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  • It's okay to be scared, but it's not okay to worry your life away. Trust that there is a plan for you and just live.
    When it comes to your health, always get a second opinion. Always.
    Never let anyone number your days and tell you how long you have to live. Only God decides that.
    Hope and love are the two strongest four letter words out there. Without hope and love, we have nothing.
    Learn to be happy with yourself, the way you are now. Your body is what just protects your true beauty, your soul. Your soul is what matters most.
    Cancer is all around. It's nasty, disgusting, and mean. But being diagnosed with it doesn't mean your life is over and you have to stop living. In some ways, you learn to start living.
    Attitude goes a long way. Negativity hinders. Stay positive no matter what you are going through. Your attitude alone can affect the outcome.
    If you feel a "pull" to do something like send a random message, help a stranger, assist those in need, do it. You never know, you may have just savedsomeone's life, or at the very least, made their day.
    My glass will always be half full, no matter what. Never let anyone steal your sparkle.
    The message here is that since I have been diagnosed, I have learned a few things and have seen far more beauty than I had ever seen before. Sometimes through life's toughest times,you end witnessing the most amazing things.
    Am I mad that this illness was thrown upon me, yes, but wilI let it consume me and stay angry, no. I mean really, had I not been diagnosed, I wouldn't have opened my eyes as wide as they are now. It has allowed me to see the definition of true beauty, beyond what my eyes ever saw before. It's given me the opportunity to be loved and love like we SHOULD love on a daily basis. It has taught me tolive in this moment and to enjoy each moment. It has proved to me that God listens, comforts and he really is ourhealer. That is a gift....cancer
    pretty much set me free.

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  • gene4346 by gene4346 Jul 17, 2014 10:02 AM Flag

    Earnings announcement is scheduled for August 11th.....................any good news and/or milestones reached between now and then on top of good earnings/Abstral sales will make for a very interesting Q3, and get the pps closer to where it belongs and bust things wide open in Q4...........GLTA longs and hold, hold, hold........

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  • Partial article below from today's NY Times. Google it to read the entire article.

    Outsmarting Breast Cancer With Evolving Therapies
    June 9, 2014 11:30 am

    Knowing that the effectiveness of treatment is reduced once cancer has metastasized — that is, spread to other regions of the body — researchers are now testing creative ways to prevent such recurrences. One, a specially designed vaccine called NeuVax, is in the final stage of multinational clinical tests under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth A. Mittendorf, a surgical oncologist at M.D. Anderson.
    The vaccine is made from a peptide, a small piece of a cancer protein, that is combined with an immune stimulant. Early results suggest that the vaccine can reduce the risk of recurrence by 50 percent among breast cancer patients whose tumors produce low levels of the protein HER2, a marker for more aggressive breast cancer.
    Without the vaccine, such patients have a 20 percent chance of a recurrence, Dr. Mittendorf said. Rather than waiting to see if a patient’s cancer comes back, the vaccine is given at the time of initial treatment, when few if any cancer cells are present, she explained.
    Changes have already taken place in postoperative radiation for breast cancer that reduce side effects and minimize potential long-term damage to organs under the breast. After surgery to remove the tumor, the breast may be only partly irradiated. Radiation can be focused on the cancerous area using a more intense but shorter course of treatment, Dr. Axelrod said.
    And while chemotherapy is anything but pleasant, measures ranging from anti-nausea medication to massage are now commonly used to minimize patient discomfort.

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  • This is a message from of friend of mine who passed away last night from cancer.

    You are stronger than you think. Don't ever doubt your strength.
    The little things in life are more important than anything-a simple smile, a mesmerizing sunset or morning sunrise, staring at your child's tiny feet or watching your little one lay peacefully asleep, the feeling of raindrops or watching the beauty of falling white snow, stargazing,the sound of laughter, a kiss from someone you love. Never take the littlethings for granted.
    Your family is your legacy. When it comes down to it, your family is what matters most. Not the sizeof your house, what kind of car you drive, or how many Benjamin's are in your wallet. Family time is the most precious time, so take advantage of every moment spent with them. When you are starring at death in the eyes, you are certainly not worried about your "things", you worry about your "people".
    Friends are gifts that can make a rough day turn into a magical day. Cherish any amount of time you have with them. A random note from a friend, a text, or a call from a friend can make your day. A dance party inthe ladies bathroom with a friend is the best therapy out there (longstory)...the point is, find comfort in your friends.
    Praying makes you feel better, always. Praying on your knees can be life changing. Cast your cares on our glorious God and you will find peace, even in your darkest days. PRAYERS HEAL.
    Having no hair saves you a heck of a lot of time when getting ready. I learned that my head isn't shaped too shabby after all, but also found out that sleeping on spiky hair is uncomfortable.
    Having a sister is such a blessing. A sister can comfort you like no one else can. My sister always helps me getthrough my toughest days.
    The words "In sickness and in health" mean oh so much. I couldn't imagine anyone being by my side and helping me fight more than my loving husband Justin. He is my Rock.

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  • gene4346 gene4346 Aug 21, 2014 12:04 PM Flag

    Good catch............they are reiterating "Buy" rating and $7 price target...........let's get there and beyond.....

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  • For those newbie’s unfamiliar with what the current Analyst Ratings are for GALE, I thought that I would take the liberty to list them. This is based on my best information and I am certainly open to corrections/updates if I am in error on any of them. They are listed by Analyst Name, Rating, Price Target and Date of Last Update, respectively, and sorted in descending order by Price Target.

    1. Maxim Group – Buy - $11 – 5/7/14
    2. Roth Capital – Buy - $8 – 8/21/14
    3. Needham & Co. – Buy - $7 – 8/12/14
    4. Noble Financial – Buy - $6 – 5/7/14
    5. Aegis Capital – Buy - $6 – 11/28/12
    6. Oppenheimer – Outperform - $6 – 11/26/13
    7. JMP Securities – Market Outperform - $6 – 5/22/13
    8. MLV & Co. – Buy - $3.50 – 8/25/14
    9. Cantor Fitzgerald - $3 – Sell – 2/18/14
    10. Piper Jaffray - $2.50 – Overweight – 12/31/12

    GLTA GALE longs and hold, hold, hold......................

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  • Too many people on this MB complain about GALE, but never do anything about it. Below is an email that I sent to Mark Schwartz yesterday, with copies to Remy Bernada (VP Investor Relations) and Ryan Dunlap (CFO / VP Finance). Maybe you should consider doing the same thing so they know how you feel about "things". GLTA GALE Longs..........

    Good Morning Dr. Schwartz:
    Congratulations on your recent appointment to President & CEO of Galena.
    I have been a “retail” investor in GALE since 2012 and recently increased my position from XXK to XXK shares as a result of the recent drop in price per share. The change in leadership at GALE was long overdue and very welcome from a shareholder’s standpoint. Simply put, we need someone in charge who will get GALE back on track and I have the utmost confidence that you are qualified to do so and am up to the challenge. In my opinion, we need some catalysts to get the price per share back up to where it belongs and several things can help to do that; below are a few of my thoughts:
    • Increased Public/Investor Relations – Remy is very talented at what she does. You, Remy and the Galena management team as a whole need to get out there and make some statements about what is going on and project a more positive image of the company.
    • SEC Investigation – Closure needs to be brought to this issue ASAP as it is a constant thorn in the side. If the investigation was completed in July, why hasn’t an announcement been made as yet? No news implies bad news!!!
    • Expedite Clinical Trials – I realize clinical trials take time, but your team needs to expedite and streamline
    the screening and enrollment processes so we can see interim and end-point data on a more timely basis.
    As you can imagine, we are all VERY anxious to see PHIII interim data on NeuVax.

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  • Reply to

    To my fellow longs

    by whiskey8860 Aug 12, 2014 11:18 AM
    gene4346 gene4346 Aug 12, 2014 9:18 PM Flag

    Ahn is a fkin little snake and will twist terminology (i.e....screening vs. enrolling) and use semantics by saying one thing that implies another. I am long, but do not like the management and trust them even less than I like them. I like their "science" and products, but do not trust the management. They are very capable of doing a secondary offering not because they need to, but because they want to and have a new "pool" of funds to dip into. I truly hope something happens soon that triggers an offer from a Big Pharma that is too good to refuse and we can get rid of this band of thieves................

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  • Roth Capital Raises PT on Galena (GALE) to $8 Following Zuplenz Licensing News
    July 22, 2014 9:12 AM EDT

    Roth Capital lifts its target price on Galena Biopharma (Nasdaq: GALE) from $7 to $8 and maintains a Buy rating on the company following news that it it has entered into a definitive agreement to license the U.S. rights for the commercial product Zuplenz (ondansetron) oral soluble film.

    Analyst Joseph Pantginis commented, "The addition of Zuplenz to Galena's "sales bag" is an interesting incremental addition to the company's current revenue streams and importantly a represents an easy addition to the current sales reps' marketing of Abstral for breakthrough cancer pain. We are taking a conservative approach to defining the potential market potential for the drug based the crowded nature of the anti-emetic market. To this end, we are currently projecting $20 million in peak sales for the drug for Galena and have made incremental changes to our model. The overall market for 5-HT3 inhibitors (ondansetron) is $1 billion in the U.S. so we believe our $20 million peak sales estimate represents low hanging fruit. We have increased our product revenue projections from $21.4 million to $23.1 million and $35.2 million to $38.4 million for 2015 and 2016 respectively. Regarding the pipeline, management confirmed that the Phase II study of GALE 301 is enrolling better than expected. The NeuVax Phase III enrollment is also going well and the company expects to reach full enrollmen"of 700 patients by YE14. The protocol for the gastric cancer study with partner Dr. Reddy's (RDY-NC) in India is nearing completion."

    For an analyst ratings summary and ratings history on Galena Biopharma click here. For more ratings news on Galena Biopharma click here.

    Galena Biopharma closed at $2.79 yesterday.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • gene4346 gene4346 Jul 21, 2014 4:21 PM Flag

    Well put on all fronts and I think all of your estimates are within reason...........GLTA longs................

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • gene4346 gene4346 Aug 7, 2014 9:51 AM Flag

    Why do you keep asking the same stupid question??? It's old news and history........

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  • The deal with MonoSol is certainly big news, but if you read what APR does, an indirect relationship with APR through MonoSol may really pave the way for additional opportunities for GALE.......IMHO.....

    About APR Applied Pharma Research

    APR is an independent, international and integrated Healthcare Company headquartered in Switzerland, which focuses on three major areas: Delivering, Funding and Supporting Innovation in Healthcare. In particular, APR develops and licenses innovative, value added and patented healthcare products and proprietary drug delivery systems primarily in the oral and topical fields; APR also invests in companies or early stage innovative projects and provides a balanced mix of equity funding and/or financing together with APR's development, scientific, technical, marketing, licensing and management skills and know how; finally, APR supports biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the development of new pharmaceutical projects by providing on a contract basis added value, consultancy and R&D services under contract using a General Contractor approach. APR has entered into licensing and partnership agreements with pharmaceutical companies in over 100 countries worldwide with international sales on a worldwide basis.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • • Increase Revenues & Lower Costs– Clearly, Q2 Abstral revenues were a disappointment and we are hoping Q3 & Q4 revenues help us to attain the $11M - $15M annual forecast and be profitable by end of Q4 2014. Few of us know anything about Zuplenz, but are assuming its revenues will significantly contribute to the bottom-line. Galena’s burn rate was much higher in Q2 than many of us expected and as touted in recent GALE presentations ($7-$8 M per quarter), and it hurt the bottom-line.
    • Future Of Galena – Galena has a great pipeline (NeuVax, GALE-301, GALE-401, etc…) and tremendously bright future if the trials are successful, however, please do not ever rule out the possibility of a buyout opportunity. Please give serious consideration to accepting a lucrative buyout offer. Many Big Pharma’s today are experiencing patent expirations and are aggressively pursuing M&A’s to fill voids in their pipelines.

    Please feel free to share this email with fellow Management Team members and Board of Directors as you deem appropriate to help express shareholder sentiment on the above topics.

    Again, congratulations on your recent appointment and I am confident that you will restore shareholder confidence in Galena, and take the company to its fullest potential.

    Best Regards,
    Cell: 920.XXX.XXXX

    Sentiment: Hold

  • Reply to

    Q2 Earnings Date

    by gene4346 Jul 17, 2014 10:02 AM
    gene4346 gene4346 Jul 18, 2014 8:14 PM Flag

    Get ready for blast-off in less than 4 weeks......................GLTA longs and hold, hold, hold......

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • gene4346 gene4346 Jul 14, 2014 9:10 AM Flag

    mrtipars, thank you for your support and defending my friend's legacy. When I saw the "thumbs down"'s, it made me sick and I was inclined to fire-back with statements like "I hope you die a slow death, burn in hell for eternity, you are as mean and evil as cancer itself", etc...., but then I read my Michelle's (my friend) message again, and that is not what she would have wanted. In fact, I feel sorry for people who could actually give a "Thumbs Down" to such a beautiful, loving, caring and sincere message. Michelle is now at peace and in a place these evil people will never see - and it will be for ETERNITY.......

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • gene4346 gene4346 Jul 22, 2014 9:11 PM Flag

    IMHO........Ahn would not have made the deal if it required a Secondary Offering to raise cash to fund it. He is already on the "hot seat" with shareholders so to add fuel to the fire would not be in his best interest. Those kids on MF have yet to have their first wet drm, much-less know what's going on in the real world should be of no concern. I suspect the next time they appear they will be scratching themselves on-air because they are now starting to grow hair they have not it in the past and their voices will be getting changing............enough said...........

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Obviously, the investigation into AF is not deterring him from continuing to make his "NeuVax is going to fail" statement. Oh I so hope so bad we can put this fkr in his place some time soon.............

    Sentiment: Hold

  • gene4346 gene4346 Aug 26, 2014 2:21 PM Flag

    Hate to disappoint you, but I already heard back from Galena (via Remy) and my email was very well received...............that's all I will say.....................if you believe me....that's great....and if you don't ........that's fine too and you can kiss my azzzzzzzzzz

    Sentiment: Hold

  • This bull sht about "going it alone" is just that. They are in over their heads and the current Mgmt Team doesn't have what it takes to take NeuVax to its fullest potential. I am tired of this roller coaster ride and "great buying opportunity" rhetoric that everyone keeps posting. I want a return on my investment (albeit it less) and I want it now...............with the large number of shares I have, I'll gladly take $10 - $20 per share today rather than $50 per share 2 - 3 years from now.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • gene4346 gene4346 Jun 24, 2014 8:41 AM Flag

    Nicely done ny..............thank you...................

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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