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  • glengator2004 glengator2004 Apr 21, 2015 1:36 PM Flag

    Old market saying............Hogs get fat. Pigs get slaughtered. Anyone short NBG at this point should strongly reconsider. When you say Greece cannot govern itself, who do you suggest that Greece be governed by? Zorba the Greek will make a deal. Zorba will get slightly better terms and then the Greek people can move forward.

  • glengator2004 glengator2004 Apr 22, 2015 11:40 AM Flag

    Unfortunately, Greece is just about out of cash from any source. So the cheap macho talk from the Greek Government means zero. Don't make a deal with the ECB? Make a deal with the ECB? Either way, the pensions and tax hikes will go in.............The only question is how much and how much will the pain be?

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  • glengator2004 glengator2004 Mar 25, 2015 4:41 PM Flag

    Dude must be working for FOX News.....Just keep repeating the same old piece of bad information and presto, it becomes real.

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    Dollar still rising against real

    by kingster01 Mar 9, 2015 10:20 AM
    glengator2004 glengator2004 Mar 9, 2015 11:45 AM Flag

    And why would the Real keep losing against the USD? Anyone can see this is nothing more than a bunch of hedge funds playing the charts. The chart says keep buying the USD so like a bunch of computerized robots, they keep buying the USD. However the facts are the facts. Frankly, the US jobs picture is NOT all that rosy. Last week's jobs report was just more of same. Same old story. 75% of the jobs were BURGER jobs! There was NO wage growth. No job growth in manufacturing or construction. Number of jobs being added were no no greater than the increase in the civilian labor force. Unemployment rate was down because people continued to leave the labor force. Labor force participation rate was at a 30 year low. While the HERD continues to buy into interest rate hikes,the reality is sadly not the same..........

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  • In all honesty, the current Greek government was elected on
    a platform of lies, deception, and big winded bravado. Like
    they ever had any cards to play against the ECB as the ECB
    was buying 60B Euros per month of European sovereign debt.

    The only thing these Greek liars can hope for is that they get some
    sort of concessions from the ECB at the end of negotiations. Hope!
    And then go back to the Greek people and tell them this is the best
    we could get and hope they don't get tossed out of office. If they don't
    sign a deal, the Greek economy will completely collapse and they will
    be tossed out of office. Pick your poison.

  • glengator2004 glengator2004 Apr 21, 2015 2:40 PM Flag

    When u are short, you have UNLIMITED liability unless u have options to offset your losses. If a deal is reached, you will see NBG open up at $2 plus and then some. A smart player moves on to the next trade.

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  • glengator2004 glengator2004 Apr 22, 2015 1:36 PM Flag

    I am counting on being starting point guard for the Golden State Warriors......Doesn't mean it will happen. I am hopeful but I am not sure it will work out.......And if and when my creditors decide that since I have not paid my mortgage I have to get thrown out of my house, I guess I will have to stick with my regular day job. POINT is sooner or later, the Greek way of retiring at age 50 will go the way of Brazilian retiring at age 50 back 15 years ago.......When no international bank was willing to lend any more money to Brazil to finance the resort lifestyle of its citizens, then the retirement age got bumped up and benefits were reduced.

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  • The less people listen.......Threatening this and that only weakens his negotiating position as the ECB realizes that he is a big bag of hot air. Playing for more time only means more Greek concessions at the end of negotiations.

  • Heck if I know...........For 30 yrs, the politicians have been promising cake and ice cream for all.
    No one has to pay for it. The Greeks can walk away from their debts and bring back the good times
    and spend money like there is no tomorrow. The ONLY question is who was stupid enough to buy that nonsense??? I guess there were quite a few takers. Heck in the USA, we believe in the tax cut fairy. Bigger and better tax cuts for the upper crust which bust budgets and everyone gets to keep their social security checks, medicare, and don't worry.........You can keep spending on the military like there was no tomorrow either to keep the pork rolling on forever and forever..........

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  • Chalk this one up to the old Wall Street hype machine. Panic, panic, panic on the way down. Willing to pay any price for a winner. Stay away from the hype and you can make money.

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  • Seems like just yesterday, the Wall Street hustle machine
    would print all sorts of gloom and doom in their favorite rags
    and get the suckers to sell while the specialists backed up the trucks....
    That was in the days before the internet........

    Now the blog-sphere is loaded with copycats copying the same old tired
    stories and pushing them out........The specialists may be gone but the same
    old tired game has been played.....

    Once the smoke clears and investors figure out the new Greek government is
    nothing but bluff and bluster, you can ride up NBG for a quick 2 or 3 bagger.
    The herd is so easily buffaloed today......All it takes is a smart phone
    and a few clicks and the herd will believe the earth is flat and the moon is
    made out of swiss cheese. Don't ever let the facts get in the way of a good

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