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friedrich_telecom 13 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 1, 2014 11:12 AM Member since: Dec 30, 2002
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  • I see a bunch of posts from a particular individual who always talks about "shorting" USEI.....There is NO brokerage company that will allow you to short a micro stock like USEI so either the poster has no clue or he thinks the readers of the board have no clue...

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  • friedrich_telecom friedrich_telecom May 1, 2014 1:37 PM Flag

    So is anybody out there (like Mr. askjell.....or is that #$%$ gel?) standing up and saying YES, I have shorted USEI??? I highly doubt it....all I am saying is that people mouth off about "shorting USEI all day long" when IN PRACTICE, I doubt there is anybody on this board who actually was able to do it for my cited reasons above.......there ain't no market for it....

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    Increase My Short Position

    by askjsell Apr 30, 2014 3:54 PM
    friedrich_telecom friedrich_telecom May 1, 2014 1:57 PM Flag

    So let me get this were "shorting" USEI all week long last week when this stock was back to .0055 - now you are huge in the hole and your broker is letting you short more????? what is your "short position" meaning where did you short and where do you plan to buy it back? Give us "dudes" your trading plan for this great short opportunity

  • friedrich_telecom friedrich_telecom May 2, 2014 4:05 PM Flag

    I still have not seen any real advice on HOW to short USEI stock....As USEI is rocking and rolling right now, the idea of some smart guy on this board helping a dumb shmuck like me to short USEI would be appreciated. So all you Shorts guys, step forward and help me out.....Would love to have all the scoop by the time we are back towards 2 cents......So AskJell and Co, please share your vast knowledge on this subject.....Until then, I will HOLD.......

  • friedrich_telecom by friedrich_telecom May 14, 2014 10:26 AM Flag

    Hey "Dude".....What you keep repeating over and over is certainly true (broken promises, press releases of glorious deals etc....) And no, there has been little if any business activities but all that said, most of us are here to make MONEY on our investments (or gambles in the case of stocks like USEI) and there is no denying that USEI has made a bunch of us a lot of money. And there is a pretty good chance that USEI is actually working on some partnerships in the MJ biz to produce products and hell, that is a lot easier, a lot more doable, a lot less capital intensive then swinging $150M biofuel deals or massive conversion projects to natural gas engines for entire countries.......If Mr. Miller can create any revenue with MJ comestibles or electronic cigs, this stock is going to go to a few cents and will return SEVERAL THOUSAND PERCENT OF RETURN......You keep forgetting that YOU might have bought the hype at 2 cents and are lamenting your 90% loss, but I am looking at a WINNER that is still nearly a 10 bagger. Remember that it was not that long ago when you could buy millions of shares at .0007 -.0009 for months on end and some of us did.....I have sold a couple batches each time it goes toward 1 cent just because it is good practice but deep down I wish I still had all those shares and just wait til something gels. I am BETTING (not investing) that Miller has something in the pipeline and you will hear me laughing when we are looking at 4 or 5 cents .....I know this is not investing, for that I have REAL companies.....but it is like going to Vegas and placing money on the roulette table....dumb luck might pay off big (and already has.....)

    I HOLD!!!

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    by askjsell May 23, 2014 8:29 AM
    friedrich_telecom friedrich_telecom May 23, 2014 11:16 PM Flag

    I have to agree that I cringed when I read that pathetic press release.......yikes.....that was hopefully not an indication of business activities but just a bonehead move.......A press release for that??!! I was flabbergasted.......but my horror was tempered that at least the stock did not take another tumble today......

  • friedrich_telecom friedrich_telecom Jun 2, 2014 11:22 AM Flag

    And how did you get that piece of information?? In order to sell something, you have to own it.......Would love to hear from company that actual SALES of ANYTHING took place.....not from the Computer Tech........

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  • friedrich_telecom friedrich_telecom Jun 2, 2014 7:50 PM Flag

    ???? So where did you get this far as I know that would be the first REVENUE of any kind for USEI. Even though it is not more then a few thousand bucks, it is very significant and Mr. Miller, who makes press releases for merely making a business trip, would surely have rang the bell big time if he could show he actually made revenue or better yet do tell, we all want to know

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    Anything new on the horizon of USEI??

    by southernocean2003 May 26, 2014 8:13 PM
    friedrich_telecom friedrich_telecom Jun 5, 2014 10:25 AM Flag

    I don't know where you get the "news" indicating that they are doing anything, let alone do anything right....awfully quiet and stock is drifting down at a pretty good clip.......

  • friedrich_telecom by friedrich_telecom Jun 5, 2014 11:12 AM Flag

    OMG......Half the trading day gone and 250,000 shares have traded, that is pathetic.......What is USEI up to these days, why is there no news?? We are back in the "hope and prayers only" games as there is nothing of substance reported and even the rumors (like $100,000 sales for Lollipop Vapors) have no legs......

  • friedrich_telecom by friedrich_telecom Jun 18, 2014 5:53 PM Flag

    I believe that USEI will see better days and unlike before, HAS a real plan to execute.....I have buy orders in place for some serious dips and today was one of those days.....So I have added another 2 mill shares at what I consider excellent prices........I am very excited with my stack of shares and I think this will pay off handsomely in the coming month......and today's shares are of course already in the green!!

    I am counting on Miller needing to get the stock back to several cents or he is not making any money.....He certainly ain't getting rich on his "CEO pay" Only way for him to make money is get the share price up and cash in on his Miller, keep plugging way on your business plan and makes us both some serious cheese. And I am sure that Miller has a lot more to gain then I do.........

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  • friedrich_telecom by friedrich_telecom Jun 23, 2014 4:34 PM Flag

    I have made 2 purchases last week when my buy order was surprisingly executed during that sudden spike on the open on June 18 and I have another order waiting.......Yes, a bit risky I admit, but USEI has been very good to me and this cat is not done bouncing off the floor.....USEI is a gamble I am willing to take (again) .....

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  • Well DKAM has returned to the 52 week low. Traditionally a huge support level even for a small micro stock. Will be interesting if we hold and build here or just sail through which would mean there is little hope for DKAM to recover.....I for one hope to return to better little use to sell my shares down here, might as well hold on to them and hope for a minor miracle

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