flag

    Ya jes made my point, stalker....hehehehehehehe

    " I've made it known that I'm apolitical...... yet you categorize me as a 'prog.' "

    If frog make ya fell better, so be it. I know it gives frogs a bad name....hehehehehe.

    "...all three of us are living a lie, and you do know who the father of lies are ?"

    Be ya own man and speak for yourself, perhaps for blue too, but ya certainly can not speak for me.

    Since ya stalking, I serve you hereby, with a vexing question to a stalker...

    "If ya had 1000 shares pre split, How many would ya have today. Then if ya accumulated before the R/S, and managed to boost ya position to 10000, how many share post split, would ya now have?"....hehehehehehehe

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    Progs walk out on Dada

    by fraud_z_buster Oct 20, 2014 7:26 PM
    fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Oct 20, 2014 8:09 PM Flag

    Thanks for the 2 thumbs down for telling the TRUTH, (not that I care). But could this mass walk out be the beginning of the end, or a harbinger of the prog future?....hmmmmm

  • Everything.

    Both beareclawe and blue are stalkers. They are obsessed with the Fraud Buster. One claims to be "irreligious" but posts snippets of Scripture, the other claims to be from the christian left, who also post snippets of Scripture. Both are liars and blasphemers....coincidence? Perhaps both are the same agent of sathan, the deceiver......hehehehehehehehe

  • fraud_z_buster by fraud_z_buster Oct 20, 2014 7:26 PM Flag

    Yep, weird but true, the love affair is over. Brothers and sisters got up and walked out of the gym during the POTUS speech in MD. How dare they diss our prez? Blame it on bush, there is a vast right wing conspiracy to have folks run away from our beloved leader.....hmmmmmm

  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Oct 20, 2014 7:21 PM Flag

    The "cohiba presidente Juana", ya think?....hehehehehehehe

  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Oct 20, 2014 7:00 PM Flag

    "One has to ask, "What has The living God been smoking?"

    The usual, with the "Choom Gang"....hehehehehehehehe

  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Oct 20, 2014 6:38 PM Flag

    Progs haven't yet figured out a way to demonize, demagogue, big MO, yet alone figured out how to cash in. I suspect that their heads are hurting with the facts and TRUTHS designating English as the official language of Missouri has revealed. I reckon, Claire will not be invited to hop the big people's jet any longer....hehehehehehehehe.

  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Oct 20, 2014 6:25 PM Flag

    "We need a czar for the 'Empty Head Syndrome."

    Me gush, we already have one, he lives on Pennsylvania Avenue.....hehehehehehehe

  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Oct 20, 2014 4:10 PM Flag

    An Ebola czar who has neither a medical training or a science background is a huge prog relief. All the "science" this new czar have is observing hanging and dangling chads is Florida.....hehehehehehehe.

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    Time to Accumulate ACTC

    by fraud_z_buster May 24, 2013 1:58 AM
    fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Oct 20, 2014 3:53 PM Flag

    Exactly what I thought....a miserable fool with no brains for thought.

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